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Roll 5 dices and create the best combinations to win Yatzy!
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This dice game got various names over the years and continents : yatzy, yacht, yam’s, yahsee, yatzi and so on, but what does not change is that it is very simple, fast to learn and fun to play!

Keep your brain active and sharp, analyze all the possibilities and try to get the best score to win over your friend or your opponent!

Yatzy is a 13 round game. Each round you can roll the five dice up to three times to achieve one of the 13 combinations. Each combination has to be done once and only once. The objective is to achieve the highest score possible at the end of the game.

This fun Yatzy Classic dice game has 3 modes:
– Solo game : train yourself and improve your best score
– Play versus a friend : challenge your friend and play on the same device turn by turn
– Play online : challenge an opponent online!

And more features and game modes to come in our next updates!


40 comentarios en "Yatzy FULL"

  1. Mary Fore dice:

    Best version I’ve found so far. It plays like real dice. Others I tried seemed off, the dice didn’t roll like they do in real life. The ads aren’t intrusive and annoying. The only thing that might improve it is the option to play triple games and do away with the score animation at the end of the game. Otherwise two thumbs up!

  2. It is a fun game — addictive even. But a few things could be improved. The stats it provides aren’t enough for me, and I bet it’s also not enough who play. Yahtzee lovers dig stats! For instance, instead of just current win/loss streak, maybe record for the last 10 games. Maybe instead of just showing the score of our best game, show our top 10 games. How about our average score? And it would be cool if we could interact with our opponents, either during or after. A friends list maybe.

  3. Good game, not many ads here. They appear after every game before the score is shown, there’s a way I don’t have to deal with them, before the very last move of the game I just click new game With the robot it’s extremely hard to beat, they don’t have easy, it’s like you’re playing against a cheater! It annoys me that many yahtzees you just add to the box like 3 of a kind. There should be a box for extra yatzes, they are hard to get and it brings you down that you can’t add them to your score.

  4. I absolutely love the relaxing music in the background. It would be even better if you didn’t hear the dice roll as loud. Maybe tone the dice noise down. You can definitely tell you’re playing a rebot all every selection from a friend to online. It doesn’t take almost 30 seconds to a minute to make a selection to play. Otherwise it’s a fairly decent game to pass time.

  5. This is a fun, standard game. Play is very simple and intuitive. Ads are not long after each game (a few seconds, that’s it). But be prepared for frustration online if you want a quick game. Some players will take the full minute on each roll (it’s part of the typical rules of the game, but honestly drives me nuts when they, have no rolls left, keep selecting different dice, and an obvious/only one choice to make). How about a speed version, with like 15 seconds per roll. Otherwise, great game.

  6. STAY AWAY.. WARNING. Ads. Ads. Oh, and more ads. Some take 4 clicks to get past. Some make me have to restart the game to get past. And some take complete control of my phone; can’t close it, can’t minimize it, can’t make or receive calls or texts, etc. HAVE TO REBOOT TO GET CONTROL OF MY PHONE BACK. Not even an option to buy an ad-free version. In the short time I played, the bot is unbeatable. Gets bonus and all major points every time. Gets yahtzee more than 50%. Flawed app, big time.

  7. Boo Boo dice:

    Love this game! I would give more stars but they’re ads you can’t ‘x’ out. They’ve gotten worse recently than before. Not sure if there was an update to cause this. Have to completely get out and open back up. Very frustrating and an inconvenience. Please either get rid of those ads or make it possible to ‘x’ out without having to close app and re-open.

  8. The look and feel, game play, graphics and sound are all great. But there are too many miracle rolls, and absurd coincidences. It’s so bad, I’m able to call what will happen next with alarming frequency. I don’t understand where app makers choose to code games this way. It’s not fun. And you can’t learn anything without true odds.

