Mahjong Crush MODDED 2022


Mahjong Crush, also known as Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire.
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Mahjong Crush, also known as Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire, is the most popular board puzzle game in the world. Match open pairs of identical tiles and remove all tiles to complete a board!

🌟Mahjong Features:🌟
🔸 Over 1000 free boards
🔸 Beautiful graphics and various layouts
🔸 Intelligent free hints
🔸 Unlimited free undos
🔸 Daily Challenge
🔸 Auto Fit
🔸 Customizable backgrounds
🔸 High scores and personal statistics
🔸 Sound that can be turned on/off
🔸 Designed for Tablet and phone support
🔸 No WIFI? No Problem! You can play offline anytime.
🔸 And so much more!
🔸 Enjoy 3 000+ fascinating layouts;
🔸 Solve captivating quests and puzzles;
🔸 Clear your way from one land to another, getting rid of whimsical plants and building magic portals;
🔸 Collect rare artefacts and gems;
🔸 Restore and decorate your awe-inspiring family estate;
🔸 Set free the enchanted cats;
🔸 Have fun playing with your friends and family.

🌟More features you’ll treasure:🌟
🔸 Regular game updates with new characters, levels, and quests;
🔸 Special bonus levels, timed quests, exclusive tile sets;
🔸 Amazing community and support;
🔸 Ability to play offline without losing your progress.

Play the #1 FREE MAHJONG board puzzle game on Android now and see for yourself why so many others love this game!

Have fun playing Mahjong!


- Performance and stability improvements
Thanks for playing Mahjong Crush!


41 comentarios en "Mahjong Crush MODDED 2022"

  1. I love the mahjong game in general. It is my favorite. I do enjoy this version of it. I dont really have anything negative to say. It would be nice to have more options as far as the theme or design on the blocks, maybe a few more different patterns as to how they r arranged. Other than those two things, it is my favorite game that i have downloaded!!!!!!!

  2. I find this game very relaxing and calming. It keeps on going, nothing interrupes it. In and of itself that is one of its special features that make it extra relaxing and calming. I also like that you have many choices of fonts and backgounds, which makes it like several games in one. It’s my go to game for relaxing. Bravo!

  3. I started playing this. Afew hours ago. So far it is very relaxing and enjoyable. Think there were 4 different tile designs to choose from. I chose one close to the normal tiles. I also turn off sound and music. When i return i will stop the board movement also. Having the board come towards me the motion gives me a headche. Will not bother most.

  4. Don’t mind ads between boards or if you stop and come back and it runs an ad before you continue. I don’t like simple games that stop a game as short as these are just to run an ad. But aside from that it’s a good game.

  5. LoriAM dice:

    This game is awesome! I am able to gift myself into another land as the background music is tranquil and calming. LOVE IT!!

  6. I needed a game to help with stress and anxiety but with all the ads I couldn’t enjoy the game. Downloaded and u installed it in less then 20mins

  7. Can’t go wrong with the greatest puzzle game out there. Mahjong in different versions and formats. Try it…

  8. I like this game. It’s not as challenging as some others, but it’s only the first level & some get more so as the levels go higher.

  9. Way too easy and not many boards. I completed all levels in a few hours

  10. Love the game, but when ads come on game crashes and have to reopen it, so for this ian only giving 3 stars

  11. fun fun I’ve been playing for years and years so much more funer than all the other games I have ever played in my life time

  12. I have long had a special place for all of the various solitaires and Majong Crush is no exception.

  13. It should not be as difficult as it is to open this app. It would take two or three goes to actually open it in the first place and then it would be hit or miss as to whether it will work or not or whether the more likely thing would occur and the screen would just start glitching. However, it has to be said that the graphics and format of the game (when it does work) are very enjoyable but that does not make up for the difficulties you have to get past to get to a point you can enjoy it.

  14. You just click the mtching tiles and, when there are no more combinations in option, the board just shuffles and it goes on like that till the board is cleared. So basically you can always solve the “puzzle” without even thinking through your moves. What’s the point?

  15. It’s fine. No option to pay to have no ads. The game has an option to turn music and sounds off. Yet, the ads pop up with sound. Which is disingenuous. Overall it’s “meh”. I’ll be removing it and moving on to an app that can behave.

