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Play face-to-face with your friends & family with in-game video chat!
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MONOPOLY now includes multiplayer video chat. Create a free, private account, add your friends, start a game from your group chats and move automatically to video chat when it begins.

“Monopoly on mobile includes cross-platform online multiplayer, which means you can open up a lobby, have your friends join your games, and all play together in perfect harmony. Beautiful, right?” Dave Aubrey – PocketGamer

This is a fully immersive board game experience with amazing graphics and animations. The whole classic game is available with no ads, so you get the fun of the Monopoly board game without distractions. Invite your friends and family to game night with one of the app stores favourite top paid games.


House rules
Put the official Hasbro rule book down and play with your favourite house rules

Quick mode
Roll the dice, risk it all and get paid – finish the board game faster than ever

Single player
Play against our challenging AI – no need for family and friends

Offline multiplayer
Pass a single device between up to 4 players for an offline wifi-free experience

Online multiplayer
Distance doesn’t interrupt play when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private game

Full, ad-free game
Play the complete classic game with no pay-to-win or ad pop-ups. Roll the dice and risk it all to become the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board!

The Complete Collection
Be the top landlord tycoon on new themed boards, exclusive to the mobile game. With 10 boards, no 2 games are the same! Risk it all in the L.A. Monstropolis alternate universe. Be spooked in Transylvania. See the future in New York 2121, or travel back in time to Victorian London, Historic Tokyo, Belle Époque era Paris and 1930s Atlantic City! Unlock new player pieces, properties and chance cards with each theme!

Choose your player mode
Play this classic Hasbro board game in a variety of online and offline player modes. Put your landlord skills to the test against our challenging AI opponents and be a property tycoon in single player mode. Compete with friends and family wherever you are in online multiplayer. Play WiFi-free when you pass & play one device around a group of players. The choice is yours as you buy up the board!

Select your rules
If you’re one of the many people who have never actually read the rules of Monopoly, you can still play the game exactly how you like! Play without auctions, add cash to Free Parking, or pay $400 for landing directly on GO! Choose to stick to the classic Hasbro rule book, get a fixed selection of the most popular house rules, or customise your rules to suit your own preferences!

Choose your piece
Choose from the modern and classic player pieces, including: scottie, cat, T-rex, rubber duck, the car, the top hat and the battleship!

Enter the board
Experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends and becoming the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board! It’s just as you remember, plus fun animations and an AI banker who’s on everyone’s side!

Build your property empire
Roll the dice, take investment risks, bid for properties in auctions, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a property tycoon.

Play Marmalade Game Studio’s multiplayer games with friends and family wherever you are! Our online games with friends include Clue/Cluedo, The Game of Life, The Game of Life 2, The Game of Life Vacations and Battleship.


Make festive memories with two snow-covered themes in the NEW Winter Wonderland 2 for 1 Bundle!
The bundle includes:

- The Victorian London theme - buy-up the historic city on the banks of the frozen Thames, with exclusive tokens: the Crown, Big Ben, Royal Guard, and the Trafalgar Square Lion!
- The Snowdrop Valley theme - Build your Winter holiday empire in a sparkling Ski Resort, with exclusive tokens: the Fir Tree, Snowmobile, Snowman and Reindeer!

Two iconic boards await!


40 comentarios en "MONOPOLY – Classic Board Game FULL"

  1. update: Downgraded to 3 stars due to the fact that you can’t resume a game already in progress if you have to leave the game to answer a text. I was far in the game and winning and couldn’t resume current game. You can’t toggle back in forth on your phone with this game. Very frustrating especially since there is no warning. Very good, Well pleased! The only thing that I can say is that I haven’t lost yet. Not that it’s a bad thing but I wish the online players gave more of a competition.

  2. It would be nice if the dice rolls were actually random. As you change the difficulty level, it becomes apparent that nothing is left to chance and that outcomes are controlled. It would also be nice if post-game stats were shown and a win/loss record were kept. A short history of recent moves in each game wouldn’t be bad either. Saving progress and having the ability to pick up where you left off at a later time would be a huge plus, too.

  3. Trey Volk dice:

    Couple gripes. If you’re playing multiplayer and leave the game to make a quick text or do something on your phone the disconnection time is very fast and more then likely you won’t make it back into the game just a fair warning. Also I wish the custom settings when you start a game were more expandable, like starting money etc. I did see someone saying you can’t save the game and come back to it. That is false. If your playing ai you just have to quit through menu ingame and it will save.

