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If you’re looking for bingo games free to play but you’re bored of those plain & boring designs that do not offer any extras or goodies? This is the bingo heaven for all the lovers of the game and intrigued by the mystical magic world of powerful wizards, fairies, and enchanted forests decorations. Explore our several rooms & dungeons; you’ll be able to play online modes and also offline, so you’ll be able to play every time and everywhere you want. Enjoy our mix of Loteria bingo modality and have fun with other players around the world. Don’t worry; you can also spend tons of hours of fun with the classic bingo rules, video bingo, and many new modalities for keeping you entertained and enjoying the most trendy bingo fever classics. Come to live the best bongo experience available in the market!

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Live the thrill & furor of the live action in our videobingo mode! Play online tournaments with players from around the world. With our always growing community, there will always be lots of players to enjoy the pop of the bingo screams! Setup private parties with your friends and family to arrange your own tournaments! Discover who the super lucky winner is! Try your luck in every single room of the tons of themed rooms available for you. No deposit is needed, you can enjoy the entire game absolutely with no cost. Our free social bingo offers you the chance to play & enjoy the blitz of super boosters and double ups so you can double your chances to win & increase your bets easily! Collect special charms, spells, and medals that you can trade for skins & themes for your bingo cards! Daub up to 4 cards at the same time if you dare! The witch of the north will try to enchant your numbers, making them barely visible, so watch out!

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To break the spells & move forward on the yellow brick road, you’ll have to gain experience and beat other players. Your anti spell protection will become stronger once you are closer to the castle. Our bingo bango bongo VIP room is reserved for the high betting players, so be sure to gain good amounts of lucky charms to avoid losing all! We love our community of users, that’s why; we’ll be integrating soon our version of fringo, but with our magic & Oz particular touch. Daub up, double & split your cards or bets while enjoying our wonderful world full of magic and amazing characters! Give a rest to your eyes, our HD graphics, and big number cards will help you to spend unlimited hours of fun! Join to players in America, Europe, & the entire world! Begin your bingo craze career & be ready to claim your victory!

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*** Features of the Game***

🎇 Totally FREE to play, no deposit required.
🎇 Always New Content for you!
🎇 Live Action 24/7!
🎇 Tons of Thematic rooms & Game Modes
🎇 Fast-Paced Action & Intuitive Controls
🌟 Begin your bing games career while enjoying a world full of magic! Download: Wizard of Bingo-Bonus Magic FREE for a Short Period Only! 🌟

This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer “real money” gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at “real money” gambling.


A lot of minor improvements for you to enjoy a perfect Bingo game experience!


48 comentarios en "Wizard of Bingo MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve been playing since 2019 and I’m really enjoying it. Leveling up fairly quickly and it’s rare for me not to get a bingo. My issues with the game is with the “New Games” feature, it’s been saying “coming soon” since I started playing. Another issue is constantly having to watch ads to continue playing. I’ve made a few purchases but I’m still seeing ads. Once those two issues are fixed, then I’ll give 5 stars.

  2. Absolutely love playing this game. The different layout choices are fun to choose from. Would have received 5 stars except when the iast number is called, the game immediately ends. Why can’t the timer be set like the time intervale prior numbers have? Change that and I will change this to 5 stars (as a saying goes: every day and twice on Sunday).

  3. E H dice:

    It’s fun but it doesn’t work. I can only play regular bingo… it keeps trying to get me to play other bingo games (games with more unique rules), but it won’t load them at all. It also won’t save my settings— defaults to no sound and no music, and anytime I reload the game or just go back to the lobby it resets my changes. Also, random sounds overlap the bingo numbers being called… so sometimes you miss hearing numbers because a random sound effect covered it. Just too many problems 🙁

  4. fun way to pass the time. Update 3/27/21- I got a new phone and had to start over again, which doesn’t bother me, but the amount you have to pay for boosters has gone up and the amount you get has gone down…9/8/22- still my favorite game but no matter how they try to help me with the constant glitches and freezing nothing works. Hard to compete when it does that.

  5. Really fun. Rare game where you can play without having to spend any money. Reason for only 4 stars is that there is no break between games and the caller’s attempts at adding cute “bits” to certain numbers is annoying after the first hundred times. Also, when you use a power up, it can interfere with being able to see numbers. Switching between screen with four cards can easily get confusing and lead to missed numbers.

  6. I’ve play many bingo apps. This one is by far my favorite for accessability features others don’t have that makes it so much more enjoyable for those Neuro diverse and who’s abilities fluctuate. The ability to slow down or speed up the game flow, you swipe up and down to switch between multiple cards instead of arrows in the corner that aren’t always accurate for speed. Oh and you can mute music, voice, and sound separately.

  7. I have been playing WoB for some time, and I truly “Love” the game, I do not mind the ads there is just enough, anymore well then there would be a problem. Moves smooth, like that I can control speed, the colors on each level are great.. You can also play other games while also trying to complete regular levels, which is also great. Thank you for the game!!!

