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Are you looking for a new video app? Are you looking for a place where you can grow followers faster, have a search and related videos that doesn’t preference channels, ability monetize your videos, and watch your favorite creators? Rumble is the new home for everything video. We believe your time invested into Rumble, will greatly exceed the results of our competition.

Major creators are joining daily and hopefully you will be next to join the future of video!

Rumble Features:
– Livestreaming
– Channel creation
– Video hosting
– Smooth UI
– Video Monetization
– Licensing

Thank you for considering Rumble, the future of video!


Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Rumble MOD 2022"

  1. Ed dice:

    Stop rating app high. It’s totally 2010. Close out the app, it loses the playback location. I have to search for where I left off each time. App does not allow you to look anything when playing. All playback stops; there is no thumbnail screen to allow you to interact with your phone. And the full-screen option square is placed too close to the playback timeline. Half the time I select full screen, it skips to the end of the video. This app was rushed and needs improvement. Growup Rumble.

  2. I’m doing 5 stars but there is somethings you guys should fix the main one being, if you leave the app even for a second it doesn’t remember your place in the video and starts it over. I am really tired of trying to figure out where I was because I left to send a text or something. I don’t even bother finishing a lot of the videos because I get tired of dealing with it, which means I don’t hit the rumble button since I do that after I watch the whole thing. Still appreciate you guys though!

  3. The app is good, but it has some quirks. To minimize, you have to use the back arrow at the top left. However, once minimized, it cannot go back to its previous state. The biggest issue I have is that I cannot stay logged in, and it is difficult to log in. It takes multiple attempts, and the loading during login turns to a snail crawl. But that only happens as I’m logging in. The rest of the time the app is snappy fast. Overall, it’s a good app.

  4. Product is pretty good. It doesn’t save your timestamps so you have to start videos over if you close the app. The android back button doesn’t pair with the app so it will close the video if you don’t use the in app back button. Also Bluetooth controls don’t work. That said, you can play videos in the background to save battery life which counts for a lot in my book. Lastly most of my favorite creators don’t make content on here so I only use it for a couple people.

  5. It has so much potential to be my youtube replacement, but the flaws in the execution are frustrating to deal with. Moments before writing this, I had the app crash twice while trying to watch a stream it sent me a notification for. I also experience an error where audio plays but no video is available quite often . I’d appreciate a few QoL improvements like a watch history, I don’t have the option to pick up where I left off if I get an interruption mid-video.

  6. App is pretty bad. Glad I can now listen in the background but there is nothing in the notifications indicating where the sound is coming from and it can’t be paused or controlled through a Bluetooth headset. Otherwise, features like watch later would be nice. Most importantly is better integration with android. Also, clicking a car icon to enable background sound is not intuitive.

  7. I’m glad we have an app for content that doesn’t push the woke nonsense. But I do wish it worked better, if I accidentally hit the back button it exits the videos and I have to remember where I left off. If I pause and don’t come back within a short amount of time it screws up the video and plays from the beginning on a wonky screen, so I have to exit and restart the app and the video… it doesn’t work well with any sort of overlay to play while I’m trying to do anything else on my phone…

  8. Tim Davis dice:

    I appreciate the idea of an alternative to YouTube, but the developers need to do a lot of work on fixing the bugs and improving the user experience with this mobile app. Logging in works only sometimes and there’s not yet an option to replay videos during live streaming, and video playback will sometimes pause randomly and restart from the beginning. I suggest waiting until Rumble has worked these out and the experience is less frustrating.

  9. Jon Jon dice:

    It’s nice to not have ads like YouTube but the videos keep closing on me. If I turn on background play and lock my screen the video player closes. It if it wasn’t annoying enough, the app does not save where your playback was. Have fun trying to remember where you were in a hour long video. I want to switch from YouTube but this makes it hard to.

  10. I love Rumble and what it stands. This app however has a long way to go. You have to constantly fight the screen switch between landscape and portrait just by a little 2 degree tilt. The app does not have viewed history section so when the app crash your out of luck going back to that video. There’s no playlist so you can’t do it that way either. It is a struggle using this app but still I love and what rumbles stands for, therefore will suffer through using the app.

  11. Rumble is a great alternative for Youtube, but this app needs serious improvements. One of the most annoying features is that you’re required to log in almost everytime you open Rumble. In my case, it’s not even that I’ve been log out. My avatar and subscriptions disappears, but I’m required to log out from this weird limbo in order to log in again. It’s double the trouble. Please, fix this.

  12. Overall decent app. It’s organized well, and they’re consistently adding features and improvements that users are suggesting. Functionally it has flaws but it’s well thought out, uses less data, plays in background or with the screen off which is a feature YouTube requires monthly payments to have access to, and the app seems to be stable. Also love the absence of censorship. Support team responds in a couple days which is sufficient. Keep up the good work, folks!

