Mahjong MODDED 2022


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Mahjong Solitaire is one of the most interesting puzzle games!
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Mahjong Solitaire is one of the most interesting puzzle games that you’ll ever play. It’s also very challenging.

As a player, you’re at liberty to tap on any of the large and beautiful tiles. It is specially designed to allow you pause in the middle or at any point of the game, and then resume playing at that particular point. Therefore, if are playing it and then something comes up that needs your attention (such as work), you can simply pause and then get back to playing once you’re through with whatever grabbed your attention. Pause by pressing on P.

When you download it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it can be played in either sideways game-screen mode or vertical game-screen mode. This feature enables you to derive enjoyment regardless of the screen size of your device.

Developers of the game designed it with the classic Mahjong pieces that give players like you a completely new gaming experience. Enjoy the pleasant experience by matching the pairs together before time runs out.

It consists of 12 different levels in ascending levels of complexity. The higher you go, the more challenging the game becomes. If you are a novice, start by playing on the low levels. With consistent practice, your expertise will gradually increase, thus allowing you to play at higher levels such as levels 9, 10, 11 or 12.

How can you play Mahjong Solitaire

After downloading it, go to the main screen and choose the Play option.

As a player, your main objective should be to match identical pairs so as to make the board completely clear.

It’s quite different from the normal Mahjong Solitaire. When playing, you have the freedom of matching together two pieces in any of the following two cases;

1. When the tiles are adjacent to each other.

2. When there are no tiles between the two.

In the second case, you can choose to draw one straight line in between the two pieces. Alternatively, you can draw multiple straight lines (two or three) in between.

There are several features that make the game interesting and challenging to play. Firstly, you must achieve your objective within limited time. Secondly, you’re rewarded with bonus time for playing if you manage to match together two tiles.


It’s important to note that Mahjong Solitaire is an extremely addictive game. Once you download and start playing it, the possibility of losing interest in other games is very high. This clearly demonstrates how interesting and addictive the game is. However, it shouldn’t distract you from engaging in other productive activities such as working.


4 comentarios en "Mahjong MODDED 2022"

  1. Crystal Frye dice:

    Very relaxing and Popyee helps me along the way with explaining how the game works without interfering with the play of the game itself. It is not to easy but on the other hand it is not to hard. I feel that is why I like this game and app.

  2. Laurin Wilhelm dice:

    I have to give this game a 3☆ because; 1. When u get the Level Chest Reward, u have the option of watching a Video or Paying 30 Gold coin, u end up paying the 30 Gold coin cause there is never a Video to watch! So Ur reward is not really 60 Gold coin, it turns out to only be 30, the other 30 is what u paid to get it! 2. The Star Chest reward is as bad! The highest/lowest reward I have got was 51/15 Gold coin. Its not a set prize, it is what ever is spits out! Other than that the game is ok.

  3. Therese Fischer dice:

    Im now going to delete this app. because not everybody can put money on these games. The way you give out coins (if you get any) is wrong. This is supposed to be a free game. I watch all your ads. Thats how the public pays for the game. Ive played majong for years and never came across anything thats this bad. To even lose a game after 1 move is also a bit much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kathryn Armstrong dice:

    It get almost impossible to get next level after 120. Only gives you two or tree attempt of get matching tiles then you have no tools to help you get any more tries or moves. Nothing to help get to next level.

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