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Selfie video makeup editor for easy retouching of face, eyes, mouth, & hair!
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The best FREE virtual makeup editing app for your videos, period. Instantly retouch your makeup video in seconds with full makeup looks, and custom tools for the face, eyes, and mouth.

The Perfect365 Video app is brought to you by Perfect365, Inc. the creators of the Perfect365 app, loved by celebrities and more than 100 million users. Perfect365 is a leader in photo, video, and AR technology.

Edit your videos quickly and effortlessly with the easy-to-use video virtual makeup. From a wide variety of makeup styles created by our in-house Beauty Squad to a powerful set of makeup tools, Perfect365 Video has all the virtual enhancement tools to create your beauty your way! The go-to app whenever you’re looking to retouch your videos before messaging friends or uploading to social media. When you’re ready for that bold new look, or just a simple natural touch up, then look no further because Perfect365 Video is just one tap away.

Key Features:

* Makeup and beauty tools so you can customize your personal style – lipstick, eye concealer, teeth whitening, blush, eyelashes, and more!
* Choose from a large variety of pre-set makeup looks – one-tap to apply!
* Over 25 lipstick shades to choose from with gloss, matte, and satin textures.
* Over 25 foundation colors to find your best match.
* Over 15 beautiful eyelash styles to apply from natural to dramatic.
* Over 10 blush colors to give you that perfect glow.
* Soften skin for that silky smooth look.
* Whiten teeth to your preferred shade.
* Accurate makeup placement using cutting-edge face detection!
* Save and share your videos via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and other popular social media platforms.

The makers behind the makeup magic:

Perfect365 Video is built on leading imaging and video intelligence technology. For over 25 years, we use our world-class Intelligent Imaging(tm) to enable visual ‘thinking’ capabilities in more than 1.5 billion of today’s most popular smartphones.

Terms of Service:

Terms of Service


Minor performance improvements and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Perfect365 Video Makeup Editor FULL"

  1. It does its work… Removes bluring and blemishes videos. Good work! Wish monthly subscription wasn’t charged automaticaly though… As I don’t use apps like this enough or any often.

  2. App is not working, dont install. Waste of time. I installed it for smoothing skin but it doesnt work.

  3. This is a scam. Said save vids up to 5 mins with the pro version and it’s only saving 20 seconds of the video

  4. It’s OK except the lashes they look really fake. I still find snap chat the best for the most natural looking beauty editor, only you have to do the video in sections.

  5. simple perfect! just need a bit longer time.

  6. Perfect 365 has been for a long time the go to make up àpp.

  7. Absolute rubbish. I bought the PRO version as recommended and it still only takes a 20 second video. Waste of money

  8. Sheila W. dice:

    The video cuts off after 20 seconds that sucks

  9. It doesn’t have all the options for make up and it only allows you to record 20 seconds. I am looking for a make up app that will let me record more than 5 minutes. I am willing to pay if it gives me the option of recording longer videos from 7 to 10 mins but it doesn’t seem to have the option

  10. App is nice. But what is really frustrating me is you can’t SAVE video Even after tapping on the save icon. Takes you to “earn Kim” and even after doing so still video doesn’t save. Makes me SO MAD. Please make it possible to easily SAVE video and the App will be PERFECT.

  11. Jivi dice:

    What a lovely fabulous masterpiece of technology. Very very impressive and user friendly. Video lenght should be more rather than just 20 sec. Looking forward for more amazing options and results. Very well done👌👌👌👌👌

  12. This app is great…except for the fact, like others have said, that you cannot SAVE your damn video after editing it!! So frustrating since I was so happy with all the tools I even subscribed to it! Well, I am now going to UNsubscribe and UNinstall it. Too bad, it could have been a good app otherwise.

  13. I like it 💗 super👌👌👌👌👌but hair option is not show 🙄

  14. Videos cannot save in full length. Restricting with time duration to save full length videos. Restrictions should be removed and should be able to save full length videos after editing. Otherwise, this application is useless. Thanks

  15. Hit or miss, some days it works others it won’t even open or show your video.

  16. Sanay Raj dice:

    Waste of time don’t install this app

  17. Sentei T dice:

    What’s the use when we cannot edit our own videos..just a sample video available and no option to choose our own video. Rubbish!!

  18. Rubbish!!! You said it can be save in two minutes after subscription but it just the same with the free one. It still only can be saved 20 second!!! 🤬

  19. It’s amazing how much editing tools are available for video editing esp for makeup artist, this is the bomb! 🔥

  20. I use the perfect 365 photo editor n it’s killing the game … I know this one too is a banger … started editing my reels with it is BOMB 💣…

  21. This app has some good ideas. All in all it’s on the Sucky Side of apps. Going to Uninstall it. Other apps give the goods away free..

  22. Just canceled the subscription. It reduces the quality of the video!!!! Do not recommend

  23. As soon as I select the make up for my video it completely shuts down and closes.

  24. When you import your video it only shows the model and not your video yo put makeup on.

  25. Bad experience.was very excited when I maximum length is 10 seconds…disappointed

  26. Susai Raj dice:

    Totally waste.. Seriously not happy with this app.. V. Bad…

  27. It crashes every time I want to edit my videos.

  28. I don’t recommend this app.

  29. ohh..That’s amazing, I like this app. please give me more styles and features.

  30. This app doesn’t do damage and after video is stuck that’s why this app is very bad

  31. Video not supported can’t edit a video

  32. This app is annoying i can’t edit my video infact i can’t do anything

  33. I want to cancel my subscription and I can’t

  34. I like it very much I enjoyed

  35. Nice app if it would work im unable to the finish work

  36. Not good app i just install it but i cant see any response video is not supporting but why

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