  4. It has very nice UI and overall great. The reason for 3 star is there’s player who intentionally use up all the time by being ideal or by clicking on trade, all because of some other player who didn’t accept their trade. Developers should do something to somehow prevent this from happening. For instance, players should be able to change the ideal time during game if 2 out of 4 plays accept the change. Or force the player to roll the dice and end turn, if 2 out of 4 plays says to hurry up.

  5. This game has so much potential. Unfortunately, it’s not fun because the dice are loaded. When I select “hard” it’s because I want the virtual opponents to be smart at trades, not because I want loaded dice that prevent me from landing on good properties. To make this a 5-Star game, the dice should always be random. The easy/hard levels should be controlled by the trade decisions of the virtual opponents.

  6. am h dice:

    The classic game but online. The good: Clever board designs and tokens. No hassle with adding, subtracting money, all automatically done. The user friendly navigation. The ability to play different types of ways (traditional, against computer, random online players, etc.) The bad: the die rolls don’t feel completely random (what are the chances a player gets three doubles twice in one game), feels like the game is rigged, no chat feature, chance and community chest are repetitive, game freezes.

  7. The game itself is fine, but there is a major bug and oversight. If a player on an online game gets booted off the app, even for just a second, the player is unable to rejoin and the game almost completely breaks. Ide expect this on a free app but if you’re going to charge $6, bugs like this shouldn’t happen. It’s easy to accidently click on a pop up notification. That shouldn’t break the entire game that we spent 30 min on.

  8. Great game but lots of bugs and glitches. Also, there isn’t really any sort of leader board for players which I think would be an awesome addition or at least a way for you to unlock certain boards or avatar pieces instead of having to pay for them. I think it’s a huge money grab, to have to pay for a game app them again to pay for anything different within the app. Lives up to the name of the game.

  9. Not a fan of AI repeatedly getting doubles and waiting over 5 minutes to have a turn . The game drags like molasses. Would rate 5 stars if App had quick mode where the AI turns would simply skip all the animations and dragging on of the AI move. Risk has this option and makes for an ideal playing experience for those who have limited time. Also getting rid of double roles for extra turn would be nice. And the option to get rid of center town 3d effect. it is a disturbing distraction.

  10. Premium app. Little effort. You get one Free map, 8 free figures. Everything else you have to pay. You cant type to other players. The AI on single player are terrible. Game freezes constantly. They use a service called bubble where you can add your friends, but I rather it be made IN the app rather than having to make an account. There are no way to see statistics such as your win/lose, longest game, etc. You cant add random friends, rather you HAVE to give a code. Overall, very disappointing.

  11. The game was alright except for the blatantly unbalanced ai. If you are playing multi-player this isn’t an issue and is pretty fun. I would have rated it higher but this app had the audacity to constantly shove expensive micro transactions in your face after you already paid $6 to play the game. For those $6 all you get is one map and 4 characters to choose from. I wouldn’t even have been mad but almost all the micro transactions cost more than the game.

  12. Joseph dice:

    Pray you don’t have to answer any calls or notifications while playing. Even a simple game playing with friends gets ruined because one person stepped away from the game for a few minutes and they were replaced by AI. Once you’re replaced by AI, even just playing with friends, there’s no way to get back into a game even if you provide the game code. That ruins the entire experience and there goes all the progress.

  13. T Hixson dice:

    The app runs smooth, easy menuing, the obligatory third-party account set-up isn’t a huge pain. The artwork looks good (although the animations between turns/actions take too long in my opinion). It IS a well made app. This game is incredibly frustrating because the RNG is unbelievable. Play a few rounds, you will see. Games seem predetermined. Most rolls are completely ridiculous. You will NEVER roll more than three times to get out of jail. Smh. Not an authentic Monopoly experience.

  14. Fun game, multiplayer works fine but I wish there was an option to pause a game when playing multiplayer with friends instead of having to play it all the way through. Also wish there was an option to customize video size. Lastly the game is about $6, but then each board is an additional $3+ and no option to earn it in game for free. This was a huge flaw, instead add an in game currency you can earn by playing and add an option to buy this currency with real money to speed it up if you’d like.

  15. the only shortcoming I see is that there should be a quick save option. once you pick your game option, your custom settings and your opponents, if there was a quick save button, I could then use a quick start button and pass up all those options the next time and anytime I want to play the same way.

