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Play fun classic dominos board games with friends & enjoy the online tile game!
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Let’s go play Domino Go! This classic, beloved tile-based game includes everything you adore about classic domino games, plus a few thrilling twists that make it even more fun to play. And the best part? It’s all resting in the palm of your hand, ready to turn every dull moment into an adventure you can share online with friends and loved ones. This game is fun to play and free of charge, anytime!

If you love playing classic games like Higgs dominos, checkers, chess, ludo, and backgammon — you’ve come to the right place! The most popular domino games: block dominoes, draw dominoes, or dominoes all fives await you! Domino Go presents this classic game with a modern and unique mobile gaming experience. Domino Go stays true to the eternal elements of the original domino game, yet packs a punch of flavor and exciting animation, perfect for your Android device. After all, that’s what playing the dominoes game free is all about.

Want to learn more about the different Domino Go features? Ready, steady, Domino Go!

Exciting graphics you have to see to believe: Realistic, fun visuals will make you feel as if the board game is right in front of you. Domino Go takes the game’s graphics to a higher level with colorful, immersive designs you’ll never get enough of. Enjoy multiple game skins, that come to life using capturing animations.

We don’t play when it comes to smooth gameplay: Enjoy a seamless experience that enhances the feeling of a live board game.. Beach Bum, the gaming leader that’s part of the global Voodoo Gaming family, invested countless hours in perfecting the Dominio Go gameplay. No matter which Android device or version you own, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail and meticulous experience created in this online domino game. Coming soon – multiplayer game you play with friends!

Have it all with multiple game variants: There are many different ways to enjoy a great dominoes game, and Domino Go covers them all. Choose between three games all wrapped into one. You can play online block dominoes, draw dominoes, or dominoes all fives. You can also control the game length based on your mood and schedule. The rules are super easy to master, and clear, detailed tutorials are available for you to watch and learn. Even if you’ve never played this incredible game before (what?!), you’ll figure it out in no time as soon as you download and play free dominoes.

Better together: What’s more fun than playing dominoes? Oh yeah, playing with others who love the game just as much as you do! Create shared experiences with real dominoes players in real-time. Win the game and feel like a dominoes champion! Soon- playful chat features that allow you to communicate with other players and hang out with people online, joking and discussing the game (and anything else you have in mind).
Domino is a numbers game: Want to improve your online game and be proud of your progress? That’s what player stats and profiles are for! Understand the logic behind each game and learn how to get better and better. Thanks to this fun and helpful information, you’ll be winning every single tile game faster and sharing your statistics with others to establish your position as a dominos master among all other domino players.

Let’s talk bonuses: Remember when we said this free online game has a few thrilling plot twists? Well, here they are! In addition to the classic, essential fun of traditional dominoes tiles, Domino Go offers lots and lots of bonuses for you to win. Collect an hourly bonus, and enjoy the classic dominoes game.

What are you waiting for? Go download Domino Go and start having fun playing this dominos online game. You don’t have to go very far. A world of excitement is waiting for you right here, just a tap away.


53 comentarios en "Domino Go – Online Board Game MODDED 2022"

  1. Ridiculous. Do not ever spend money on this game. The one who goes first has a very decided advantage, helping them win the round and then go first again. I play it frequently because I purchased a large amount of coins, but in the past three weeks, I’ve gone first no more than 4 times. Players should alternate who places first tiles. Otherwise, it’s either too easy or too frustrating.

  2. Game is super fun but glitches frequently. Once a round is over the domino’s do not clear and another round starts on top of the previous one so you cannot see what you’re doing. I’ve lost thousands of coins because of this. (Not really money, the coins in the game). Would love to give it 5 stars but the glitches and frequency of them is ridiculous

  3. Its amazing that once certain ones that the supposed real opponent gets all the right tiles yet I have to draw every damn one. This if nothing else makes it frustrating. I have lost more rounds due to this than anything. When I am having to draw almost all the tiles in the first draw there is an issue with that. Utterly ridiculous. Edit: there is nothing “authentic” about loosing almost every round to mostly AI’s. Keep telling yourself thats how it’s created.

