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Fleet Battle brings the classic Sea Battle to your smartphone or tablet in a cool blueprint or color look.

This boardgame offers everything that made the classic so popular. Defeat ship after ship and rise through the ranks – from Seaman Recruit up to Admiral of the Navy.

Pit yourself against the computer (singleplayer), random human opponents (Quick Match) or your friends (Play with Friends) and prove you have the makings of a real Fleet Commander. If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced naval combat game – look no further.


– Quick Match: 24 hours instant multiplayer worldwide (PvP – you only play against real humans)
– Compete on the leaderboards; test your skills and get a place in the “Hall of Champions”
– Play with Friends: Online/WiFi/Bluetooth – one of the few real bluetooth games
– Play with Friends Lobby: chat outside of matches!
– Play on one device as 2 player game
– Play the game in standard, classic or russian mode
– Play with optional shot rules, like chainfire or multi shot
– 3D ships: collect your fleet of battleships
– Ship skins: collect up to 90 different skins per ship
– Lots of different shot rules
– Medals: earn medals as you rise through the ranks
– Free chat (with parental control): chat with the whole world
– Download free voice-over audio packages in the game options

Imagine yourself in charge of the flight deck on the aircraft carrier, a common sailor on a submarine or patrol boat, gun crewman on an agile cruiser, sonar listener on a destroyer or the captain of a deadly battleship.

Do your duty on all the ships of your grand armada, take command of the naval forces at your disposal and place your boats in the perfect formation. Destroy the enemy flotilla in a blitz of tactical prowess.

Be prepared for combat, Commander!

Feeling bored?

This app is a perfect time waster if you travel, during a school break or if you’re sitting in a waiting room. Your pocket battleships are always ready to fight boredom. Don’t forget: Fleet Battle features a Bluetooth game mode (Android only!). Want to play with your coworker in a break? No internet available? No problem!

Play with friends, play with family or play alone vs the computer. If you liked these sort of boardgames as a kid, Fleet Battle will bring back beloved childhood memories. Train your intuition and your psychic abilities.

When we made this adaption of the classic sea battle board game we tried to stay close to the original, while also trying to give players options not normally found in this type of strategy / tactical wargame. This is but one thing that makes Fleet Battle a crown juwel in the genre of board games.


Are you having problems with the app or have any suggestions? We’d love to hear from you!

Write us at: [email protected]
Visit our website: www.smuttlewerk.com


smuttlewerk wishes you all a merry christmas and a good start in 2022!

- Christmas emblem 2022
- Play with friends: chat and messages of blocked player no lobger visible
- Bugfixes and improvements

We will be out of office from Dec 22nd until Jan 9th. There will be no support during this time.


40 comentarios en "Fleet Battle – Sea Battle FULL"

  1. Fun game. But it constantly leaves the game and opens random ads in browser. Always at the worse time too. You get penalties for leaving a match. So be prepared for getting penalties for the in game ads that direct you away from the game. Dear editor, thanks for the reply. I am on the newest version. Play daily. Your app is still opening my browser and doing things in the background without my permission. I’ve lost a couple matches because of so. I just finished playing and it happened 5 times

  2. Great game, and I love the option to switch to the classic battleship game mode. I did see the loading message that said to reach out if I saw any inappropriate ads, and I have gotten ads for games like crush crush multiple times with family and friends around. And I have started having a very annoying occurrence where Google will open to whatever ad is at the top without me doing anything at all. This often happens at the end of battles when I hit the ‘continue’ button.

  3. It has really good voice choices (all free). You can paint your ships. You can choose an avatar, or upload one, name them and choose their country. It doesn’t have the special weapons options of some similar games, but multiple ways turn shooting can work. There are ads, but you only have to watch one per game, or you can watch more for more xp. It is fair for all, because unlockables are cosmetic or give xp bonuses to get more paint colors. Highly recommend! You don’t HAVE to spend money.

  4. Fun game but I do have some complaints. Just logged in today and four times while I was waiting for an opponent, I was taken to an external site because of an ad. Four times in about 10 seconds. And it’s always the same ads. You can’t play them again. Edit: ever since my complaints, can’t seem to win anymore. Record is 800 games over .500 and now I struggle to win and most of these players are below avg to avg. Everyone just seems to instantly zip through asymmetrical arrangements like butter.