  9. The main issue is that I play the bot the most, and from what I can garner, each game almost predetermined. One game I just needed 1 four to win and get the bonus, and in two turns, that six rolls with 5 dice, I couldn’t get 1 lousy 4. It happens once, okay, but after playing for a few months, it has happen a half a dozen times. The odds on that happening are slim to none. It’s not random chance like it should be.

  10. Love this classic! I play it all the time! I think the people who complain about this version are just not very good at yahtzee and expect to win every time. The interface is classy, easy on the eyes, and clean. The other yahtzee apps are always too flashy, cluttered, and pop up ad filled. Definitely recommend this yatzy app over any other available.

  11. the developers got it right. this is a generic Yahtzee game that works like it’s supposed to. i have only played in solo mode. there aren’t any superfluous transition screens or animations that make the game drag. even the ads are thoughtfully placed-just a brief one between games. and not once has it nagged me to rate it (which i despise). thank you for making an app that isn’t too annoying to play.

  12. Great game! Very fun & great for pastime.. the only thing is I wish the dice would roll longer because a lot of times the dice you chose to roll again you get the same number a lot..it would really be great if it had an option for the dice to roll/spin longer ..or if the dice could just spin a little longer so that doesn’t happen so much. Then the game would definitely be five stars!! The animations are great; & seeing how much points ahead of time in the boxes you want to play is great

  13. Keep an eye on how the points are not counted correctly. Had insufficient points but I still managed to get +35 while the bot had 66 points, but only listed itself as 60/63. Funny that everything ended up adding right at the end of the game. Almost as if nothing was random. At the end of the game, I had correct points to deserve that premature +35 I got when I had only had 34/63. 🙃 Leadership board doesn’t accurately reflect wins and losses either. Like, I never won 6 games in a row?

  14. I love the ease of this game and that I can play solo. But, it is not random. It cheats and that really bugs me at times. Say I roll a 1,2,3,4 and another 4. If I hold all but the last 4 and roll, it always and I mean always rolls to the same number it was. Also, it’s hard to get a straight but one I have one, I will roll sometimes 5 or more. Or if I am almost completed and need my 3s and 5s, I will roll 3 times and never get even one 3 or 5. This is rigged against you. But good game otherwise.

  15. JennyK dice:

    The gamplay itself is great, and I really like the option to play alone, against bot, or other people. Can’t give it a five due to the excessive ads. I understand free games need to make money somewhere, but an ad after every game is too much for short games like this. The total ad time is nearly (and sometimes more than) game time.

  16. Excellent, short ads, makes games progress fast! Hate that all ads promote Trump! I’m about ready to delete if it doesn’t stop! Repetitive scoring…it almost makes you roll for something it thinks you want! Rarely get a yatzy in same game as extra 35 points. Usually either one or the other. It really likes a full house roll…they are much more often than by chance. Weird!

  17. The ads are horrible. 95% advertising. In game play, ad on the bottom of the screen the whole time. In between games, ads for the false advertising hand line gardenscape ever the game play isn’t anything like the ad. Wait 5 seconds to ship ad, then wait more to skip it again. Now ad loads upon start and the game never advances past that. Effectively useless.

  18. Yatzy is one of my all time favorite games. So far on this app it has been pleasurable. I keep chosing the “against a friend” option and playing myself. Sometimes I will get a wee bit frustrated when player one or player two start winning multiple times in a row without giving the other a chance to win, but for the most part it is just fun for me😉

  19. Better than most Yahtzee games for Android. The gameplay and functions of single player and local multiplayer work as expected. I don’t want to play “Online” because it appears to use bots. That or they use the same gameplay for multiple opponents. My friend and I got the same opponent with identical name and score selection. It doesn’t feel genuine. Also, there is no way to invite this friend to a game. I want non-turn-based start to finish games with friends online

  20. The Ads are not too long or annoying. I like to play vs the Bot. With no timer. The music is very relaxing piano New Age. The game is tense. I do feel the game knows what the best dice throw is, and that it rewards or punishes you for choosing what dice you decided to keep, based on your best odds.

