Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker MODDED 2022

App filled with Images, Gifs, Funny Pics, Viral Videos, & a Meme Generator.
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Imgur is the easiest way to discover the magic of the Internet, with everything from funny pics of pets, to funny GIFs from movies and TV shows, LOL pics, awe-inspiring science facts, puns, comics, and art, chosen by people like you. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and make you LOL your pants off – is that an expression? It is now.

Imgur isn’t just the best meme app or GIF viewer on the internet. It’s home to all the funny photos and viral videos you could ever want. We have the finest collection of cat videos found anywhere in the known galaxy.

Memes, glorious memes. Funny memes, vintage memes, trending memes and then just the straight up weird and wonderful ones – we’ve literally got a meme for every occasion.

You like funny cats? We got you, fam. You prefer cute cat pictures? We also got you. You like comics about cats? You get the picture. Go ahead, geek out with your pics out. It’s hard to know when you’ve communicated purely through memes for the past ten years.

Got funny videos on your phone? Perfect, because in a groundbreaking development, the Imgur team is also pleased to announce ‘GIFs With Sound’ also known in other quarters of the web as “video”.

Wow, you really got this far? You deserve a sweet, sweet prize… go ahead and hit “install”.

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📝Introducing Appreciation Links! Give others the opportunity to appreciate your efforts on and off of Imgur with an option to link Twitch, Ko-Fi, or Patreon directly to your account.
📈 Finger on the pulse. Trending tags will appear at the top of the tag selection screen.

⚙️ Stuck in 1st gear. A bug causing the first image in a post to get “stuck” on phone rotation has been fixed.
🌊 Smooth seas ahead! Optimizations and general stability improvements.


40 comentarios en "Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker MODDED 2022"

  1. Yencha INC dice:

    Awful. I downloaded the app, tried to quick create an account with Google services, it didn’t work at all. I make an account with my email, upload 2 pictures, and all of a sudden I can’t upload anymore. I keep getting “Upload Error” every time. What is the point of using an app thats not user friendly to sign up and doesn’t even cover it sole purpose of allowing users to upload images. I deleted this fairly quick.

  2. The app for android is a mess. Problems uploading. After browsing for a while, brings you back to start. Superheats your phone. Ad tracking galore. Randomly closes. CPU hog. Slows to a standstill after a while of browsing. Gifs don’t always load, have to go back and forth between posts and scroll down and up to make them play. Ads load with no problem, but the actual post doesn’t always load. Ads randomly load their target website even when you don’t click it. Please take some pride in your app.

  3. Used to be fine, now it’s unusable for uploading. I’ve uploaded before, without un/reinstalling, and never had a problem. Now, I go to upload and it says I need to give permissions to the app to access my photos. I go into settings and… they’re already turned on. I go back to Imgur to upload, and I’m still faced with the “we need permissions!” error. So I can’t upload any photos because the app refused to acknowledge that I’ve already given it permissions to access my photos… Cool.

  4. I’ve been using the imgur app for several years now on various Android devices. But then the last month anytime I tried to browse anything, I can see about three posts before the entire app crashes and closes itself. I have uninstalled, rebooted, and then reinstalled multiple times thinking maybe it’s something on my end. But nothing fixes it. I can’t make an upload posts either, I go through all the steps but nothing ever actually manifests.

  5. I’ve been using Imgur for a few years. In the last 2 months this app has had so very many issues. Everything from scrolling issues to completely failing to work. As of right now I can open the app but can’t do anything other than message users. It keeps saying there are technical difficulties. It’s been like this for 3 weeks now. Guess it’s about time I do doom scrolling altogether. Goodbye Imgur.

  6. This app is unusable on Android, made even more frustrating by the fact that you can’t upload images using a mobile browser. I had to install the app, set up a login, “follow” a bunch of topics I wasn’t interested in, and when I could finally upload images, the upload failed. Multiple times. Even after reinstalling.

