Game of Dice: Board&Card&Anime MODDED 2022


Use SKILLS and DICE in this real-time multi-player strategy board game!
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What is ‘Game of Dice’?

▣ Is This a Board Game or a Card Game?
– A board game like no other!
– Create your own strategy on the board with Dice and Skills!
– Play strategically to increase your territory and toll.
– Bankrupt opponents to win!

▣ Tons of Rewards and Awesome Benefits!
– Just log in for 2,000 Gems~
– 100 Free Draw Ticket for new Duelists as well!
– No more worrying about items! A Play Box with Gems, Gold, and Skills!

▣ Real-Time PvP Matches With Duelists Around the World!
– Duelists around the world, gather round~
– The board game for everyone that captured the heart of 50 million players!
– Compete with friends around the world through seasonal rankings and tournaments.

▣ Colorful Animation Dice!
– Robot Dice, Panda Dice, Devil Dice… Choose what you want and craft it!
– Enjoy the great animations of over a hundred Dice.
– Just play to gain Gems and get high tier Dice for free!

▣ Customize Your Deck With Skills!
– Select from over 200 Skills to create your own strategy for victory.
– Use various Skills like ‘Push’, ‘Drag’, and ‘Summon’!
– The beautiful illustrations within each Skill make the game more interesting!

▣ Over 100 Unique Characters!
– Watch the ‘Game of Dice’ animation filled with unique Characters.
– As well as the beautiful illustrations, there are cute SD characters within the game!
– An exciting betting battle with vivid Characters!

▣ Real-Time Solo Match & 2vs2 Team Match!
– Come on pal! Let’s play Game of Dice~
– Show your teamwork with friends in a real-time 2vs2 team match!
– Meet new friends around the world through guild contents!
– If your friend is too busy, it’s time to play the solo mode!

▣ Various Contents That Never End
– Enjoy seasonal ranking, league tournaments, and guild match!
– Also, enjoy the exciting faction clash, limit tournaments, and odd number events every week.
– There are even more contents waiting to be updated 🙂

▣ Multiple language support
– English / 日本語 / 简体中文 / 繁體中文 / 한국어

▣ Community
– Follow us on our official communities to receive latest news and updates!
– Facebook :

▣ Customer Support
– Please contact our customer support( for any inquiries or comments

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(When the game starts) It is essential to be able to identify the device for Guest Login (immediate start). Access to [Make and Manage Phone Calls] includes information to identify the device, and you will be unable to login to the game if you deny the access request.

2. Access to Contacts
(When logging into the game) It is essential to be able to identify the Google account registered in the device for Google Login. [Access to Contacts] includes information to read the Google account. You will be unable to login to the game if you deny the access request.

3. Access to Photos, Media, and Files
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▣ How to turn off app permissions
[Android 6.0 and up]
Device Settings > Applications > Tap the app > Permissions > Turn off app permissions

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* Terms used in the guide could be different depending on the device and OS version.

※ Game of Dice requires network connection for real-time matching.
※ This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some in-game items. Please note that some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of the items.


▶ The Evil 3 From Outer Space! ‘New Map : Dicefunk City'
▶ Don’t think, just bet?! ‘New System: Limit Over Betting'
▶ ‘Huge Starter Boost Project’ for new Duelists OPEN!


40 comentarios en "Game of Dice: Board&Card&Anime MODDED 2022"

  1. Overall, this is a neat game. My only critique from a UX designer perspective is that the forced tutorial does tend to drag for a bit. Forcing players to learn mechanics can cause some to leave out of either annoyance or being overwhelmed. I’d recommend giving the option of skipping some tutorials and give an extra reward for completing the tutorials.

  2. Tina Chen dice:

    Great mechanics, game play, art, design. Only reason I stopped playing was because of the unbalanced matchmaking system. Once you win more, you end up easily getting matched against someone who has way better goods and skill cards. It’s impossible to beat them because with their good activation they’ll basically never get bankrupt. It’s no fun because there isn’t a CHANCE to win. It shows that the game is very P2W because everything is expensive especially the goods.

  3. As far as time killing goes, this game certainly does that. However, it was fairly easy to beat the current content. I played a few years ago as well and uninstalled after a week due to lack of content. It appears to not have changed much since. please add more content or at least bring back the option of choosing what type of match you want within the leagues. this new reboot is way too simplistic. there is no challenge.

  4. I think the game’s amazing and I would definitely consider spending money here! ^^ However, there are some things that could be changed. There’s no information on certain mechanics, like the Dice Control and how to control the dice. It’d be really cool if we could customize maps and use them and if we could versus our friends insteaf of playing friendly. I guess that’s all for now.

