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Coloring games with paint by number! Easy, Fun and Relaxing!
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Looking to relax or unwind? Here is a coloring book for you. Colorscapes combines fun, stress reduction, and beautiful art into one awesome color and paint by number game. Relaxing coloring games with a free color by number system. Paint by numbers to bring life to artwork with ease. A new accessible and intuitive controls take coloring games to a brand new level meaning that you can paint by number with just one hand. At home, on the way, coloring and drawing with free color by number game is a great way to pass the time.

A great number of categories of coloring games will surely give you an unforgettable experience of paint by number game. Art is like a coloring book. Open it, color it by number, paint it by number, colors and numbers are everywhere. This is true art and a real drawing.

The app goes above and beyond to bring users a premier coloring experience.
Check out these powerful features:
– Enormous variety of beautiful artworks
– Amazing art from our featured artists
– Simple controls, smooth interface, and eye-catching notifications
– New artworks added daily
– Library of more than 2500 works, all are free to use
– Recommended for you: popular works suggestions
– Tips and tricks at every step to help you create flawless artwork

This coloring book app was made to help people find a moment of calmness. Relax while coloring or painting a portrait on the subway, color a cartoon at your home, or fill with colors a free oil paint by number anywhere else. Easily complete beautiful painting works with this color by number app. Send fun greeting cards to friends, solve color by number tasks, or check out cute flower coloring books.

Colorscapes is here for you. Enjoy the nostalgia of coloring books at home. Whether you want to detach yourself from something, or just to kill time while creating some awesome artwork, take a moment to play this game. Create a masterpiece with your hands! Relax and color, have fun today with awesome Colorscapes’ – coloring by number app!

Millions of people around the world enjoy coloring games, what are you waiting for? Who wouldn’t want a color matching game, oil paint by number, and a classic paint by number, that are all in one color by number app?

Try Colorscapes, a free color by number game, today! You won’t regret it.

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What’s up, Colorfans!? Our updated version has been released!!
Check out these NEW features and fixes:
- Bug fixes to make the app run smoothly.
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40 comentarios en "Colorscapes® – Color by Number MODDED 2022"

  1. For the first time I am really enjoying a coloring/painting app. I have tried several but most have not had the vibrant colors this one has. With other coloring apps there were way too many detailed spots to search, thus having to enlarge the picture so much it took forever to search the whole thing. With this app you don’t have to go thru that, leaving time to enjoy it without frustration. This app just may be a keeper!

  2. I have yet to experience anything negative or bad about this Color-By-Number App so far. I fell in love with the color-by-number type of art & way to color at a very young age. So, to put it into perspective, I’ve tried and done all sorts of color-by-number products, apps, etc. Yet this app has been the best so far. Usually other apps similar to this have too many ads & not enough coloring options. This app seems to have endless amount of pictures to choose from. My EXACT style to color as well.

  3. I love this app because of all the beautiful colors and it’s not as complicated as some when you have to be all over the place to fill all numbers in. I usually do one side then the other to bypass that. It does have ads that I can do without because it almost makes you want to just quit at times, But the picture your coloring is worth it for the most part. Check it out because I know you’ll love it. The wallpapers are lovely.

  4. I’ve liked everything so far. I just have had one problem when coloring, sometimes I get started quickly and hit the hint icon by accident, wasting a hint. Another thing, it would be nice if there was a setting feature to remove or change things around for a more relaxing experience.

  5. cindy lee dice:

    I love this app, and have been using it exclusively for years now. If I color everything I like I just delete, reinstall, and start over. One thing—- PLEASE bring back bucket. I do this to relax. When I am stressed out and searching on full zoom for a tiny missing piece I am not enjoying or relaxing. At times like that I really appreciated the bucket feature. Honestly, that is the main reason this is my only coloring game. It gives your app an edge over others, PLEASE put it back.