  4. This game is so glitchy. I have now lost over 10,000 coins because in the middle of the game it doesnt show me the current points or it makes me play domino on top of other domino… it doesn’t clear the board for the next round so I can’t see what we are doing… it freezes… and this I can’t continue and am forced to take a loss. This game is fun… when it works… which is easily less than 50% of the time

  5. Horrible! This game is pretty much set up for you to constantly lose. Even when do you win one or two rounds from there it’s just losses. And it’s crazy that I’m always and I mean always dealt 3 to 4 doubles every hand. How is that possible? It’s set so you’ll spend money on the game but no thanks. It’s not fun just frustrating and annoying. So I’ll be removing it.

  6. The play experience itself isn’t bad. The multiplier function is insanely frustrating, especially at higher coin levels. One bad hand and i lose 4 times what i expected to lose. Heck, even two below average hands in a row means i lose 4 times the entry amount. That eliminates 99% of the fun and interest in the game. Just the risk of losing 4 times my entry fee completely ruins the experience

  7. I keep losing all my coin with the 4x multiplier. Mostly when I win I don’t get the full amount awarded (2x, 4x, etc.). But usually when I lose, I lose it all! The game let’s players join even if they don’t have 4x the betting amount. When someone wins 2x or 4x, etc., if the opponent didn’t have much more than the 1x entry fee, the winner only gets what the opponent had left. The game is slanted against those with 4x or more coin! The winner should be guaranteed the full 2x, 4x by the system!

  8. sirine bh dice:

    Game keeps freezing mid game and you lose coins for it even though it’s not your fault. Also once you reach level 20 it starts advancing very slowly and there is only one option of a game you can play where you can’t lose x4 of your money. It was a fun game at first but now it’s a pain in the a**

  9. Jaime P dice:

    This game isn’t fun anymore. Once you get to level 20, all but 1 game type will cause you to lose up to 4x the amount of coins the game cost and this was not advertised, so in 1 game, I randomly lost all of my coins and couldn’t play anymore unless I made a purchase in app. It just feels scammy and a lot like a betting game now. I was only playing to earn $10 for reaching level 30 but that seems impossible without spending way more than the $10 I would eventually earn. Do not recommend.

  10. David B dice:

    You want a real review, so I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now I leved up pretty fast, it was nice. I love the graphics. But the match making is off don’t match make someone based on coins it should be based off of playability and the point system is of as well, you get one hand you start and you can win and then after that you lose everything with in two hands. It sucks because your forcing people to pay to play.

  11. This game starts out ok for the first 10 or 15 rounds, then quickly and obviously starts cheating you in an attempt at getting you to spend money. You have to spend in-game coins for each match and after a few matches, you will lose a ridiculous amount of rounds. The developers have tried saying that it’s a game of chance, but that’s a pretty hard pill to swallow when you lose 9 out of 10 matches CONSISTENTLY. Not to mention that when you bet 200 coins per match, you only win 160.

  12. Bri D dice:

    It’s fun to play but I agree with the rest of the reviews written. You’re almost forced to pay because when you win 2x then next draw you end up losing 4x . It’s almost like clock work. I also don’t get the “all 5s” options. I see the AI being awarded points between 5 to 20 points. Then when I place a domino based on the high points, I recieve nothing. I don’t get how you’re rewarded points during the game, because there is no feature to help you out at all. You just end up losing a lot faster.

  13. Ashes B dice:

    While the game itself is fun enough, the app needs work. 80% or more of your opponents are AI. If you play enough, it’s pretty easy to see repeating “players” and to learn how the AI plays. Plus, every time you want to go back to the main screen you have to close 2-3 windows asking you to buy coins. The cost to reward metrics are all off. How am I supposed to play a game that says it costs 200 coins, and then be deducted 800 coins if I lose?! It makes no sense, I regret giving you my money.

