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The Cartoon Network App brings you the best of Cartoon Network and Cartoonito! Catch up on the latest full episodes (available the day after they air!) and hilarious minisodes with the Emmy® award winning Cartoon Network App.

Catch up on full episodes of Teen Titans GO!, Craig of the Creek, We Baby Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, and more! Watch unlocked episodes with no login required.

Celebrate all that makes your child unique with Cartoonito from Cartoon Network. Laugh, play, and learn with shows like Batwheels, Sesame Street Mecha Builders, Bugs Bunny Builders, and Thomas & Friends.

Pick the shows you like, and we’ll start playing your favorite cartoons as soon as you open the app. Add more shows to your list at any time.

Check back every week to discover new unlocked episodes of the Cartoon Network shows you love.

Want more from your favorite shows? Log in with your TV provider to unlock even more episodes.

Teen Titans GO!
Craig of the Creek
We Baby Bears
The Amazing World of Gumball
Ben 10
Total Dramarama
Steven Universe
Adventure Time
We Bare Bears
Apple & Onion
The Powerpuff Girls
And more!

Sesame Street Mecha Builders
Bugs Bunny Builders
Thomas & Friends
And more!

Participating TV providers include AT&T Uverse, Xfinity, Cox, DirectTV, Dish, Spectrum, Optimum, Spectrum, and Verizon, and many more.


If you’re having any problems with this app, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Tell us about the issues you’re running into as well as what device and OS version you’re using.


* This app may contain ads that feature other products, services, shows or offers from Cartoon Network and our partners.
* Adults must authenticate with their cable or satellite TV provider info to view locked episodes.

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Update now for full episodes of Teen Titans Go!, Bugs Bunny Builders, Craig of the Creek, and more! We’ve also fixed some loading issues to make your experience even better.


40 comentarios en "Cartoon Network App MODDED 2022"

  1. The app begins auto playing videos immediately, before I have a chance to search for what I want. Once I chose the show I want, again it auto players the most recent episode instead of allowing me to choose. Then when I choose an episode it takes so long to load more than half the time I give up and close the app. I really just want to watch adventure time, this shouldn’t be so difficult. The playback is iffy and sometimes ads play at the same time as the show. The closed captioning is a joke. Words are missing, spelling is awful, and it’s not always in sync.

  2. It’s really great for Watching episodes of your favorite shows! But the Captions are a bit broken.. Whenever i turn them on, sometimes they make grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. And other times it just full out glitches. Also, the Cast system takes really long to load. whenever i want to cast something, i can’t tell if it’s loading or not due to the time it takes for it to cast.

  3. On the plus side, this app is the only way to keep up to date on shows without spending a ton of money. Unfortunately, the average show runs for 10 minutes, but this app crashes after 2. Including a 30 second ad for each restart, that means I have to restart the app and renavigate to the episode 5 times before I can finish it. Basically unusable.

  4. Blech. Free option is nice to try out. But why drop me into the middle of a series? I would prefer to see the first few and pay for more than be forced to start mid-series. Also it runs an ad before anything. And if i navigate away from it for a moment, i have to watch another ad. And if i try to explore the app, i am funneled into a running episode when i don’t even feel like I’ve picked one. It tastes bad. Not want.

  5. Nice quality but no casting option. No obvious selection for choosing a season. It forces you to use landscape mode which is irritating. All the animations get in the way when you are simply trying to find the episode you want. And if you accidentally touch an episode you don’t want, you have to find the back button in the app (because you cannot use back on your phone or tablet), and then have to scroll through every season to find the one you were initially trying to watch in the first place.

  6. The app crashes whenever I try to log in. I see from other reviews this is a common experience, and it’s been going on for a while now. The controls and the layout before this was poor as well, and that hasn’t changed. The way it is currently built works for young children who will watch anything, but for anyone who wants to find something, even without the bug it’s a mess.

  7. Trying to watch the steven universe movie was the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with an app. If at any point you exit the app or put the phone in sleep mode, the movie starts over and you have to guess where you were, watch over 2 minutes of ads and then find out if you guessed right, and if you didn’t, you’ll probably have to watch even more ads, and after that, the screen will probably be dark with the “back” button in the corner, which never goes away. Constant glitches and ads.

