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Easy-to-use video maker & video editing app! Edit videos with music and effects.
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VivaVideo is a Easy-to-use Video Editor and Pro Video Maker that helps you easily record and show your life.
Amateurs can cut and combine simple and intuitive clips anytime and anywhere, while professionals can have unlimited editing fun with powerful high-end editing functions.

VivaVideo has all powerful video editing functions: cut videos, merge videos, edit videos with music, edit videos with cool transition effects, add stickers to videos, add text to videos, etc.

Cool Video Editor App
– All-in-one video editing app that helps everyone create incredible videos.
– High quality video templates with magic effects and transitions.
– Video editor app with stylish themes to create amazing vlog.
– Easily add photos to make 10 seconds cool-short music video.

Pro Video Editing App
– Provide a variety of video editing features, such as cut, merge, copy, paste, split, drag, delete video clips.
– Edit videos with transitions, edit video with music, combine videos clips, make video longer.
– Supports 0.1 – 10x video speed change.
– Arbitrarily crop and rotate the video area.
– Huge selection of music and stickers.

Video Maker with Music
– Powerful video maker with photos and most up-to-date music.
– Free tik tok video maker with songs and lyrics. Use VivaVideo to make trendy short videos.
– Professional music video creator with transitions and effects. Make videos from pics with high-quality music easily.
– Add free featured music to video, add sound effects to video.
– Add voiceover to video, record your own voice and create your own custom videos.

Video Cutter and Editor
– Cut video / Merge video / Split video in timeline, or multi-split videos into several clips.
– Trim video, edit videos with music and photos, merge video with transition effects.
– Crop video without losing quality. Easy-to-use free video cutter and editor for YouTube.

Video Creator App
– Make video with fantastic transition effects, edit videos with music and pic, crop video for instagram. Get inspired by amazing materials and get creative with your masterpiece.
– Combine videos clips to make one video, helps you create video with ease.

Blur Video Editor
– Create blur backgrounds for your videos and photos. Pro video background editor app for Tik Tok.
– Blur the background of your YouTube and Instagram videos. FREE video blur editor.

Add Text to Video
– Text on video with font and style.
– Add subtitle on video, various fonts for the text editing.
– Add multiple text to video & photo, mass editing effects be provided.

Video effects editor
– Professional video effects such as Glitch effect, Transition effects ect.
– Add movie style video filters to video.
– Amazing video editing effects: VHS effects, FX effects. Cool video editing app & PRO video editor with music and text.

Save Video & Share
– Export video/movie in 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4K. FREE movie maker and video editor with all features.
– Save videos to your phone or share to YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok.

VivaVideo is a free video editing app and photo video maker with music. It’s also a easy-to-use movie maker and video editor for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok.With VivaVideo, you can easily cut video, merge video, create videos with music, edit videos for youtube, add sticker to video, add text to video, make photo video with song.

# About subscription
– Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.
– Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
– Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.


1. Added curve speed function
2. Added italic and bold font styles for subtitles
3. Added one-click black frame deletion function
4. Added silent clip deletion function
5. Optimized function arrangement and product performance


40 comentarios en "VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker MOD 2022"

  1. This app is my favorite still, but it’s a fight to keep it. Lol. There always seems to be an issue with features I’ve purchased, or some glitch. Now I’m unable to export. Other than that… Optimal. UPDATE: Not sure why you guys keep removing the “fade to white” feature from my useable effects. This was included when I purchased VIP. It happened before and was put back. Hopefully it’s that simple again. Or can I purchase just that effect?

  2. I have to say the old version was much easier to work with, however, I do love the new features. I would like to see Stop Motion Available since I had to pay so much for the app! I’m a long time user and had paid $1.99 for everything I had before except the new features. I want to know However, why my Original purchase wasn’tgrand fathered in since I use to be able to make longer videos. Then one day I couldn’t, Now a Greedy price tag. If I didn’t know and love this app Icertainly wouldn’

  3. The app was working amazing at first, it exported and everything stayed in when I try to export a video I was working HARD on it keeps failing to do so. Not only it keeps failing to export nor matter if it’s Normal, HD, or ultra HD…but if it DOES export by luck, from multiple tries. The video that you work hard on is now out of sync and glitchy. Its not how it was before I export it. The timing of the transitions, text, and effects are messed up. Please fix the bugs

  4. Developers have gotten greedy with the new subscription system. This was my favorite video-editing app and made it easy to edit videos quickly and easily with cute features on my phone. I’ve had the app for about 3 years now after buying the full version, but with the new upgrade, it forces me to pay a new monthly fee to access features I could use before after paying the one-time fee. VivaVideo, you have lost me as a customer, and you will continue to lose more with this subscription system.