  14. This game is practically impossible to win..obviously most of the matches are fixed. After playing long enough you can know if you are playing against real people or just AI, & it’s mostly AI. The probability rate in this game is way off balance. Even if you win 1 or 2 matches, you end up loosing all in just one match. It’s a complete rip off, the AI knows your hand.. don’t pay money buying any coins/chips to play this game, it’s a complete waste of money / time, rips you off & Loaded with ads.

  15. The game is fun, but it really needs instruction because there is no explanation for who gets to play first or who wins the hand if there is a tie, which is frustrating. Also, can you add a select all button for the cards? You have to either go in and out of a game to clear your cards or push 30 cards 1 by 1! Not ok either way!

  16. It’s really simple as this, you are NOT playing real player it’s just a computer,,and the higher you get the harder it is, get to level 30 your really playing miracles, ie. If you get him picking say a 4 and you know there is only 2 left out of 14 tiles he will always hit first tile,, thats 1 in 7 everytime, more often or not he goes first making it impossible to win,, little tip all, uninstall game and in your play store reinstall and start again that’s what I do

  17. Kai West dice:

    Unrealistic game. Some how they have all ways the right tiles to play. Can be forced to pick up all tiles from the bone yard and not gain a single match forcing you to loose your money extremely quickly, if you buy forget about it. Your loosing streek is absolutely worse. It’s a legitimate scam forcing tou to buy. Stay away as something like this should be investigated by someone and taken off the market.

  18. I have been playing this for a few months now and these past few days I noticed a bug. After you finish the game, it does not close so that you are supposed to see the scores, but rather, new tiles are distributed and they show up on top of the existing tiles.

  19. I give it only 2 stars because it is actually a fun game to play but it is very hard to come up with gold is very expensive to play the games and if you lose they screw you and take all of your gold I have purchased 3 different packages in the past month and when I played one game today it took all of my gold because it was multiplied by 4. My point being that this game is a cash trap

  20. C Ja dice:

    I’m only giving 2 stars just for the graphics only. However, the remaining stars when there are more game options. There is no quit game option…lol There should be more game options such as scoring. The way you score is something I have never heard of. I’m uninstalling the game. However, when there are more game options, I will reinstall.

  21. The game is okay but I have played and played but seem to never satisfy the requirements. Wondering if they just want my informations so that they can make money. If I ever see anything positive Then I will believe their hype but at this time all II get is their emails and saying I have to play more. Well I fell for it and let us see if they are true to their word, which I highly doubt at this point. By the way I have been playing Dominoes for 5 months now so how much more can I submit to them

  22. I enjoyed this game at first. Now my coins deplete in front of my eyes, sometimes to 0. Not just in game play but when I receive bonuses as well. Example: I won 1200 on the wheel. I had a starting balance of 3800ish. I watched it drop to 400 when my bonus was added. This has happened numerous times. Im playing to obtain a cash bonus from inbox dollars at level 30. I will not continue game play after I achieve this.

  23. Game play, options, extras are all fun. However, it is casino-sryle playing. You risk a whole lot of coins to win relatively few. You can only win 70% of what you bet. So you risk 1000 to win 700. It is designed to make you constsntly purchase more coins to keep playing.

  24. I loved this game at first, but it seems no matter how much I win my coins just keep going down. When I lose it actually errors wipes me out of coins. I actually bought coins (which I don’t usually do), they were gone in two plays. This is game is so more aggravating than fun. Disappointed. This is the worst game! Cheats every hand!!

  25. c fay dice:

    Game is fixed for you to lose. I played to get promo money to reach level 30. Almost there, but you can recognize the same games being played for you to lose. They want you to buy. Multipliers make you lose more. Why multipliers? Not a domino game I would recommend!