  6. I enjoy the app overall, but I’ve been continuously hit with two major problems lately – the broken “Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the City” ad that is unable to be closed (forcing a game restart) and the Continue button becoming inactive. The ad issue is happening on other apps, too, but I’ve gotten hit with it five times in a row, making the game unplayable. The Continue issue has only happened here and there, though still frustrating.

  7. I love this game! It has really beautiful pictures and its so relaxing. But can you add a thing where we can delete colorings or paintings to continue. If I don’t like the way they look or turn out I don’t still want them and I’d rather delete them from my app gallery. That’s why I rate this 4 stars.

  8. I love this app. The colors are vibrant they have some realistic pictures that I adore, a great selection of categories my #1 favorite app and I have about 13 coloring apps. You can long press to change the color, they are very detailed so I don’t finish them in under 5 mins. You have to watch an ad for hints, when starting a pic, and when you’re done with the pic. But it’s a FREE app

  9. It would be nice if people could delete the pictures they don’t want to keep on this app. It caused my phone a lot of problems by taking up too much storage space on my phone! It would keep saying not enough space, internal storage dangerously low and no internet! It wouldn’t let me take pictures with my phone! Once I uninstalled the app my phone started working fine again! Other than this I loved this app!

  10. It’s a very good coloring app, with tons of nice pictures and vibrant colors, however recently the option to switch between the bucket and brush tools have just up and vanished. I’ve always preferred using the bucket tool, since repeated tapping starts to hurt my fingers after a bit, so not being able to use the bucket has kinda ruined the experience for me. Please fix this issue!

  11. Of all the color by number games I’ve played, this one has to be the cutest. All the pictures are easy and just generally nice to look at. I’ve gone through about 20 pictures and I’ve seen maybe two 15 second ads, which is amazing compared to other games like this. The only downside is that I don’t think the artists are given any credit and they absolutely deserve it 🙂

  12. This is probably one of the best colouring apps out there. There tons of variety in the pictures with some being realistic paintings and others being cartoons. There’s something here for everyone. I’m not giving it five stars because sometimes, some of the colouring spots are really small and hard to see which makes you almost have to use a hint. To get hints you have to watch ads which can get a little annoying. However, I think the pros outweigh the cons and all in all it’s a great app.

  13. This app is FUN. As opposed to some other coloring apps Colorscapes only requires a very light finger tap to fill the cell. Also the picture moves when you move it not when you are tapping the screen trying to fill a cell as I have found with other apps, which is very annoying. There is a large variety of pictures to choose from, plus new pictures added daily. I love this app. Very relaxing. High 5’s

  14. This was one of my favorite coloring apps but I’ve slowly lost interest and I’m disappointed. There’s supposed to be 8 new pictures updated everyday and they’re not new but says they are. It’s nothing exciting or new anymore. However, I will say that the colors are the most vibrant and the pictures are fun to color. The overall coloring experience is easy and smooth just wish there were actually new pictures uploaded.

  15. The pictures are beautiful and I absolutely love the colors! However, it’d be really nice if the background could be changed (like a dark-mode kind of thing) and the section highlight had a couple options, as the current blue and white checkerboard pattern can sometimes be extremely hard to see. Also, PLEASE give us a way to remove at least the autoplay ads.

  16. I love the pictures in this app, I also like that the tap radias is larger than my other app. Makes things easier since I use this to calm my mind at bed time. My only complaint and why I gave it three stars: when you view an ad I can’t click on the ‘x’ to close the ad because it’s too close to the corner, so I have to completely exit the app. This has been happening a lot lately and it’s really frustrating. Edit: Seems to be all fixed! No issues for at least a week or two. 😁

  17. I have downloaded so many color by number games and it’s only been a few days but this is the best by far! The pictures are beautiful, the colors are vibrant and ruch. Plus, when tapping on the colors it’s like he sensation of ‘popping bubbles.’ I love it. ETA… Lately, random numbers will go blank and I have to exit in order to finish the image. I even uninstalled the app (and lost all the pics I had finished) but it still keeps doing it. Please fix this issue. Removing a star

  18. Jen Stout dice:

    I love the variety of art to choose from to color on this. New stuff is added daily. Going to the gallery gives a larger selection to look through. You have to wait through an ad to load the art, but you can switch to airplane mode after that if you want to color without the pop up for an offer of 2 hints by watching an ad. That offer pops up often and can be a bit annoying, but helpful if you want to stack up some hints to use. Very relaxing and time killing game.

