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Say more with GIF Keyboard by Tenor. Add tone to your conversation.
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With Tenor’s GIF Keyboard you can discover the right GIF or video to visually sum up exactly what you’re trying to say, directly from your keyboard. Express the emotion, inside joke, or clever response you want to share.


– Send the right GIF or video to express exactly what you’re trying to say, directly from your keyboard!
– Search Tenor’s millions of GIFs and videos to find the one that perfectly fits your moment. You can also search by emoji.
– Need inspiration? Browse by category like reactions, trending topics, and more.

Developers — interested in integrating Tenor GIF Search into your apps, services, or websites? Visit to get your API Key.

Tenor was formerly known as Riffsy.


40 comentarios en "GIF Keyboard by Tenor MOD"

  1. The app has become a waste of space. Gifs no longer send as gifs but, instead, just a still image. When you try to add caption, it will 95% of the time present an error message “Could not connect to internet. Please try again later” (nevermind the fact that, 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after, I could be streaming Netflix just fine). Literal hours wasted trying to send a simple gif. Will be deleting app and finding a better one.

  2. The “Caption” feature simply stopped working a few months ago. After adding a caption, it either freezes on the “Next” command, or it procedes to the “Send” command but simply eliminates my caption. Either way it is no longer possible to personalize a GIF with a caption. Also many GIFs will send to recipient as a video with “Play” button. Kinda sucks. Also if you select an image, it used to then allow you to open “Related GIFs,” but this feature also seems to have no effect now. PLEASE FIX IT!

  3. Chi-Chi O dice:

    Good app but I just got a new phone and was so sad to find that the gifs do not transfer, even if you log into the same account on both devices. Also if you uninstall and reinstall the app, you lose all your saved gifs. I lost years of saved gifs. I’ve decided transfer my uploaded gifs to Giphy and make that my primary gif keyboard, so I don’t have to worry about this again. They retain all your stuff across devices, which is a much better experience.

  4. Jo Abram dice:

    Logs me out every time I leave the app, captioning GIFs never works, the only 2 GIFs I made through the app disappeared into the ether, and the search function is useless. Will upload GIFs through the web interface, but this app is pointless, especially now you’ve removed share numbers. UPDATE: Downloaded to see if anything had changed, it hasn’t, the app is still pointless. Why does the Apple version get all the bells and whistles while the Android one can’t even do the basics.

  5. I was loving this app- used it for the past 2 years , sending a dozen GIFs a day. Every topic or conversation I had received an accompanying gif, it was great. Plus no ads. And one day it just stopped working. Went through all of the troubleshooting recommendations, uninstalled it then reinstalled it, gave them all permissions, even ones they didn’t ask for… But nothing helped. So I’m uninstalling it and trying something else, maybe WebM. 5 ⭐’s two years ago. But now i gotta give it just 3 ⭐

  6. 3slimy5me dice:

    trash. uploading gifs is impossible (which is the reason i downloaded the app). i’m prompted that i “need to add tags to all gifs” even when i’ve added tags and/or when there’s only one gif. i feel like i remember this not being a new problem, and is probably the reason i had uninstalled the app before, which was likely well over half a year ago.

  7. Well I downloaded this in hopes to send and upload my own gift to create with sound but every time it says that you have to add a tag to your upload I’ll put tags in it and hit upload and it says one of one after that it won’t let me do anything else and there is no uploads in my upload folder. I don’t understand. I guess I’m going to just uninstall and find another app that actually does what I need it to do.

  8. So supposedly there’s “been bug fixes” however it’s never been this bad, it has give from bad to worse!! Now I have to log in everytime I want to go in AND it doesn’t save my favorites at all, THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!

  9. Would be better if there was an option of “HD quality” cus some of the gifs comes with low quality that’s why… pls add it in the app…also I can’t login (always shows login failed)

  10. Edit: Okay, so they fixed it and gave me all my favorite gifs back. I’m still missing my packs, but at least it’s a significant step in the right direction. I used to love this app. I was able to view my favorite gifs. Now, after the March 22nd update, every time I open it, I get logged out, it doesn’t show my favorites, and if I try to add new favorites, they’re deleted after I exit the app. What gives? This app worked perfectly fine until March 22nd, then they completely butchered it.

  11. The app won’t keep me stay signed in my account, no matter how I get it stay on that way. Another bug cause the gifs from first page in favorites to show up again as I scroll down.

  12. Covers what I’m typing on Instagram and I shouldn’t have to mess around with a damn standard keyboard to have it work and function. Normally My cache is zero and I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do. Just so annoying!

  13. adauchi dice:

    So many glitches. Doesn’t let you upload gifs within the app, have to do it on the website. Packs glitch and don’t work. Sometimes, your uploaded gifs even disappear. So disappointed.