  26. I’ve been playing for the last couple of weeks and now all of a sudden it keeps telling its lost internet connection and just sits there saying trying to connect. My internet connection is fine. I really like the game but not will to keep closing it and opening it to make it work. 😔

  27. I use to like this app but not so much anymore. When I first played each game started at 200-400 coins. Now it’s 15k to 30k coins. Been like this for months. Yeah nah, not worth the time. Pity because it’s a great game. I even bought the physical game. Kids love it!!!

  28. Very disappointed, it does not give the coins if you play full game. And if the opponent leaves or your service goes you lose all coins. Best game and best design but the insight is very disappointing. I purchased few times but i regret

  29. It’s a good fun game BUT, it’s 4 hours inbetween each free coins, 20 hours between each wheel spin (collect 4 hourly coins 5 times) and free pick from the time machine is 12 hours. That’s way too long inbetween coins especially when you can lose it all on one game, even on the 200 coin bet. It would be better if it was an hourly bonus then free wheel spin as then it would be 5 hours between each wheel spin instead of 20. I agree with other reviews, seems they just want money out of people

  30. I absolutely loved this game, the graphics etc are on point. However, i believe that the game is rigged. You win the first few games, and also when drawing from the bone yard, you immediately will pull the right domino. Once the first few games are over, drawing from the bone yard is harder and you will often end up with more dominoes thereby losing quickly. My take is that this is done for players to purchase coins. For this reason, i am deleting this game.

  31. Computers that have every tile they need to win…once you get past a certain level…constant losing against AI…sad really, started out great…I don’t lose this much in real life…smh

  32. Fu Yung dice:

    The game is fun, but I experienced game glitches more than 3 times today. The game just freeze there, if exit will lose, but cant proceed to play next move too. Disappointed.

  33. Very well designed game. Graphics are excellent. No advertisements. You can play without purchase. But please buy some cheap packets at least. These guys deserve it for designing such a good game and not obligating us to watch boring commercials.

  34. Buy the pack and they will let you win big for a while. After which is unimaginable losing streak, imagine having 1.7m to nothing left in just a few games… What a multiplier used to developer advantage and the rigged algorithm along with all the AI… A game not worth playing unless you intend to spent a fortune on this game. Developer will just give automated reply gurantee you how fair their game is when it’s clearly not and they know it…

  35. This would a fun game but unfortunately the game developers have it completely rigged. They want you to spend your money on their game. Which I don’t have a problem with but they do this in a shady way. They do not allow you to win. Their freebies are joke you get enough to play a round which is set up where you can’t even make a move almost and the bot they have you play against every move is like the best move possible as if they dominoes were specifically given instead of at random

  36. It’s a very fun game. It also is a game of glitches. Twice I have reinstalled and it still freezes up and takes your coins. So goodbye to this domino game.

  37. This has the potential to be a great game. But the bug at the end of each match sometimes is so frustrating it ruins the experience

  38. I had 1,000 yesterday when I stopped playing, then got on today I had none. I blew it off thought maybe I was wrong, but then today i bought chips had 97,000 then played one 30k game and ended up with only 37,000. PleSe fix this really like the game,it’s one of best domino games i’ve found.

  39. Cece B dice:

    How this game has 4.8 stars I will never know! DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. GREEDY AF If I spent 3.99 for 33,300 coins and played 3 or games of 2500 and lose each 1 I could lose it all making me spend $4 for nothing. How is that fair?99% of the games if they offer extra points for winning it doesn’t take the extra coins from the loser the game creator pays out thoes coins. You guys however do, making the game POINTLESS to play & COMPLETELY UNFAIR! On top of that 90% of the players are clearly AI.