  19. Honestly this game is super fun! The colors and variety of styles is better than any other coloring game I’ve seen. My only issue is that it seems to crash a lot, which is very frustrating. Also, sometimes when I’m coloring a picture it suddenly stops working and freezes, which forces me to shut down the app, reopen it, and find the picture again, which gets tiring after 2 or 3 times. Overall, great app! Just please fix these things.

  20. I love it. It is really satisfying and relaxing to play. However, one thing that would be easier is if you could drag over multiple spots to save time. Also, after 3 pictures, it wouldn’t let me color any more. Saying that I am not connected to the network when I have been connected to my internet the entire time! Besides those 2, I highly recommend this app to anyone.

  21. Really enjoying the pics, you have some beautiful ones. I have noticed quite a few pics that I have seen and colored on other apps, which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5. The coloring process can be difficult, because there are many tiny little pieces, and sometimes I do have to use a magnifying glass to see them. However, the finished results are very nice. Keep adding great, new pics!

  22. I love this. But there is a wee bit of an issue going on lately. When I finish the award numbered color pages (5, 10, etc) I am unable to press continue at all. The app is stuck giving me the review. I have to close the app completey, then reopen to move on to the next color page. Other than that, the coloring choices are wonderful, and really passes the time.

  23. To start off, this is the best coloring app I have found! There are barely any ads, and the pictures are colorful, beautiful, and realistic! I’ve been looking everywhere for such a good app and I found it! I 100% recommend this to ANYONE. The only things I would update about this, is to add music and/or nature sounds, and to cut back on the ads even more! This is absolutely the best coloring app. I also really enjoy how simple and helpful the categorys are. The features are amazing! 😊

  24. Liz Mason dice:

    Ads caused me to uninstall. Most of the ads are ok. But every few minutes you will get an ad that has no exit even if you ‘play’ the ad. You are just stuck no way out of it. You have to close the app and reload. This just started happening a couple weeks ago. I dont understand why unless they are short staffed from covid virus and not up to editing their ad content. But the game itself is fantastic! Loved it. If they were to do a better job at making sure their ads work as they should,

  25. Gerrie W dice:

    Love this app!!!! The colors in it are absolutely beautiful!!! The highlighted area is easy to see… And once you finish with a color it jumps to the next number all on its own…. Also a huge selection of pictures to choose from!!!!and it’s all free…. I just can’t say enough good things about this app I am having such a good time!!!!☺😉💓👍

  26. This is actually my favorite coloring app. That being said, I’m about to stop using it because I’m tired of the ads. It’s TOO much. The pop up every 20 seconds, the ads in between pictures, if in leave and go back into a picture there’s another ad. It’s SO frustrating. Happy Color has an option to buy the app and turns off all ads and gives unlimited use of hints. That’s what I want from Colorscapes. I’d buy the app (Happy Color was less than 5 bucks) for an ad free, unlimited hint experience.

  27. I just had to finally review this app. I have 5 or 6 color by number apps and this one has more SPECTACULAR pictures than any of the others. In addition, the colors fill in very very easily and there aren’t too many ads. My only request would be to be able to move the pictures around with my stylus instead of my finger since I’m using my stylus to color. I definitely recommend this app.

  28. The pictures are lovely and I enjoy coloring them, but like a lot of users pointed out, there are just so many ads that you have to sit through just to color one image. It’s very frustrating when you’re coloring, listening to your favorite podcast, and suddenly you get your ears blasted yet again by whatever mobile game ad they’re cycling through at that particular moment. Lately though, the app has been crashing a lot. I’ll open a picture, it’ll start to load, then the app crashes. Weird.

