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Explore the largest library of free GIFs, Stickers & Memes - or create your own!
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The world’s largest library of free GIFs, Clips, & Stickers! GIPHY for Android is the fastest, simplest way to search and share sort form content and animated reactions across all of your favorite social channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat & more.
• Find the perfect GIF from the world’s largest library of animated GIFs & Clips! All the power of GIPHY is in your hands. What are you waiting for?!
• From all your favorites like HBO, Drake, Rihanna, Comedy Central and MTV, discover the world of pop culture – memes, TV, Movies, Music and more.
• Catch all the highlights from your favorite sports leagues, award shows, and real-time moments
• Text your friends amazing GIFs, Stickers and Clips
• Share a GIF in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat in an Email, tweet it on Twitter, or post it to Facebook.
• Copy to clipboard or save it for later in your favorites!
• Bring life to your conversations and messages by layering animated stickers on top!
GIPHY Clips:
GIFs with Sound. At the intersection of GIFs and Video, GIPHY Clips brings a whole new dimension to self expression.
• Create your own GIFs and Stickers with our camera, or by uploading your own
• Create your own shareable stickers with our custom face filters and animated text creation tools.
* Find and share your sticker creations wherever GIPHY is available
• Are text emojis just not cutting it anymore? Need a better way to say LOL? Maybe you just wanna say “thumbs up”, “yes!“, “happy birthday”, or “deal with it”. We’ve got GIFs and Clips for that.
• Do it all without ever leaving your keyboard!
• Search from GIPHY’s entire content library for the perfect GIF, Clip, or Sticker to send
Have any Questions? Comments? Issues? Visit for more info or get in touch with us at [email protected]!

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This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here


40 comentarios en "GIPHY: GIF & Sticker Keyboard MODDED 2022"

  1. Too many clicks to get to the search. UI has you clicking the bottom for search, then multiple times at the top to activate the text box, then back to the bottom for the keyboard. There is NO good reason not to activate the text box and bring up the keyboard with a single press of the search button. Very poor design. Also tired of it censoring my search results. Give us an “allow NSFW” results option. Easier to just voice search google at this point.

  2. The content and setup is great, but every time I have tried this app it runs so slow it’s unusable. No other app has this issue on my phone. The search page loads but when I click on an app it stays a solid color, and if it does load, it freezes. When I click on the app icon I use to share, that just blinks dark and light and never does anything. So unfortunately, even though the app seems great, it is one hundred percent unusable for me.

  3. Alnsyhn dice:

    It was unbelievably frustrating and time consuming to create a GIF using this app. I ran into different issues along the way due to having to use a different app to capture my screen. After finally cutting the video, I went to put words on the screen but that hardly worked as well. It wont let me move the word at all or let me place it at the correct time in the video. I have seen some awesome GIFS on this app and I’m dissapointed that I cannot make one that is half as good as those.

  4. Joel White dice:

    Whenever I attempt to make a gif, the quality is destroyed and it stutters incredibly noticeably. If that doesn’t happen, there’s still the constant unresponsiveness to deal with. Half the time when I press a button or attempt to load something, the app just gives up. This includes trying to upload directly from giphy to another site, such as Instagram. This app only works once in a blue moon on the 13th day of every other month.

  5. Tamar Dick dice:

    There’s a new feature to the app now; if you try to create a gif with a photo selected from your device files, the screen just goes black and remains that way indefinitely. Is there a point to all of this? The app for Android is utterly useless, as it has no input bar to upload URLs. The only thing this app does do repeatedly is access my device’s camera and flash.

  6. It would be a five star app IF you were able to add it to your keyboard on samsung. It doesn’t appear as a keyboard in the phone’s “manage keyboards” settings, yet iPhone users are able to add it to their keyboard. And there aren’t any real settings in the app itself. I hate to say that it’s inconvenient to switch over to the app to find a gif…wait for it to load into your text, and have to type out who you’re sending it to….but it is. Make an update!