  13. They have the right idea but the app is in bad shape. If it seems I’m being overly critical its mostly because there hasn’t been any solid improvements. It’s a chore to use and that’s if it lets you use it. Constant logging in everytime I use the app. Refusing to log me in without deleting and reinstalling is just the beginning. No dark mode, no landscape mode, and the commenting system is a disaster. There’s no way to build community. It’s just chaos.

  14. Ben Dial dice:

    EDIT: I’m convined at this point that these morons are either controlled opposition or just don’t care… Like many others commented, this needs some basic functionality to bring the rating up. It is so slow loading and doesn’t remember where you were in a long video. Also doesn’t have a windowed mode. If they want a serious boost to their platform they will put in the ability to turn off your screen and keep listening. It’s not a viable alternative to YouTube the way this app works currently.

  15. I never write reviews but I’ve been so frustrated for months that I just had to. It has so many glitches. It is not user-friendly and does not have important features like saving where you were watching, history, save for later, etc. I truly hope the developers are able to invest in a better app experience because this platform is much needed.

  16. The most recent update sucks. When I back out of a channel it is my intention to leave, I don’t need you to choose to minimize it for me. As soon as I open the app it says “there is no fresh content for you yet” and no channel icons, as soon as I refresh the icons show and the fresh content. When the app is first opened it shows a random video selection rather than anything from any of the channels I follow, not sure why this is but I am not a fan.

  17. Not trilled with the format at all. It works, but I would rather use the website version over the app so that i can listen to whatever it is if not video while doing other things on my phone. While using the app it constantly shuts the sound off when anything else. Yes, I’ve allowed all permissions in order to try and override that I have available on Android. Really wish it worked like the yt app and let me have a small screen in corner or something. Would love that feature in next update

  18. The app is complete and utter unreliable garbage. For the last week I have to log in over and over and over and over again. Also if I’m using Google maps or just Android auto in general the audio will eventually just cut out and will not work again until I completely restart the car. That has gone on for probably 6 months now. Most of the time I just end up using the website as there’s no issues there.

  19. It’s everything you want BUT…… The actual application is faulty. Less manageable then “YouTube” listening to long form content can get tricky because the app doesn’t save the place you left the video on. So if you minimize the screen but then click it the entire display will become the video. Once close that out the entire video starts over etc. It’s making listening to podcasts very tedious. That being said , the podcasts are better because people don’t feel limited on speech

  20. Not bad overall, still needs work to compete with YouTube. Features such as pause or rewind live broadcasts and a watch history that AT MINIMUM keeps track of video progress, would be great! History so that if for whatever reason you get kicked out or have to exit the video, it will remember where you left off… A complete history of watched content could be useful, but is not imperative. The driving mode has finally been fixed, and videos play all the way through with the screen off. Yay!

  21. C dice:

    Loved the idea of free speech. But many videos don’t play when clicked in the app OR on PC. I was excited to see you can share to your TV… but then quickly realized, no you can’t. It plays audio but there is no video on many videos. I would love to replace YouTube if these folks could fix stuff. Thanks for at least trying! The app sometimes crashes for no reason. Not bad. Now I’m being signed out every time I exit the app.

  22. The app on Android has so many bugs in it. Drives me nuts. For example, I just subscribed to a new channel, but it doesn’t show up under my subscriptions so I can’t turn off the alerts to my email. Another example is that when i want to listen and minimize so i can do something else on my phone, if i go back to the Rumble station that I’m listening too, i have to keep it open or it will close out and i have to re-boot. There are more issues too. PLEASE FIX!

  23. One of the worst user experiences I’ve ever tried to suffer through. From needing to log on 4 times every time I open the app, to the constant crashes, it’s just terrible. It also lacks every feature you’d expect from a video app. No downloads, position memory, Android doesn’t even seem to realize it’s an audio player so it doesn’t mute/pause other audio like every single other app, etc. I’m going to miss the exclusive creators that moved there, but I can’t suffer this experience any more.

  24. Watch progress isn’t saved, if you quit watching a video it doesn’t save your spot and you have to try to remember where you were at. You can’t see which videos you have already viewed, and can’t save playlists. The home screen is a bunch of garbage recommendations. App crashes constantly and is super buggy. I would love to leave commie YouTube behind, but until rumble gets with the times and makes viewing an enjoyable experience, I can’t make the switch.

  25. Love the free speech values! The app is a buggy mess though and lacks features. Sometimes videos will just crash out. Sometimes they do it over and over. There is for some reason no ability to watch a live stream that has aheady started from an earlier point. There is no watch history, no playlist creation function. The search function makes you choose whether you want to search for a channel or a video (why not just integrate this?) The cast function only works sometimes. Still will use it tho

  26. Love that this app is not censored. YouTube keeps censoring and shutting down my favorite channels, so I’m mostly watching Rumble now instead. Thank you for allowing free speech! Two suggestions for improvement: 1) add the ability for a video to continue playing in the background, and 2) remember where I left off if I have to stop watching and come back later. Edited to add I figured out how to keep a video playing in the background by tapping the little car icon.

