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Enjoy bingo games with friends online! Win lucky bingo and bingo game at home!
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Bingo Rush is one of the most awesome Free Bingo Games for Real Bingo lovers worldwide! Compared to other Bingo Games, Bingo Rush brings together bingo players from all over the world. You can enjoy the joy of bingo with global bingo lovers by creating an online bingo club and playing bingo together in a team. Bingo Rush has a lot to offer, including features like online home decorations and touching online pet gameplay, a variety of mini-games and events for players. Besides, Free Tickets can be claimed everywhere, so that you can join whichever game you want! If you are also a Bingo Game enthusiast, join us! We all love playing Bingo Online and Bingo at home too!

Enjoy your new bingo experience on Bingo Rush with home decor and online bingo club game features as you never had before. Say your bingo aloha and start your new bingo journey with families, friends and millions of lucky bingo game players worldwide! Come join Bingo Rush and enjoy bingo fun together. Don’t miss out on any surprises, and start your lucky day with Bingo Rush! What are you waiting for? Download this bingo game and play now!

Online and Active Bingo Club
Spice up the bingo experience with your friends! Create your own club and invite whoever you want to join your online bingo club! Play together, win together and share the fun. See who will be the luckiest one in your bingo club! Ask your fellow club members for tickets and puzzle pieces and help them back! Play and achieve more bingos together with your club members, to help your club outrank other local and global clubs on the Club Rankings! What’s more, plenty of club bonuses await!

Brand New Bingo Home Decor
You can unlock and decorate your house by playing Bingo Games on Bingo Rush! Also you can restore and renovate your house by winning bingo matches! Try out different home decors and enjoy decorating your house, gate, fountain, swimming pool, garden and more! The more bingos you achieve, the more decorations you’ll receive, which means a more beautiful house! Now try your luck and customize your own bingo house on Bingo Rush!

Delicate Puzzles
Before you start a new bingo round, you can choose the number of bingo cards and the puzzle type you like to collect if you win the game! The puzzle types include dog, cat, beach, boat,ocean, zoo and more! Collect all the pieces to make a complete puzzle collection and get rich ticket rewards!

Awesome Bonuses and Free Bingo Tickets
Get free bingo tickets and bonuses every day! Log in 7 days to earn a huge bonus! Complete easy daily missions to earn tickets. Besides, our official team will give away free tickets via mail from time to time as a surprise! Don’t miss out!

Rewarding and Exciting Bingo Games for All
Players are free to play up to 4 bingo cards in a game. With the Daub Alert highlighting the called numbers, and multiple power-ups to aid you, you’ll find the 4-card challenge fun and exciting to complete! As a free bingo game for all, Bingo Rush has a lot to offer, including regular bingo game modes and special ones such as Postage Stamp, “T”, “N”, blackout bingo patterns ,different themed bingo games and tournaments! The more cards you play in a higher level game, the richer rewards you’ll win!

Keep a Free Pet Online
When you reach level 10, you can have a free pet online and keep it in your bingo garden. A dog or a cat? It’s your choice! Don’t forget to feed it in time! Pet food can be obtained by helping club members every day! Stay tuned for more pet types in the near future!

Reach Out to Us
We will be pleased to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with Bingo Rush at:
Email: [email protected]
Official Website:
Facebook Fan Page:

Bingo Rush will not offer real money and there is no opportunity to win any real money. Thank you for supporting Bingo Rush!


1. Add new weekly activities
2. Fix known bugs


40 comentarios en "Bingo Rush-Club Bingo Games 2022"

  1. Absolutely amazing game can’t believe how much time flies when I’m playing this game without even realizing it it has amazing in app mini games that you can play as well as well as many different rewards to win. And that’s just the very basic rundown of it there are so many different levels upon levels that you can get lost in including bonus levels and the kitchen where you can make meals and get extra points. Honestly wish I had more friends that played this game because I can’t get enough of

  2. Edited: After the first 4 upgrades in my GARDEN, it became impossible for me to play more than 1 round with 4 cards daily!I have since uninstalled because “YES” you do eventually need to “PAY TO PLAY”! Graphics are excellent. The concept (while not unique) is a proven winner. Easy game play. A bunch of extra side games to keep yourself occupied. I have been playing for 2 weeks and so far I haven’t had to purchase anything, because I haven’t run out of tickets nor Power Ups!

  3. Love this game. It’s fun and relaxing. It doesn’t freeze and doesn’t have a lot of ads that pop up after every game. It’s also fast-paced and challenging. I like that you can choose multiple cards. it downloads very quickly. It offers gifts and different kinds of boosters and power ups. It’s very realistic with different voices for every place you travel to. It’s very enjoyable when you have some free time to play it. It is kind of hard to actually get a first place bingo but other than that fin

  4. This game should come with a warning, because you will get addicted to it. I love that it isn’t just another standard bingo game, it is bingo but with themes and storylines, and there are side quests, tournaments, mini games, slots, special seasonal rooms, and even team events! It’s totally original and free to play, and they give you free credit gifts and gift packs with power ups and credits to play every day too. You can make purchases if you want, it’s always up to you. I love this game!