  8. No matter what I do this game keeps freezing 😫 every 2 or 3 rounds it will start to stick or slow down and then it will just freeze up. Repeatedly. Sometimes it will just kick me out or turn itself off, other times it freezes 🥶 up and in order to play I have to restart the game. It was like this before the update but has got extremely worse since the update. I actually love this game 🎮 if it would only let me play. 😒 don’t want to but will probably uninstall soon.

  9. Ash dice:

    I can honestly say this is one of the only bingo games where you don’t have to spend money. On anything. Between the bi-hourly spins that you can double and the incredible rewards from the 2X and chest powerups, you can play indefinitely. That said, the Ukraine promotion is AMAZING and goes to a good cause, so consider it. There are ads, though any purchase removes the annoying ones and the rest are optional.

  10. Can only have 2 cards showing. I hate flipping screens to see other cards. Price of boosters went up to 4500 for 3. It was 9 for 900. Time to get boosters while playing slowed way down. Almost impossible to finish the challenges. At least you didn’t raise the price to play. There are a lot of bingo games out there. I am uninstalling and finding a new one. By the way, I liked the game before you did all those changes.

  11. This is by far the best Bingo app I have found. It is really easy to win so there is no pressure for microtransactions, and the fun themes keep the game interesting. The only issue I have come across is the app doesnt close on its own, no matter what I do to my phone settings, so I dont recommend falling asleep playing it like I do, or your battery will by dead by morning. Overall though great game and super enjoyable!

  12. I was looking and looking for a bingo app and I tried so many, this is the best one that you can go slow or speed up. The 1 down fall there is no pause, you have to turn it off in the middle of a game. When you did a update on it my whole tablet freezes I had to take this game off I was doing really good. Not a good update on your end.

  13. This game is LOTS of fun. It isn’t too difficult to sustain gameplay. You’re not pressured to spend money due to horrible bingo odds. Ads are few, but you do get the option to pay $5 to get rid of forced ads for life (you still have the option to watch ads to double the wheel prizes). I went ahead paid for it simply support the game because I really enjoy the game. I dont feel like they’re trying to take my money like other “free” bingo games.

  14. Love this game! I love that you can play constantly, without the game forcing you to purchase chips to continue! I downloaded probably 8 or 10 versions an uninstalled all but yours! There is only 1 thing I would change, I think that the daubs should completely cover the number, rather than being see through because that can get confusing at times. Other than that, A++ game!!!

  15. I actually really like this game. I’m going to come straight out and say if they remove this that I’m about to state, then I will deduct stars. 🥺 I love the unlimited feeling. You can play bingo forever on this thing without the worry of running out of credits, without running out of boosts (I watch ads for more, because I have other things to do and it helps me clean. I play a game and then clean a section of my house. Then, for my break, I play another game. I’m addicted, I know. 😅

  16. all other games from this developer are awesome! this one used to be but now we have to pay? would like to have multiple bingos on each card😉 I never run out of coins & boosters. love the new 12 levels for puzzle piece. I joined vip club but too expensive. I’d pay $2.99 month but weekly is ridiculous. I have over 215 million coins, why can’t we use in game coins to play VIP. I quit in 2019 due to game freeze & hoped by now it would be fixed, but still freezes every 3rd or 4th round. Terrible!!!

  17. This game is very player friendly, opposed to a lot of others I’ve tried. My only complain would be about quests not being open all together, it’s annoying to see you have 3 quests in a specific room, but need to do them one by one. The thing to watch an ad to play one round is also bugging me. Make it more like watch an ad and play 30min or so. There’s a lot of ads already so let’s skip this…

  18. I am dice:

    Main problem is that game freezes often. Not exactly free, but a reasonable price to get rid of the adds. Huge contents and special games. A bit challenging but just to level to keep you going. If it’s too easy it gets boring. The best bingo game I have encountered so far. Totally worth it.

  19. I like the game don’t understand why the amount of bingos left by the time I I begin no time to get bingo myself is the game already in progress by the time I play? Wanted to add that if we are forced to watch videos to earn rewards don’t get me wrong I’ll do it cuz I can’t afford to pay all the time have the video automatically go back to the game that will be great thanx

  20. I have an issue with the game It keeps freezing while playing the game after a couple of plays it stops for a few seconds . It gets frustrating.

  21. Used to love this game but since the last update, it stops and stutters through games and leaves you hanging. And every other advert locks the download page so you have to come out and log back in. Very frustrating

  22. My Favorite Bingo game on Google. Many ways to win, easy to play, Love the graphics and many rooms to choose from. I have played this game, since I think 2018. There’s only one other game I have played longer than this, and that one is Knights and Dragons….Love it!❤️🤗❤️

  23. Sheryl S. dice:

    I am having a problem with having enough time to daub my last number. Right win it shows that last bingo number it stops and I don’t even have a second of time to daub the number. Would appreciate some closure. I would have had more bingos. Thank You for.your time.

