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SBS VR Player Video Cardboard. 3D, Subtitles, HBS. Just 0.1mb & without ads!!
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A simple, ad-free, tiny (only 0.1 MB!) video player that plays 2D and 3D videos suitable for Virtual Reality VR displays that use mobile as the screen, such as Google Cardboard. It supports Side-by-Side (SBS) as well as Half Side-by-Side (HBS / HSBS) format videos. It works on any phone, limited only by the device’s video capabilities. If you want to use it with Gear VR, do not plug in the usb port.

– View any video in SBS Mode for VR Headsets
– Plays SBS & HBS video with correct aspect ratio
– View SBS 3D & HBS 3D as a normal video
– Support for external SRT subtitles
– Can be accessed from your file manager
– Mode for normal, non-SBS video
– Delayed start mode for time to insert mobile in headset
– Does not need gyroscope-enabled phones
– Lightweight, Ad-free, No unwanted permissions

A few points to note:
– It will play only video formats that are natively supported by your phone (more info below)
– It does not play web videos such as those from YouTube.
Use our iWebVR app for that.
– It does not use the magnetic navigator controls, head tracking etc.
Use an OTG or Bluetooth mouse instead.
– It does not play 180 or 360 degree Full Virtual Reality videos.
Use Google’s Cardboard Player for those.
– It is a player, not a converter. It cannot save converted files.

If you are not familiar with cheap VR displays that can convert your mobile screen into a virtual movie theatre, checkout these links:

Regarding Supported Audio/Video formats
The app does not include any media codecs due to its tiny size. It supports whatever the Android OS in your device supports. For a list of supported formats, refer to the link below:

While mp4, 3gp etc are universally supported, support for other video containers such as mkv, avi, flv etc is dependent on your android flavor. Again Android does not support 5.1 multi-channel audio formats such as DTS and Dolby AC3 unless enabled by manufacturers. In such cases, you can use any video converter for PC/Mac such as Handbrake to convert the video to an mp4 format with stereo aac track.

Please mail us ([email protected]) in case of any doubts.


This tiny video player can bring the movie theatre to your home. Just use a VR Headset.


40 comentarios en "iPlay VR Player SBS 3D Video MODDED"

  1. The absolute BEST app for displaying ANY video as split screen VR. My needs are simple. I do not need 360 immersive VR. Just want to watch meditation videos split screen as I relax and unwind. This does that job perfectly. Would love to see the controls adapt to headset use so with bluetooth mouse no need to remove headset. Also, not yet sure if supports playlists or can play entire folders nonstop. Am too busy zoning out to check…

  2. This an app that i looking for watching 3d sbs movie with cheap vr cardboard but without head tracking. I wish one day it has an option to display 1/3 3d sbs besides half sbs, because to me, even the half sbs sometimes it is too close. When the movie show a person standing at almost full of the height of the screen, it feels that i look a giant person. When the movie show a close up person face, it feels that this person asking me to kiss his/her cheek :). Thank you very much for the developer.

  3. So many things need to change. Add option to adjust menu heights and position in 3d. Remove white vertical line between 3d images instead put black boarders surrounding 3d images. Make menu auto hide by phase in phase out method. Menu doesn’t hide automatically in some cases fix that. Add pinch to zoom in/out option and make to choose disable or enable iy. Replace single tap to double tap to pause and play. Change the direction of swipe that adjust play position. Make UI more smooth. Only then 5

  4. I love this app! It provides perfect ASPECT RATIO for viewing SBS 3D movies! It can easily zoom in or out to give you the screen size desired in your passive 3D VR headset whether cardboard or whatever. My only discontent is that it is not useable with USB OTG devices plugged into your phone’s charging/data port.

  5. “How do you flip the screen? It’s locked facing left but my headset port is on the right.” Nevermind I subverted it with my bluetooth headphones, if it wouldn’t be so sensitive to pause and play and have issues scrolling, it wouldn’t be that bad.

  6. I have given this 4 stars Because I think they should remove the split line of the player that’s making the video blurry when I’m watching movies with vr headset. Please take action as soon as possible for removing the split line from this app and all others features are superb thank you to make this app and size is very small it’s really helpful for me and for us who wants to experience real vr. Thank you. Hope you guys you will fix this early.

  7. In my opinion this the best sbs video player. Take note, use a Bluetooth controller to control it, I use ipega game controllers for this one since they have a multimedia controls such as volume and skip controls. Keep up the good work.

  8. Though it is the best hsbs video player on playstore with some best features like swap left right and subtitles on left as well as right screen.. But still this app could hv been better with improvements like resuming video after mobile goes to sleep.. Plus forwarding and rewind is not good…hoping in new update… otherwise easily would hv given 5 stars… Grt app thnx to developers…

  9. just a horrible design, the interface requires and reset practically every time you want to play. there is no menu in play it’s very clunky and not very user-friendly being it would be used in a head unit or something similar.