  5. I love this Bingo game!! The game is rewarding and fun to play! Just when I think I don’t have coins to play, I win! And when I do get low, I just wait a few hours and earn more coins! I haven’t spent but a few dollars since I’ve started playing. You don’t have to purchase anything just to advance. You only purchase things for enhancing the game your already playing. I read a lot of other posts about ads & game crashing, I have never had any issues like that. It could be their system!

  6. Kim M dice:

    For me this is one of the best bingo games out there. The tickets to play are not nearly as expensive as others, plus you can pick and choose the items you want for your garden. There are fun interactive games as well. Weekly tournaments allow you and your team to gain trophies, buy items for your garden and other daubers, frames, etc. A winner for sure!

  7. I absolutely loved this game at first. Now that Im at level 71 it’s extremely hard to win tickets to play any games. I’ve spent enough money on tickets and it’s getting annoying not being able to play a game after 1 round. Could you please add other ways to get tickets or atleast make them a little easier to get. My star rating would be a 5 if tickets were easier to get. Other than that I love the game.

  8. One of the better bingo games out there. Bingo rush offers many ways to get free coins that other bingo games don’t offer. However, your algorithm isn’t fooling anybody. When the game first starts, you win a ton. The higher you go especially the newer maps that just came out, the faster the rounds go (like ridiculously fast). Also, the same number of people are playing that were in previous rounds and the rounds suddenly go faster?? Hmmm….. so, how many bot players are there exactly?

  9. Love the game! It is an important factor to consider when I was first introduced to the game a few years ago I was frustrated that I was only able to get limited amount of wins in some city’s and then lose out on a definite bingo due to countdown ended too fast. Now I have more with automatic boosters to help. More mini games I like to play now too.

  10. I just installed an update and I can’t open the game…a pop up showed up and said there’s a bug and I should try installing the game again once the developer provides a fix for the error. So for now I’ll delete the game….I tried downloading it again this morning…same pop-up ERROR NOT FIXED…I’m just going to look for another Bingo app that works…I have never encountered this error in any of the games I play.

  11. For one if I land on green and you land in the sand in a challenge I should win. Only if we both land on green should it go by distance. Second I’m on level 9 and still don’t have level 4, an 6 clubs playing people with 4,6 and current level clubs. If I can’t even get clubs from 5 levels ago how am I supposed to win. Its a free game I’ve always been able to win th3m in the past. Its rediculous

  12. Been having trouble with game all week . For days , every time I tried to go to my club, the home screen turned into a desert and all the links to everything were blinking and I couldn’t click on any of the links . Therefore I couldn’t play after that . Now I hit start and all I get is a green screen . Really enjoy this game so please fix these issues.

  13. Green dice:

    Use to love this game. Now it seems like u can play for 5 min and out of credits. Not fun anymore. Use to be able to chill in chat room and play a few rounds now it’s 1 round ànd done. Bingos go wày to fast. Can’t enjoy the game anymore. And I have been playing for 10 years. I have seen a lot of the changes. And lately I don’t enjoy it any more

  14. Uninstalling for two reasons. I installed this game yesterday but I’m already being driven mad by the constant flashing of numbers on the card to show you which number to daub. How can anyone possibly need that? It’s infuriating. The second reason is that someone called bingo after two numbers…that can’t even be possible. Its got to be fixed.

  15. Bingo rush is amazing. I had a bit of a dilemma. I paid for Bingo rush Plus, and it didn’t register. So, I contacted support, and explained the situation, and showed my receipt for my subscription for Bingo rush Plus. They awarded me with 30 days free of Bingo rush Plus, and gave me rewards for my troubles. I have raised my review bqck to a perfect 5 stars. I am truly blessed and thankful for the creators of Bingo rush for being genuinely accommodation and respect from their employees.🤗

  16. Best bingo game put there. The set up of the teams works awesome … no worries about being in different time zoned. Players help team members and also get’s a win, win! On the other hand, they are charging Canadians $160 for $99 US package. This makes me angry 😠 😡 as our exchange rate is not that low. We’re being ripped off because we are Canadians. You lost 3 stars on that account.

  17. Awesome bingo game. Has alot of new exciting side games to play for chance to earn more credits. Love playing the slots too. update… Keep getting booted. Losing credit’s. It is just about impossible to complete a room. Only shadow cards are the free ones. Used to be fun

  18. Uninstalling. Tried to like it, but rooms aren’t developed, 44 second wait between games, too unorganized. Plenty of tickets available, but too disjointed. Basic waste of time going between rooms.

  19. Frustrating to be sitting at 9th level with 3000 tickets. There’s no way to get to the “all inclusive” 10th level unless you spend real $$. Haven’t won a bingo since 6th level. Two card players are just wasting credits because the wins don’t come. Scrap the one card purchase I say. Two card minimum at $500 per card. The perfect daub reward amounts would be more equal to what was spent per card. Folks would be more inclined to purchase because they reached 10th level quicker.

