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Free screen recorder and video editor. Easily capture, edit & share your videos.
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Free screen recorder and video editor: Create video stories, projects, lessons, tutorials, video feedback, training recordings, app demos and more.

Screencast-O-Matic, the original desktop screen recorder and video editor now offers a Chromebook app. Our free Chromebook app allows you to quickly capture your screen, webcam and microphone to create high-quality videos. You can record your screen with the option to add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam.

Mix and match your videos. After recording, use editing tools such as crop, cut, trim, rotate. Add text overlays, music, overlay images, filters, or adjust the speed of your video. Blur sensitive information captured on your screen. Creating and sharing videos has never been easier.

• Record 15 minutes for free.
• Record as many videos as you want (without in-app ads)!
• Record audio narration.
• Record your webcam, screen, or both for picture-in-picture.

• Mix and match content. Merge and rearrange your videos.
• Enhance your videos with stock images and videos from the library.
• Cut and trim videos. Make multiple cuts, anywhere in the timeline.
• Add rich text overlays.
• Add an overlay blur.
• Explore our sticker library to add emojis, interactions, frames or shapes.
• Import your music or add tracks from our stock music library.
• Use pre-set filters to add mood to your videos.
• Crop videos for social video sharing.
• Adjust the playback speed. Speed up or down.
• Rotate videos.

• Import videos stored on your Chromebook or from Google Drive.
• Manage your recordings from the content manager.
• Save to your Chromebook or Google Drive.
• Share on Screencast-O-Matic’s website or other popular sites.


40 comentarios en "Screen Record-Edit: Chromebook MODDED 2022"

  1. If I could, i’d give this 4 1/2 because it’s so good, but not quite 5 stars. Whenever I try to import a video from my files it cuts it out so it’s only 1 second long. Fix this! Also, When you add music, the music just restarts as it ends. I think you should have the opition when the music ends or cut out some parts with the music. Sometimes when I add text it doesn’t show up and when you record videos that are somewhat long it deletes the whole think. Fix these problems! Otherwise, great app!

  2. sahana dice:

    It has a really nice video editor, and has everything I need to edit videos. But- when I try to add text onto a video, its really annoying trying to resize it. And also, it’s screen recorder is pretty laggy. When I try to record my screen fro Roblox and Among Us, it freezes, and I have to wait every 1 minutes for it to unfreeeze, and usually the game is done after that.

  3. This app is really laggy but hopefully this will be fixed. If you have problems I can suggest this: If you have problems with sound: 1. Turn up your volume 2. Press allow to record audio or else it will be sound-less. You can also fix this by going into the settings and tap on allow to record audio. If you have problems with recording: You have to press the record button in the bottom left hand corner of the chromebook/phone (if you are recording on a phone) and you can do the same to stop.

  4. While it allows you to record your computer screen, editing is difficult and unintuitive. When trimming video, there is no time on display over the frame as you preview the video so you have to guess how much time between the frames that you need to cut. The player is buggy as well. I’ve minimized the player and when maximizing it, the screen is frozen though the audio plays. As a deluxe user there is no zoom feature that I can figure out. Avoid this app or at least, don’t spend money on it.

  5. This app is absolutley amazing. I am able to pause share, add in texts, add filters, etc. You do, however have to pay to blur things and out and do very technical things. Also, when you add in a text, that is the only text that you can add in. For me, a youtuber and a gamer, some things are good, and somethings are dissapointing. Please take this review seriously, especially if you are on a chromebook.

  6. Laggy, does strange things like always saying I can stretch my screen out despite being in full screen, showing the exact opposite of that at times with phantom boxes that can’t be moved but say they can be when I hover my mouse over their non-existant edges, and much more. Just isn’t worth it, and for new Chrome versions there’s a screen capture button in your little interface menu. Not worth it, and obsolete. Don’t get it.

  7. I like this screen recorder better than others but there is a few problems with it. First of all sometimes it freezes my laptop while i am trying to reocord. Second sometimes when I press the record button it starts the recording but doesn’t do the contdown and it doesn’t record my screen, when I try to turn it off it won’t let me and gets stuck on my screen so I have to uninstall it and it takes a while for me to re install it.

