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Board game: Roll the dice, attack & Steal from friends!
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** Fun Board Games to play online, Roll the Dice and be the King of your Board **

Welcome to Board Kings: multiplayer Board Game, where you can build and upgrade your own Board, and also travel to your friends’ Boards and attack their Buildings. Playing with your friends and family has never been so much fun! Build, upgrade, steal and destroy – it is all possible in this crazy Board Game.
Roll the Dice as you build and upgrade your empire. Discover new magical Boards as you become a true
Board King and Dice King! The Fun and adventures never stop in Board Kings, so Roll the Dice and let’s
get Rolling!

Board Kings is Free to Play – just Roll the Dice and you’re good to go!
With Free Rolls every hour so you can always keep Rolling!
This live action Multiplayer game is the real deal – you play and compete online with your real friends!

Here is what you get when you join this epic adventure:

· Unique 3D art – watch your Board from every direction!
· Build and upgrade your Board – the possibilities are endless!
· Travel to your friends’ Boards – attack their Board and steal their Coins!
· New Boards and worlds to explore – the fun never stops!
· New Minigame on every Board you unlock!
· Collect Coins and Gems to upgrade your Board!
· Use Power Cards to get yourself out of a jam!
· Enjoy hundreds of Game Idols – always change your look!
· Action packed Boards – with your own Police Station, Train Station, Card Deck and much more!
· Magical Landmarks to boost your Board!
· Daily events and competitions – nonstop action! Compete with your friends or set your own records!
· The best prizes are always up for grabs – Win amazing Prizes every day
· Crazy fun features unlock as you progress and build your empire!

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Roll the Dice and let’s go!

Board Kings is intended for those 18 and older. Board Kings does not require payment to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Board Kings may also contain advertising. You may require an internet connection to play Board Kings and access its social features. You can also find more information about the functionality, compatibility and interoperability of Board Kings in the above description and additional app store information.

By downloading this game, you agree to future game updates as released on your app store or social network. You may choose to update this game, but if you do not update, your game experience and functionalities may be reduced.

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40 comentarios en "Board Kings: Board dice games FULL"

  1. Not sure what has happened but the game has became messed up. It’s less chance and more programmed. I’m tired of constantly being attacked and I’m constantly having to attack people when I don’t want to. I can’t make 3 rounds without having to attack at least twice. When I do attack I can’t use any cards or else I have to close the game completely and go back in just to be able to roll the dice. Please fix your game back the way it was before the diamonds.

  2. I can’t say why the other reviews say they have issues, if I do it’s because of my phone and I factory reset it!!! No problems with it. Great game. I’m very addicted to it. I’ve been playing for about 3 yrs; ) 😉 Not too many ads! Very fun game to pla!. Not so challenging you can’t quickly advace! Level up Thank you for such a fun chalking but not to challenging game. I just love the little characters good graphi

  3. I play this game 2-3 times a day. Overall enjoy this game. I went 5 stars, currently it is at a 3, because it seems to have some issues lately of freezing, I end up on the same board 4-6 times lately. It is also inconsistent with when you get your ‘points’ bonus. Sometimes gives every 24 hours sometimes 8 and sometimes 48. Otherwise I really do enjoy the game itself.

  4. Michelle dice:

    Love this game now all it does is crash constantly! When I purchase the second roll on the wheel I never even get to see what I’ve gotten because it crashes and it just says claim! Couple times I haven’t received what I paid for! But after looking at the reviews I see I’m not the only person having these issues. That doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable or makes it better. I really hope you guys fix these issues otherwise you’re going to lose a lot of business from a lot of people!

  5. I have played this game for years. I love playing it however lately it crashes or freezes about every 10 seconds. It’s hard to even want to continue to reload the game after the first 60 seconds! And please tell me why I have to click through no less than 5 popup ads EVERYTIME I have to reload the game due to these crashes and freezes. Are they really so desperate for money that the crashing and freezing is to literally “beg” for it???

  6. Love this game, as I’ve played it a few years. I’d love if they could fix the glitches here lately the past several months I have to go put of the game and go back in to continue to play as it freezes up. At times it just shuts down n kicks me out. When this happens you lose any moves you have just rolled, it’s irritating. I’ve updated it everything an update has been available. Gave it 3 stars if not for the glitches it would get 5 stars hoping it’s fixed before I delete it as I do love it.