  8. Way to much advertising. Like 130 seconds is way too long But everything else is fine. It would be great if they had an option to pay for no advertisements. 1.99 would be perfect because a lot of people would buy that deal. 30 seconds at the end is fine. but before the outro there is 130 seconds like that annoys me i would give a 5 star rating if the 1.99 payment was a thing

  9. This has to be the most frustrating, and least functioning, app I have ever used. I downloaded it to watch a few of my favorite shows and connect them to my chrome cast. Unfortunately, this app will drop the connection to my t.v. any time my phone screen turns off, I would also click on videos and it would flat out stream different shows. There seems to be no logical way of organizing shows, it just forces you into a seemingly nonsensical playlist hell hole.

  10. I like the content, but boy does the interface need work. The videos play automatically as soon as you select a show, which is fine, but as soon as you select a specific episode the ad freezes on screen and stays there probably forever, or at least until you uninstall and reinstall the app. I’ve had the same experience on multiple wifi networks and after restarting my phone.

  11. The UI seems like it’s designed to frustrate you. It autoplays a random episode or clip as soon as the app opens. The video controls don’t match norms from other video apps (i.e. pause is only in the corner, not in the middle) You have to blindly stumble around the app to find episodes you actually want to watch. The route to get there is totally unintuitive. To top it all off, no videos load. It flashes rapidly between loading and “something went wrong” screens, fast enough to strain my eyes.

  12. Honestly, you may be better off buying a subscription to an antivirus and watching the content on a third party website. This app doesn’t work well on any platform: on Roku, it crashes without fail when you boot it up, not allowing you to even get to the mix; on the Firestick, it buffers for ads then freaks out and crashes, setting you back to the beginning; and on the phone it’s impossible to navigate without frustration. KimCartoon/KissCartoon has become my friend.

  13. “What the huh? An error! (Sorry for the trouble)” happens everytime i open a video. And a long ad to top it off before disappointment. Why is it always portrait too? It is very hard to navigate the app. And the ‘new for you’? No! It is very hard to find an episode you want. This app is a frustration machine. Dont download this. It wastes space.

  14. Still all the same frustrating issues that I reviewed a couple years ago. Constantly crashes or never loads. Finding shows you want to watch is a nightmare. Once you finally get to the shows you want it freezes up. God forbid you accidentally hit the wrong episode and want to go back. I have to wonder if developers actually try to use this app or even read reviews. This is one of the most frustrating apps I have ever used. I also tried on my fire TV which is even worse somehow.

  15. The app is a hot mess. It insists on playing videos, even if you haven’t chosen anything to play. It also frequently gets confused when you try to switch to the short that you actually want to want, and will compound the already ridiculous ad segments. It also uses an insane amount of data for no reason. Here’s a tip, Cartoon Network, look towards Netflix for a competent user interface and experience.

  16. I just downloaded this app and I’ll most likely uninstall very soon. First, there’s a bad selection of episodes. I understand it’s a free app, but you have to put in your service provider and you only get a few random episodes of each show. The interface is just bad, the ‘mash up’ feature is a mess, it automatically starts playing it when you open the app with long ads. When you click more episodes when looking in a category, it just plays a random episode of that show.

  17. Mediocre at best. The app has barely any of CN’s shows, and when I clicked on them it took me to random episodes and I’m not even sure how to (if it’s even possible) get to the first ones. Also, it’s really weird to scroll through pictures of characters from the shows instead of the names, that’s just bad design choice. I again bring up the lack of shows, I mean I get that it’s a free app but with so few shows and such weird episode layout I don’t think there’s much to desire without an update.

  18. When I am logged out, I can see every episode fine. When I log in, however, it says “What the Huh?” over and over again, flashing. This has been a problem for almost a year now, and not just for me. Why should we suffer? It also glitches quite a bit. For example, when it goes to load, if you press anywhere, you can rewind, or go forward into the loading screen, and if you do, it ultimately breaks it. The second one is the new for you videos. It truly repeats itself, and flashes. Please fix.

