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With TiviMate you can watch live TV channels from your IPTV provider on Android set-top boxes.

Main features:
• Modern user interface designed for big screens
• Support for multiple playlists
• Scheduled TV guide update
• Favorite channels
• Catch-up
• Search
• and much more

IMPORTANT! TiviMate doesn’t provide any TV sources. You need to add a playlist from your IPTV provider to be able to watch live TV channels.


- Possibility to select a video track
- Possibility to hide newly added groups
- Possibility to exclude TV channels for Xtream Codes and Stalker portals
- "Full screen switching timeout" setting for the preview mode
- Fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "TiviMate IPTV Player MOD"

  1. Absolutely the best IPTV playlist management app out there. Now that it’s added the ability to edit channel names, that means many more hours of intense tweaking. With all of it’s possibilities and time that can be spent tweaking it, it absolutely needs a parameters/database backup option. If I ever lose or have to recreate all of my tweaks, I won’t. No, I’m not rooting to do this. It really should be in the app. Then, 6 stars! 👍

  2. The developer has an eye for detail and knows how to write a simple but powerful user interface. Easy to use and works great. Channels load up faster than others I’ve used, no issues with my antenna channels mixed with IPTV, well worth the $5/yr sub price. I’d love to see a DVR feature added in the future (with the ability to save shows across the network to a NAS or PC etc), and it would also be nice to be able to scroll horizontally to see shows coming up further down the timeline (especially if a DVR gets added). This app deserves 5 stars even AS IT IS, and I am excited for the future updates.

  3. Update 6 June 2021: While watching TV, all of a sudden I lost ALL groups, favorites and everything!!! What is going on? I’ve never had a problem with this app until tonight…very disappointing. Update: The app is amazing but for some reason now you can not back out of the app at all. The only way is to hit the button on the remote to go directly to the home screen. There should be a better way to close the app. So far this IPTV app is amazing! I have been trying to purchase the premium version for 24 hours but keep receiving an error and the only support received addresses payment errors. This is not the case! So far, this is the only app that I can not purchase and I really want the premium features. They should have an alternate method of purchase….like on a website where you can log into your account!!!! Please fix (Error retrieving information from server DJ-DFERH-01) UPDATE: So apparently if you own an Nvidia Shield this is a common problem. During my research I found out about the TiviMate Companion app so I gave that a try and HOLY SMOKE…..IT WORKS!!! Upgrading review to 4 stars only because the purchase function doesn’t work inside the app as intended.

  4. Look no further for a m3u8 player! This thing is amazingly easy to setup. Can’t wait to watch sports games… you can watch up to 9 (NINE) simultaneous channels/streams (as long as your provider allows it). I opted for the subscription so that I can install it on multiple devices (Nvidia Shield and Fire Stick) – you can install it on up to 5 devices. Thanks for making such a great/useful app!

  5. This app has been amazing. I have been testing it for a couple weeks now. This is miles ahead of what your cable box guide was and much more responsive too. After having tried most of the popular IPTV players out there, I have to say that this is by far the most elegant looking, feature rich and stable IPTV player I’ve come across (v2.1.5 on Nvidia Shield). Obviously, in order to take advantage of its full capabilities, you will want to have the premium sub, which is inexpensive in my opinion, considering what you are getting. TiviMate + Stable provider = GOLD

  6. Very good app. However what keeps this app from being great is its recording feature and no tech support team for it. The record function only records for 4 mins OR if it records an entire show, the playback will skip, loop, or freeze. Basically the record function is useless. Until it’s fixed, save your money and use free version.

  7. Love the app but having trouble buying the premium version keep getting error message. But the interface is great the fastest loading for IPTV that I’ve seen and I’ve tried them all. Only thing that could make it better would be able to turn channels off and on so you don’t have to go thru channels you don’t watch. Got it working the best IPTV app out there

  8. This app closes as soon as I open it on the Firestick. It works flawlessly on my Nvidia Shield, but for some reason it’s not working for my Firestick. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it many times but to no avail. Maybe it’s the new version since this app updated itself, the previous version was fine. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Top Score on looks, menu and structure. A multitude of options. Unfortunately based on results on my Android TV, I must say there are many problems (glitches/bugs) I run in to often. A big effort towards the ‘player’ guts would be welcome! Some items play, some won’t. Random reboots of the television. A ‘back up’ function that is not version backwards compatible.

  10. E Gk dice:

    Very nice app but it has some bugs. It tends to launch other apps on my google tv when I click on things in tivimate. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it but I’ll be using tivimate and suddenly hulu or plex will launch over top of it for some reason.

  11. The app is very good except it requires a very good internet connection for a stable view. Another concern is that Tivimate does not support MAC portals with token, which is becoming more popular among the streaming service provides: Please, add this support asap to keep the clients up to date.

  12. Perfect solution for IPTV. Nothing more is needed. But there is a small problem… there are some categories like TV series and movies and tivimate calls the link according to this category. in movies section there is no problem but in tvseries section the link doesn’t work. EX in movies section the link is …/movies/… but in tvseries section it reads as ../series/… but it should not be. the link should read as ../movies/… so VOD doesnt load… hope they can find a solution for this.