  5. At first, it runs smooth. Then as I kept playing, it just became worse and worse. Constantly crashing and then for some reason, certain areas of the game turn completely black. Like the images havent even loaded in yet. Just now, I had black images, restarted the app, crashed, had blacked out areas again, then my game just froze. Come on!!!!!!!

  6. This is the first game that I have seen that is like monopoly but way better. Its fast and fun. The gameplay is phenomenal. There’s a little bit of betting and a lot of dice rolling. My favorite part is trying to get a cool set of dice and a character that has good stats and looks good, and more. My complaints are, its tutorial is long and annoying but needed because the interface is a hassle to get through – to many tabs for everything, maybe they should try a swipe to “example type” screen.

  7. The game starts off as being fun, but quickly becomes pay to win. It ends up playing like monopoly, except you’re opponent starts off with hotels and doesn’t pay any fees. It’s too bad, because it’s otherwise a fun game if it didn’t end up so pay to win. It may still be worthwhile to kill time for some, but expect to be in matches very heavily stacked against you. Pay to win players have a 50% or higher chance to control their dice rolls, have multiple items and cards that prevent them from ever paying tolls, and nullify everything you do.

  8. Love this game!!! It really fills my small, competitive heart. I just wish it was less “pay to win” based and had a bigger player base~ but I guess that’s a common issue. I still love it. Lol. It can be a little buggy sometimes, but it’s definitely bearable. Dropped from five stars to four stars due to the most recent 6th anniversary patch. Often losing connection when using certain features and it seems to be affecting multiple other players, too. Here’s to hoping that JoyCity fixes this bug.

  9. Haven’t played in a year and a half, recently came back and they’ve managed to make the game even more accessible than it already was. The new Illusion skill cards that are present right now really provide any new or returning player a boost to their skill card deck. The game has numerous missions and “check-ins” to provide rewards as you play, and doesn’t have that “pay-to-win” approach with the characters, skill cards, or dice. Outside of the connectivity issue I’ve had occasionally, I would highly recommended the game.

  10. Addicting, fun. Worth paying for this type of game i would say. There were things i didn’t understand at the start, for example (the leveling system). I get it that you have to play the normal mode and progress through with the experience. But it would be nice, for new players, to have info or test option on the modes that are out. Other then that, i dont really see any flaws. I love the Egyptian seasonal map, it shows the amount of time you guys/gals into the details. (Full with love💓😷👊

  11. I don’t review games. I’m one of those people who see the “Please review?” pop up and swipe a heartless no. But this game rocks. I have been playing it for three years, and have installed it on every new phone. I love the idea behind this game. The multiplayer system is so user friendly, and the animations are amazing. I want a GoD anime series. I would watch it. Each character is incredibly well-written, well-designed AND well-developed, with their own backstories and own style and animation. Each new map is clever and easy to get the hang of, but routinely challenging. The dice can be a little wonky until you upgrade-upgrade-upgrade, but it is so worth it. The playing times are quick enough to not lose your interest, but long enough to be engaging. I’m in love with this game, and will be a fan for as long as they keep it going.

  12. Look this game just want our money, and that’s the only way to become unbeatable in the game. New updates lead to new and better dice and character stats as well as skill cards. I hate games like these so much, I’m not even playing it anymore. I redownloaded it before and then deleted it after playing literally only two matches. Because it’s almost impossible to win when everyone literally bought everything. Then there was that update with the new 3d character design which looked pitiful.

  13. Jolin dice:

    Despite its generous offerings of countless ads in exchange for useful items – which is “optional” but honestly required if one wants to progress further – I enioyed this game. Through all the instances of losing quite literally everything (my joy), I continued to love this game. However, just one single detail of the game has me scratching my hair in annoyance. Not sure if it’s due to the difficulty of programming, but the tournament forces me to equip everything. I can’t enhance. Send help.

  14. L V dice:

    It’s a great concept combining elements that should make for a solid game: characters, skill cards, fun dice. However, the execution is sorely lacking, and frustratingly so. There are way too many issues to go over in 500 characters, so to sum up: The game is pay-to-win to a stunning degree, with a painful lack of balance in PvP and nowhere near enough in-game explanation for gameplay elements. There’s potential here for a fun game, but I can’t recommend this as it is.

  15. I used to play this game all the way back in 2018, I must say that when I first started it was a pretty fun game. There were WAY more players than now and there were hardly any match ups against bots and overly higher ranked players than me. Picking up characters and saving up was possible within satisfactory parameters of playtime. However, when I picked up the game again this year it became a whole different thing… Too P2W for it’s own good, don’t pick it up unless you like impossible odds..