  7. I’ve been playing this game for a while, my experience has been great until recently. I have been stuck on the same board after leveling up 6 times. I level up and then it used to say upgrade your buildings to move to a new board. I don’t know if there is a glitch but I’m very frustrated. I too have spent a lot of money playing this game. I agree with other players I would like the previous gems back. ****Tried sending an a email to the support email address, yeah doesn’t work!*******

  8. I used to love this game and have spent entirely too much money to play. Now, they’ve taken the specialty gems (I had over a thousand saved) and replaced them with 30 diamonds. Leveling up makes building upgrades cost more, but there are not greater rewards, so you pay more for everything at pretty much the same reward system at the first levels. On top of that it’s impossible to win missions without spending tons of money (I’ve literally spent upwards of $40 during trails and still don’t win.

  9. Enid dice:

    *New update is awful, hate the diamonds. Keep leveling up but not moving to different boards and the mini game doesn’t work.* I enjoy this game but the various pop ups when you first open the game are unbearable. I don’t need to be reminded four times that there’s a deal in the store or that there’s an event going on, it’s obvious. Also some of the events are ridiculously hard unless you pay. I’ll still play the game but it’s hard to want to put effort into it with little reward at times.

  10. I enjoy this game slot. It’s easy to play but immersive at the same time. If you have some downtime this game provides the filler needed to pass time quickly. It’s easy to lay down and pick up at anytime . There are time sensitive tournaments but last usually only a day or 2. Occasionally there may be some that last longer but that’s usually around a holiday. I have had no problems with this game. It works Everytime. There are ads but only if you choose to watch to earn dice rolls.

  11. I love this game. I’m not sure if the prices have just increased on store and limited bundles, or if they’ve increased because the amount I’ve already spent that the store prices increased. But the fact that I only have one option that costs $7.99 and the rest are $14 and up. I bought them to begin with because they were good deals. Now it’s not worth it and I can only play the game a few minutes at a time now because rolls take so long to accumulate. Something has to give board kings.

  12. I love this game and play it every day. It’s been having a lot of updates and changes lately, but so far has been pretty positive. It gives many ways to get extra free dice if you choose to, by watching an ad, but they are not forced in your face or pop up after every move or after you run out of dice like some games. I’ve also noticed since the last update that they are way more generous with the free dice than before. I also love the graphics, bunns, and different boards you move up to.

  13. Tez V dice:

    STOP taking Dice for game error!! It keeps saying internet is bad when I’ve reset everything. I have also made sure that our internet speeds where good, and checked the internet company’s locations of scheduled/unforseen/emergency outages, and there was nothing. It’s all the games errors. And when I roll the die, it takes it away from my counter but never moves my piece because of internet issues. Totally out of my control, but I pay for it. Too many times now!!!

  14. The game strategy is pretty dull and not very entertaining .. simply roll the dice, the game piece moves and you gain coins for each move. You buy the slots you land on and spend more coins to level up that slot until the whole board is leveled up completely, move on to the next board and do it all over again. It’s like a naked version of Monopoly but with no incentive or game players.. just a meaningless game to profit off ads in my opinion.

  15. I’ve been playing this game for over a year and a half. It has been great, you don’t have to spend money to play because there are tons of side games to win dice and gems. I lowered my rating, from 5 stars because I agree, the last couple updates have been horrible. I hate the change to the vending machine, in the 2nd to last update. I haven’t had a dice generated per min increase in a very very long time! And the latest update has me stuck repeating the same board three times now!

  16. Love this game. It progresses quickly, so I don’t get bored or stuck on a level that feels impossible unless I make an in-app purchase. The art work is engaging and makes me curious as to what the next level is going to look like. Fun game that’s simple, relaxing, cute, with a frustration factor of zero. Well done.

