Mahjong MODDED 2022


Mahjong connect for Android is a cool tiles game which originated from Shanghai
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Mahjong Connect is a fun skill building tile game. Tiles are stacked at different levels in each level, and it is up to the player to find the correct match for each tile. Players have a choice of theme when they first enter the game, and for first time players you will be prompted to select level one.

Mahjong is famous for its ability to induce a Zen type state for those who play it. It also builds on problem solving skills because it requires the players to plan out moves in advance to allow for the highest possible number of matches following the current move.

This game adds a new thrill to the game of Mahjong connect because it allows players to advance a level each and every time they beat one. In this version of this classic Chinese game, you have a timer and points counter as usual. However unlike most games, this one allows you to shuffle your tiles a certain number of times. This is a really cool feature to have available to you, because if you get stuck on a level, you will have a certain amount of chances to try to beat the level, rather than just getting frustrated and giving up on it and starting a new one.

There are so many levels available to players on this free game that it is honestly impossible for a player to become bored while playing it. In addition to the great variety of levels, the tiles on this game light up if they are able to be matched, which prevents confusion that is experienced in many other versions of Mahjong available for mobile.

The tiles are colorful and easy to identify and the game play is competitive but relaxing at the same time! Mahjong Connect is by far the best relaxing game out there for mobile.


Fix level 240


44 comentarios en "Mahjong MODDED 2022"

  1. Crystal Frye dice:

    Very relaxing and Popyee helps me along the way with explaining how the game works without interfering with the play of the game itself. It is not to easy but on the other hand it is not to hard. I feel that is why I like this game and app.

  2. Laurin Wilhelm dice:

    I have to give this game a 3☆ because; 1. When u get the Level Chest Reward, u have the option of watching a Video or Paying 30 Gold coin, u end up paying the 30 Gold coin cause there is never a Video to watch! So Ur reward is not really 60 Gold coin, it turns out to only be 30, the other 30 is what u paid to get it! 2. The Star Chest reward is as bad! The highest/lowest reward I have got was 51/15 Gold coin. Its not a set prize, it is what ever is spits out! Other than that the game is ok.

  3. Therese Fischer dice:

    Im now going to delete this app. because not everybody can put money on these games. The way you give out coins (if you get any) is wrong. This is supposed to be a free game. I watch all your ads. Thats how the public pays for the game. Ive played majong for years and never came across anything thats this bad. To even lose a game after 1 move is also a bit much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kathryn Armstrong dice:

    It get almost impossible to get next level after 120. Only gives you two or tree attempt of get matching tiles then you have no tools to help you get any more tries or moves. Nothing to help get to next level.

  5. Great fun! I do not like that you have to repeat levels you”ve already competed to move on. I’ve done a certain level 13 times and got thru but when I go back to the game it makes me do that level again! 😠

  6. Easy to begin with, fab graphics. Getting me into the Christmas spirit early. I always enjoy playing Mahjong puzzles & this is no exception, especially as the adverts are not too bothersome yet.

  7. Mary Barr dice:

    The game is fun to play I’m on level 520 but the 500 level chest won’t open! I would give 5 stars if level chest would open when it’s supposed to. I’m on level 558 chest still won’t open to give coins!

  8. I love the game of mahjong, this is the best out of all of them, I like that the background is not so dark, I have vision problems, so when the back ground is not so dark, I don’t get headaches.

  9. An awesome of great graphics but the bonus and award seem to be too little.keep it up support team.

  10. I Uninstalled the game got up to level 240 tier 3 on building the game wouldn’t let me get past after I beat it 5 times and building was stuck on 13 %.

  11. Pretty tiles. Straight forward mahjong, no stupid trails, etc. Ads are short. Games go quickly.

  12. Would not open chest at game level 30. Played to game 948 a lot of times when got the 20 points to claim I would get booted off and loose the claim.

  13. I LOVE this game I reccomend this game.its fun to play relaxing and the ads are not very intrusive.i would rather playTHIS game and win FAKE money then play all the FAKE so called *REAL MONEY* games any day.i personally Love this game..

  14. I like it when you match a certain pair and it removes all the ones that are left.

  15. Doreen Z dice:

    The ribbon and lock tiles are all the same!! Definitely not for the elderly.

  16. Anita ivy dice:

    Love Mahjong games. At times it can be challenging game. I love playing the Christmas games.

  17. How do I change tiles? Plus, i would like to be able to slide tiles rather than tap. Thank you.

  18. Just love this game!!! It is so relaxing so far,, just started to play today and I can’t seem to put it down

  19. Very additive keeps your mind at ease. While your playing very relaxing

  20. Keeps getting stuck on level 240, very disapointed.

  21. Got to level 240 keeps repeating same level over and over

  22. This is a fun experience. Great layout, relaxing

  23. The graphics are nice but I’m not crazy about the surprises that are unnecessary

  24. Love it… far no problem ……other one of Mahjong game I love playing

  25. I have always Loved Mahjong, so any of those games I find I try to play.

  26. I play alot of Mahjong games but the one I’m playing now is soo cute love it 😀😍💕

  27. I love it 😀 it’s very cute and colourful keeps me occupied for hours

  28. A very relaxing game. But I think there is only 240 leaves

  29. Would like a back button to replay a level to get 3 stars 🌟

  30. Great mahjong game with cute tiles and many times to get coins

  31. Less ads wl be good for the game

  32. Love it. Tiles small if vision is a problem

  33. Fun little game to kill some time.

  34. This is just plain Fun. Thank you Alot

  35. Cute, fun, relaxing game!

  36. Fun game to play keeps my mind working

  37. I love this one it is a very mellow game. You can match all of them 😉🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  38. Hi I like mahjong it’s a good game that’s why I rated it 5 stars for love maryanna Mahoney

  39. Having sooooo much fun to play.

  40. Mary dice:

    Fun and relaxing to play 😀

  41. Joan Hohn dice:

    Christmas games are fun…I like it

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