RISK: Global Domination 2022


Take over the world in RISK Global Domination, the iconic strategy board game.
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Battle opponents in strategic warfare in the official digital version of the classic Hasbro board game loved by millions. Fight against the Axis Powers in WWI, survive war games against undead zombies and battle on fantasy, futuristic and sci-fi maps. Download RISK Global Domination for free now!

– Build an army to clash against your foes!
– Use diplomacy to gain allies and fight to the death for blood and honor!
– Command your troops on the battlefield!
– Engage in glorious combat and all-out war!
– Protect your allies & conquer your enemies!
– Use strategy to lead your army to victory!
– Play with friends!


RISK is a trademark of Hasbro. © 2022 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved


RISK 3.9 Update is here!

Ranked 1v1 now allows two human players and up to 4 bots

NEW MAP: General Processing Unit
NEW MAP: Mother of All Boards
NEW MAP: Emergency Calls Only
NEW MAP: Command and Controller

New placement option where territories are randomly distributed, but troop numbers are manually placed down

Improved map zoom
NEW Dice
NEW Troops
…and more!


40 comentarios en "RISK: Global Domination 2022"

  1. It is a good game, but you changed it recently and I liked the old version better. I would pay money IF I could buy the whole game, including ALL the maps, the other parts and pieces, and etc. Then I could do it all. Paying for parts and pieces really sucks. There are other games out there after all, that do better for the free games. You cannot have it both ways!

  2. Decent game play, I do wish they graffics were a little more realistic. The battle scenes could also include a little skirmish. Other than a few preferences this game is good. In my opinion the table game version is more difficult simply because there aren’t any pieces to tally up or move around the map.

  3. John G dice:

    I have had this game installed for a very long time, I don’t know probably at least 3 years maybe 4 or 5. Played it all the time. Bought extra maps. But this morning I go to play it and it’s been drastically updated to something I no longer like. They took away “blizzards” and “fog of war” and made them premium features. They used to be free and added an enjoyable variation to what is a mundane game on the surface. The new user interface sucks too. Thinking I might uninstall.

  4. This used to be a much better game, but the recent changes implemented in the UI are largely a bothersome and obvious attempt to monetize previously free features such as Zombie mode. In my case, they have instead caused me to decide I have several better things to do with my time. I may continue playing the game occasionally, but not daily as had been my practice.

  5. Still having connectivity issues, more often than ever. My rating is down from master to intermediate because of such. 3rd time building profile to Master level. The issue/bug I’m having now(again and again) is at times when it’s my turn the game won’t let me deploy troops or attack territories. The computer ends up deploying my troops at end of time running out. I keep dropping from master to expert, back to Master. I just want to keep my rank until I lose fairly.

  6. Jason dice:

    This game was great until the latest update. Game modes aren’t available for free anymore. I guess they weren’t making enough money off of the customization store, map packs, and ads. I was fine sitting through an ad and i was close to buying maps. They had to go and do this. Not to mention the user interface is not as intuitive as it was. I’ll consider re-downloading the game in the future to see if they put things right. But until then I’m just going to delete the game and find something new.

  7. Honestly its a good game and I don’t have to many problems with the app. I would give it a higher score but, suddenly moving features behind premium is bull. I use to play with Fog of War and Blizzards all the time. Now I can’t even make a match against the ai with them. Edit: I get adding value for people that pay for premium, but to take away features that have been free forever seems unfair. I can see moving the zombie mode, and maybe blizzards( however much I disagree) but FoW is a bit much.

  8. Kane T dice:

    After reading reviews, I installed it to try the free version. If the free was indeed free, I would’ve paid for an ad-free experience. Instead, I got finished with the training and was rewarded with a full screen, full audio ad with no option to exit out. I haven’t even played a single game yet. Terrible user experience. I uninstalled having never gotten past the ads to have my first game.

  9. The gameplay was enjoyable. Key word is was. The ads were a bit much, but they weren’t nearly as bad as the recent update that literally removed options that had been available and locked them behind a pay wall. I’m uninstalling this game for the last time. If you love microtransactions and want to pay for the smallest things, this game is for you… Oh and the first game after the update crashed. I’d give this less stars if I could.

