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The best Ludo game of 2022 is here! JOIN THE CLUB and play with friends!!
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Play LUDO CLUB – the best board game to play with friends! Enter the world of this multi color game – ludo, and be a ludo star (لودو ستار)!

This is the free online multiplayer version of the epic hit dice game Ludo (which also has variations such as parchisi, parcheesi around the world)! Join an exclusive club of star players in this multi color game of ludo – roll the dice with buddies, climb the ladders, master the skills of this ludo game and become the KING OF LUDO!

As far as lively board games full of color go, Ludo Club is unmatched! Learn how to move your red, yellow, green or blue pieces with strategy and luck on the best looking games board of this online ludo game. Compete against the best ludo masters from around the world and reach the top of the leader board! This is a fast, dice roll based board game that involves both luck and skill (just like parchisi, parcheesi)! Master the various tips and tricks of this exciting dice game and show your best talent to everyone! Be the ludo king of the world and become a ludo star(لودو ستار)!

Ludo Club has several exciting features!
👬 You can play this game of dice with buddies and family by sending Facebook and Whatsapp invites!
📶 You don’t need to sacrifice your data to become a ludo star(لودو ستار), Ludo Club uses very little data and runs very smoothly on 2G, 3G, 4G! So don’t worry and enjoy this multi color game with gameplay very similar to parcheesi!
💻 This online lodo app also includes support for offline play and vs Computer! So you’ll never be alone even if you can’t play this ludo game with friends!
💬 You can roll the dice with buddies and also chat with them simultaneously on the games board of this ludo game! If you have already played parcheesi with friends, playing this multi color game of Ludo will be cakewalk for you!
🤩 This dice game also offers two game modes for you to master – Classic mode for those who prefer the steady dice roll of the original relaxed lodo and Rush mode for those who like it fast and furious!
💰 This lodo game is very F2P friendly, you can win FREE coins using our Daily Bonus and Lucky Dice roll features so that you don’t run out of coins in your journey to become a ludo star(لودو ستار)!

Looking for hours of non-stop enjoyment on your phone? Install Ludo Club and play everyone’s favourite childhood board game of lodo from the developers of India’s favourite games Teen Patti Gold and Jalebi. This ludo game is available in loud, striking colors and beautiful board and dice designs for your phone’s HD display. Play this game of lodo – an exciting variation of parchisi (or parcheesi), make buddies, become a ludo star(لودو ستار), and dive into the exciting world of this multi color game of Ludo Club!

What are you waiting for? Let’s roll the dice!


> The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game MODDED"

  1. Soms dice:

    A classic ludo game. Few improvements can be made such as 1. Fixing the bug which auto-redirects to an ad in the middle of the game. Happened too many times and it’s difficult to get back to the last game due to this issue 2. Reduce the number of ads that show up after the game, in the middle of the game and at random times 3. Create newer challenges to make the theme more interesting

  2. I do love this game for many reasons: online playing, chatting, etc. I hate that it seems rigged. If you have gained up in the millions of coins you start losing a lot. You get back down in the thousands and you start winning. The dice have patterns 6,6,5 or 6,4. It’s so frustrating. Also, I’ve noticed in most games you have one person who cannot get out of their home square. They get one out and someone knocks them back in. They never get out and started good before they are killed again.

  3. Frustrating. For some reason the game will switch into auto bot mode and it’s difficult to shut that off. If you get a slow player you waste a lot of time watching your moves being played for you. I’ve lost a lot of points and rankings because of this. I’ve been a loyal player and enjoy the strategy but can you please disable the automotive? I want to play my own game thank you.

  4. This is the worst app ever and it has grown worse with time!! The constant freezing up of the game, locking up my phone so I can’t turn it off, while other players grow increasingly frustrated at me thinking I’m the slow player .. and ad after ad after ad after ad in between each freeze, and even they don’t work properly! You have tried to put too much into this game to make it more exciting – at the cost of the game! IT DOES NOT FUNCTION!! THIS IS A WORTHLESS APP!!