  13. Just weird that someone would limit the purchase of their system to maximum 5. I have 7 tvs in my house and would gladly pay you another 20$ for each tv if you wanted. First rule of sales make it easy for your customers to buy from you. Other than that I love the app. Just if you have more than 5 tv forget about this app.

  14. I finally found an IPTV app that is just like cable. I dont understand why all the apps aren’t like this! I really like that you can pick all your faves and click through like a cable package that you pivked out 100% of the channels! LOVE THIS APP!

  15. Really efficient and visually practical app. A Premium account unlocks several options including marking channels in a favorites list and allows use on upto 5 devices. One great disappointment : there is no version for Apple MacOS users. Will it be coming ?

  16. Absolutely magnificient and the best iptv player outtheir , received. 4 star because search function , i have iptv with very big list and when im on tv channel and want to search a channel the search also goes for movies and it stucks each time , i hope you fix this with option to let search only for tv channel and movies separately ,, thanks and anyway i bough subscription

  17. this is a 5 star app. super high quality. the only thing its missing is the ability to rewind live tv. give me 30-60m of pause and rewind for sports and im in heaven.

  18. I am amazed by how nice the GUI is for this app. It is very easy to navigate. I instantly paid for premium. So far, I will give it 5 stars. I hope it can retain it’s 5 star ratings as time passes.

  19. It’s a great app. But the 40% Jump in price and no lifetime option means I won’t be using it anymore. I am very opposed to subscriptions and only signed up for this one because the $6.49 / year was acceptable. But I am not willing to jump to $9.49 / year. If they add a lifetime option or lower the yearly subscription I will change my review but as it is I guess it is goodbye. Also I saw someone post that they could not jump back to a previous channel or view channel history. If you click on the “OK” or “Select” button (Depending on remote or device) The menu will come up on the bottom including a number of recently view channels. C

  20. Dave Boyd dice:

    Initially I paid for the premium service (lifetime) for use on my Nvidia shield pro. However, for some reason it would not activate. I searched Google to attempt to fix, but every fix I tried failed to resolve the problem. I sent an email to the developer requesting help. I expected to not hear from them for a couple of weeks and I was fearing they would send me a canned response with a link to a FAQ page. I was very impressed to receive a response within a couple of hours and I was advised he had fixed the issue. I was told to activate again and it worked. I was very impressed with the response of the dev. I really like the menu app. I find it very easy to use. My IPTV provider suggested this app as well. So far I am impressed.

  21. I came from Tivo and wanted IPTV to be just as convenient as my old cable box. I invested in a quality EPG source called epg.best to create a tailored and much shorter pair of files than the original m3u/xml files. Then I went looking for a stable, EPG-based player. On Android boxes, Tivimate is a blessing compared to most other IPTV players that just look amateurish in comparison. “I Play TV” has nicer colors but unfortunately runs only on the Apple TV box. Tivimate allows you to record any future program just by selecting it in the EPG. It also offers an easy way to play back recorded shows and then delete them. I have now learnt that the main menu is to the left of the EPG – before the currently running programs in the timeline – which isn’t intuitive to me. The app doesn’t start at its main menu, so first it felt like I had to half-way exit the app to find the menu on the way out. Most IPTV subscriptions only allow one stream at a time, but very few players help enforce this restriction. In my case, I must not record more than one program at a time, and I must not watch it (or anything else) while a recording is taking place. It would be worth a lot to me if Tivimate said “a stream is already being played/recorded” if I risk being banned by my IPTV provider. On this cheap Android box, Tivimate’s recording feature appears to be unstable. For me, the app stops around one out of six recordings prematurely. I’ve reported these errors to the developer but of course there can be hiccups in the transmission. I still hope the app can be changed to relentlessly attempt to resume a recording if it is interrupted for some reason instead of just giving up like it appears to do now.

  22. Pat M. dice:

    The function of Tivimate is awesome for the most part, except for trying to input the login credentials the app seems to freeze or crashes, I have check to see if I had any other apps or softwares running in the back ground and I do no, and I have a brand android tv device with 4gb ram and 32 rom…and everything else is running perfectly. I did uninstall and reinstall the app and still get the same issues…freezes or crash which seems to do for the most part. A plus the development of the app but it has bugs in it. Thank you

  23. Easily the best option out there for IPTV player solutions. Such a slick interface and constant improvements, ideally I would probably score this a 4 due to no real VOD interface, but that just wouldn’t be fair as everything else is just head and shoulders above anything else and the recent Search (Voice included) function alleviates some of those issues.

  24. using on sony android tv, tvheadend and iptv providers as source, working flawlessly including catch-up, nice and quick gui, channel zapping 1-3 secs, recording to smb working, going away from kodi htsp client. well done

  25. Will not load player. Changed passwords and VPN to Canada. Device activated but nothing shows up on my android device. Will cancel service!

  26. Top app, has everything I need. One minor setback though. Everytime I start the app it tells me it needs an update. But when I try to update it google plays says it cant update. Where do I find the apk?