  5. I can’t make slideshows? Vivavideo is cropping off my images and I’m trying everything I can to fix it but it seems like there’s a bug in the system. Go to slideshow, pick some images and then edit. You’ll see what I mean. Edit: Videos take way too long to upload and if you even leave the app or turn off your screen, the upload stops. Long story short I’m not using this anymore.

  6. This app is amazing! I really thought the reviews would be bogus but I’m actually impressed. You can edit each slide as u go. It’s so easy to pick while pictures or videos u want. You can change the order. Add your music. The only thing I had an issue with and it’s not serious at all, I couldn’t pick which clip of the song I wanted but to be completely honest I think I just missed where the option is to do it. And you can go as far as 5 minutes. That’s amazing. Love this app

  7. I was hoping to be able to write a review, glad I was prompted to–I have used many slideshow/video makers over the years, and every time there’s either a limit of 30 photos, can’t add my own music, too much complication, etc. I needed to make a beautiful slideshow this week, and quickly, and I randomly chose this app, and I am just thrilled. I am so grateful for the perfection and ease of this app. I created a beautiful slideshow and it took me 5 minutes. Thank you so much!! Perfect!!

  8. I had this for years, but it kept changing and needing updates witch takes away alot of room for other importint apps. I can’t even add two different clips from the same video. I had to delete all the work I’ve been recording because of this. I suggest you DO NOT get this unless you can figure out the issue. It used to be really good, but now its just a waste of time effort and space in your phone. 😟

  9. This, until two weeks ago, was my go-to app for video making. I see that they have ported features of VivaCut and totally changed the presentation of the app. In doing so I am very disappointed. 1. I lost the ability to fine tune the trim parameters of the clip by sliding my finger above the start or end point. That was a killer feature. 2. The is my most important deal killer. All, not some, of my movies are choppy in playback after being saved. What did you do? Can you fix it back please

  10. I’ve been using the paid version for dog training videos and it’s pretty good overall. Over the past year, it still has glitches that drive me nuts & make it take longer to edit videos (hence the 4 stars.) For instance, if you have placed text & go back to edit, it changes your font style. The custom watermark can only be placed on all videos, not just a signal clip.It’s also freezing. When I upload to Instagram, no matter the dimensions, it still doesn’t fit & captions frequently get cut off.

  11. Ok… I LOVE this app for video editing… It is very intuitive, easy to learn and has tons of features. HOWEVER at least once a day it turns off my VIP status (paid) and I have to go in and “Restore Purchase” not a big deal except for the fact that it takes away all of the VIP features that are incorporated in my drafts and I have to go thru and reapply them. Super frustrating. Please let me know when this bug is fixed.

  12. I like it, but to make a 4 minute “video” of a picture, I have to import the same picture 24 times, and change the duration of all to 10 seconds (the maximum). Also, this app has imported every song on my phone, and I want a specific one. When I use the search function, I find it but I can’t “use” it. And scrolling through all 40k songs on my phone (in no discernable order) to find it is infuriating. Oh no baby, what is you doin?

  13. QUIT CHANGING WHAT WAS WORKING!! I have used this app for video edits for years and the most recent edit is horrendous. It used to be so much easier to edit and split/trim in the perfect spot. Now, it takes forever if you can even get the correct split location. I will be uninstalling and finding something like the old version. Super sucky. Tell me you’ll change it back!!! I was even paying monthly for VIP. NOT ANYMORE!!

  14. The most recent update SUCKS. It used to be so easy to get clips from different video clips and splice together and the new interface is so beyond complicated. I literally HATE it and will be switching to a different app and ending my paid subscription after years of using it. The last full week it’s taken me 5+ minutes just to get past the home screen. I don’t have time for this, and I used this app daily.

  15. So when I first got the app everything was running smoothly but all of a sudden when I was making a slideshow with transitions,filters and etc. the pictures just turned white not showing anything I did. all it saved was the transitions, the gifs, and the words. Please look into this glitch because I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this problem

  16. This used to be my favorite video editing app. Totally worth what I had paid for the pro version. Then suddenly, I had to reinstall it on my new phone and it wants a monthly fee for what used to be some regular features (such as video quality) as well as other features I would love to have, but maybe for a one time $6.99 fee vs every month. While I like the features it still has, they’ve become pretty commonplace so I think I’m gonna have to find another editing app.