  5. This game use to be fun but now its rigged. I’ve played multiple games and I noticed a pattern. They give the enemies multiple 6 back to back and give me low numbers like 123. It’s crazy. This never happened before but now i know the patterns and know exactly when they will land on me. It’s stupid. It’s rigged. Set up to lose. I’ve never seen someone get 20 6s in beginning of the game and it’s each game i play, same thing. Makes it not fun anymore. People also reported this.

  6. Would be fun if the app didn’t seem to favor one side of the board. Played three one on one games tonight where the opponent would get all her dice out while I was stuck with one. Still at one die, the opponent would get a convenient roll to eliminate me as I’d just pass their start zone. Two of those games even allowed the opponent to get at least two of their pawns in my start zone before I could get my second six of the game. I’ve also been able to do this against opponents. Seems controlled.

  7. The game is not completely random. The dice throw is biased. It is programmed such that there is a higher chance that the opponents get the exact number that can kill your pawn just ahead of theirs. If you are close to winning, the opponent will get better numbers than you. The gameplay is designed to ensure that you either get 1s or 2s when you want to speed up and 6s and 5s if that will bring your pawn in just the right place to be killed. This isn’t Ludo. I am uninstalling.

  8. Sylvia A dice:

    This game needs a serious upgrade it has been over a month since I cannot see the leadership board so I have no idea in what place I am now. 2. It gets irritating and annoying after awhile where you do not feel like playing anymore. 3. The algorithm feels like it was built to cheat in the rolling of the dice. Bot just takes over most of the time which can cost a player the game.

  9. When I first started playing it was great i loved it but it seemed like the more I played it the more it manipulated the games. And when your bot plays for you it choses the worst move instead of the best. Also asides from the game play the game freezes quite often a couple times to the point i had to exit out and lose all the coins i bet. The games okay but their could be some positive changes.

  10. This game is very bias, it always allows the opponent to get a lot of 6s to go home while u get 1s and 2s on your way. Also if you need just a 1 or a 2 to win the game your opponent can come all the way around the board and still win the game. If your patience level I’d low or you suffer from high blood pressure this game is definitely not for you. The Robot sometimes take over the game and you can’t do anything about it. Download another board game, THIS IS NOT 1🅿

  11. When I started playing this game, it froze sometimes but not much. Now, the game crashes & freezes all the time. The rolls are NOT randomized. When the game freezes, the bot makes the moves, and sorry to say this, but the bot is unbelievably STUPID & irrational. I feel that sometimes I’m being pushed to buy power-ups, and when I don’t, the game intentionally makes me lose. This has been happening all the time now and it’s very frustrating. Perhaps it’s time to switch to another developer’s game.

  12. After certain percentage of the games won, you have to lose the same amount of it – in the most unbelievable ways. Update: Do Not install this app. It is not an amusing/relaxing game, it is not matter of randomness nor luck – it is basically just a frustrating algorithm with a hint of preference for certain nationalities players. Ridiculous in pointing out: – game won Will be lost – not to play for a while, certainly not twice in one day – not having a chance from the 1st move made.

  13. App has a few issues. Randomly in the middle of your game an ad pops up. Disrupts the game. Dice rolls do not seem Random. 90% of the games I play end with each player one space from winning. I find it hard to believe that this is random. Animated dice. Dice that make sound when rolled. Extremely annoying. Need a way to mute them without mutting the entire game

  14. Shaneka dice:

    One of my favourite games, but just a few issues for me.. I used to be able to watch videos to collect my coins, and now all of a sudden, there are no ads at all to watch. Especially when I’m trying to get other dices.. It just keeps saying “there’s no ads available at this time.” It has been like that for a few months now. Also, when it comes to getting a new game board, y is it so expensive? U guys need to fix a lot of things

  15. Bug issues: in classic game, several times per game I am routed to an ad outside of the ap if I try to go back to the game half the time it restarts my ap and I lose the game if I do not know the code I was playing in. I have emailed the support email and was given a reference doc that had nothing to do with the issue I am having. By reading other reviews seems other have this issue as well. The bug makes it frustrating to play as we all lose coins since the game ends for me forfeiting.

