Bingo Craze MODDED 2022

It's Bingo Time! Enjoy this Exciting Bingo Game!
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★ ★ ★ It’s BINGO TIME!!! Try this NEW & EXCITING Bingo Game! ★ ★ ★
Bingo Craze is no ordinary bingo game where you just daub all the way to a one bingo, in this bingo game you can use unique power-items like one, two free daubs, extra chips & coins, instant bingo and many more to maximize your score! As you level up you can move around the world for more bingo rooms to visit with greater rewards and bonuses! Can you perfect all the cards in a round to achieve ultimate reward in a game? Try now and daub all the way to get a Perfect Bingo on this Bingo Craze!

– You can play this FREE Bingo game on your smartphone anywhere and anytime LIVE with your friends!

– Use power-items to increase your chance of getting a bingo and boost your scores to the maximum!

– Having no luck on getting a BINGO? Now you can change your card during play for getting a better chance to get INSTANT BINGO!

– Can you perfect your score to get all BINGOS? Great Rewards for manias will be given to those who can PERFECT BINGO on each round! Mania players will love it!

– You can collect Puzzles through Treasure Chests in each Bingo rooms to receive EXTRA BONUS.

– Travel around the world for many Bingo rooms with new collection items, goals and better rewards!

– Isn’t it fantastic that you can make BINGOs and spin SLOTs in one game!

Bingo Craze welcomes whoever is crazy and mania for Bingo!


- Minor updates
v 3.9.2 ===================
- Profile Added
- Daily Free Item Added
- Extra Bonus with Ad Watch
- Themes Added
- Minor bugs fixed


40 comentarios en "Bingo Craze MODDED 2022"

  1. I like that you can use your game money to purchase more, coins, bingo chips, or keys. Other bingo games just allow you to stack up game money and it’s not used for anything. NOT GOOD. I like this game.

  2. I really enjoy playing except when they call the last number and then don’t give you a chance to find it! Ahh but I guess that’s bingo right?📣💜

  3. Lorna dice:

    Overall game is good but more opportunities to gain coins and power ups would make it better.

  4. I love this game. Especially the format of the daily tournament!

  5. It’s not bad, but your payouts aren’t quite right for the play. Daily bonus is hit or miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no explanation of how to receive puzzle pieces to complete each puzzle. Asking price for coin and chip packages is too much. Sorry. It’s not the exciting of a game to pay for anything.

  6. It’s slow boring and no possibilities! And so sorry I like to play the game!

  7. Great graphics, caller just slow enough to be comfortable and is very understandable. Winning bingo is quite often and rewarding. No fancy gimmicks! love this edition of bingo. I’m 75 yrs old, and i can follow and understand this game’s version very easily. I recommend this bingo to everyone!

  8. Best played on touch screen devices. While game play is pretty quick, and playing is fun, the payoffs are piddly. Have had several games that shouldve had winner that cut off before it registered. But I love the daily tournaments, and varied ways to bingo! price of power ups and keys are entirely too high, even with making in game purchases.

  9. This game would have been my favorite bingo except you don’t get that much rewards and when you do it’s very little. I’m even willing to purchase items, but not with this game, because you get very little. Its hard to win unless you have power ups & you don’t even get enough coins to purchase them. Also it takes FOREVER to get to the next level and you can’t go to the next location until you get to a certain level. If they weren’t so cheap with their rewards I would have given them 5 stars.

  10. I really like the “no pressure” feeling in this game. It’s fun and relaxing! The only thing that I wish is that there are more ways to get keys and power ups. I can usually only buy keys or power ups one at a time as I don’t have enough to get both at the same time. I do really like this bingo though. As far as I am concerned it is one of the better bingos out there in app land!

  11. It’s a great game but the power up and bonus box at 1000 k each is a bit rich when you take into consideration that not all bingo games are winners. A bit difficult to gain points when your points are being eaten up so quickly. I guess it’s because they want you to pay to keep playing.

  12. I really enjoy playing this game but it is too hard to get power ups. You don’t make enough money on the games you win to use your coins to buy more. It is not as much fun without power ups!! I play with out the power ups makes it more of a challenge. There are people who spend real money to play an buy power ups it makes it difficult to win against them. If you gave more power ups it would make the game a lot more fun an equal it out more for those of us who don’t spend real money!! Thank you!!

  13. The only bingo game I will play. I have tried others but I always come back to this one. This is my favorite. The next day when I played, everything changed for the worse. Bingo chip give o points. I can not log off. many more bugs. I never encountered bugs before. I am so disgusted I don’t know what to do. I can’t be the only one with these issues. Please do something before I uninstall it.

  14. Fun just to play without costing a lot. The end of round is too fast to enable checking of cards. That would be an improvement.