  7. Had been using this app for years, but the most recent update is unbearable. I can’t even go through 4-5 posts anymore without just giving up and closing it. Imgur is exclusively images – many animated – it does not work right with scrolling down, especially with the grid gone. Hoping the bad reviews get them to change it back, because I’m uninstalling it right now until it’s no longer garbage.

  8. Dan S dice:

    Update: Imgur still has the best mix of content but the app blows and even spits it back in your face… I still love Imgur but… “Let’s make an app that is a hub of GIFs, especially in dumps, that neither loads nor scrolls efficiently” “Let’s make an app that encourages short video clips that result in ‘unexpected video error’ and crashes” I could go on. I get it. It’s free. Yes I use everyday. It still sucks like rush hour on the freeway. Sarah, we deserve better.

  9. The app has such limited functionality. I have issues uploading albums to begin with and I can’t rearrange pictures or anything. I also can’t scroll back through my history without getting an error. I can’t use the mobile site on my phone because it keeps prompting me to use the app. Very unimpressed.

  10. Dean Long dice:

    There are too many problems to list in just 500 characters. It sorta works for browsing, and occasionally for posting. But for the most part it’s hot garbage especially compared against other platforms. Ads often hog android system memory and cause the app to hang. Occasionally opening a post fails and opens a post you didn’t intend to look at. These are just a few of the major bugs available right now

  11. Still just one star, app is becoming unusable. Navigation is literally broken, scrolling just stops working altogether until you close the app. Every update makes the app more unstable, every few posts I view I’ll have to stop and close the app or else it starts lagging/glitching. Bugs everywhere, videos/gifs don’t play, tabs are still garbage and way too sensitive so it launches you sideways when you’re just trying to scroll down. But oh boy do the ads work!

  12. Never used other than to upload or access my gallery. Uploads were slow while other apps and mobile browser dl/ul do just fine and is usually on WiFi. Most of the time only 25% of my pics were available to begin with, now none of my profile is loading on the app. Logged out and back in, same result. It’s been like this all day. Can’t justify having the app anymore let alone care to try and reinstall every time something like this happens, total garbage.

  13. Bloated crapware full of ads and poor memory management. It’s drains battery like crazy and can’t even run as advertised. The app gets stuck and loops back to the same images over and over again and you have to crash it in order to get new images to open. Terrible. 0 out of 5.

  14. Uploading is incredibly finicky. The app is apparently very picky about what images it will let you upload in an album. I know file size and file type are part of it, but there seem to be other factors that mess it up too. And once you’ve attempted to upload an album with an image that isn’t allowed, it doesn’t tell you what’s wrong and it doesn’t cancel the upload. It just gets stuck and you can never upload anything again until you delete the app and reinstall it.

  15. I used to use the app all the time to upload albums but recently it has become totally useless. Images take forever to upload and the app freezes as soon as it’s done uploading. Uninstalling it completely and reinstalling it worked for a little while (having to do that is already totally ridiculous) but now even that isn’t working. At this point I don’t see any reason to bother keeping this app installed.

  16. This app crashes constantly and for no apparent reason. You’ll be reading a post and suddenly you’re staring at your phone’s wallpaper. It also won’t let you swipe or post at times and, if you leave the app at all, or so much as click a picture in it, often you’ll go right back to find yourself on a different post with no way of finding your place again. I love Imgur, but the only thing that works correctly about this app are the damn ads.

  17. Rachel C dice:

    Using this has been a downward spiral for a long time. My phone is already slow, so when the app starts making it difficult to navigate, load, or even turn off my device, that’s a huge issue! It’s been at a point where my whole phone just freezes and I can’t even turn the screen off with the power button, how am I supposed to be OK with that? Oh but at least the ads always load first, so there’s that…

  18. Ads apparently are more important than user experience. Literally almost ever time you open a thread or image or even worse a video, an ad playing music will start up and not stop until it finishes even if you minimize the app. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea. Anytime one plays, it shut down Imgur time. A great way to keep me off your platform.