  17. This was a fun game. But now with only having juice adventures and the 7+ popups to close to even get to the game has ruined it for me. I used to play this all day, now it’s a chore to even play it once a day. It’s beyond stale with there never getting the prize elevator or the fight ring. I’ll gladly change my rating if they ever change things back

  18. Julie dice:

    A month ago I would have given this game 5 stars easy. Super fun with all the different challenges per board. I was even spending admittedly a bit of money! Then, like all greedy companies, rewards got smaller, collection sets we’re not being made, and the package prices have almost doubled. Which is a shame because you lost a paying customer. There is no reason to play without purchasing extra rolls. Rolling x10 or less makes progress boringly slow and pointless. GREEDY, GREEDY. Bye.

  19. I have played this game for 2years and with all of the recent changes it is no longer worth planning. They don’t keep up with the new boards constantly raising the price and a ton of glitches. I keep getting kick out of the app this I not a game I will continue to play In the upcoming new year. One purchase went from 1.99 to 4.99 another went from 2.99 to 7.99 and that is just the lower coast items 🙄🤔🤬🚩

  20. I really like this game however after the update the glitches started. It has been loading all day. I haven’t been able to play the game. It said a connection error when I have great connection and it never loads. I have restarted my phone, restarted app and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still the same problem. Also my train has been the same for almost 2 months.

  21. I adore the cute bunnies & variety of themes! This game has been one of my favorite ways to pass time for awhile. The most recent update has the smoothest animations I’ve seen in a phone game! Edit 10/19/22: After many years of playing this game, this is the only bad update I’ve seen & it massively changes game play for the worse. The new diamonds are more difficult to get & the reward from Town Hall is now a 2 step process. Lame, lame, lame.

  22. I haven’t played super long but I’m over level 100. It has been a fun game but lately it’s been slowly getting worse. There used to be a variety of daily challenges for bonus rolls and coins, now it’s just rolling 1. The multipliers got less easy to select, then it changed how the max multiplier applies, now some are removed. I’m about to uninstall., I think. Update.. I came back on the promise of 1000 free rolls in an ad but I didn’t get those rolls. Done.

  23. Dana dice:

    I understand updates fixes something, then at the same time break something. When I go to someone else’s board and lay a card down my screen freezes, which leaves me with no choice to close the entire app down. When I open it back up, I’ll be on that person’s board and then “oops” it’s like all that never happened. I was on a roll just now and I’ve lost interest. Maybe I’ll play this tomorrow? Not sure.

  24. Addicting game only problem is it kind of glitches a lot and you don’t get your rewards… Especially once you start getting into the higher levels and the piggy bank for rolls is a trick you have to pay even though they make it out like it just saves your extra rolls to get later but no only if you pay for it and certain ads will make it shut down and have to restart it and you lose whatever you were doing in the middle of that.

  25. Great Game ! It’s very addicting and hard to stop playing. It’s almost like Monopoly just a knock off LOL. Side note* There should be a way to add people from around the world be your friend like when I travel I would like to be able to be there friend afterwards the code system is kinda hard to find people to play with. Not all my friends on Facebook want to play with me but when I travel I know other people will want to keep coming to each others board. I want to make new friends 😊 !

  26. Game stability has improved somewhat. Still crashes on me every once in a while tho. EDIT: I absolutely love this game but it’s crashed on me at least 8 times today. I’m trying to complete a mission that ends very soon but I can’t complete it because it keeps kicking me off the app. Please fix this!

  27. Been playing for 3 yrs, but this game has gotten way too expensive. You can’t succeed w/o $$$, & the cost just keeps going up. A cheap pkg is 17.99 & avg is 22.99. Too bad. I really loved this game, too. 🙁 OLD: This is the game I wake up with EVERY morning! I LOVE IT! There are times I think it’s a bit too hard to win events, but they always make up for it with a fairly easy one. & they’re in-app purchases are usually very reasonable.

  28. I must say the app has gotten a lot better to indulge in. However the new 💎 update changed the board economy significantly. It seems it cost more now that everything is diamonds. Not sure how I feel about that.🤔 However I do play with some friends so it’s still a quick pass time we can all play together. Also gives us more Jackpots on Daily Spin!!! I will say though some of the bundle packs really are worth it for the few dollars. I like that you don’t have to spend alot to get useful stuff.