  27. Nice looking EPG, my premium subscription works on several devices. What I do not like however is I cannot set the DVR recording folder. Me and a lot of others have this when trying to point it to a USB thumb drive or USB external storage: “failed to change the recordings folder” Also, I wish they had a way in the EPG to quickly jump back to the program you were watching. When surfing programs in EPG, it shows a PIP showing my show but the only way to get back into it is by finding my channel again and clicking it or closing and reopening the app. How come one cannot just back arrow into the PIP??????????Dumb programming

  28. Finally an app that rivals the Gears Mayfair guide! – 5 out of 5!!! – Great Guide with a nice clean look!!! I upgraded to the Premium version minutes after installing it!! Exactly what I’ve been waiting and looking for!!! I subscribe to two services and TiviMate allows me to have both running on the app at the same time. Can’t wait for future updates! Add Voice/Text Searching, Recording and Video Preview within the guide and its a 6 out of 5! Great Job!!!

  29. The app is really great. UI is very modern and responsive. Couple of features which I couldn’t found (if those features are already present please let me know) and wish to recommend for future releases: – Media library support, especially for provided XML URLs; – Possibility to hide a group but keep its channels visible which are added to Favorites list. Currently the channels disappear as well; – Possibility to change a channel’s group/category; – Possibility to set default audio language for channels along with currently implemented per channel option; – Handle the volume control bar instead of just displaying the Android system one. The rest is fantastic. I was comparing with OTT Navigator. The main advantage of it is Media Library support and the way it’s implemented. Your killing feature is program recording which makes to forget other OTT players. At last It’s cool, keep it going!

  30. Simply the best iptv player app out there, super slick and the developer has really built it intuitively thinking about the end user in mind. Everything in the app just works like a charm. Future updates can be to allow themes and skins to be added, as the black / grey background can get a bit boring after a few months of use.

  31. The best IPTV app, period. Love the simple, clean, yet efficient UI. You can easily have multiple subs and it’s well organized. It allows recording which is a rarity. It doesn’t always work for me on smb (I get corrupted files or files seeking but I’m not sure if it’s related to my sub or the app, something to dig deeper for me with the dev). Could we have next a auto-recording based on a string (like record a whole serie) please? 🙂 Thanks for developing such a great app! I’m glad to pay for it and I’m a dev myself. Keep up the great work!

  32. Absolutely the best IPTV player I’ve tried. Nice simple UI, playback works without a problem, beautiful TV Guide… It offers a minimum functionality in Free version, but Premium has everything a user might need. Unfortunately, since it can’t process payments properly for some reason, and it provides no meaningful explanation why, I have no choice but to try my luck elsewhere. It would get a 5 star rating if only the Premium paywall would work.

  33. I have the premium version and everything runs great with fast zapping of channels and catchup. The one main concern I have with this app is the groups / Video/ Series are not seperate like the streamer app they run down in 1 long list and are all mixed up. I they can seperate into different sections like Live TV / Video / Series it would make it a very good app. Regards Bryan

  34. This will become the definitive app if you want to watch live TV through IPTV on your Android Box. Smooth, fluid, intuitive interface that gives you everything you need without getting in the way. I can’t wait to see this one develop. Pause/rewind/fastforward/record please!!

  35. Brian L dice:

    Expensive app that always seems to have different errors for absolutely no reason (401, 403, 405, etc….) . I regret paying for a lifetime subscription for this app. STB Emu is 10x cheaper and always works.

  36. I’ve been through almost all ‘IPTV Players’ available here. TiviMate is the only one I’d pay for. And I did. The only feature I would love to have is the ability to ‘Export Settings” to a file with option of Importing the Settings later. Please look into it. Thanks for a great app.

  37. the-O T dice:

    Solid IPTV player. Fast, easily customizable and has a premium set top box feel that rivals cable providers. Easy to navigate with a channel remote and has a fast search function. You can sort and reorder channels, group them in favorites or bookmark them. This becomes useful with a large source of channels and/or if you add more than one service/subscription by integrating them into one group.

  38. Got to be the best iptv app I have ever used, beats the whole pool of others by a long shot. Easy to use lots of support groups on FB, do yourself a favour and get the Companion and unlock all the benefits of Premium worth the money. There is not much wrong with this app and in the last 6 months there has been 3 updates with fixes any small issues with app.. I now have it connected to my NAS for recordings and the only thing that would make this app the best ever would be to have an option to record a show on a weekly or ongoing basis with having to select each day it airs maybe the Dev would incorporate this in a future update??

  39. From the first look to install, purchase and use the entire 4.5.1 app, I was very happy for two days and then the situation changed… where I can’t watch live channels because they are not stable knowing that they are stable on other App and on the same TV and Backup I can’t find the backup file and Backup failed also These issues started appearing after updating to Android tv 11 It works on Android 9 without problems except for the instability of live channels

  40. Hurricane dice:

    Probably one of the best players out there and never had an issues for the past 3 years or so. EPG and a recording is a plus feature as I have Fire tv cube plugged to external ssd with 1TB storage. My license expired and can still access premium.

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