  19. Evasion dice:

    This was a swing and a miss. Im hoping the UX is far less frustrating in the “fresh new look” update. Unfortunately, this version Is convoluted and a nightmare to navigate. The app starts on a personalized playlist depending on which shows were chosen during onboarding. It’s a worthy sentiment but if you want to binge a single show you have to first find the “all shows” page, which is next to impossible. I 🤍 CN but the app needs an overhaul. The devs ever heard of KISS (keep it simple stupid).

  20. Simple and Clearly Terrible. I don’t care about the ads, I care able how difficult it is to navigate to a particular season and episode. Some of the auto player videos need to relax I’m trying to avoid spoilers as I catch up on a series. Horrible UI/UX. Honestly with billions of successful templates I can’t understand the thought process here. Show navigation and episode navigation is terrible and far from intuitive. Episode playback is harder than it need to be. It shouldnt take 4 magical swiping gesture to make a video full screen or pause it. Or go back or forward an episode. UAT your app. If your gonna force people to use the mobile app instead of the desktop to watch videos make sure the thing is useable. Else stick to the desktop there is a lot of room for forgiveness.

  21. this app USED to be great. I USED to be able to cast episodes easily from my phone to my TV, but now its impossible. If my phone’s screen goes to sleep, the app decides to stop playing my episode and switch to something random that I do not care about. And then if I try to go back to my episode, the app falls apart and nothing short of restarting my phone will get it to work again!!! FIX THIS.

  22. So happy to have all these episodes together in one place, but good God this is one of the most terribly designed streaming apps I’ve ever seen. It auto plays when you don’t want it to, you can’t minimize the app without it completely stopping your show, its full screen only so you don’t even have access to your home buttons, you can’t just browse titles and episode descriptions because of the constant auto play…I can’t imagine a poor child trying to figure it out lol.

  23. The menu is super confusing and only has pictures. From what I can tell there is no way to look for a specific episode, and if it crashes half way through, you have to rewatch the entire episode again because you cant skip to the part you left off. Over all this is the worst set up cartoon app for anyone that can read, which is too bad because cartoon network has always had some of the best cartoons. I really hope they improve it.

  24. This app makes me want to throw my phone at the wall. It auto plays episodes that are seasons ahead of of time so thanks for those spoilers. I click on another video and the one that auto played, still plays in the background. Every time I try to swipe away and find another video, another just plays. This app is way too difficult to navigate for no reason at all. It’s supposed to be for kids yet no one can use it. FIX THIS CARTOON NETWORK!

  25. Mechtel dice:

    Hidden lack of access to episodes, difficult UI. It’s fine if you’re not going to give full access to shows for free, but make that clear. I’d rather look elsewhere than spend time trying to parse this app. Also the UI is so hard to navigate and the player shifts you to random episodes in different shows (rather than sequential eps from the small portions available). Does CN not care about viewer experience in the various plot-driven series? Just bad.

  26. I’m disappointed. There are a limited amount of shows, most of the time there isn’t the full series available *cough cough* Adventure Time *cough* The layout is confusing, ads have a randomized duration and pop up rate, and you need the TV provider password to watch most of the shows. I will give it credit for being free and having promos, though.

  27. The app itself is great but it wont work when I try to watch episodes. I know it’s not a problem with my data because it still happens when I’m connected to wifi. The app let’s me navigate through the rest of it but as soon as I click on an episode, I get an error message on the stream. The whole reason I downloaded the app was to watch the 5th season of SU but if it wont even load then what’s the point?

  28. UI is awful, it autoplays every time you open the app so it starts playing before you’ve selected what you want to watch and there is no way to shut this off in the settings. When you finally get through the commercial because of that autoplay, then it tells you that you have to be logged in to watch the episode you finally figured out how to navigate to. Upon trying to log in, it crashes every single time. CN, if you’re going to have an app, don’t launch it until it’s functional.

  29. One of the worst streaming apps I have ever used. Nothing works right and using Chromecast is a joke. If you want to use this to watch any show be prepared to waste so much time getting it to work and then being forced to watch so many ads. If a show doesnt come up correctly and you have to back out and go back in, guess what, more stupid ads! I cant wait for the shows I watch to get their episode on Hulu. So much better experience ovet there.