  5. This game is very great, it has cool game modes & decorative options. I changed my phone and I recently installed again this app after few months & I notice the game can only be played now with the phone on horizontal mode & it’s no longer available in vertical mode. I personally don’t find it comfortable to play it like while on horizontal, I wonder if it was an issue on vertical mode but I wish it could be back 🙁

  6. Ashley dice:

    Almost no ads! (devs, please don’t ever change this!) App runs great and smoothly for me. I always play against a random player and my boyfriend and I have played each other via WiFi a few times. It’s just simple, nothing “extra” to it, which isn’t bad. Only thing I wish it had was the option for rematch. I’ve seen it a few times after a game, but no rhyme or reason why it’s shown before and never again. But no complaints!

  7. Games cool. Nice graphics and love watching the ships get hit and sink animation. Couple cons; way too many ads. I understand they need to make money, no problem. But ad after every game and sometimes a screen switch distracts from the fun. The other is lack of direction on starting an online game. Maybe it’s just me but I havent been able to figure it out yet. Still the pros far out way the cons and stands to be on of the best “battleship” games I’ve played.

  8. I very seldom rate 5/5 as there’s always room to improve. This game is a very nice way to play battleship, in my opinion, and I would rate it 4 stars if not for one thing. I’ve noticed a trend in the single player modes where, despite the difficulty you select, if you win in that difficulty enough times in a row, it gets harder. Now, I don’t normally have a problem with adaptive difficulty, but when it should be a set difficulty, such as normal, and all of a sudden the enemy AI sinks 3 of your ships in the first 3 or 4 rounds, its pretty frustrating. I’ve played this to test that a bit, and I’ve found that it happens generally after every 5 or 6 wins in a row. Again, I wouldn’t mind it if it were both not as ridiculous of a curve in difficulty (especially if you’re playing the method that you have as many salvos as you do ships), but also adaptive difficulty shouldn’t be used when the level of difficulty should in fact be set to Normal, which is what I was testing this on. A possible way to have a solo game type with adaptive difficulty is still a possibility, and I believe it could be a popular type, especially if you can find a way to incorporate some form of story to it, such a a campaign style.

  9. Overall I’m having a great time. I downloaded it looking for a rendition if the old battleship board game. Nailed it. Sure, there’s some adverts but nothing to keep you from enjoying yourself. Also includes a few different rules and ways you can play the game, gives you something more past the classic rule set. Ships look cool too. So yeah, highly recommend. Download it.

  10. I don’t believe cheating is happening in this game, skill has a lot to do with it, pretty easy to find when most players put their ships symmetric or in all 4 corners. However, during online play a player should not be able to manually disconnect and be given no loss. I’m a newer player to this version, and I kinda wondered how it would be possible for some players to have an 80 to 90 percent win rate, until I found out that you can disconnect up to the last shot of your opponent and get no loss. Which is exactly what most of these players with an extremely high win percentage do. Fix that issue, and you’ve got a pretty great game.

  11. I played a few rounds against AI, and it’s… not good. I’m assuming it’s currently just programmed to shoot randomly and have no strategy behind it, because the few games I played, it hit my ship only once each game, and it never adjusted it’s firing patterns based on if it got a hit on me or not–it just kept shooting randomly across the board. I’m sure it would be more fun with friends though. One note though, having an option to turn off animations would nice nice. Some take way too long.

  12. Great classic game I can play with my wife, using different phones. I can make personal achievements, upgrade & paint my ships. Which doesn’t change our game play (save my boats look better). It took more than a second look to understand “Equip”ing a ship, and how to get combo bonuses. Lots of fun, and a guarantee your food will get to your table quicker at a restaurant.

  13. I’ve really been enjoying this game! It’s fun and challenging, and well put together. However the last few days I haven’t been able to play because I’m getting “error code 90001 timeout connecting to brainCloud server” my connection is strong and am getting the error on both data and wifi networks. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that did not fix the issue, so I would really appreciate some help! Thanks!

  14. Seems fishy. No pun intended. I gave the game a fair shot, the single player mode is awesome, but my bad experience comes from the online multi-player. I played 7 rounds, and I won the first one, and then the following 6, all my opponents knew exactly where my Fleet placement was. It felt like the game didn’t want me to rank up. I had a different placement each time, so to have the opponent just pin point each ship is too suspicious for me to believe this was a freak coincidence.

  15. Classic game with lots of added fun! I like the detail in the ships, the colors, the player ranks, emblems, etc, keeps it interesting beyond winning and losing. I like that you can play not only friends, but random real people, as well. The music and commentary are good, too. Have had this game a few weeks now, play it all the time, well done!