  16. Initially the game was good. lately games are fixed. Dices favor specific players. It’s strange that the game changes on its own. I lost already played chances! Very frustrating. Another major issue is connectivity. Even with a good wifi, the game loses connect and then bot won’t disengage. One loses a winning game. Another major issue is the almost always non- availability of ads to watch despite it being a condition to win!! Ludo club is now becoming more irritating than entertaining 😡😡

  17. Love the game, love the app. Please fix the ad jumps. Tired of getting booted from a game because of an ad jump. I liked it much better when the ads didn’t run at the top of the screen. There’s been a lot of issues since that change. Please fix this.

  18. I give you 1 star because I can’t give you no lower than that, this game keeps updating almost every month and it has the same problem as it did before the update. Sticks sticks sticks, then it kicks you out to your home screen, at times it freezes my phone and the list of problems goes on and on 🙄😒

  19. Game is rigged. Chances of winning a game or even coming 2nd depends on the origin of the other player too. Certain countries seem to win so much more than other and I’m sure I’m not the only one to have noticed this. Unnecessary amount of push notifications too but luckily they’re easy enough to turn off.

  20. I wanted to love this game, it’s set up great…but, if you have as low as 2 bars on your cell signal it constantly gets stuck with the dice rolling or goes into “bot” mode and plays for you even though you are sitting there tapping on the screen watching the bot play for you. I really wish it wasn’t so sensitive.

  21. The biggest fix ever, not even fun anymore, you can play really well and your last counter will get knocked out EVERY SINGLE TIME until your opponent gets theirs back and wins, after a while you will know exactly how the game is going to go, what number will be thrown, apparently I have a 51% win rate, funny that considering I win 1 in maybe 10 ten games, there is no luck or skill involved, it’s all a big fix and phone has not been right since downloading, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

  22. Jachimowo dice:

    Game is fun until you play for a big price (in-game money) and game decides to give you 1’s or 2’s while the opponent gets 5’s or 6’s. The game seem like it gave more chances of winning for a scecific person. Why? When one person is choosing the more “lucky person” they can’t catch him/her, but if they get in front of the “lucky person”, the person instantly gets exact number on the dice to get rid of them off his/her path. Two years ago this wasn’t such a big problem but now it’s lot worse.

  23. It used to be a very relaxing and entertaining game, but since the recent update it has become really boring. You watch ads to get coin but they don’t get to give it and when you watch ads to get cash same thing happens. BOT takes charge during the game and spoils your winning, for me is now boring.

  24. Guaranteed you will get a 6 straight after your opponent does on online mode when starting the game. This game is not random. The bots always win, even when you have three safe and they only have one. You just can’t throw the right dice, and then “out of nowhere” the bot gets the 6s in a row…

  25. The game is controlled by the program. If they tell you different they are lying. It is a shame as the look and response while playing is great. They tried to make the game exciting but have made it pointless. Players quitting during a game must have reached a high level as they have now introduced a game bot to replace leaving players. The game now is unplayable.

  26. Taking another star because even tho I became friends with someone, I can’t see/find the person. ☹️ I’ve been watching 49 commercials to get a dice but “surprisingly” the 50th doesn’t load. For the rest of the players who would like to avoid swearing, just block the players from the beginning. Full of people that are swearing. Taking two more stars because I’m getting tired of games with players above 30 or even 50 (level) when I’m only 16. Of course they always win.

  27. Lois Gray dice:

    EDIT*new update has resolved this by adding in a bot in their place, so moving up to 4 stars* I think for online 2v2, if your team member leaves prematurely, you should be allowed to take over their pawns. OR you get money back. The amount of them that leave before even rolling the dice or right towards the end WHEN WERE WINNING? It’s so frustrating and you lose money.

  28. After my review about the lags and crashes, nothing changed. My problem now is the same that every one suffers from, the non-randomized dice, cause its not surprising that i just lost a game that every time and i mean every single time the opponent gets behind me at any distance, the dice always lets him kill me. Now instead of losing coins because of lags and crashes only, i lose coins cause of the software that lets people who pay win easily too. If (-5) stars was an option, i would choose it.