  21. The game is fun to play but I just wish when you get the points amount again, for instant I just rolled and already saved that full house. Then I get it again but can’t keep my score I rolled , that would be nice if it could double. Any I love playing

  22. If you really like Spam phone calls, install this app. They will sell your phone number to the highest bidder. Before I installed it, I was not getting any bogus phone calls, but after? 3 so far I’ve had to block. BEWARE

  23. I love playing this, but would be grateful if ads wasn’t between every single level. Would love stats by percentage.

  24. Pretty good, but when I want to leave the app it won’t let me. Nothing happens when I tap on the LEAVE button when it asks me if I’m sure.

  25. Why is this game so jumpy now when the dice are rolled? It used to be smooth. Probably was due to an update and now it needs updating again.

  26. I always play this with a friend. I am always player 1 and his always player 2. And he most of the time he wins, either this game is rigged or just lucky most of the time. Overall i don’t have a problem with the game aside from player 2 always winning. Also the recent update of the game makes it a bit laggy or it just move really slow

  27. Deceitful developer. The entire online play is a scam. Try it for yourself. Switch your airplane mode on and play online vs another player. It is all fake.

  28. It’s a fun app with good options. The ads are not overwhelming!!! (Yet)

  29. Nice game, my kids also love it. However, since the last update it is a bit laggy… even the dice spin slower.

  30. Yatzy does not keep the statistics correctly. It shows I have only 2 yahtzees and I have had more than that.

  31. I love this game this is one of the best games I’ve added like playing the real game ads are no problem most of the time you just s t hit x or skip such a relief not have glitches when your winning or freezing up truly an impressive game experience I would recommend to anyone who want a extremely well developed designed game five stars 🌟 well earned 👍 😀 👏 🙌

  32. Matt Coe dice:

    Great game, very addictive. Vs the Bot can be very challenging and fun. But this game has waaaaay too many ads. Be aware, after every game is over adds will appear and many you can’t skip, so if you’re a patient person when it comes to ads it won’t be a huge problem, otherwise this will frustrate you as the ads are pretty much constant and overall ruin the gaming experience.

  33. I find this game challenging, rewarding and fun I play it every day to keep my mind sharp.

  34. Favorite downtime so at the time! Just like the classic!

  35. This game is a very fun game for you to play on your phone and on your iphone also.

  36. Great game ,play it every night sometimes during the day ,relaxes you

  37. Beware. Had to uninstall as I erroneously clicked on something with my wrist and it charged my Google account 5 bucks. Yes only 5 bucks but I did not give it permission. Was agreat game but I don’t wanna lose 5 bucks if I hit a touch screen the wrong way.

  38. Boy this Yatzy Game brings back the good old times when I was younger playing Yatzy at home!!! I really like this game and it is Completely free to play!!! It will keep you wanting to try getting more Yatzys, I have so far four times and got the bonus Yatzy two times!! You should try this game it is so fun and Can be addicted to play all day long!!!!

  39. AW dice:

    Easy to use. Fast action. Few ads. UPDATE : DEC. 2020 For some inexplicable reason ads have started appearing at the top of the screen which open automatically after 10 seconds and are not removable. The 2mm wide ‘x’ to close the ad doesn’t do that. Once the ad opens itself it is impossible to get back to the game; a ‘force stop’ has to be actioned within the app icon. Any progress in the current game is lost. This hasn’t happened in all the time I’ve been playing the game. Please fix. Thanks.

  40. Wonderful, and one of the best Yatzy / five dice style games. Its really easy to use and navigate. The setout is smart and simple, unlike others that clutter the screen. Love the animations and the computer rival game, (though this has a few bugs in it). The only complaint I have is the ads can be annoying, especially when its compusery of 30 seconds. I’ve been wanting to find an app thats ad free (paid) as ads these days are getting more inappropriate and frustrating. An update but no change.

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