  7. the jury is still out since I just installed this yesterday but so far I haven’t been able to send many of the gifs with my text messages because the image is just too large! I wanted to send one of the dragons from Game of Thrones along with a text and I can’t do it. I can’t see where there’s a way to minimize the image. And I feel like they’re ought to be information on the gifs as to what size the file would be if you tried to send it. I do like all the choices you have to search

  8. Mr. Robert dice:

    This program is very interesting and it works very well. When I first got it I was using it constantly it does exactly what it’s advertised to do. At the same time my new Samsung phone has many gif and emojis that are changing daily. Because of this I deleted it because it’s basically just taking up room. If your phone does not have this feature then I recommend it highly.

  9. Loads of fun. The only issue I have is that some of the GIFs speed up way too fast when you share them. For some reason, it plays at the correct speed when I am selecting it but drastically speeds up once I send it. I really really wish this could be fixed because it’s super annoying and makes the GIF not as funny.

  10. I love the options. It’s got a lot to offer. It’s only failed on one search, but it was a little obscure. Usually, it gives me lots of great suggestions. HOWEVER, the video speeds up a lot on many of them once they are posted in a text. This makes quite a few of them useless for the right effect. I hope it gets fixed.

  11. Al Sanchez dice:

    I really love this app. Took a minute to figure out how to send a gif via text, but after that, very simple. Reason for 4 stars is because all of a sudden I was losing about 1 gig of storage every day. After I uninstalled it, my phone is stable again. So I’m still unsure and will test it out again in the near future.

  12. USED TO WORK !! I used to be able to preview what the gif would look like but after the latest update.. (i assume) they just look lile images and i have to physically hit the send button to see it in motion. ALSO, the gif will at first move at a normal speed but after i send, it goes 80m/hr that you can’t even understand the gif or the words get lost.

  13. The ONLY reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because it lacks one much needed feature: the ability to turn off autoplay. I realize GIFs are completely different than videos but every GIF playing at once makes this app very very slow regardless of my internet – which I have unlimited data, 4G, and a very consistently strong connection where I live. If there was someway you guys could make it where nothing plays until the user taps it, it would be easily the best GIF app available.

  14. Liz Stoll dice:

    Update: found support email via app store page. Should be listed in-app though. Still 2 stars. 1. As far as I saw there’s no way inn-app to make a gif from a youtube video, which is literally the only reason I downloaded the app. 2. When I go to the support page and enter something in the search bar then press the search button, nothing happens. 3. The app says no internet connection, no matter if I use 4g or wifi, but I’m not having any connection problems for any other app.

  15. GIPHY has crashed after 3 weeks of use. I uninstallerd it, reinstalled it, but it continued. A pop-up window rapidly & repeatively appeared, “Unfortunately, GIPHY has stopped”, before & after reinstallation, blocking access to all other apps, even after cleaning my Samsung Edge 7. I replaced it several times, then permanently uninstalled. I’ll check back daily in the hopes it’s fixed, cuz I really like the GIPHY app. It’s a 5-star app otherwise.

  16. Ryan Ayley dice:

    I wish there was a standard for sending gifs with sound, but a link to a gif with sound is definitley not a step forward. The typing experience on the keyboard is fine though.

  17. Worst app ever! Created an account via Facebook? Too bad, can no longer delete the account because it kept saying incorrect password. Uploaded a GIF using high speed internet? Too bad as well, they ain’t gonna upload your stuff because of “slow internet connection”.

  18. I like the app you can create so many stickers on here and share it amongst your phone and send them to anyone. I would recommend anyone to download this app if you ask me personally.

  19. DeeL dice:

    Trash. Removed availability to share gifs. Totally pointless. Uninstalling Edit: Figured out that this was the addition of clips… which I guess include audio but I’m assuming that if you share this you are just sharing a link that people are expected to follow to view. Still not optimal and was confusing. Annoying

  20. fergie mac dice:

    I simply refuses to upload anything . I am logged in it goes to my camera role i pick a file it shows the file then says add stickers and will not go past . Nothing then happens no options to upload or anything.