  8. This app was recommended by my university to do video presentations… DO NOT USE IT!!! It worked for one video and has not worked right since. It crashes, it doesn’t save the recording and it freezes up everything. There is nothing more annoying than getting done doing a 10 minute recording flawlessly only to find out it didn’t record!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP. Highly unreliable!!!!

  9. The recording was amazing but the audio is horrible! I was trying to record for my youtube channel and went back to edit to find that my audio was shaky and loud! So, I tried narrating the audio and the same thing happened! I don’t reccomend using this app unless you are not recording audio at all! I’m extremely dissapointed and have to record the video again to have the audio!!

  10. I tried it, I loved the layout, how easy it was to use, but the actual recording was not good! I was really bumme, because I really enjoyed using it. Every recording I tried, the sound would skip and cut out. If you can fix that, this app would be perfect!

  11. It’s great, but when you record, it’s sort of glitchy. The settings make total sence, as well. When I paused it once, it dissapeared, so I tried opening the app again, it kicked me out 4 times. Please fix the errors. Thank you.

  12. its quite alright, just one minor thing, it lags A LOT, and it took forever to download, it’s a good app, just takes forever to work, please fix the lag, and the time it takes to download, that is if you can at least. thank you and please try your best to fix the downloading time.

  13. I really like using the app and its really good but i dont want to pay to make it so it can recorded to any time. You can only recorded for 15 minutes if you didnt get special things which cost money.

  14. Mango Ray dice:

    There’s a small blue button in the left corner that you cannot remove and I keep accidentally pressing on it while I’m recording something. And you can only record for 15 minutes.

  15. i love this app at first it did not really let me record for too long but after a few days it started working better its super easy to use i would always recomend this app for begginers

  16. THIS APP IS AMAZING! i have a chromebook that i use for my youtube channel, and it works perfectly! if you are reading this, download this app right away.

  17. This app does not work properly. I’m surprised at the lack of quality that went into this product. Also, this app goes beyond it’s reach in privacy. In order to use this app one must give permission for this app to not only monitor what it’s recording but also make changes to the screen as the recording is happening. If that wasn’t enough over reach….permission must be given for the app to share recorded videos. With who? Only God knows. Congratulations on a job well done.

  18. this is my first Chromebook I enjoy it immensely but the most thing I enjoy is the screen recorder. Is allowed me to record Snippets on the History Channel or whatever to complete my assignment in school. I truly love this device and recommend it to anybody that has recording needs.

  19. Also, my sound never works which is annoying as my friends want to hear the sound not only the gameplay. Fix this and I will rate 5 stars. Edit: I really like how you can change what the camera sees but when it is full screen can you make some mode where the record button doesn’t show up as you can see it in the bottom left which is annoying.

  20. s kp dice:

    This app does not let me edit my videos, and makes my sign up for it asking for my job just asuming I’m an adult. It also makes all of my vids bad quality and laggy. I would give it a 0 but it’s imposible for some reason. I siriusly don’t recomend this app.

  21. Jaye dice:

    Its ok i guess, the audio is buggy but its better than the built in recorder with NO SOUND, update it more though please.

  22. way too low time camera dissapears in the mid of a video it turns off like dang.

  23. It is a good recorder but it lags and has no sound on my vids

  24. Daniel dice:

    This is so bad! I’ve been looking for a chromebook screen recorder for an hour and I haven’t got anything! I thought my problems were solved until I was not able to record! It kept redirecting me to a page of something which I’ve already finished! I highly don’t recommend!

  25. Nice game! Im a YouTuber so this is a great screen rec app! HOWEVER, It says upload limit exceeded. PLEASE FIX THIS! Overall, GREAT app!