  16. Love this game. Really addictive. Plenty of levels and once all levels completed you can go back and try and beat your previous scores. Music not annoying like most apps. Like the way it zooms in as cards reduce. Would recommend

  17. Its okay. Coming off of a majorly competative game so I appreciate the calming music and being able to play at my own pace. It is still a challenge to get the levels done as quickly as possible, but when I finish a few, if I want to take a break I can.

  18. ABSOLUTELY HORRID GAME APP! I am not able to close out of the app without rebooting my phone, which was never in the description, pre-installation, or I never would have bothered to install such a rude, uncaring app. Never mind the tile blocks having weird pictures totally unrelated to any traditional mahjongg tiles. Don’t care for this style app after giving it a chance, so uninstalling this app.

  19. Great game for keeping your brain sharp. Can shuffle the tiles as many times as you like and makes it easier to complete within the allotted time. No requirement to spend money, so a definite positive.

  20. Linda Ann dice:

    Tiles are soooo clear and colorful and larger!!!! The music I love.

  21. just a fun game that is easy and is good for killing time.

  22. I don’t know yet I haven’t even played 5 minutes yet. Maybe I’ll edit when I have time enough to find out if and or how much I like it.

  23. Having the ad block the options so everytime I need a hunt or want to restart I have to click the screen before doing so, wastes my time and is very distracting. Either have ads elsewhere, allow me to pay to stop ads or just have ads in between levels.

  24. great to pass time and become faster and smarter…

  25. Like it. Graphics are easy on the eyes and pleasant. Wish, wish wish there were “flowers ” options, but I already have them in 2 other games. Just a personal preference. Enjoyable game.

  26. L S dice:

    Good game. Lower number of tile types than usual. Uses more of each tile -upto 8 – adds a different challenge. Easy to beat once you regognise the laydown patterns the slogorythm uses.

  27. This seems to be a very easy Mahjong, but, I’m only on level 2. I have, however, completed a daily challenge and it was excellent and fun… You can only try and if you dont like it, then you just uninstall it! Enjoy…..

  28. I really like it but it has too many ads. If this problem would change I would change my review to 5 so I hope you fix this problem. And actually I really love this game and its really addictive :3

  29. Scumbag Texas Dan Patrick’s political ads have no place in game apps. Had high hopes. Uninstalled.

  30. It’s an okay game. Almost too easy most levels so far. Similar layouts, repetitious but overall something quick to kill a few minutes here and there.

  31. Rod dice:

    Good if you like a fast Mahjong game. Intuitive as it zooms in as you get fewer tiles and auto rearranges if no free tiles left. You are Not bombarded with ads. Highly recommend.

  32. LOVE IT!!! It let’s you change background of the board also let’s you pick your own tiles that you want to play also there is alot of game play in each level need to add some more levels for everyone to play

  33. Loved playing this every morning. Played all 6 levels with full scores on each level. Now there is nothing more to do but delete everything and start again??? Why no new games?? Very disappointing.

  34. Challenging. Really have to see and think quickly if you want to finish board without shuffles and still make in allotted time! Really love the different puzzles and how it works my mind and keeps it sharp.

  35. Beautiful game. Animations are flawless and it gives you plenty of time to complete. There are a few ads but you don’t get bombarded with them. Overall a great game!

  36. Graphics and game play are great. UI is easily understood. The tiles are easy to read. It’s the best mahjong game I have found in a long time. Thank you Developers and well done!

  37. In this puzzle you have beautiful music and you can change the background and tiles so have some fun 😉 😊 ☺ 😀 and play it when you get the chance to play it

  38. I love mahjong tile games so I’m excited when they put one in these test ru,so thank you

  39. awesome game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Quick playing with clear tiles. Easy to use.Could do with more layouts and bigger ones too just to make it harder to play as these were quite easy. Good work people. I do recommend this game.

  40. Dave P dice:

    Great stress reliever and time filler. I like the tile arrangement and overall display on screen. The ease of the program is well worth it. Enjoy it very much!

  41. love this game. I tried numerous games similar to this. but didn’t like it. so far no freezing. (if any). it’s smooth..

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