  30. The app always buffers even with good connection, the layout is impossible to work with and it is right out annoying. Most people going here don’t have a service provider that has cartoon network so we try and find ways to see the shows that our friends want us to check out. So, you can see why the service provider detail is a problem. TV is dying, so it there are less and less viewers. Please, try and adapt to the app so we don’t need a service provider and we can pay if we have to.

  31. This app is so frustrating to use. It opens by auto playing episodes in show’s you’ve liked, but usually the latest episodes, not ones you should logically be watching next. The interface is clunky and annoying to use and when I do play the video I want, it might bug out and play audio over itself or simply not load. And then, it shows me the thumbnail of what video is up next in the bottom right corner, but it’s not the next video in the series. So when the episode’s done I have to do it myself

  32. Sam dice:

    This app is extremely difficult to navigate. Good luck trying to watch anything, because often TWO different episodes will be playing at the exact same time, and you will hear both of them playing even if you only see one. Neither of those videos are able to pause until all of the ads are finished playing, which, at times, can take 10 minutes due to how much this app lags. It’s very easy to accidentally click on another video, and if you do, you’ll have to wait another 10 minutes to go back.

  33. Dear Cartoon Network, please fix your app! I’ve tried many times to watch the shows you’ve provided and it won’t let me play any of them. I’m signed in on my phone and when I go to watch something it’s says, something went wrong, sorry for the trouble. It’s been saying that since I downloaded the app. I also tried to activate it on my Roku, and it is stuck on the loading screen after I put in the activation code. Please fix, I’d really like to enjoy your content. Thank you.

  34. This app functions like trash. It’s not quite as bad as it has been in the past, but still legitimately makes me irritated to use. The interface is absolutely dysfunctional to the point that I cannot watch an episode while receiving text messages. When it bugs out I have to rewatch comercials after being plunged into a “New to me” intro which imediatly plays an entirely different show as well as an obnoxious sound overlay which sometimes proceeds to play on repeat once I get my show to play.

  35. The UI is awful. Its difficult to navigate and once you actually do find something, the app tune plays in the background of the show you’re trying watch. I’ve looked all over the app, but I can’t find anywhere to shut it off. Even pushing the “Settings” button just makes it jump back to the show instead, and not even the episode I was on.

  36. This has to be the absolute worst experience I have ever had with an app. Rarely does it actually work, but when it does the playback is frustrating. Also wait times There is no clear way of restarting episodes, so I’ve had to use the progress bar to do so, but then it makes you watch 5 mins of ads just to show you that you didn’t do it right and have to try again. I’m so disappointed that Cartoon Network was the one to show me the worst video experience. Just wanted to watch Steven Universe.

  37. It’s a nicely formatted app, but it’s not letting me watch my shows. It keeps saying, “What The Huh? Something went wrong! (Sorry for the trouble.)” The app kept saying that even though my connection was perfectly fine. I turned on my data just to see if my Wi-Fi was refusing to accept the app. It still didn’t work. The app has the oppurtunity to be good, but it needs a lot more work. Please fix it as soon as possible.

  38. It’s great for watching TV with the movness of my phone. But a few issues, one being that it’s not so straight forward as one would think, two not every episode of anything is unlocked by logging in, a huge problem . Finally it’s super bugy and videos play over each other. Other then that I can’t complain, it’s a TV app so it kinda has to have adds but sometimes the adds are short. I, for one, pick this over TV. Post review it’s now saying the cartoons I watch are banned mid episode. Aka no work

  39. I’ve had this app for a while now and I do enjoy watching the episodes except now I can’t seem to watch certain episodes from ok ko or Craig of the creek. I think it’s better to watch it on YouTube now a days. Shame that cartoon network is trying to get with the current times but they don’t want to fix certain issues like a simple loading of a video. Edit: ever since my last post I haven’t been able to use the app.

  40. What is going on? There are so many bugs and huge design defects I dont even know where to start. Terrible experience, I just wanted to watch or cast one show and instead it kept restarting the unlocked episode or starting a completely different show after 30 seconds. The UI is unusable, there is no search function, and they dont have enough shows available to keep this app installed.

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