  27. AJ dice:

    The idea is good, but execution is awful. Some videos simply do not play no matter what I try to do, watch progress isn’t saved, and you can’t minimize videos, so the app has to stay open the entire time you want to watch. The app would be great if the developers fixed these issues. It is good tho for free speech and content you can’t get on YouTube. That alone makes me keep the app.

  28. Still learning how to navigate, so far so good. Stand up for freedom and down with censorship!!! **So, I’ve been using the app for a while now and I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any stretch so user error could be at play. I still very much enjoy the content but there’s a few traits that are maddening. I can’t lock my screen while listening…I can’t move away from the page in any way or it cuts off, it would be so nice to be able to listen while playing a game or online shopping.

  29. So many problems, where to start? Notifications are pointless because there is no link to take you directly to the comment. The App constantly crashes or has a bug and fails to start. When trying to watch a stream, you must have great Internet or it will fail because there is no option for a lower resolution. It’s all our nothing. Also the horizontal view is buggy and often I must actually click on the full screen button but often it clicks on the slider witch takes you to end of video.. more.

  30. Tom Jagla dice:

    I love Rumble, but the app has so many glitches and the UI needs a lot of improvement. Also, there is no tech support that I can find. Your app constantly frustrates me, and many others say the exact same. And now the “fresh content” list is empty at the top of the home page -which makes it very difficult to know who has posted new videos. There are some very basic things that Rumble needs to fix with their app.

  31. I believe in what Rumble is trying to do. This app needs a lot of work. It’s making me log in every time I open it. Also, when I’m not connected to Wi-Fi it is unwatchable. It needs to buffer when other apps work just fine off Wi-Fi and UI needs a lot of work. Also can you guys fix the Roku app it also as a lot of the same issues.

  32. The app looks great and is easy to navigate through, but it seriously needs a resume feature. Also my video screen will go white when I try to view anything in wide mode and won’t go back unless I exit out of the video and go back in where it starts all over again. If these things were fixed I could almost completely abandon YouTube.

  33. Just ok. It’s a hybrid between podcast and video streaming service. Big downside is the data usage when in car mode (audio on, screen off), the video stream still is downloading in the background. This is a huge problem for those looking to walk dogs or just listen to video podcasts. I’m sure I can find the audio only stream on another platform but then that’s another application I need that seems so easy to integrate here.

  34. Only use for a few channels, so unsure of all its features/lack of, however i do like the safe driving mode and picture in picture. However, everything the app closes itself/you close it, it logs you out. Super annoying, especially when it also doesn’t let you log back in. I’d there is a way to watch stuff without a profile, I think this problem would also be less of one (even though it shouldn’t happen in the first place)

  35. Great platform for “non mainstream” creators, but the app’s functionality is still iffy at best. Frequently crashes or refreshes content mid-vid w/o any sort of bookmark/timestamp. The “drive” mode doesn’t let you switch apps or have it playing while the screen is off (have to use with a split screen app in order to listen and use my map while driving). Still needs work. Would be willing to pay a monthly fee for better service.

  36. Features desperately need to be added. Many people want to stop using YouTube because of the censorship. Unfortunately the lack of features makes it hard to commit to the switch. The features that should be added ASAP are mentioned on nearly every review. I worry that if rumble doesn’t get it together soon, another company will come up out of nowhere with a more user-friendly app that does the same thing. I do very much appreciate the commitment to free speech, hence the 3 stars

  37. Get your conservative content here…and every other piece of cool content… it’s the Besssssssss!!! Except: Please update the app to play over the top. I listen to videos like “the Dan Bongino show” and don’t really have to watch. When I turn the phone off, the sound stops and I have to turn it back on and open the app. I’ll update the stars to 5 when this gets fixed. I’ve been told it’s in the works… but that was a year ago. 10/31/22….. still waiting for OTT (over the top).

  38. Problem interacting. Logged in watched a few podcasts and noticed that I wasn’t able to leave a rumble on videos. Pop-up at the bottom says must be logged in. I am. I even went as far as logging in in my Browser. I’ve signed out and back in several times and nothing changed. Am I the only one with this kind of bug. I have current update on the app as well. Please help I’d like to show support to these creators

  39. First impression of the app, maybe. The number one thing I look for is the ability for picture in picture capabilities; I spend lots of time in mobile games with videos playing and rumble doesn’t seem to support that. I’d love to increase my use of Rumble but until this function comes to the app I can’t be bothered with dedicating my whole phone to watching.

  40. Love this free speech platform. There is some amazing documentaries on controversial subjects. My only complaint is they need to implement some of YouTube features like being able to save and go back to programs previously viewed. Or being able to listen to podcasts with phone screen off. If these features were implemented I could basically drop YouTube all together.

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