  29. A lot of really nice pictures, colors are wonderful and the option to accumulate hints is great. What is SOOOOO disappointing is when you want to save a picture you don’t have the option of watching an ad to remove the “watermark” like you get with other coloring apps. I would like to use some of the pictures as a profile pic but I don’t want a big, garish, “watermark” there as well! Probably going to uninstall…😥

  30. I love the pictures and the app works great! However, you have to watch a 30 second ad before you can start coloring AND after almost every time you leave or pause it! It wouldn’t bother me if it was 5 or 10 seconds or if you could swipe it away but you have no choice if you want to finish your picture. If you close the game, the ad will start again when you open the app. Too bad. Uninstalling. Oneplus 8 Pro

  31. Reading most of the reviews, I was skeptical downloading. They were wrong! This app is now my favorite! Yes, it DOES advance automatically to next color. Great & fast controls, no multi pressing to get the color. Realistic, beautiful! No troubles that were mentioned in other reviews, user error prob! Best so far, I’ve tried 23, YES, 23 other paint apps, this is in the top 3!

  32. Ann Thiel dice:

    I tried two different paint by number games before this one. The first kept freezing. The second one l really enjoyed and played for quite awhile. Colorscapes came up as an ad and I decided to try it because of the oil paintings which I love. This paint app is so much better in so many ways. Better pictures, better interface, and so much fun! I love it!

  33. Really enjoying Colorscapes. Perfect escape 👌 to just sit back, relax and unwind. Love color by numbers apps but this is by far the best, with so many amazing pictures to choose from. My only major issue is trying to put down my phone at night because the app is just too addicting 🙃, next thing I know, it’s WAY past my bedtime… oopsie 😬. Thank you for this app and keep up the great behind the scenes work! 👍

  34. Update: not only has this app become amazing to play again, I think it is becoming an addiction, especially the oil paintings. Thank you for fixing the glitches. Update: for 3 days now, this app crashes a lot. Even with the update, it still crashes trying to load a picture. App was great for a couple of weeks. Now I can’t get my game hints… I have to watch ads to earn. 🙁

  35. I have tried many of these coloring games, but I’m looking for better no longer. COLORSCAPES offers the best artwork and colors of any on the market. Most games offer some nice pictures, but the ones they advertise are not available unless you pay to join their top rated. This is not the case with COLORSCAPES. You get what they show you up front. Their pictures are fun but also a bit more work than some others…but so we’ll worth the search.

  36. I enjoy this game. I really like how you send artwork in the genre that i have been coloring, which I’ve found in no other color game. I also like the select by touch option, although i don’t always use it, mostly when I’m jumping to color numbers that are far away from each other. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it seems back to normal.

  37. This is definitely a different type of coloring/painting. I’ve just started, and I chose the “drawing”, and when you “color” you are actually revealing what’s underneath. It’s pretty cool. Also, I love that when you are done with a color, there’s “confetti” to let you know you finished. When you need to search, it circles where the number is. I don’t like that the search is by 2’s and not 5’s.

  38. Pana Rama dice:

    I’m really loving this coloring app! I was looking for something that didn’t require me to think, something to let me rest my brain and this app has been perfect for that. There’s a large variety of pictures to choose from. The ads aren’t overwhelming, they only appear before a picture is started or after a picture is done or paused. They made a great app!

  39. They corrected one thing, but they still have the issue where you can color with the stylus but you can’t move the screen with your stylus. Come on once you color with a stylus you don’t go back to coloring with your finger, but you got to be able to move the screen around with your stylus. The oil paintings pics are beautiful, but they should take a lot longer to color you don’t have them broken into enough pieces. Not a race we want it to take longer than 5 mins. it’s supposed to be relaxing.

  40. The only thing I think could make this app better is that some of the spots in the pictures are so microscopically small & extremely difficult to find even when you zoom in on the photo, making the spots bigger would be a great help . Also, it would be cool if they push your current picture to the top so you can find it easier if you close the app before finishing it. Other than that this is a great app to pass time with, the colors are really vibrant, & the pictures are pretty.

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