  10. Very Kool Video player , let’s you watch normal video Inside a VR headset and it splits the screen for it to look perfect through the VR lenses. 3D would be great but I have not yet tested it out. Thanks for your app.

  11. Plays fine, but I need to be able to flip screen so can use the headphone port on my Samsung s9+, also white line in the middle is annoying and needs to be removed , I would happily pay to have both options so will look elsewhere for a solution.

  12. Although it plays movies I have yet to get it to successfully play the audio of any of my SBS movies so what’s the point of watching a movie with no sound the files work everywhere else I’ve tried them fine on my PC and other apps button this app I cannot get any audio

  13. KM Player VR is one best choice at Play Store in free apps along with VRTV Free & 2MVR (Moon VR player). Those apps in free versions will allow you to apply video play adjustments then enjoying watching movies with VR device from phone storage or External SD card. If air play is needed then install the Moon VR player or if you are typing URL stream then you need the KM player VR .

  14. I wished it worked on streaming vids too. But I just use the Aloha browser to download any vid I want then use your AWESOME app to watch the vids on what looks like a theater screen. BEST SBS VR APP FOR CONVERTING THEN WATCHING 2D regular videos in VR & I’ve tried a lot.

  15. The best VR player to watch normal videos and 3D videos in VR mode. Developers, the smallest font for subtitles can be smaller than the one offered now. Introduce different formats like 1:43:1, IMAX format, though I’m happy with the ones offered now

  16. this would’ve been perfect for my needs but I can’t figure out how to go to the next photo,video without having to take the headset off each time.way too tedious.

  17. Great “go to” app for watching movies in any vr headsets that lack a QR Code to set up your phone for the headset in question. I should know,…I lost the code that came with my old vr headset and couldn’t set up my new phone to use it until I found this app. And it’s simple and intuitive to use

  18. Fantastic Feedback: settings for screen rotation is needed. I want to rotate screen in reversed landscape so my volume keys doesn’t get pressed when placed inside VR box

  19. My needs are simple so this player is great. It seems pretty versatile on what types of videos and the variety of viewing formats it will play. Great 3D player.

  20. Link Link dice:

    Perfect… But there are 2 problems, one is th options and the other is the fact that i cant flip my phone so i can use headphones, charge it, and presses my voliume, or might just be my headset

  21. Kuro Zora dice:

    always opening file with modified arrangement. pls fix this and add it in setting. we need to open files based on the title not the recent modified one.

  22. X dice:

    This is great! It’s simple and does exactly what I need it to. I don’t think it exports, but just being able to view normal videos in 3D/SBS is what I was after. 5 stars!

  23. Rup S dice:

    The focal length is way off. Even after adjusting the focal length on the headset, sbs video kind of overlaps resulting in blurry or 2 images.

  24. Almost a great player. Smooth videos. VR aligns well. But no movements or rotation. And no fixing distortion.

  25. it does exactly what i need it to do for regular videos to SBS videos. perfect for Google cardboard. fantastic simple and FREE app!

  26. Very weak feature-wise compared to others. Plus half the functionality behind a paywall. Yeah, no thanks.

  27. No options to loop or automatically play next video. Zoom functionality should be done on a sliding scale as opposed to predetermined increments.

  28. Since I have not used this app, it stalls all the videos, is there a new play mode or just the video formats? Can you fix the problem, for me atleast? other then that the best video VR app I have seen or played with.

  29. brayden dice:

    Works really well, does anyone know if there is something like this but it sets your device to that double screen view and not just for videos

  30. This is a small, but fantastic application, simply the best and hassle free in its category. Keep up the good work. God bless you. Many many THANKS

  31. tried watching Avenger infinity war in 3d but audio is not working it has 3d suround audio only vlc player is working fine with it. tried most of other vr player too but the sudio is not supported.

  32. Great application! Easy to use and simple. All that is needed is a option to loop. Please so i dont have to manually reset

  33. This makes porn really good & private. Im using headphones & a VR headset to enjoy my favorite pornhub vids in SBS full screen wmy roomates next to me & they have no idea.

  34. it is not giving audio output and the interface doesn’t works. needs restarting everytime

  35. Awesome app! Exactly what I was looking for and well above the competition..would happily pay for such a good app & it’s free..thankyou!!!!

  36. Meet up but I’ll give this five stars the goodbye just going to give it five stars for its trying and I only drive so it gets 5 Stars but if we could have had it since Tarzan I would it’s that just prego gam I don’t recommend using this game for showing Joe locicero rdr2 buy and that you are getting mad and we’re not rich but I would recommend taking this if you have a rzr it’s do not use shinecon on this one is not that good with Shankar VR goggles but good it’s not that good for me but other

  37. I’m using this app for long time. Still perfect. Light weight and no adds. So Thank You for your service.

  38. App does absolutely nothing. App will play videos but not in true VR. There is no head tracking just a side by side view.

  39. Hi Team . Please include display aspect ration option. As most of the sbs videos are in different aspects

  40. It works… Has terrible playback controls and no loop option. So there’s that

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