  16. Nice graphics and audio, but takes far too long to load, including loading the turn. Gameplay, once you can get to it, is very easy and enjoyable, and can move as briskly or leisurely as you wish. Appears to be no time pressure as you consider your next move. There may be advantages to gain by upgrading fleet based upon blueprints and possibly other rewards uncovered, but time between games takes so long that it would take a lot of patience to see them brought about.

  17. I love this game! I had the sudden urge to play battleship a few days ago, and this app is perfect. There are different ship skins/formations and shooting rules, which provide for a variety in gameplay. There are ads, but they aren’t obnoxious. My only gripe is that it’s unclear how to select the mode you want in quickplay–I prefer classic with chainfire and wish there was a way to play a quick game with those settings. Other than that the game is very fun, great way to spend my 3 am 😛

  18. Crashes on start, not allowing me to play. (“… starting” phase of the loading screen) I have an older phone, which is often the issue I have with newer apps. I have tried a handful of things to get the game to work, but no luck. I would like to see the issue fixed, though with so little info to work off of I don’t expect much to happen. Seems neat, but it currently unplayable.

  19. Something I play regularly while waiting at my job. I actually find the “hard” AI easier than normal. Maybe it’s my fleet setup but I still find it fun. Plenty of little things added in you can explore. Only improvement I can see is overhauling how the ship selection screen is handled. Maybe instead of having this huge list with every ship, you have a interface with the 6 ship classes and tapping one will open up all the ones you can use on top, then the ones you’re still gathering blueprints.

  20. lui dice:

    I honestly see no issue with the ads at the moment and it is at a perfect position right now, unlike how everybody else sees it. The gameplay is top notch but every once in a while I will open the app and it would crash as soon as I tap “ok” when the screen says “a location would help our ad revenue”. Fix the issue if you will, I have a Google Pixel 4 and I would rate 5 stars. (Edit:) Sometimes I make it past that point and if I tap on anything else it would take me to my home screen

  21. Very addicting and fun game with barely to no adds! Good time waster! Love that you can play online with either random people or your friends and single player against the computer you can choose what difficulty you would like for a challenge. The only reason I’m doing 4 instead of 5 stars is because I feel like the way you level up is way different for anyone and it should be the same. I can see some people have only played like 10 games and their win percentage is low and be at the same rank as me and I’ve played 60 games and my win percentage is just over 50 percent…

  22. T H dice:

    Nostalgic but too many ads. I understand a game having ads every so often. It’s pretty ridiculous to deal with 2-3 in a row, and that’s not including the ads you can voluntarily watch for extra rewards. Otherwise, it’s a fun game. EDIT: There is an option under the app Shop to remove ads. I’m choosing the free play option, thus I deal with the ads, esp. the ones for bonuses. Still annoying to have to deal with ADS. AFTER. EVERY. MATCH.

  23. The sluggishness in the new update suddenly vanished. (Hey, they can fix things telepathically. This needs to catch on.) Sorry about having to delete my previous review and maybe making your previous reply seem confusing to people. There’s a word limit on these reviews. The newest update screwed up the Quick Start option. It brings up an ambiguous screen after I try to quick start with my default settings.

  24. This game has phenomenal design. It isn’t too smothered with ads, and overall functions exactly as advertised. If you like classical battleship, this is probably the closest you will get on the phone. The game does have a few bugs, but the developers are working to fix them. Defiantly worth the download with the added bonus that it is free.

  25. Really fun game; specialy when you play with your friends in local multiplayer. Soundpacks are nice and cool, the retro main menu music is a little bit disturbing tho.3d effects are the best .Changing your ship skins in fleet menu is a little bit hard.voice Over feature is cool, helps you not get bored; it would be way too cooler if there was a military version of it. For example if it had some radio sound effect on it and more usage of military expressions, way too cool it would be. Nice game!

  26. Ships that actually sink beneath the waves and other great animations. Lots of ship possibilities from different countries and formats, paint schemes and colors to unlock for your ships, and different country voices you can pick from. However, there’s unmistakable computer AI cheating. Shocker. The past few games it always knows where my ships are no matter how I rearrange them. And that’s just on Normal mode.

  27. A decent game and is addictive at first but it gets boring quickly and the adds aren’t intrusive but very long after each game when the games can be very short. Good game otherwise. I don’t much like the idea of how the blue print setup is. I think unlocking other ship designs and skins should be based off an experience bar versus finding hit or misses.