  10. Now i have played it 4 times and it crashed twice in each game. In every instance it loses my turn and takes away my men to deploy as well as any bonus men i redeemed. This is a very poor release. I will give up on this game now, after enjoying it for months without an issue. — original post —As a premium player, I find the new update very glichy. While plying my first 2 games after update the game crashed 4 times. I may just abandon this game and find another that works.

  11. A bad bug right now where if you leave the app for half a second you’ll dc. When you reconnect the next person’s turn will never finish and then if you try to reconnect after that it won’t really try to reconnect. Basically the reconnecting is awful right now. Update: this, I can’t answer a godamn phone call while playing this game. Super stupid.

  12. My game keeps crashing and adding losses to my record since it won’t let me back into the game i was in due to a bug. This has added about 15 losses onto my main account, probably more. This is extremely frustrating, especially since it usually happens 30-60 minutes into a game, sometimes 3 or 4 turns away from winning. I’m currently ranked as a master and i’m trying to get back to my previous grandmaster rank. But if this bug keeps screwing me over there’s no point in playing or spending more $

  13. The most recent update is horrible! Constantly losing connection to games even though internet and phone are more than sufficient. The algorithm desperately needs to be fixed. If you play the same type of game at the same time each day, you will be accused of “playing with friends” (cheating) and get warned, suspended, and eventually blocked! Apparently, the only way to prevent this is to keep track of who you play against over time and don’t start multiple games with the same opponent.

  14. Screw this game. Idk what y’all did to your game but it keeps crashing on me. That wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t screw up my games. I’m trying to play single player, and every time your app crashes and then I rejoin my own game, I have lost troops. Only me, not any of the AI. It screws me over so hard it makes the game unplayable. The final straw is just now when it crashed so hard that my entire phone became unusable and I had to just wait for it to die. My screen stopped responding.

  15. Very fun to play. The 1st time I played risk was when the pieces where made of wood. This moved the game along faster. I wish there could be some kind of penalty for people who constantly bail on their games. You never know how the outcome will be that’s the frustrating, battle, minded fun of participating.

  16. I used to regard it as a 5/5 star game, but now with the recent update, EVERYTHING costs premium!! My modifiers! My Zombies! Bruh! The premium was already advertised enough what with ads, limited maps, skins, ect. Now, I can’t even play the game- even though I’m in the client!! I’m sorry for any offense, and my ranting, but I am so disappointed in what the developers have done, this game is basically just another game that costs money on playstore, except the price tag is in the app. Vailed.

  17. Julie dice:

    Been playing for 2+ years. Appreciate most improvements. VERY sadly, uninstalling – Recent update ruined my experience: they made “fog of war” and “blizzards” available by $ only. Change it back!!!!! If it’s ever changed back, I’ll reinstall and resume playing happily; otherwise, forget it – there’s a zillion time-wasters that are free and fun. Sad to say goodbye, Risk!

  18. Stop making me forfiet games! I never forfiet when it asks but after waiting 5 minutes to reconnect its obvious it won’t let me so I exit the app without forfeiting and relog in and can join other games but it won’t allow me to join the original. Even though I did NOT press the X to forfiet. I do not have connection issues. It only happens after I’ve won two games. It’s ridiculous. Either it’s automatic to not let people win as much or it’s a hack. Figure it out. I’m tired of this.

  19. Update ruined the game. They made previously free game modes premium only now. The ads on the free version are atrocious. You will watch a minimum of 2 minutes of ads for every game you play. It’s even stringing together multiple ads. If they truly wanted to add features to make paying the money worth it, then they would add in a couple new game modes to bring in new players, as opposed to taking away free options like they did in this past update.

  20. NOVA FMS dice:

    I have had this game for the past few years. I used to love it. Recently, on many NOTED occasions, during your final attack to defeat an opponent, the game cuts out. It it says lost connection! It does not give you the option to wait for a reconnection. If you close the game, it is no longer available, and you lose Rank. It has become a cheating glitch. I have notified the company 3 different times now and have not received anything but a canned response back.

  21. Love the game of Risk. The app makes it easy set up/clean up. However, the game will lose connection at random times, and instead of reconnecting with the timer it just sits there . It will do this for 30 minutes at least. That’s the longest I have waited for it. Only rarely will a message come up that something happened to the game and I get refunded the coins that it cost me to join.