  17. I used to love this app for making videos, and I even paid to upgrade to remove watermarks. Now with the latest update, everything is in Chinese (!) with no way to switch the language, the watermark is back, and there’s a restriction on video length unless you pay. It won’t let me restore my previous purchase (it did up until now), insisting that I upgrade to VIP for either a yearly or monthly subscription fee which is listed in the wrong currency anyway. I will never pay for a subscription to an app. There better be a new update fixing this soon or else you guys have just lost another user.

  18. Ari dice:

    When I first downloaded, the app was great. The transitions were smooth, the filters were great, and it was so easy to edit. A while ago I was working on a video edit I was very proud of. I didn’t have the VIP version because the free stuff was plenty. I came back to said edit only to find that all the free things before now only work with VIP. I’d have to change the whole theme of my video if I wanted to make it without paying. Uninstalling for good until there are more free options.

  19. I got all the way done editing a 1.5 hour video into 22 minutes, saved it as a draft to download music for it, and when I tried to open the video again it wouldnt let me edit anything else! I uninstalled and reinstalled the app 3 times hoping it would work. IT DOESNT. I even got the stupid subscription to it and nothing was better. If I tried to share it or download it it would load to 15% and just stay there! Too many issues with this app and I am SEVERELY disappointed. I had high hopes from reading the reviews but I was let down hard. Do NOT waste your time with this app!!

  20. Updated Review: My drafts were restored shortly after I provided my initial review of this app. They were accessible for about 8 weeks then suddenly disappeared again without notice a few days ago. Why does this keep happening? They are not on my device in another folder. This is a major flaw in the app and the main reason I cannot give it a higher star rating. Fix ASAP! — Good app but it deletes videos from my profile without notice. I advise you save your videos after you complete your work.

  21. That would be better if we are able to add multi layer music. We can only do one layer music, custom sounds and voice over. If we can add multiple music then it will be the best. I don’t know how to reply to your comment, I think you don’t have any knowledge on multi line music. You’re talking about the music to add in single line. what if I want to mix two music line the only way rightnow is export and import again to add other music. But it’s waste of time

  22. The app is pretty great! Much better now than when I first tried it a couple years ago. I especially love now that you can add text and music to it! What is super annoying, though, is now everytime the app updates it brings back the watermark and video limit as if I didn’t pay to remove those. I have to open up the Google play store again just to get it to go away. Every single time it updates. Pretty freaking annoying for this busy Mom trying to work from her phone.

  23. Xuan dice:

    After the recent update, there has been so many problems… I am debating on canceling my vip membership because the experience has become frightening. I spend alot of time editing, especially now because I’m on a trip. Then, when I export, so many problems arise. The timing for the music and/or caption is off by a few seconds (I don’t even know how, because when I edit it, it’s perfectly fine) and some parts of the video are PIXELATED no matter how many times I restarted the app and phone.

  24. This app was not helpful. All I wanted to do was add simple text onto my videos and it was complicated and very annoying. I was continuously loosing sound and would have to exit my video losing all the work I had done in order to hear. I would not recommend this app. It also uses an extreme amount of storage. I do not recommend this app if I could I would rate it 0 stars.

  25. I actually love this app so much for editing videos. It’s the only app that does what it does that I’ve found and the creativity of my edits catches attention. However, it was about three days ago that I switched phones and although the VIP membership should transfer to the new device, I continually get an error message stating that the VIP membership information is not found. I have contacted support through the feedback tab and have not received a response. I’m displeased because this means the videos I use for my social media on professional groups will be super until this is resolved and I am not receiving a response on a paid subscription, not due to the actual function of the app. When you do not upgrade, the ads can get in the way and the quality of exports are limited.

  26. Ever since the update, anytime I share a video from my gallery, to edit; the Trim video stays in spinning, after clicking Add. I left my screen on for an hour, just to see how long it would take to go to the following screen to edit my video, but it never happened. I’m currently trying to edit a different, but yet again, it’s still stuck in spinning mode on the Trim video screen, the one where you can crop the video. That one. It’s stuck there. I’m not gonna pay for something that I can’t use.

  27. Paid $50 (after already purchasing this app previously, which is horrible business practice), and now the “new” version is almost completely useless! Loved this app for years, but now I can’t even add my own music. Very disappointed, and want a refund. Response: I can see my music, and add it to the video, but when I play the video, the music is silent. I can hear the song on my phone and on the app when selecting the song…it doesn’t make sense.