  16. Monopoly with ads. Not the greatest Monopoly I’ve purchased, but not the worst. I can’t believe they want you to drop $6 on the app, then rob you with micro-transactions. The premium $6 cost seems to be too steep to not be offering premium content. Also, the $34.99 to ‘unlock’ all themes, etc… is outrageous, in my opinion. These greedy practices is what creates competition, and if another developer offers a premium version with no micro-transactions for $15, I will gladly take them up on it.

  17. Too many bots to play an actual Monopoly game. In the online match mode, most of the other players are bots who make nonsensical decisions, like trading a tile color set for a single railroad. If there are real players to start, they wind up leaving and bring replaced by bots since there’s no penalty because stats aren’t tracked and real players get frustrated by the bots. Plus lag and poor performance, even on a powerful phone. I love Monopoly but this isn’t even close to it. Very sad.

  18. Paul B dice:

    Good: Game relatively easy to play, good animations, good maps. ———————————————-Bad: Players quit too often, literally every game and when they do you can take advantage of the computer, effectively ruining the game. Game freezes a lot. NO stats or ranking system. NO chat besides a few pre typed ones. Overall fun game but very frustrating.

  19. Nice version of Monopoly! Please make the AI opponents more challenging. Also, there needs to be a time limit to end the turn of someone who has disappeared from a multiplayer game. Please consider making some other classic board games like Pay Day and Careers. Those two would be instabuys for me.

  20. Oh where do I begin, first off I really do love this game. It’s clean, I have no bugs or glitches, and I thoroughly enjoy playing it. But, the AI is wayyyyy to difficult, even on easy it’s extremely hard to even have a chance at winning. I’d really like to have this issue fixed but I think for now I’m gonna have to uninstall it… I really do hope that the AI gets a rework or something.

  21. Yung L.j dice:

    Game it self is great, sucks you have to waist time waiting.. and waiting. And waiting for the player to take their turn, it should have a bot roll for them if they wait past a certin time… Also it wont allowe to play with friends suddenly as before i was able to. I have updated the game, as well as my phone, checked all setting, it makes no sense..code error when o play with friends

  22. Erin W dice:

    Long time lover of Monopoly, and I do love the app! The only thing I don’t like is that you cant pause the game when playing with friends. If you or your friend leaves the app for too long, you get disconnected and play an AI instead. I get why it doesn’t work for online games with random players, butI would love to see a “Pause Game” option for when you’re playing your friends online.

  23. Great game. I like that there is an option for house rules. The only reason I rated it 4 stars is because after buying the game, they still charge you more if you want to play with anything other than the classic monopoly. (4.5 stars.) For the devs: There is a glitch with free parking with the custom rules that if someone pays for “house repairs” it puts like 6 times the amount in free parking.

  24. There’s currently a game breaking bug where you can’t end your turn. You end up sitting there for how ever long your patience allows before you are forced to close the app. I sat for 30 minutes because I had a really good game going and I lost it all. It feels like the game chooses someone to do well and another that does horrible. There’s always a single person absolutely dominating and another who landed on a single open property the entire game. Also I wish you could choose rules for online..

  25. I had to pay for this game. It should NOT get “stuck” and become unplayable every other game. Happens all the time in the middle of a game after an hour of playing where you can click some buttons but it won’t allow you to roll or for the next player to go. Becomes completely unresponsive. And nothing is wrong with my internet. Happens on wifi while I’m sitting next to my high speed router or on 5G with the strongest reception. Ridiculous.

  26. Jeff Snow dice:

    Not 100% true to the original, but fun. The community chest cards are different, but this can be switched back to the normal original ones supposedly, but there are still some discrepancies. Also, some of the games spaces are different. Luxury tax is supposed to be $75. And income tax should allow you to choose 10% or $200. It does not give you a choice. Also auctioning only goes up in certain increments. You should be able to choose the amount you want to bid specifically. Otherwise it’s fun.

  27. Good but could be better, there needs to be a feature where it tells you how many times you played and won/loss. Also have a point system for for 1st place to 4th for you can unlock new boards or tokens. Cuz once you play and win that’s it nothing else to look forward to but another endless long game. Give people goals to play more and unlock new items with points.