  24. Great Games, BUT the constant ads are Horrific!!!! They force you back to the Play Store and then you literally have to close the app and get back to your original game. VERY off putting…..

  25. It’s completely fun but then after you get into like the second Bingo playing it freezes up and glitches out and like you can’t hear it and when you go to the commercials you don’t get the coins like something’s not right you guys really need to check out the game cuz it’s one of my favorite games and it didn’t do it before the last couple weeks but just last few days and it makes it crackling like jittery noise it’s very weird

  26. I hate to do it but I’m only giving this game 2 stars. I would absolutely give it 5 if it wasn’t for the fact that it freezes in the middle of every game I’ve tried to play. I know it’s not an issue on my end because I’ve read multiple complaints about the same thing happening to other people. If you can fix that, I would play it all the time!

  27. Love the game. I just wish you didn’t have to scroll backwards every time you finished a room. Would be great if it continued where you left off. Way to many ads. Game wants to freeze.

  28. After you play a few games, then It will call numbers that are Not on any crds you have. Makes sure no bonus either. Don’t get me wrong I like this game. But no better than any other game, as far as Bingo. But it other option that do impress me.

  29. Good game play. Many wins. Ad after every game but lots of game play. Edit: it really started glitching and then kicked me out and wouldn’t open back up.

  30. Best bingo game out there however, I joined the VIP addition and have reached the last game, and have been waiting months for new games. Love this game but not worth paying for it just to play the daily tasks.

  31. Kara D dice:

    Love the fact that I can just play, no clubs, no friends notta. I still make enough coins and etc to keep playing without worrying about running out of play time/ coins.

  32. It was fun playing the games with wizard bingo I enjoyed it I think I need for you to put it back on my phone please put it back on that’s the game I like to play and I have other things that I’d like to play too and they’ve been discontinued quite I appreciate your help I love the app the game apps I I use the a lot of them because of what I’m doing and what I’ve been going through so it takes my mind off of things and I enjoy it so please put this back on thank you

  33. No dynamic games are loading, I’ve been playing it for a long time and now, I cannot connect to any of your games. Its not my connection as I play other online games fine… please fix it

  34. Fed up getting told to check my internet connection when it is working fine and the game also freezes and I can’t play the last game out of 12 to complete the challenge seriously thinking of uninstalling

  35. I LOVED this game,not now,why change it?It finishes faster ,more money for boosters ,annoying ads after every game not enjoyable any more uninstall,probably!!

  36. This is is my 3rd Game. I’m lucky if I get 1 number out of 10 numbers that has been called. I can’t even get the stork out from the center, because they call all the numbers surrounding the stork. So the Stork can’t move because the numbers are not being called that is needed. The same people is getting Bingo’s before you even get ONE Number that you need. I give this a (ONE) I’d give it a Zero if I could. Make changes or I’ll Delete this App. And I’ll tell all my friendsnottowaistheir Time

  37. Lagging constantly. I have over 64gb memory and NO other apps installed. NOT my iPad! I also bought a 5 day and then a 2 day hints package that advertised NO ADS. I still have ads. I emailed support twice and they still haven’t answered me!!!! Bunch of BS!!!!!

  38. I love the game. There is plenty of things to do and it can be addicting. My only problem is that I can’t get a bingo, no matter what room I’m in. Other than that, it’s a lot of fun.

  39. Had pet bingo, wizard of bingo and bingo dog all belonging to you and all of them kept freezing out lost over 200 bingo credits on pet bingo as everytime it froze out so I deleted these games have serious issues that need fixing played online and offline still the same

  40. Love this game! No ads at all and still get the bonus items and perks! Great job developers! Keep up the wonderful work! I will continue to play and more apt to spend my money as long as you keep it AD free!!! Thank you!

  41. Kt May dice:

    This is my favorite bingo game but I am so incredibly sick of having to spin to win everytime I level up on a daily challenge. It takes as long as an ad and there is no option to turn it off. I just want it gone.

  42. My favorite bingo game ever. Always have more than plenty of powerups and bingo coins ! Never have a problem with anything on this game ! Update … I wish all bingo games were set up this way. When i download other bingo games i kind of hold them to th standard of wizard howevr none have measured up.

  43. I really enjoy this game. So easy to play. Lots of levels. If I encounter a problem it is sorted straight away. Thank you.

  44. I am very upset with when they say round over. I have had Bingo many a time & they don’t give you anytime to press the number.Please pause on the last # called.

  45. Love this game. Not spending $$. Lots of ways to increase boosters and keep playing.

  46. It’s a great game, but it keeps freezing up. While in the middle of a game, it froze and I lost the bingos.

  47. Lyn Booth dice:

    Fantastic! I really like this game. Actually think I love it. I often get bored with a game after a time. Not this game. Super fair winnings. Let’s you keep playing. So glad I could turn off the rhymes, that was torturous. So far it’s perfect!

  48. It keeps freezing at the wrong time. When app is working g it’s a lot of fun.

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