  14. Josh B. dice:

    App doesn’t stay logged in. Favorites don’t save. Crashes often. I contacted support and all I got was “Are you using the latest version?”. Reading other reviews indicates this is a common experience. Time to start looking for another gif app.

  15. Literally enabled this purely to upload a gif I haven’t seen anywhere, app won’t even let me do that. Horrible waste of space and I wish social media didn’t use you.

  16. Amazing that in 2022 one can’t delete an account or posts without having an IOS device. For that reason alone I wouldn’t recommend.

  17. Everything is fine but it doesn’t stay logged in to my profile. I have to sign in everytime I open the app with google.

  18. Have you considered creating a tenor gif app, much like Giphy? I like my keyboard just fine except it doesn’t have directional arrows.

  19. Think the last Oct 2021 update screwed up the ability to add a centered caption to gifs. Now in Sept.2022 the caption edit option doesn’t work on my new Samsung S22Ultra. If the developer is not going to keep updating app for new phone models then £♡€<'em. [unistalling]

  20. So I had to delete the app and the reinstalled it, keep in mind i was logged in. But when I re-download the app all the gifs I has saved won’t show up and the app is very leggy since I re-downloaded it. It used to be my favorite app be4 thay happened but now I can barely use it

  21. App suddenly stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I used to be able to open the app and upload/tag gifs as required but now I can’t do it. Needed file search function for uploading too, but I gave it a pass. Now I can’t do anything so not happy. Also hearing about the loss of the keyboard extension also really upsetting. Please fix these issues.

  22. This app malfunctions more often than it works correctly. Currently, it forces me to log back in everytime I open it, and even though I have entered tags it refuses to upload because “I need to enter tags…”

  23. It’s a good app but sometimes wont let me sent it to other apps. Please fix this issue.

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  25. I use to love this app. But now it won’t me sign into my Google account through it so I can’t comment gifs on Facebook. FIX IT!!!

  26. Back button takes you to the top of search results. The back button should take you back to where you were before looking at a gif, at the moment you then need to scroll down through the results again, repeatedly. For an app owned by Google the search function is garbage. When I search for for a term, I want results for that term, not for misspellings, approximations, it stuff Tenor thinks are tangentially related. Give me just what I want and stop trying to curate this with your suggestions.

  27. Can’t accomplish basic text addition to a GIF without the app moving it from where you placed it.

  28. its sucks i cant even sign in! it just says “sign in failed” all the time!

  29. Nick p dice:

    Runs extremely slow. Search is buggy and laggy.

  30. nike sh dice:

    Doesn’t let me upload a single gif. Says I need to add tags for all the gif which I clearly did for the one gif I had selected.

  31. Can’t send Gifs via whatapp now!! Been doing it for ages worked fine then

  32. Mark dice:

    Recent update fixed gifs favourited after the update but favourited gifs before the update are still not loading and some are still disappearing off the screen. I know they’re still there but they move off the screen and aren’t able to be used. Please fix.

  33. What happened to the gif player? You could open any video in it and it would play over and over? You took it away after version 2.1.44, why??

  34. Sanu P S dice:

    Whenever I try to share a GIF, an error message is displayed showing that eacces permission is denied. This has rendered the app useless for me.

  35. Unable to signup or see gifs. When I open the app it says “internet connection lost” and when I try to signup it says “unable to parse TLS packet header”

  36. A gif keyboard that doesn’t send gifs… Genius! Please consider giving users the means to only find and/or share gif versions automatically. The website lets you choose. I’d prefer to only share gifs while texting as they autoplay. It’s a “GIF Keyboard” that repeatedly sends non-gifs… Seems like that should be at the top of the fix-it list. Also censoring search results should be OPTIONAL. Clearly better results via google search against the tenor site than tenor itself.

  37. Great app that has gone sharply downhill. I used to love using this app for gifs but it has slowly gotten worse and worse. It started with needing to sign in each time I opened the app however starting yesterday whenever I sign in all of my saved gifs no longer display. Instead I get the endless ability to scroll and see whisps of my gifs but no ability to select or send them.

  38. I think this is fun, however, it is called gif keyboard and does not function as such on my device. I got this app by recommendation by someone who uses it as a keyboard, and when I downloaded it no such option occurred for me. That does limit my ability to use the app. Very frustrating. That being said, this app does provide access to a better selection of gifs and more ways to use them. Cool app. Making gifs option does not trim from screen grabs.

  39. Very very worst app i have seen yet.after update all of my saved and favourite gifs disappear.Day by day this app becomes very worst each time when i open it need to login again and again

  40. Amazing app dude and I am not a bot I am a real person app is just amazing aight peace.

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