  29. Joy Boy dice:

    This is such a fun game. I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and like with any app sometimes there are issues but I’ve always been treated kind, they dealt with any issue I had with in a timely fashion. The only thing I would love to see is their graphics updated. Although their graphics are fun but it seems like their a little behind in that area. Still doesn’t have an effect on my mindset when it comes to me playing. I would write more if there was more room in this box lol Thank u

  30. I, like many others do not like the newest update due to the loss of over 1,200 purple gems I had savee up before suddenly being replaced with 30 diamonds?? I also noticed that when I move to a new board it hasn’t actually been a NEW board in at least the last 3 boards, it’s just reusing ones I’ve already been to now, but it looks like there are so many collections to choose from that it could load, but idk… It’s not very fun recently.

  31. Fun game, but needs more opportunities to get rolls. The daily tournaments and challenges help, and make it more interesting. The glitches are annoying. Getting no reward for watching an ad, or having the game stop and have to restart just when I’m getting a prize or traveling to another board. Still the best free game. Don’t have to pay to be successful.

  32. It’s impossible to win any competitions without purchases. It used to be more of a level playing field, but with every new “feature”, they mess up the existing players. There’s no easy way to get the stickers anymore and while some of the newer features are nice, it’s 100% about squeezing micro transactions out of the players now.

  33. I have had this game for years, it has stayed with me through phone changes. It was my favorite game, I am now editing my rating because it is starting to lose its enjoyment, we can no longer change the theme of our boards anymore, the vending machine part of the game has been completely changed and now they have made it so to change the amount per roll you have to keep clicking instead of the option list and now it automatically changes even when I had enough rolls to keep using the “8x” rolls.

  34. Love the game enough that after playing on my Android phone I put it on my iPad mini. BUT, DEVELOPERS, on the iPad it’s TERRIBLE! The ads constantly crash the game, even after resetting the cache and restarting. It is the ONLY app on my iPad that does it. Today I have had to restart the program easily 5 or more times in half an hour because it freezes or is so incredibly slow that a 30 second ad takes four minutes. No, really!!! Won’t spend $$ till that’s fixed. No fun right now. 🙁

  35. It’s a great game but once you start spending money the progression cap is raised severely, and things get expensive quick. Such as buildings, getting set free from the police on others boards, and the vending machine, granted I know it will eventually anyway but not at lvl 20+ after buying some rolls. Also you can go from making strides in mini games to only going an inch at a time with each spin, even with high multipliers and it’s a bit frustrating not gonna lie. However it’s worth playing.

  36. It’s a cute, funny game. Addictive. Kind of creative, too. It’s nice to relax to sometimes. Recently, I haven’t been able to select my preferred theme for my board at all, I can’t figure out why. But overall it’s still a good game if you need to pass some time without much thought or effort. Edit: apparently my inability to change board themes is newly implemented :/

  37. Tons of bugs on the latest update. My screen gets stuck and I was on the same board for 10 rounds before moving to a new board. Error message keeps popping asking if I want to relogin or keep rolling. Menus keep popping up randomly 🙄. And, to keep moving forward, you would need to buy boxes and the price increases each time but if you stop buying, the prices drop. But only having 130 dice as you get to boards that have 1 Trillion+ costs for buildings… need more dice.

  38. This review written 7/25/22 I like it! There are enough side goals to keep it interesting, and you get extra rolls from them. Plus you can actually play for a decent amount of time without having to spend money, which I appreciate. (Personally, it makes me more likely to actually spend money on the game, and more developers should follow the lead here). Ads are only to get extra rolls, which I also super love. You’re able to get new game tokens frequently and some of them are freaking awesome.

  39. Decent game but there’s not much involved. Also, if you’re going to play this, enjoy spending the first 5 minutes closing in-game popups every single time you open the game. Update: I originally put 3 stars but only because of the lack of content. But I’m back after a year or two and it’s much better. 🤘 The 5 minutes of closing pop-ups still stands though. Good God almighty 😨

  40. Amazing game, the only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because at some point they changed the game to where you only get gems when you land on the home base. You used to be able to get gems for just simply passing home base but you’d get extra for landing on it. I use to enjoy saving up for landmarks, but ever since the change it takes FOREVER! If you change it back, I’ll give you that extra star.

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