  21. It goes through the motions of making a copy of the desired GIF, but it never shows up in my gallery. I gotten ONE GIF from the app. Try all the time! Ugh😒🙄

  22. I can’t even get into the app because “email or password is incorrect” but if I try to sign up again “email is already in use.” This is garbage. I’ve even tried resetting the password multiple times but it won’t work. It’ll reset then take me to a website then I’ll try to open the app and put my NEW password in and it still says the same thing. Fix your app, it sucks.

  23. His Mrs dice:

    I’m really enjoying Giphy. They recently added “collections” so you can sort all your Gifs. Great right? Not so quick. They allow you to sort but they don’t remove the gifs you’ve already added to certain collections so you end up adding the same ones. Please fix that. I will update my review once that’s fixed. Please add more ethnic stickers (Puerto Rican, Caribbean, etc). UPDATE: Most of the gifs show up on Facebook too big. You must dbl click so it opens on the site. Please fix that.

  24. New update makes me want to Uninstall. Now it constantly says i have slow network speed when all other apps run great. Im on a new S22 ultra with 5 bars…and it still struggles to load anything over 3 giphs at a time. This has only been since the las update.

  25. It used to work…can’t send them on snap chat anymore..not happy..hopefully they’ll fix it..hopefully they’ll stop ignoring my emails for help

  26. A G dice:

    I liked it before all this change. I keep on reporting GIFs that should NOT be on the app or should have a tap that says open at own risk for mental health and people that are going through a really bad time most of the GIFs will hurt them more than anything and this app may have a lawsuit

  27. It says to describe my experience but I can’t. It doesn’t take long to download, about 30 seconds, but after it downloads it starts all over again. I’ve tried doing everything. Turned my wifi on and off, downloaded other apps to see if it was my phone that was messing up (it wasn’t, all the other apps downloaded) heck I even switched phones! Still, nothing. Just repeats and repeats. It’s an endless cycle. I hate to give apps 0 stars, but there isn’t much I can do if it won’t let me get the app!

  28. Decent functionality but lacks any settings. High data usage and performance can suffer the longer you scroll, things that could be mitigated by some config settings. Whenever I hit a share button I also get a severe drop in playback performance and it takes some time to open the selected app to share with. Overall good and updates have improved it but it’s still lacking in a few areas.

  29. Works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Tons to choose from. Very fun app.

  30. Lisa Price dice:

    My first go to when I started doing graphics and I love it it what help me get started on my way into digital graphics and film editing

  31. Great app but don’t put tv shows on here and confuse us lame people who can’t figure these phones out…thanks to your team!!!

  32. I’m new to GIPHY. I love the graphics but am finding it difficult to use. I can find what I want but can’t seem to save to either Google Photos or Gallery. I can save to my Samsung tablet but then have difficulty posting a comment to FB. Any suggestions?

  33. Its soo Good. Even though it doesnt have much variety yet the filters and editing tech it has is unbeatable.

  34. I couldn’t understand why frequently it goes trouble to make gif? I’m not bother for losses of my internet data, but losing patient when it takes enough time.

  35. Wow. A lovely app that takes of stress. I urge my friends to download this app from Google app store for use which I trust they would not regret its use.

  36. Great way to provide unique messages to your family and friends. 🤗

  37. D Le dice:

    Rarely loads my profile of GIFs. They’ll stay blank. Try reloading over and over still nothing. Same thing with the website not only the app. Struggles uploading large GIFs also will fail uploads often.

  38. I wanted a gif app for fun. Unfortunately the authors of this one chose to put their politics in my face. Its rude and inappropriate. Your politics are your right and your business. I don’t need them thrown at me. Uninstalled and discontinued use.

  39. This app is horrible it glitches and looses your work every time. I would not use this. If you leave a bad review it gets worse. This company is bad! Do not waste your time you will throw your computer against a wall. Plain bad

  40. Terrible nowadays. It takes /minutes/ to load more than 10 gif thumbnails. The app crashes after browsing a few pages. Saving gifs is unresponsive; sometimes the buttons and long presses work, sometimes they don’t. The GUI used to be blazingly fast, but those days are gone. The app is now useless for my needs (quickly finding fun gifs to share). I’m blacklisting this app.

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