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SBS On Air, Legend VOD, and colorful audiences, even events!
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☆ New news in September ☆
– STAR tab open! Meet SBS high-definition broadcast photo and a variety of star services! (※ STAR menu is added in the menu edit screen)
– 24 hour TV September program applied! Watch 12 channels including Running Man TV, You from the Star, Jealousy Hsinshin TV 24 hours free!

You can enjoy the clip video on air, VOD, various broadcasting companies (SBS, KBS, MBC, CJ E & M, jtbc, MBN, channel A, TV ship)

◎ Free on-air service
– You can watch all channel on air (Live TV) for free!
– Enjoy 24 hour SBS popular programs in 24 hours TV!
[Runnin Man TV, You from the stars TV, secret garden TV, etc.]
※ High quality / ultra-high quality real-time TV ticket (2200 won) available after purchase [New Year’s purchase 1000 won]
※ 8 News, I want to know, such as Morning wide, popular songs and free high-quality traditional free programs are available for free viewing at the same high quality

◎ SBS VOD 70,000 Free View
Enjoy a variety of current affairs and sports VOD and SBS legend programs that you want to see again for free!
[2019 Update Free Drama]
The resignation light diary
While you are asleep
The temperature of love
Suspicious partners
She is so bizarre
My sister is alive.
The beginning of doubt
Gypsum board
The World I Met Again
Our Gap
Legend of the Blue Sea
want to know that
Sukwon Obstetrics
Golden bride
I can not stop them.
Kwon Ryong is the Narsha
New parasitic story
The Heirs
Secret Garden
You come from the stars
The age of the night
Temptation of a wife
Lovers of the Moon – Bobo Sensei
The life is beautiful
Romance Doctor Kim Sabu
I Can Hear Your Voice
A Gentleman’s Dignity

◎ Free movie open [Free ticket S Monthly automatic payment subscriber only]
– Free tickets S Enjoy monthly movies and free movies
– I want to eat your pancreas, Day, Sang Won, Sing Street, Hunger Game, Warm Bodice, Cart, etc.
– One more update every month

◎ Star! Take pictures with my favorite stars
– 2000 pieces of popular idol sticker! Sharing and sharing my favorite stars and storms
  (Service Star – Bulletproof Boys, Warner One, Exo, Tweed, Red Velvet, etc.)
– Collect my favorite star video (clip / VOD)

◎ TV program podcast provided
– Listen to popular dramas / arts / cultural broadcast podcasts (I want to know, while you are asleep, love temperature, etc.)

◎ Mobile Anticorruption Ticket
– From SBS anti-trust applications to admission, it’s easy! Now, please apply for the popular song ”

◎ Major Broadcaster Programs in Korea Popular Clips (Highlights): All Clip
– Time to Observe (MBC)
– I live alone (MBC)
– Masked King (MBC)
– Superman is back (KBS)
– 1 night and 2 days (KBS)
– Show! Music center (MBC)
– Music Bank (KBS)
– Immortal classic song (KBS)
– Know your brother (JTBC)

◎ Access Rights Guide
[Selective access]
– Location: [Lupus Star] It is necessary to check the location of the user when the mission is summoned to confirm that the service is available.
– Storage space: [Lupus Star] It is necessary to register the photographed pictures in Gallery.
– Camera: [RUP STAR] required for taking pictures with star images.
※ Even if you do not allow it, you can use the service other than the permission function that you declined.


Improved stability.


4 comentarios en "SBS – On Air, VOD, Event MODDED"

  1. Susie C. dice:

    This app works okay but is very irritating and not at all intuitive to the user. When searching for a program, the results do not auto-generate as with modern search engines so you MUST hit search after entering. What’s worse is sometimes you have to use certain phrases or words to search because the entire title won’t bring up the program. When watching videos, there is no way to save videos or playlists without creating an account. Additionally, the video player stops and exits when loading ads or after inactivity and returns to the main page – then you have to search for the program from the beginning all over again!

  2. Joyce Gomm dice:

    Need English sub titles on all your shows for us stateside who enjoy watching.

  3. Black Swan dice:

    Making the app worldwide but contents are only permitted in south korea, HOW MUCH MORE USELESS CAN YOU GUYS BE????

  4. Imy Joy Maprangala dice:

    It’s a good app. I just hope to have more english translation for the application. Also, to sync the subtitles on “on air” shows. But I do appreciate your efforts to foreign fans like me. Thank you. I hope the app developers will consider these developments. ❤️

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