  15. Love the part of game I understand, don’t know how to get collections…

  16. Coins are hard to get, so power ups and keys for chests are always out. It seems to be easier to get bingo chips, so you can keep playing, thats good, but you don’t win much. (That’s prob the only reason I have 3 stars and not 2.) You have to level up to even play special games and the ones I’ve gotten to aren’t great. And you have to use your bingo chips for daily tournaments. It counts the coins from chests though in the tournament unlike bingo blitz, but here ya gotta have keys for chests

  17. I love Bingo Craze. The One thing I don’t like and so wish you’d change, is this: You don’t let us play the game that often. I mean, once I play like, 5 hands of this Bingo Game, I can’t play any more of the game for like, 20 hours. I love this game and wish you’d change how often during a 24 hour period, that the game can be played. Katie Mann

  18. Not overly fond of this app. You can only hit one bingo per card unless you hit two simultaneously. If you don’t win consistently and don’t use credit card for boostérs, you’re toast…. like me right now out of points, can’t get cards

  19. You s should fix this game. It’s one of the best bingo games around. I used to play this, as it was my favorite bingo game. However, it does not open up AT ALL, it flashes off and on, once it’s downloaded. Sad. U GUYS FIXED IT!!! THANK U SOO MUCH. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE BINGO GAME. I COME CHECK IT EVERY ONCE in a while to see if it works, and today was my lucky day. Please keep it fixed. I’m giving it a five star.

  20. I play the tournament even though the same group of people seem to win all the time. Installed on several devices now. Had to start from scratch after last major update so I don’t have it on Apple devices anymore. Still nice to play when I have time.

  21. I have been playing this game for over 6 years. I had more than $60,000 and more than 2,000 bingos. one morning I log in and all my points were gone and the game started me off as if I was a new player. I wrote and email 5 days ago and so far no reply. it socks and I’m not happy. if I could give them no stars I would over their lack of concern. 🙁 I posted this query over a month ago and nothing has been done about it. there is no support from these people when their game fails you. be wary.

  22. its an ok game but getting coins is next to impossible. there are NO COIN squares on bingo card, there is treasure chests, which may contain coins IF you’ve enough keys to open them. coins are used for purchasing keys and powerups and not cheap. so I’ve been playing with no powerups. I did buy the cheapest at $3,000 for 10 but was unable to get keys which i now don’t have. there are key squares on cards but not all. they need to have option to swap bingo cards for coins.

  23. Game is ok but you don’t get any keys to open all the chests. Add pops up to buy keys. I’m not spending money to buy keys. Seems like if you need certain things you have to buy them. I’ve played other bingo games and you won enough coins to be able to win keys and power ups. Time to delete this game.

  24. This game is fun but it has one major flaw. The game doesnt give you time after the last number is drawn to mark and or press bingo. As soon as the number is drawn the game ends. Most bingo games have a 30 sec time line once the last number is drawn to go over your card.

  25. All I did was install & the app is requesting access to my phone and to make calls. WTH is up with that!? Then of course I chose to play as a guest & the game was trying to load for a bit. I ended up stopping it & uninstalled it. Well that was fun.

  26. I have been playing this game for 2 years and love it! Unfortunately we switched cell phone providers and my new phone will not allow me to open this game and play..its as if screen has there a reason for this to happen?

  27. Fun game. Gave it a 4 because I prefer games that allow you to view all the numbers called in a round. It’s just a personal preference but one I very found profitable.

  28. Fun game. You don’t have to make purchases to keep playing. The only thing is once you are at the higher levels it takes way too much time until you can unlock the next level.

  29. I like the game, but the caller stops the game so fast at the end of a round that you don’t have time to mark the last number. That’s no fun if it’s a number you could have bingoed on. You need to give a little more time 😉 at the end of the rounds to mark the last number. Other than that, it’s a great game.

  30. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy playing this game, But ya’ll need to let go of those bingo chips a little easier or mainly let us buy them with the coins we win, and also not at those outrageous coin prices. Sheesh, 1000 coins for 5 keys, sheesh again.. But, again, I do enjoy this game:)

  31. Keys should be easier to aquire…

  32. It keeps saying i have a connection error. All my other games work well and my Internet is connected. Please tell me why this is happening. I would like to play this game.

  33. The best game lve ever played l love it 😛give it a go people

  34. The game moves at a fast pace which I like. 5 Seconds should be added at the end of the game to be able to at least glance at the guard before it goes away. Other than that the games are good game

  35. The game is really good to play but when it’s getting close to the end of the game and you have a number on your card that will give you a Bango you start to push the number and then the game ends and you don’t get your bingo it’s just a little too fast at the ending should be able to have enough time to hit that number to get that bingo.

  36. The only way to continue in this game is by making a purchase. I like to be able to restore parts of the game by winning them. Not with this game . I forget what it’s called but its the red balls you have to buy. Unless I missed something in the game that you can win them.

  37. You get to change to different cards during the game for better chances to win. The callers have pleasant voices. The collections motivate to keep on returning to the game day after day. Thank you designers of Bingo Craze!

  38. Love it. Needs a little update and some minor fixes but other than that it’s a funn game. °Tournment needs to be fixed sometimes it doens’t work for days.

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