  16. I played this game when it first came out & quit shortly after. I recently rediscovered it & was promptly reminded why I quit. As others have already said, the matchmaking system in the game is horrid. Once you exit the Beginner’s League, you’re forced to face whales, higher-ranking players, & bots, so your chances of winning are pretty small. Leveling things up also costs too much gold. Aside from that, the game is pretty fun when you’re not on a losing streak. It has a lot of potential.

  17. I was having a lot of fun with this game and got to Silver within a week. But for the last day or so its literally unplayable. It keeps freezing when im trying to use a card so it wotnt let me roll, auto play kicks in when I’m trying to get back in the game and uses cards I was trying to use so I end up restarting the game over and over again just to come back to a loss. I’m at 0LP now from 2 losses from that, so I just uninstalled. Super disappointed.

  18. I often stray away from mobile games but this one is one that I genuinely enjoy. The game is very generous with currency and items, its fairly easy to progress well, there are no ads unless you choose to watch them for more rewards, the Opening that plays when downloading files upon first launching the game is really good, and the game is easy to pick up and learn. My only issue would probably be with the VIP system blocking a lot of good stuff for free to play players, but yeah.

  19. Pretty fun gameplay. Good concepts. If you are a beginner the game gives you a good amount of stuff to get you going and catch you up. Downsides: Everything is expensive if you are wanting to spend money on this game. After a while it gets kind of hard to get gems and in-game currency to buy things with or upgrade with. Takes up A LOT of memory as well.

  20. It’s a fun play on monopoly. But the microtransactions are not only in your face. But highly predatory. “ON SALE DOWN FROM $699 TO ONLY $99 WHAT A STEAL.” I mean really? They aren’t even worth the money more often then not. The game is fine in every other aspect. But the money hungry crooked transaction adverts are disappointing. On the other hand. Due to high prices, I suppose you don’t necessarily need to worry about p2w in many cases. 99 cents at most for the ‘one time sales’

  21. I love it. But I do have some issues with how massive the game real estate is. It just takes SO much space on my device (I had to relagate the game to a device I use less often, so I could play PoGo). I would have liked to have them both on the same device with Genshin & Drag. City, I had to prioritize the game that I need when on the move. As such, I can’t play this as much (carrying a TON of devices with me is a problem) as I want. Stopped paying as a result. Would be nice if app was smaller.

  22. Taten Red dice:

    if you like board games you’ll enjoy this game It is really fun and a good time killer it’s match making was really quick for the most part it’s pretty generous with game currency for it’s gotcha elements but to get the most out of the rewards it will have (although you don’t have to) watch adds and they can be kind of repetitive, as well as some in game purchases seem really over priced. But they aren’t necessary from my experience,

  23. So the people in charge of this game need to actually fix the the loading screen into a game because I have to exit the app and go back in just to even play a match. Also, every time I get on this game something freezes. It’s random on what but alot of the time it’s the loading screen. But it’s a good game when the game actually wants to work for once.

  24. Joe stout dice:

    Overall Good from the little I’ve played, idk remember much other than graphics are great, characters look nice, game was easy for me to understand. The only thing I remember was that I uninstalled either because I needed space or that I was primarily looking for good offline games. I think it was more so the latter because I’m the type of person to end up in a lot of dead zones and not free internet zones. So, it’s good, just be sure you got internet to have fun.

  25. The game is incredibly fun but also incredibly frustrating since it feels incredibly pay to win. If you have no interest in being competitive and just want to play casually this is a fun and interesting board game. But all of the good items and characters cost real money and are hard or near impossible to obtain without spending some serious cash. I understand the game needs money but the prices are so high and so many good skill cards and goods are locked behind paywalls.

  26. I used to play this game with my cousin. Then, it was good. Now? I’ve been blasted with advertisements for overpriced ways to destroy anyone I come into contact with and my game has crashed twice. I was so excited to see that they added a main story, and I went to play it – only to realize I had to have played three rounds of the Versus mode first. I was fine with this. I went to go play Versus mode and found opponents, and we got into the game straight away. My game crashed. Thanks.

  27. I love this game! I remember playing this game a couple years ago and adoring it! it was a little confusing at first, but with time the game became easier as did the placement of shops skill cards etc. I have gotten pretty good despite being Bronze I take on Diamond level competitors and have came out on top! To me it’s like playing Monopoly with a couple of new rules.