  28. Nick dice:

    Tried the free trial: this is the best app for editing out there!! Super easy to use and works perfectly. Has a ton of features which you would expect from a full fledged desktop video editor. Amazing! Saddly, I can’t keep up with the subscription, and I don’t really edit videos any more than once every few months.

  29. I went in to finish editing a project and all of the frames are broken and I only see text in Chinese. What’s going on? As of 10/17/20 this app still sucks. When I create a video I have to download it immediately because when I come back it’s ruined. I see an image of a ripped film reel. What’s that about. I’ll be searching for a more reliable product.

  30. I have been trying to contact them for issues with my purchased app! it doesn’t save, it gives too many errors about saving, I always have to restore my purchase app, it lags, video sometimes doesn’t correlate with what you’re editing. I would like the app because it’s user friendly and easy to use if they would just fix the bugs. They told me to contact them and no answer! Dont waste your money on this app. There are better out there.

  31. Domino dice:

    verytime i use this app it it gets worse. I pay for it. When I save things, the music syncs differently than how it was in the edit. When adding effects, it used to “snap” into place so it was easy to match up with a clip, no longer does that. There’s was 1 or 2 other sections of edits, those are gone. Now it just “filters” and “effects”. I used an effect that worked well while editing. when I save, it zooms in so far the effect is just gone…I’m going to unsubscribe if they don’t fix this app

  32. Video editing took a few attempts to understand how it flows but worked well. Very disappointed with the music add on, no matter what I have done no music on the video. The music is on the phone, and shoes as selected but the music will not play over the video when Play is selected Searched help and FAQ files but unable to find directions for a fix

  33. Great starter app. Just need a good vision. However it does process with little regard to quality. Lots of lag when exporting videos even at 1080 hd. Subscription bugs out a lot and requires restarting often. Needs an undo last (list) command button. Slowest app to use. video playback during editing lags and cant watch it without buffering, will show video as if in slow mo but actually isnt. lots of bugs when using features, especially when stacking them. That’s with the premium. worth a 10/year

  34. I make my videos fairly quickly and easily but after a short break I noticed that it had been updated. Everything is alright except for the option to add text and music. I can rarely see what I’m typing since it has to be done in that small box. I don’t know why someone thought that making text only editable in that small box was a good idea, but it’s not. The text and music also randomly disappears from the timeline while I’m editing. Please revert back to old version.

  35. Needs better instructions or direction on how to use it. I tried a dozen times to edit clipping out the parts and Everytime I thought I had it figured it out when I went to progress further something else would happen and I would either lose the rest of the video or something and I could never start from a draft that I had saved. Just very frustrating. Maybe I will try again some other time

  36. Very very frustrated. This app has worked pretty wonderfully for the last year or so. Occasional glitches with updates. I don’t know what has happened over the last few days, but it will not export my videos which has put me HUGELY behind in my work. I paid for the VIP renewal, and now nothing is working. Even simply fast forwarding to the next clip function is gone, fast forwarding 1 second at a time rather than to the next clip. I loved this app at first bc it was easy. Not anymore. Canceling

  37. The reason why I’m getting it 3 stars because it’s unfair at times. Like I can’t use the certain filters without it telling me to pay the year plan even though it was my 2nd time using it. The sound is off sync by couple seconds and don’t know how the fix it and on of my best video. Now I have to stop use this add because I can’t pay that year plan. I just want to pay the monthly pay because its cheaper. But, it’s like the app gets mad that you not paying more the extra features. Easy to use.

  38. This app is just an ad. There’s advertisement all over the place and it shoves its VIP version in your face every three minutes. When I tried to export a video, it said that I was using the VIP feature of no watermark, even though I never used that option, wouldn’t let me add it back in, and tried to force me to get a membership in order to export my video. It’s nearly impossible to add music and move things without it trying to add a transition. Overall, it’s a scam and not worth your time.

  39. R Perry dice:

    I have used this app for years (since 2016 maybe?) because it’s simple and has nice perks. However, I uninstalled for a while because I couldnt afford to but now that I have it back, I realized that there’s no longer an option to save videos in 1080p and can’t understand why. I spent over and hour editing a video and the quality looks terrible.

  40. Have been using this app for the past few months but recently have been unable to get the music to play after it has been downloaded. Beforehand if I downloaded music onto a video it played on various platforms but now it will not play sound when downloaded. I even tried using different music such as my own or the app’s. After multiple tries I made an attempt to email support but got am email back saying that the email was “bounced” yet I checked it was the correct mailing address. No luck.

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