  20. I really liked this version of the bingo game how you can move through different levels by hitting bingo bronze, silver, and gold but the higher I got, the more the game began to malfunction if y’all would fix that bug I would reinstall it because I liked it a lot

  21. I can’t stop playing. I didn’t think it would be fun but the game of chance gets me. If I bingo I just want 2 bingos next round . It turns out that and the side games keeps me fully entertained now I’ve made friends too. You CAN PAY, but I don’t and I play plenty without it. If I paid I’d probably start to play too too much. Haha

  22. Really cute game. love playing in a club. The only problem is you don’t win back what it costs to buy boards.bought 12k in boards, 2 bingos only got back 6200.That doesn’t make sense.. you’re losing tickets even if you win so you’ll be unable to buy boards really quick..fix the payout and it will definitely be a 5 ⭐ game.. quick suggestion.. when visiting friends gardens how about giving us something to do there.. maybe leave a club ball or some tickets.. it would make it worth visiting people

  23. Rate 0/5,hungry game I played 17 counted times and won only once,I don’t care if I don’t win but this bingo is full of bots,I’m going to uninstall it and I’m going to install the version with mod menu,because it’s less stressful and they don’t make you lose 16 times in a row,bye bye hungry people,money is not everything in life.

  24. Echo dice:

    I’m really enjoying this game. There are multiple ways to earn tickets without having to pay for them. There are different games you can play so you can usually find a game you can afford to play. I love the fact that the developer isn’t greedy, you can have substantial play time without having to spend your own money. This is one reason I don’t mind paying for special items I want, so I can help support the Developer. Also, their customer support is actually helpful.

  25. This was fun but cost to much to play. You should be able to buy bingo credits with coins. Maybe if you have over 15000. Or at I certain level. You say its free but you can’t advance past second island you just can’t get enough bingo credits a day to do so. So its not free

  26. I think this game Is #1 when it comes bingo games online except one big problem when it comes to requesting items alot of us are having the same issue, the friends list does not show our friends list when it comes to request item, though Friends show up when you are sending items. Does anyone know when this will be fixed.

  27. Can’t get anywhere, you need tickets to play but unless you pay then you’re stuck because if you don’t play you can’t level up to get daily offer and can’t join a team if you can’t play… I’ve come to the end of the road unless I pay and I’m only on level 10 and that’s taken about 2 weeks…

  28. EJ Camelo dice:

    When I first started into this game, it was good after the last update I only get a frozen game especially as I’m playing. So I’m not sure if I should be playing on. And what’s with login failure. As well as loading all the time I try to get to game???!!???

  29. One of the best bingo games around,, for the bingo lovers this is highly recommended,, im hooked,,, I play lots of different online bingo games and I honestly give thos game 5 stars I absolutely love it,, there are lots of different things you can do to win bingo credits and power ups

  30. Hands down the best bingo game out there one of the few where you don’t actually have to spend money to have a good time but you spend money anyway because their pricing is generous and very very affordable

  31. A die hard classic for just about everyone and on top of that it’s actually fun.. It definitely is an attention grabber.. you won’t be disappointed with this game if you like bingo at all..

  32. The fact that I’m not leveling up fast is RIDICULOUS I REALLY like this game, BUT I’ve been playing for a month or more EVERYDAY and I’m only a level 9. I have to be a level 25 to unlock the special bingo rooms. I DON’T LIKE THAT. How do I level up faster?

  33. Love bingo? Play this! Great game “just for fun” can chat with other players, win in game gifts & move through the different countries. There’s different aspects to the game along the way, which keeps it interesting 😊

  34. Green screen, that’s all I get after hitting ok to play, please fix this problem. I’ll change rating after, I can’t rate something I can not play.

  35. I love bingo rush。Its a great way to relax with alone time for me and even better way to unwind from the days stress my favorite is leveling up I always want to improve in anything I do thank you bingo rush but now a days I just don’t have enough credits for anything on the higher level unless I buy and I can’t spend anymore money than I already do I have been looking at other bingo sites and a good fun and free one will come along and as soon as it does I will save my money there I’m sure

  36. Not the game that was advertised…it showed a bingo game with the numbers going around in a spiral where it seemed as though you needed to check off the numbers on your card before the number reached the center of the spiral. Fun and different in terms of bingo right?…wrong! This is another regular bingo game with the power ups and such. If that’s your thing it’s a fun a game….I played all the way to unlock the tiki location just to learn it’s not what was advertised. Disappointed!!

  37. I’ve seen a change in this game since I have played it I play sometimes the casino part is nice but the bingo part is what brought me to play and the rooms. Some of rooms you can’t access currently and they say they have bug’s or glitches. Fix the problems tech support.. The game is relaxing that’s why they call it bingo. The different patterns make it interesting.

  38. Tom Latam dice:

    Just the game would give more free tokens so I can play more rounds of bingo. Only able to play the 5 free tournament and maybe 2-3 regular games

  39. i used to play it for the accumulated hours to convert into points, but it’s one of the few games i’ve kept around that i really enjoyed

  40. I have had the screen go completely green, and white blocks now for the 10th time on the main screen It’s a good game but I keep getting this messed up screen I am in a club and can’t help

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