  22. Glitches will WASTE your time. I’ve lost count of how many times I’m 20, 30+ minutes into a game and it “loses connection” even though my connection is just fine and it just doesn’t attempt to reconnect which forces me to close the app and reopen only to find that i can’t get back into the game and 30 minutes of my day is completely wasted. Also, the ads are absolutely ridiculous and will double play two 30 second ads all the time. Screw this game.

  23. Classic game of turn-based strategy – deploy, attack, fortify. You can play for free or for $12 you gets unlimited plays, maps and a few extras. Additional maps can be purchased, but you don’t need them to play on another player’s multi-player (unlocked after you play a few single games against bots). Of course, you can buy customizations and other goodies.

  24. As a new player to risk let alone the app, I feel that the game is fun, enjoyable, and similarly as strategic as chess. I feel that, as a free player there are too many ads, if you are an avid player. I also would like a more efficient way to be able to communicate with other players during a game. Great game otherwise! I love the gameplay and customization options they have made available.

  25. New opinion, TRASH! BATTERY DRAINING WASTE OF TIME! LOSE 2 STARS FOR NEW IMPROVED DOWNGRADES! Would be higher except lately it just drains the battery on your device and constantly lags or glitches you out of games. And with timers running still but you can’t interact with the game. Your turn is over. And I don’t want to hear it’s my internet connection. Full bars!!! Do better and I’ll reinstall.

  26. It can be true to the original board game, but has some options to make the game more interesting. The computer opponents in the single player mode are a little dumb, exercising poor tactics, so don’t be afraid to crank them up to “expert” on your first game for a reasonably fun challenge. The coin system seems pointless, but perhaps is intended to deter subverting the system designed to prevent collusion and cheating?

  27. The game is good but playing from a phone puts you at a big disadvantage. When trying to blitz, tapping a country will sometimes deselect everything instead of attacking. This can cost you 20+ seconds on a timed match resulting in you not being able to finish your attack, fortify, or even place troops when you turn in someone else’s cards. 🙁 SMG: tapping the country to attack often takes you out of attack mode. You have to click from & to countries again. I’ve lost several games because this.

  28. Used to love this game. Now, not so much. For me, the gameplay now is either so super simple and stupid easy to win, or completely impossible to win. I have played a couple maps, and when it my turn to fortify, I can fortify 1 area, but it appears the game can fortify whatever it wants on it’s turn. Either way it’s not much fun anymore. A challenge is nice. Cheating is not.

  29. Rick Wood dice:

    Each Upgrade Gets Worse. I bought this game a number of years ago for like $10. But aparently their revenue structure has changed. Even after purchasing, it now wants me to wait for more tokens or watch an add to keep playing. I guess this is a subtle way of telling me that my $10 of usage is up now. I can’t seem to find any way to turn this off like the older versions. Apparently the $10 purchase wasn’t really a purchase, but just a short-term lease and the lease is up. Time to move on.

  30. It’s risk, the game you’re looking for if you’re searching for this on the play store. Runs good, decently challenging, good for friends, and so on. Only complaint is the tokens system they have limiting your abilities to play too much, and the map packs. They look like a lot of fun but sheesh, they must be crazy if they think people would pay that much for them all… In short, it’s still a fun game and fun to play for a while. 4/5 stars.

  31. Great game. The major reservation I have is that the computer players are not programmed well. They just fortify, and skip their turn, or randomly attack one country per turn with no strategy in mind, regardless of their difficulty setting. They are just an annoying inconvenience to play with. You can rely on them not attacking. They are more of an obstacle to deal with at the end than fighting them as you would a human player. Quite strange.

  32. I love the game, but dammit it’s so frustrating. I always get a terrible setup with beginning territories when doing auto setup, then have the last turn. By the time it’s my turn, I’m mostly eliminated. It almost always takes collecting 5 cards to get a trade in. Then there’s the dice…….it got a little better with the update. But 5 defenders should not be able to take out 12 attackers in a single roll. It’s getting to the point where it’s not even very fun to play.

  33. This game is an excellent experience all around. The UI is simple and intuitive, the gameplay smooth, and the sound does its job pretty well (though the music can be… repetitive). I really only have a couple issues that I feel if addressed, would really improve the experience. I’ve found that inactive players are a problem fairly consistently, which can really affect the flow the game. It wastes time, blocks the flow of the map, and there’s no way to boot the player from the match when it happens. If the AI could step in after a couple turns at least, that’d help a lot. This next issue isn’t really a problem, but it’d be a neat addition: the ability to message other players in game. That would help in strategizing when allying with each other and would help pass time during other players turns. That said, I’m having a blast! Thanks for supporting such a solid game.