  19. An app that tries to force you to work for it instead of working for you. Also, it’s unstable and crashed multiple times within ten minutes of trying to post a picture with it. There’s no obvious way to post a picture with it without granting far too many permissions to your other pictures. The desktop interface is vastly better.

  20. Contains Ads, there are so many ads this app has gone downhill so far. I was browsing for years and about 6 months ago there were ads which auto installed apps on your phone through manipulative taps (places your fingers would be, accidental taps). I uninstalled it. I tried to come back to it, I don’t know if those ads are still there because I looked at 10 posts and saw 25 advertisements….. 2 for every post and between random posts there is a full page ad. Don’t waste your time…

  21. Update. Tried again after some years. Just timed an upload. 4 minutes to “upload” a 370kb file on a 100mb/sec connection. This app is a borderline scam. It’s hard to fathom how incompetent the coding is. Further edit: upload failed x5. Uninstall this Spyware piece of garbage that does absolutely nothing. One of the most frustrating apps I’ve used in years. The final straw – it used 10% of my battery by noon, on a day I hadn’t even touched the app. Promptly uninstalled, and will not be missed.

  22. The ads have gotten worse and worse as the years have gone by. First it was ads every images. Then it was the pop ups. Then it was ads that pulled up the play store. Now it’s ads that I can’t even close? Dude, your ads are the worst. Sarah, get your stuff together. I’m done with this garbage. Came back, now the ads play music randomly, even when not in the app. Awesome.

  23. Victor V dice:

    I stopped using visiting the site in 2019 due to issues with the app and finally came back to check it out now. It still has it major problems. The biggest is that the feed is slow to update. I’ll be scrolling through Most Vital and click a post in the bottom left. It often doesn’t take me to the right post because the feed was slow to update. When I go back, it re-updates and the post I saw there is replaced by another. The one I clicked is no nowhere to be seen. Too buggy.

  24. Absolutely awful new update. Do not get it. Interface is bad. It starts to lag extremely heavily after like 4 or 5 posts requiring s restart of the app. New ads every 2 posts. Ads in the comment section. Ads on the banner of every post. Would be fine if it didn’t crash and constantly reduce down to 3 fps on everything including scrolling to the next post. Extremely disappointed.

  25. bruek dice:

    every update slows the app down and adds increasingly intrusive advertisements. it gets updated very often, yet still has nearly none of the functionality of the desktop version. instead of updating fonts and adding pop up messages and ads, you need to implement the basic features that this app is missing // can’t add or rearrange photos in albums. can’t view comment threads if you click on a comment from a profile. useless unless you use it just to scroll through memes and ads.

  26. DanK DanK dice:

    I had to uninstall. The community has become toxic. This used to be full of funny and interesting posts. Now it is all political and you cannot filter it. There is only an option to “show less” political posts, but it doesn’t seem to work. The ap is just unusable. Excessive ads, slowing down and crashing, and thumbnails often lead you to a different post.

  27. The app used to work fine, now it constantly cuts out notes in the post, crashes if you try to zoom in on the notes, crashes if you try to look at the next post, skips 30 posts backwards when you try to look at the next post… then crashes, and the list goes on. Probably great on a browser but they should give up on the app!

  28. Tyler dice:

    Auto update feature is awful. Tiles constantly shift after viewing a post because they’re refreshing. Posts may or may not load half the time, and it’s not an internet issue. Slow and laggy. The list goes on. App needs to go back to whatever version it was about a year ago.

  29. Pretty bad. Had fewer issues with an older version. The new one overheats my phone while in use. Then it stays running in the background, draining my battery and sucking data when I’m not near WiFi. I am able to keep it from using data in the background so it solves one of the issues. But then there’s the constant crashing. I can’t read through a longer post without it crashing and going back to the front page and refreshing at least a few times. Half the time, I have to give up on reading it. If they were to fix these issues, this would be a pretty great app. Until then, it’s pretty trash.