  28. Bigger issues: 1. has frozen twice in the two days I’ve had it. I know it’s a bug in the game itself, not my phone, bc other players acknowledged in the chat. Had to quit an hr in! 2. No stats! With a paid game, I expect to be able to track my Ws Small qualm: “Classic” should be Atlantic City! We’re already paying, the theme that matches the actual board setting shouldn’t be ~premium~

  29. Overall well designed and faithful to the board game. It also let’s you set common house rules, which is nice because I can play by the rules I grew up with. It now works on my Chromebook. The only problem I encountered was figuring out how to throw the dice. Instead of clicking (or swiping) the dice themselves, I have to click between them. Other than that, it runs great on ChromeOS.

  30. When playing against the computer, you’re playing with loaded dice that 70% of the time cause you to land on tax immediately after go, than right onto a property with a hotel. And 70% of the time the computer magically skips past all the hotels and when it lands on the chance it ALWAYS draws a card that gives them money. And when you play with “players”, it’s almost like you’re playing against bots. It’s not with the $3.99 or the additional for the different boards.

  31. Recently I’ve noticed a change in the game. The devs say the game is random, but I don’t think so, landing on a tax or jail is just all to common and skipping over entire sections happens way to often. Constantly landing on owned properties and watching someone get an entire monopoly without trading a single cent happens way to often. Also once the Algorithm is more balanced can we have a Tournament or sweepstakes or something? Away to win money instead of just playing for fun?

  32. Can’t have a game running in the background, ai will takeover and play for you. Hope you didn’t need to check an email or anything. Also the game just picks whoever it wants to do well. Even with bots on the easiest level, 2 games in a row I got set to jail 3 consecutive times without passing go, while bots were landing only on their own property and free property. Also on community chest/chance and they got get out of jail cards or money EVERY SINGLE TIME. The game is fundamentally broken.

  33. Very loaded dice. The AI have the ability to get past anything and everything. You can however take advantage of the AI in trading as they trade with the mentality of a 5 year old. Playing with friends is exhausting as it seems the game picks one person to dominate the rest right off the bat. Overall not a terrible game, but not good.

  34. I used to play Monopoly ALL THE TIME when I had a Windows phone. So when I switched to Android I figured I’d buy it. I’m not sure why but this feels soulless. Too corporate (yes I know what game I’m talking about). The micro transactions are all cosmetic which is great, and the base game is fine, but it’s just missing that spark. Like looking in the eyes of your wife, a woman you once loved with a passion and seeing a stranger looking back. I’m still going to play it, but don’t get your hopes up

  35. Reply: This is just not true. As a developer, I know that a handicap system is much easier to develop than a good AI. –Decent custom options and a nice interface, but there are fundumental issues that make the game frustrating. I’ve confirmed that the dice rolls between players and AIs are statistically skewed. My theory: Instead of implementing a decent AI engine, the developers instead chose the handicap method. This is fine but there’s no way to disable this and no visibility into it.

  36. It’s fun, even as a way to kill some time. Works good and as intended and super easy to get the hang of. The only game breaking thing is: if I’m playing against bots, there needs to be a fast forward feature or a way for me to make skip the animations faster because it takes too long to wait for all the turns. If all the animations could be played at a speed between 1.5x to 5x speed, would make it so much better.

  37. Ty Simone dice:

    Absolutely ridiculous that you can’t come back to a multiplayer game. Once you minimize or close the app, the game is lost forever. You’ll never be able to jump back in. Single player works well enough, but am I really playing $5 for a game that I can’t exit while I wait for others to take their turns? Should be top priority getting this fixed IMO.

  38. So here’s my review after 14 games straight: the AI is awful. It always buys the right properties to finish a color set before you. In comparison to you, its likelihood of getting doubles is boosted by 5 to 10. (In easy mode). You have a 90% probability of landing on an AI-built hotel on the following turn. It always gets the best Chance and Community cards as well. Fix this, please. It seems like you forgot to test your game. There’s a reason it’s called EASY. Repeat after me: EASY mode!

  39. A quick honest review. The game itself is fantastic. I have not really encountered any bugs. But the game MASSIVELY let’s itself down by not letting you save your progress. Everyone knows how long a monopoly game can last. And for mostly everyone, they’ll be a reason for you or a friend you’re playing against to have to tab out and come back to it. The game that you’ve been playing, which you could be over an hour into, can get disconnected, and you have to start again.

  40. I was unsure from the reviews if I would like this version but it’s a very polished app, and works perfectly offline in single player mode. I used to have another version from another publisher and this one is better. The only thing I miss is the percentage analysis of who might land on a given space in the next turn, and an analysis of a given property’s return on investment would be stellar. No regret purchasing this app, and I dont purchase very many at all.

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