  34. Annoying to have to wait a long time before being able to play again. Possibly a bug… Seems like time keeps increasing for random reasons. Shows 5 till new credits, then still 5 if I close out and come back 10 min later. Close oit again and time jumps to 10 min. Annoying pop-up with “news” I don’t care about. It’s a fun game, and I like that they made several alternative options which keeps it interesting. It’s all about the money though, and not so much about the experience. Cheaper “vs computer” modes are way too easy even in the hardest mode. Edit: In response to Ivan: I definitely respect the fact that you guys are smaller group of devs, and I hope you know that there are many awesome features to this game. Thanks for a easy to use game. Just want to clarify – it’s not pay to win, but it does seem like pay to play because of the small credit bank. Honestly, 5 credits is 2 games online. If you get knocked out early, you have to wait another two or so hours to get enough for another game. Perhaps “rebate” one credit if you lose within the first 10 or 15 min of game play, or increase the bank. As far as cpu difficulty, I know I’m nowhere near being good. I don’t know if I ever lost a game to expert cpu yet. Maybe add even more challenging modes? Since it’s so easy compared to online, it seems like the 1 credit is just a waste to use. Perhaps make only vs cpu free?

  35. so far, I like this game pretty good. It’s quick, clean, and easy enough to understand. The one thing I’m a bit curious about is the “random” factor of the five throws. Seems it heavily favors the one attacking in many cases. quick example: I could attack an opponent’s 18 armies with my 23 and not loose a single one and do this through each section that may have 10 or 12 defenders and end up sweeping the field. Not that I’m complaining, but my luck has never been THAT good. Just sayin…

  36. I absolutely love this game, but it crashes whenever it wants to. The game freezes up during your turn, going through each phase, swapping to opponents turns, etc. Great game, but this bug has to be fixed. I dont feel like playing a game where I can set up my own pieces to have to do it all over again within 5 minutes. When this changes my rating will too.

  37. It has a few really annoying glitches but otherwise I love the app!! When you switch to fortify it doesn’t always ask if you are sure. Ive lost numerous intense matches due to this. Also it locks up at times and won’t allow you to place armies. I’ve lost a few matches due to that glitch too. I am not fond of the advantages it gives the first player on 1 on 1 play. It’s nearly impossible to win if you go second

  38. In Global Domination the ‘take your turn’ timer is ridiculously short. I’m assuming the timer exists to keep players from ‘falling asleep’ on their turn, but even when I’m paying full attention I’ve had multiple turns of mine cut short mid attack-phase. This usually happens when I’m trying to wipe out a player after turning in cards…there simply isn’t enough time on the clock to make all the attacks you want to. And once you run out of time it doesn’t let you make tactical moves either, it just passes it to the next player leaving you vulnerable. If a player is not ‘asleep’, they should be able to make all the moves they want to during their turn, just like the board game. Perhaps you can set the normal timer for a player to make their first move, and then set smaller 15 second timers that reset after every move. That way the game keeps moving, but then players can still do everything they want to within their turn. Game is great otherwise.

  39. Liz B dice:

    I love the game of Risk. I loved this app. It was designed well, it was fun, it showed stats, it was just awesome. However, the odds on the game are TERRIBLE!!! Edit: It was on balanced blitz when I wrote this review. I reinstalled and tried it a few more times. It didn’t happen to me again, but it did happen to several other ppl. A battle of 7 vs 2 and the 7 lost all but 1 and the 2 was untouched. A 15 vs 6 ended up as 1 and 5. I’m glad it didn’t happen to me this time, but it’s still a prob

  40. With all the let down versions of monopoly on android, risk really blows me away. The graphics are really nice. Gameplay is so easy. No need to roll the dice 20 times in a row during big battles and manually moving little people around. The extra maps are nice to play but the original map is still the best. Love this game! I like to play on expert against 2-4 computers. It can be pretty tough. A+ adaption of a great classic game. I’d love to play more multilayer but I don’t like having to wait so long for people’s turns. Get it!

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