  40. Hello, I really enjoy the game and it’s the best of its kind, I’d like to give 5 stars, but when playing for free it keeps giving me the worst numbers and forces me to lose, it’s kinda cheating, it’s not fair at all especially for the draw game, I hope that you improve that and that all players have the same chances Thank you BR

  41. If your aim is to play domino just for fun, then the app is great, but if you plan to level up and play high risk games for the rush, then good luck. There doesn’t seem to be a standard points systems for leveling up and it’s fairly difficult to get coins. Overall it’s an ok game, fun to play, but hard to maintain coins and higher levels.

  42. You don’t treat your paying customers well. It charges the paying customer more than the last time if they want to continue playing. Never get high spins even when paying. I paid for a few always worse. I was on a winning streak. Then all of the sudden it became apparent it was fixed for me to loose. Just like the other reviews. It’s fun to play. Sucks you in and then just cheated you out of everything. Can also tell when it’s a computer playing. Plays are too perfect and to fast. Lame

  43. For most of the games the directions on how to play are not explained well enough making it impossible to know how to earn points on some of them. It’s dumb that you get an extra 10 points for getting rid of all of your dominoes(it’s actually not that fair in terms of the point system). The people you play with aren’t real and just a bunch of computers and are always the same computers.

  44. M P H dice:

    Need to pay to get advance. The bonus you get every 3 hrs isn’t even enough for you to play 2 losing round. The bonus timing and the so call “free coin” or “free play” is a waste of time. If you don’t score high or beat your opponent the first round you’ll have to wait till the next bonus which is in 3 hours. Waste of time and patience.

  45. One of the worst and most boring games ever. You earn stars to open gifts. I’ve got over 550 and you only need 55 at this point to open a gift but you have to wait 12 hours to even open. An entire half a day. Then you got the wheel to spin and collect but it’s every 4 hours. Literally this game is all chance. You can Literally not even get to play in a game and lose cause the opponents first move blocks you. No side games to earn coins. Definately not worth it at all.

  46. Once you get to level 30 it slows way down, makes impossible for you to win, it takes away way to much. Don’t bother spending any money, as soon as you do it goes super fast. It’s a scam to get you to spend money. I was really hoping this would be my new everyday favorite game. This is very disappointing.

  47. Tried this game now for some time. Previous reviews about bugs get ignored. Turns out that’s because its not bugs. Unless you spend real money your coins will get constantly wiped out. This is backed up by the constant bombardment of pop ups to use real money to buy coins as you start the game and between games. You press a button and instantly get taken to a payment screen. I gave this game a chance but its clear its unplayable without spending real money which I refuse to do. Now uninstalled.

  48. V W dice:

    *Warning: DO NOT spend money on this game. The game is good but once you start spending money to buy more coins, your odds of winning is reduced significantly. It was fun while it lasted. Playing the rest of my coins out, and uninstalling. Edit: 🤣 at their response. Dropped another star. Uninstalled as of 1/14/23.

  49. Appears “the House” always wins. I’d like to know just how many real people are playing. Seems like a lot of bots. Odds of opponent getting some of the consecutive plays are hard to believe. I’ve actually thought about reporting to Google because seems like this app’ algorithm is setup to take points/money, rather than reward. I’ll probably Uninstall and look for something more fair, and that actually uses real players. IJS

  50. Stacey Lu dice:

    Fun at first, win almost every game then after a while you lose every game, I mean EVERY game, and it just keeps telling you to buy more coins. No thanks, deleting game.

  51. It was fun at first, but then it started glitching and making me lose a lot of coins. Whe. I attempted to contact the app people, it wouldn’t let me make the request.

  52. It was fun at first. But it’s all just bots. Few real players in between. The shuffles feel rigged to where bots just strip you of coin forcing you to wait and play their daily click-bait or buy their coin packages. Make it 4 players and stop trying to grab $$$$. Another potential game ruined by greed.

  53. Terrible game!!!You get slammed with ads,and they don’t give you diddly for extra coins Very poorly run platform..Nope,it ain’t worth it. It’s fun,and quite challenging, but it just ain’t worthit!!!Terrible!!!

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