  26. Villager dice:

    It’s great. I love the app it’s very easy to use, I had never found a ScreenRecording app, Not even one like this. This app helps me alot. One problem, There should be a way to stop drawing after clicking the draw button, That’s it, Thank you. Everyon reading this, Have a great day/noon/afternoon/evening/night! 😀

  27. The reason why i am giving this a 2 star rating is because how slow the recordings are and the fails. I was recording a video. After i was done recording that video it said an unexpected error occured. I was so pissed off because it took me a long time to record the video I don’t know if it was a bug but i hope it gets fixed. 2. The recording are extremely laggy and that its annoying because whenever i am playing games its never smooth. please fix this! and MAYBE i will give this a better revie

  28. It is great contains no ads. But, my only problem is if you don’t spend money on it you can only have 15 minutes of recording and I need more time for my records for my YouTube channel. On the other hand though, it is VERY simple to use and it is good for kids. I think I will keep using this okay app and really hope they fix that recording time problem. Thanks for reading my review!

  29. Must have especially for small online businesses and video editing for art. As I am new to it so far it serves its purpose for chromebook very well operates cleanly and is able to be transfered by email text or how ever. I have fooled with this for a few hours testing it and its definetly the best I can find so far. Uogrades are available and worth the pricing. But far better than so many ….

  30. Intuitive, simple, and free. Long live technology. If the only sacrifice is our personal data and behaviour being monotized without our benefit then it will be it’s own demise but in the meantime, thank you for this app. 🙂 Just recvoewed the actual video and it is a little laggy but a good first starter (as I’ve never made videos before)

  31. Jaina K dice:

    at first, when i was recording it was a little glitchy, but it looked flawless in the video also, it’s one of the only apps i can find that record the whole screen and don’t freeze my chromebook when i use them but i do have one problem, the logo when my videos are recorded is too big and most of the footage is just the logo and if i crop it off, i’ll have to redraw the scene and i don’t have a touchscreen chromebook so it’s really hard

  32. J P dice:


  33. Lexi dice:

    I give this app 1 star because their are many things wrong with it. i am a gamer and i rec games and when i use this it freezes it really annoying! and when i add a text box it doesnt show up. and sometimes it makes my whole chromebook freez! its like a virus that just slowing my stuff down. Please fix this hot mess of an app!!

  34. Terrible app!, i thought this would be a good recording app for my chromebook, I WAS WRONG!!!!, its bad, at first it was great, then when i started to export it, it took 1 hour and it still didnt get done!,the recordsing NEVER save and you cant edit anything!, i dont think anyone should get this app, its a waste of time and space.

  35. Jazzy dice:

    I like this its the fact that you can’t pause it when I try to it stops the vid idk if i’m doing something wrong but ya. its kinda laggy when it comes out but I had no problem with the lag when recording. it’s just laggy when I watch it hope this helped

  36. aub dice:

    The app is VERY glitchy and laggy, when your trying to record audio it kinda cuts out and breaks up. Sometimes when I finish recording it will say “Couldn’t capture content” or something like that. Also, if you want to record over 15 mins you have to purchase the feature :/ Overall, the app is 2/5 stars

  37. Fd Zd dice:

    I love this app so much- its really good its exacrtly like the app ive been looking for. Also i have kind of an issue, when im done recording sometimes it takes long to load and it freezes my whole laptop. So i sign out and sign back in 2 times i think for it to work. But thats okay! Definetely recommended for people who make videos!

  38. • S • dice:

    This screen recorder is amazing! It works so well! There are no ads. It is so easy to use! This app is great, but whenever I am trying to record me playing a game and I see the results it is very laggy. but I usually use it to record YouTube, shows, and movies, so it isn’t so laggy.

  39. This used to work great (5 stars) but it has been extremely buggy the last couple of months. I uninstalled it to try to problem fix and when I try to reinstall it now says it is not compatible with the device (Chromebook) that i’ve been using it on for over a year.

  40. NS dice:

    So, I used to use this for my YouTube videos, but then I stopped. I can’t even select an amount of time to put my text, so I had to use this + another app all just to edit my video. They added some things from since I started using it, like blur and overlay, which used to be for premium but then they changed it. But still the problem is, I can’t even choose amount of time for overlay/images, text, or anything. I used to use it because it was the only thing I could use,but Nowive foundBetterOnes

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