  28. Updating my rating from 1 to 4 stars. Game crashes seem to be fixed, ads aren’t quite so intrusive anymore. Don’t understand how ship colors are earned. Used to unlock just by playing the game but lately no new ones have unlocked. I like where the game is headed and I’m looking forward to the larger grid size feature. Would love to be able to register/log in to the game using Google account instead of Facebook (Facebook bad!). More types of gameplay are needed to reach 5 stars. Sehr gut gemacht.

  29. The game is a lot of fun and the developers are very responsive. It has many more features than I was looking for. I just wanted a single-player game. This is more geared for online multiplayer games. In single-player mode, the AI pulls its punches. I find the Hard mode a little too easy to beat (I usually win). So if I want a challenge, I have to play real people online (I usually lose).

  30. Its a fun game but it has a cheat algorithm/engine. I do not know how it plays on settings other than hard because I only play on the hard setting, but it definitely knows your ship locations. It plays as if it were randomly picking locations, but I’ve played this game for years, both against AI and live opponents to know the astronomically low odds of constantly and consistently locating and sinking the small ship, which this game does at an unprecedented high rate, especially when it is losing.

  31. So far, the best variation of “Battleship” I have played. Love the graphics and ship designs and different configurations. It gets laggy sometimes, but not horribly. I think if I had any suggestion, it would be to not have chat history vanish after matches. I hate that. I’ve enjoyed it enough to start a “Fleet Battle Tournaments” group found on facebook. And its own website. Tournaments and communities are fun and I encourage people to look us up.

  32. J.D. Mc. dice:

    The amount of ads is annoying. Im afraid to purchase anything because theres already one complaint of a switched device and the purchase didnt follow. You guys ever think about just running a 1/2″ bar across the bottom of the screen for silent ads instead of LONG 30 second ones? It would make the experience alot easier. Plus, i played several games against the AI and every single time i hit it, it hit me back. Seems weird but i will reevaluate soon. Gonna try this online w/friends.

  33. Either ESP is very common or there are quite a few accounts that hacked the game. I’ve had 3 or 4 different ships hit in the FIRST turn in at least 10 of my first 40 games. Games against real opponents are amazing, but with the cheaters, it’s difficult to know if people are ridiculously lucky or using some exploit. I suspect there’s blazing fast gameplay because the enemy ship locations are stored on the local device instead of a server or your opponent’s device.

  34. It doesn’t teach you how to spend universal blueprints, at least not where I could find it. Other than that, pretty awesome game. Graphics could stand to be better in my opinion, but I really like that the ships sinking is actually animated, instead of just instantly sinking.

  35. Love the game so far. Good feel and nice sounds/graphics. I’m a little confused about the point of blueprints (other than to change the color of your ship). And I’m not sure what “equipping” a ship does. I cant find an answer in the instructions. But neither feature seems to give a competitive edge in the game.

  36. Angie M dice:

    This game is extremely fun. I love the different voice comments like “see you on the ocean floor!”. I also love how you can buy cool ships and paint them will different skins. I would love if you could make a quicker way to chat with other players when playing so one doesn’t have to open a completely new screen and miss some gameplay. Other than that, awesome game! 🙂

  37. For a while I was looking for game to spend my free time. And then I found the Fleet Battle. This game is amazing and very addicting. I love the Ranking and Challenging system. And I also had a good experience out of the game; when I needed help, Martin from the support was very fast and precise in his answer to my question. 5 stars for sure.

  38. Have had issues on issues before, but I’m still playing and dominating for most case, thumbs up all the way. Tonight tho i played a few games and customized my ships, equipped new one. Made new blueprint`s, hit back key and all new data was lost, from colors to my ships, and what ships as well as earned paints and prints, so I gotta go from 5 to 4

  39. Tim Tran dice:

    This is by far the BEST “you sunk my battleship!” game that I have played and believe me, I’ve played many. The sound effects are way cool & authentic. I really like the different types of enemy fleets and battleship designs for each country. Another feature that I REALLY dig is the whole 3D blueprint visuals for the game, the camera panning from various angles. Many thanks to the creator(s) of this AWESOME Battleship game!

  40. Used to be great before I switched phone’s, now I can’t play due to a tutorial (which I slipped) telling me to “move your battleship” showing and NEVER disappearing when I start a game, stays over my grid in game and when I leave follows on the homepage until I close the app. Real shame as my GF and me love playing each other. Please fix as it’s great without the bug.

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