  28. Emily dice:

    This is a fun and great game concept, especially when I first started and it was much less complicated. But sadly this game has become more and more pay to win, there are times when the game give free items that are actually useful but it’s nothing compared to the player who spent their whole paycheck on the game. The pay for items are often $50 plus and I would never feel comfortable spending that much on a game, though u have caved in for smaller purchases. Game is fun though

  29. Ronin dice:

    It is interesting, but WAY too flashy. Too many things going on at once on the main page. I thought I would be playing against NPC’s not players. The decision making required for certain things during the game is too quick. Also I couldn’t even figure out how to use the cards during game play even when trying to click on the card. And the “upgraded” dice with wings on the dice, that just looks gay!!

  30. Conceptually this is a pretty cool game. The dice rolls feel pre-determined after playing for awhile. Seems like patterns will emerge for who is going to win. Matchmaking is hit or miss though I’m not sure if due to a small player pool or if its intentional to push players towards more purchases. Not very friendly for f2p and most everything useful is very expensive. I wish the game wasn’t dependent upon purchasing tons of shop items. It would have been a lot more fun that way.

  31. I’ve been playing the game for about 3 years. It’s not like other gotcha game where you have to ‘pay to play’ however when you get to a certain point in the game, it becomes IMPOSSIBLE for you to advance unless you invest serious money. You can tell either people are hacking the game or spending 100$ of dollars just to win. I recommend making packages less expensive. I have spent money in this game but I don’t want to have to spend 600$ to get the new stuff. It’s kinda ridiculous.

  32. I really enjoy the gameplay, it takes a bit to get use to the actual cards themselves but thats just in time. Only issue i had was the game crashed every time an ad was played for any reason. If that wasnt an issue 5 stars for sure Edit: The update just a few minutes later after posting this fixed the issue! Thanks!

  33. It’s a very unique and fun game to play. Think fast monopoly with cute anime visuals and very interesting mechanics like dice control, skill cards, etc. The matchmaking is good, and the game is very addictive. The menus and shops are a little overwhelming because there’s so much content but I find that acceptable for a mobile game. My only real complaint is that as a new player I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of limited time event content. Hopefully the Sanrio event comes back!

  34. This was disappointing, I played this game a long time ago. The concept of it was so amazing and for a long time it was executed so well. But it’s impossible to have a decent character to play as and decent skill cards without spending 150$+ and then when the new stuff comes out you’ll have to but that to just to stay caught up. If you had lower prices and better ways to keep players you wouldn’t have to price everything so high Devs…. I’m so sad I can’t find a way to continue playing.

  35. My initial impression of the game was pretty good. Everything seemed fun, vibrant, and simple, with mechanics that can change up gameplay and interesting ways. However, during the mission where I had to get into my first actual game, I was matched up with a diamond and platinum tier player. There is no excuse for this. With how many people play this, there is no excuse for matchmaking being like this. Fix this. Fix this, or lose a potential paying customer.

  36. Jeipia dice:

    Cool game. That matches dont last as long as I’d have wanted but that’s probably for the best. The matches can feel repetitive. It was tough understanding a few things at first but I quickly caught on. For a game like this, I always ask the same thing. More random spaces to land on. More rng I guess But that might cheapen the experience.

  37. The game is a brilliant masterpiece. Has certain overpriced bundles in the game, but it’s coupled with the free packages (5x) of the user’s choice as well as over 2k gems and events. Skills and goods are recieved almost instantly while characters and dice are timely. My only concern is the variety of bugs, mostly in the guide missions, where you have to log out to collect level up quests when you’re already there (Honor 8x) and “solo” match means versus match. Also national league is a mess.

  38. This is a great way to kill time. Anime monopoly meets other current card games. Yes, youre going to run into some pay walls to get better equipment faster, but just work past them if you don’t want to be patient. The gameplay itself is fun and usually makes sense, and its been fun seeing how other players use their skills. Tutorial is long but helpful, and the app notifications are annoying but eaay to turn off. I dont play a lot of mobile games, but this one is a Goldilocks of “just right”!

  39. Every single time i try to watch an ad to double my rewards it crashes the game and i don’t get anything if i don’t get what was said i would get soon I’m removing app and won’t change my review. Map is small and the amount of loss from a coin flip is way to high. Not much to the actual gameplay they put more into the home screen than the actual board is crazy. Strategy is minimal luck is everything…

  40. This game is absolutely addictive. The characters are amazing, the mechanics are easy to understand, and the tutorial quests are very helpful. Edit: Ive downloaded this on many devices, and every time I enjoy the game. The one criticism I have is the difficulty in getting gems, but even that’s not a major complaint!

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