Piglet’s Slidey Picnic MODDED 2022


Slide-Direction puzzle with adorable piglets!
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Slide-Direction puzzle with adorable piglets! enjoy 3000 stages!

[Piglet’s Slidey Picnic: Slide Puzzle] is very simple sliding puzzle game. Move the block by simply create a way for piglet can walk.
Find a way so that you can walk from the starting point to the target point! Are you ready?

How to play
● Make a way for walking from the starting point to the target point. Most of the blocks can be moved to an empty space.

Game Features
● There are as many as 3000 colossal stages
– 50 different worlds
– 60 Stages in each world

● Comfortable play without time limit
– Enjoy the game without stress !
– Try to get all three fruits !

● Collect adorable piglet characters !
– collect more than 20 piglet characeters
– build a house with birck to bring the brothers back


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25 comentarios en "Piglet’s Slidey Picnic MODDED 2022"

  1. Emily dice:

    I played it for around a week now. It looked like a offline game to me, but you can’t play it without internet connection… Maybe because you can watch a ad for every single action there is. The gameplay itself is pretty easy. The entire time I played I hoped the lvl would get harder, bbut it stayed this easy. Feels like a game for children.

  2. The game isn’t over run by adds and it’s cute and simple. You can play without any pressure of a pay wall and it’s casual. I’m seriously addicted. I hope it doesn’t turn into a cash grab since it genuinely seems like a honest game for the fun of it. Definitely should download!

  3. The game is fun. I don’t love it because I feel like some of the lucky bonuses if won should be optional to use as otherwise I don’t get to enjoy the levels and the challenge. But generally speaking is fun, entertaining and cute.

  4. Shawn L dice:

    Seriously? I deleted this game after the first 11 levels. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. you literally only slide ONE piece to win. Didnt even want to even continue to find out how many more were like that. Deleted.

  5. Cute graphics sure… But game is buggy as hell. Started with 30 full hearts but the moment you connect to the internet the hearts disapear to god knows where… Not happy with this one…

  6. Cee TM dice:

    Great and easy gameplay. Ads aren’t invasive. I just like the energy require play.

  7. I really like this game. I’ve had a lot of experience with sliding puzzle games in the past. This is very cute fun and relaxing.

  8. Really cute game! Love it! And the graphics are adorable too! Gets your mind going and thinking on your toes. So happy I came across this game. ❤️

  9. It’s a beautiful game with lovely music and adorable characters I would really recommend it as it’s cute fun and simple in a good way :]

  10. Very repetitive and too easy for my liking. Levels often require one move to finish or you select a stage clear bonus card and don’t even get to play it (I had 4 of these in a row). Plus the solution is always displayed so there’s no thought required. Might be good for really young children. The graphics are cute.

  11. I love slide games, and this one is cute and fun.

  12. Nice game Like it. After stage 2 Start 3 but with many ad. Fix this …

  13. I love it! Its very cute and la little hard but I still give five stars

  14. V4Van dice:

    The game is family friendly but the ads not

  15. Still buggy, will update when it’s stable

  16. Absolutely plastered with ads. Couldn’t suffer any more simplistic levels after the tutorial and gave up, needs to be actually challenging sooner.

  17. This game is charming and adorable!!!😍

  18. Great game thanks 🙏 🙏 I love it.

  19. I love playing piglet slidey picnic

  20. STUPID GAME even a kid wouldnt like it

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