  30. lots of little issues with the app. my biggest gripe is how hard it is to view and zoom in on images. zoom is very limited. you have to click on all image and hold it just so, and zoom is still limited in viewer. although developers put a lot of work into this app, the fell into a few traps. arbitrary features over core functionality. you are an image hosting service. make sure you can view, share, and post images easily first and always.

  31. This once was a great app, with an easy browsing experience. But ever since they added more ads, the app crashes constantly. If there are a lot of pictures in one post, it crashes. If I scroll to fast, it crashes. If I swipe to quickly, it crashes. I can’t go more than two posts without it crashing. If they fix whatever they did to it, maybe I’ll come back.

  32. It was great for a long time, and the community is incredible. However the constant crashing and refreshing/boot back to the main page is beyond frustrating. I stuck with it for over a year waiting for things to improve, but it never happened. I can feel the heat radiating off my battery, and the gifs with sound will freeze the phone. Imgur should revert this app back to before they changed the icon, that was the last time it worked correctly.

  33. Honestly the content of the app is good. I love using it to look a memes and cut gifs of animals, but the app itself is absolute trash. Just complete trash. It crashes CONSTANTLY I mean, in less than 10 minutes of use it crashed about 5 times. About every two minutes it’s crashing on me. It’s very frustrating because it takes you to the top of the list of pictures and so I can’t really get back to where I was. Use the desktop version with adblocker because they don’t deserve the funding at this point. Seriously disappointed in how little they care.

  34. I’ve been an Imgurian for a while. I browse it on PC while at work and throughout the day on my phone when I’m not. I’m writing this because of the constant crashes, I can barely scroll through one post without it becoming unresponsive and closing which causes me to lose my place and thus very frustrating when all of a sudden you can find the post anywhere and your stuck going back to the top only to have it crash again within a few memes. Please fix this as I’m tempted to engage in another app, I’m sure many feel this way if they have this problem. Thank you for reading my review I hope it helps!

  35. I used to really enjoy the mobile experience, but as others have noted, the newly permanent banner ad at the bottom of the screen kills some of the experience. It’s most noticable when it blocks part of your view on a gif. On top of that, the app began crashing regularly. Check notifications? Crash. Go back to the app after being away for a bit? Crash. It’s Tuesday evening? Crash. Comments not loading, particularly after adding your own comment, is common. I’m done. Uninstalled.

  36. A M dice:

    Had some overheating in the past with dif phones(a year or two ago) but it’s been smooth up until now. Ads don’t even show up on my screen, just the audio of the ad plays in the background. It’s like I clicked on the ad 10 times so I hear the audio on repeat and talking over each other… Very odd and makes the app unusable. I hope they fix it soon. I get all my lit stuff from this community 😭

  37. The app crashes constantly. Occasionally, I will find a post I enjoy reading only to be redirected to the front page after it loads a thousand new images. Needless to say, I can never find the original post I was reading. In addition, the app drains battery incredibly fast and heats the phone up to the point it actually has to force a power down. This site was amazing, but we are losing faith in it as our frustration grows.

  38. The Android app experience is frustrating. You click on a post thumbnail but it takes you to a completely different post (usually the most popular post at the time). This is a consistent problem that has been going on for years and has not been fixed. Interacting with the individual posts is fine… If they open correctly. By the time I deleted the app from my phone, I was noticing that every other thumbnail would not open. The experience was not enjoyable.

  39. They did some kind of update. Now it auto plays multiple video ads at once with the audio overlapping over each other. I hit the home button and it still happens. You have to close to app to make it stop. It’s so counterproductive… I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS BEING ADVERTISED TO ME, Imgur! Seriously thinking of just uninstalling. The ads have been a problem for a while. Slowing it down, making it hard for things to load, but it’s never been bad to THIS extent.

  40. One way to transfer images. The “social media” aspect are drivel to be, but I’m sure other folks should enjoy them. The biggest reason for my low rating is that the app is running in the background when I do not want it to. I have to hard kill it, and the app itself doesn’t turn off easily or really. I also don’t want to be bombarded with random high-rated images from the “public”. Most of that probably comes down to this app not exactly being for me.

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