  29. I like this game but it can be very annoying and unfair. If it doesn’t want you to win or be second, it will keep on giving you smaller numbers so that you get killed. I als think it favours those in higher ranks. You are more likely lose or get smaller numbers if you are in a lower rank. It doesn’t give everyone an equal and fair chance.

  30. mustain21 dice:

    The absolute worst gaming app I’ve ever played. It’s pay2win. Pure and simple. People who pay get pretty much everything rigged in their favor. If you’re not a paying customer, you’re only fodder for those who do. You’ll give them a reason to feel good about paying, You’ll feel like **** AND you’ll get bombarded with ads that they get paid for. Horrendous experience. Do yourselves a favor and don’t download!!!!

  31. Most stupid and cheating game ever. This game chooses who’s going to win from the start and completely do everything in its power to ensure that you lose. This game also set tasks to complete and make it extremely difficult to do so. When you’re finish all your coins and cash is gone and you still haven’t achieve your goal. Overall very dumb game. Do better and stop cheating

  32. Just Me dice:

    The game is fun, but money players have a massive advantage. There should be a way to play without cheaters. Also, no way to block people who play unfairly or report them. Lots of players will purposely take the entire time to try to get people to leave the game so they win. The dice algorithm is pretty messed up too. Lots of ads. I deleted the app. Too many other similar apps without the annoyances.

  33. For few days, you don’t get the green cash for watching ads anymore. You just watch ads like an idiot only to realise later, that you gained zero green cash. Also, playing against the bots in the classic games have become stressful, no matter what coin you move, the bot 90% of the time cuts you. The funny thing is, if you are paired up with a bot and play against real players, then the bot is stupid, it will move all the wrong coins and you will lose most likely by bot’s stupidity.

  34. This game is seriously so annoying! Sometimes I roll the dice and it just keeps on rolling and then the bot mode gets activated and it’s so hard to off it! The game gives advantage to some players, sometimes it helps a person and at the starting of the game they get good numbers and boom! They already win! like what???? The game is super addictive which is why it even has these many downloads!

  35. jem dcruz dice:

    As others have said, the computer always gets the roll it needs to catch or complete the shoot. Once or twice is a coincidence but 7 rolls in a row it’s just fixed. It forces you to watch the advert to choose your roll in order to stand a chance. It’s not fun if you can’t win.

  36. The game freezes and kicks you out of the game 😒😒😒😒 also I can’t seem to win lately, and the goddamn ads that we always have to watch, why does the number of ads seem to be increasing? Used to love ludo but I’m losing interest now. Everyone is complaining! Fix it or you will start to lose players significantly. 🚮

  37. Annoying algorithm of this game changes your last minute win where you just lose and lose and lose. may win a few games but will surely lose 100 more. doesn’t give the required number even if you are winning if you don’t use powerups. Even if someone abuses during the game in chat box, you cannot report that player.

  38. DJ Brown dice:

    Just a waste of time to be honest your not in control of the outcome at all! The game decides if your gonna win or not too many times you get caught or keep rolling low to get away so you can’t get away seems similar patterns reoccur shame the concept of the game is great but the mechanics of the game are awful

  39. As someone who’s played this game for years, I can say that this game has worsened over time. It’s unfair playing with people who rank way higher than you and the game favoring them. Can’t even play 2V2 without putting in 1M coins or more, playing to win and not for fun anymore. It slows down your phone and often even kicks you out of games. You lose more instead of winning. This game had much potential but you guys ruined it. I will be deleting this game, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

  40. The game is very unfair, i never get the numbers (even using a power up) i want but my opponents always do. Dice u r promised on launching other games u dont get. In 2v2 games if my teammate leaves then i should get my money back not lose bcos it’s not my fault. I dont find the dice rolls very random. If i kill 10 pawns in the daily challenge y does it not clock up on the dice challenge (Solar System at the time o writing). They dont do anything when u write 2 the email address .

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