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Free Mahjong game with over 1800 boards. Enjoyed by millions of players!
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Mahjong Epic has been enjoyed by millions of people for more than seven years. This free Mahjong sequel improves on the traditional Mahjongg game and brings it to all new heights!

Because of its simple rules and engaging game play, Mahjong Solitaire has become one of the most popular board games in the world. Whether you only have a few minutes to spend, or many hours, Mahjong Solitaire Epic is your perfect companion!

This free, fun solitaire Mahjong game is also known as Mahjongg Trails, Shanghai Mah Jong, Chinese Mah-jong, Mahjong Titan, Top Mahjong, Majong, Kyodai. All with the classic matching game play where you match identical pairs of free Mahjong tiles.


– More than 1800 boards!
– Get new puzzles daily!
– 30 Beautiful backgrounds!
– 8 Unique tile sets!
– Relaxing, zen game play.
– Simple pick-up-and-play controls.
– Complete challenging goals!
– 1080p HD Graphics!
– And more!

Playing Mahjong is very simple: find and match pairs of identical tiles. Match all tiles to complete a board.


Added 25 new free boards. Thanks to everyone who are playing the game and have supported us :)

Previous Updates: Added 1300+ free boards, 2 packs with 200 boards each, and lots more.


40 comentarios en "Mahjong Epic MOD"

  1. This game started out well and I enjoyed playing. Eventually it began freezing up and stopping. Even if I selectedvrestart app, I get a black, blank screen. For a while I could go into the apl itself and bypass the short cut, but after a while, even that failed to bring up the game. I’m done. If I could give it no stars I would. An app should never just stop working.

  2. Lots of options, lets you undo to find a new way to solve a board. Lets you make the decision if you want to shuffle instead of doing it automatically. I tried at least 4 other apps and none can beat this one for options. You can choose which board you want to play and replay the same one with reshuffle each time you restart. Not too many stupid simple boards that take 10 seconds to do. You can choose background and tile design plus there are literally hundreds of boards.

  3. Great Time Killer: I like this game for killing time in waiting rooms, or hospital bed for example. I can see why some people see it as repetitive. I have a minor hypoxic brain injury that diminishes new short term memory, this game is not too difficult for me, but challenging enough to be enjoyable. Thank you. And I haven’t seen too many ads lately, to annoy me.

  4. It’s a great game and keeps your mind on the right selections. It gets to be great fun and helps keep your mind off the serounding things. It fun to find matching cubes to help from having to scramble them. I play it multiple times a day. Really love playing the game. Wish I could change the type of figures♡ keeps me going and I will love it. Still am enjoying the fun. I’m still enjoying the game and the relaxing time it gives me. The game is still very relaxing and enjoyable. Still fun

  5. Enjoy the game but get annoyed by the ads that are at beginning of every game. They are very loud and it makes this game not my first choice. Good for when waiting for new lives on other games that don’t have as many ads. Was close to finishing all boards when all disappeared. So starting over.

  6. There’s a lot of boards, a variety in tiles in backgrounds, and no lag; pretty basic, which is what I prefer. Too basic in the sense that the boards tend to repeat with different difficulty levels, rather than a larger variety in patterns, which you have to pay for in the booster packs. For a free app, it’s not bad if you’re a casual player, beginner, or play only every once in a while. Games are quick, easy to play while you’re waiting for something.

  7. Don Wood dice:

    Enjoy almost everything about the design and function of the game. Ads don’t interfere with game play. But … I’d like to turn off the timer and remove it from the incentives list. Knowing I have Alzheimer’s and will likely never beat my record of 3 minutes and change, I’d prefer not be reminded of goals I’ll never achieve. Make it an optional incentive. That’s all I’m asking. Thanks.

  8. I really like this Mahjong app. You can change the background of the game and the tiles surface too. That’s really cool! I was really excited at first because there was no ads, then after I played through the first 2 groups of like 100 games all of a sudden the ads appeared. They are not horrible though. They are short and simple and you can edit it off then to get back into your gaming mouse after 5 seconds or less of the ad.

  9. It’s a great mahjong game, with a wide variety of boards, and several options for background or tiles, as well as options to undo as many moves as you like or completely restart the board. The mini-goals, such as finishing without hints or under a certain time, are a nice touch if just clearing the board isn’t enough for you. The only thing I would change is that it can’t be played in portrait mode, but the boards can be pretty large, so it’s understandable.

  10. Sandy MF dice:

    I still love the variety and details on the tiles; the Chines characters and paintings are lovely. Sometimes tiles vary in small details, so they really challenge me to pay close attention to the details. Excellent matching game! My only frustration — minor and probably not the fault of the game design — is that when I switched phones for the second time in less than a month (changing from a temporary loan to a permanent new phone), I lost all my game history AGAIN and had to start over. 😭

  11. Fun strategy matching game I wish there was a tutorial and a short explanation of the strategy and goals. It works, no bugs, nice artwork. Simple game/app. Good to wind down with, or you can pay more attention to the strategy and get competitive. I really like and appreciate the different backgrounds and tile sets, especially the Asian pictures with the light tan background.

  12. Best Majhong for android! I love the landscape layout, smooth game play, well designed and excellent graphics, and love the background music. Difficulty level is perfect for me – – challenging, but not too hard and definitely not too easy. I also appreciate that the ads are not constantly in your face and are easily dismissed when they happen. Kristanix, your games are some of the best out there. Thanks for the amazing games!!

  13. Starts out way to easy! It picks up diffulculty pretty fast. Nice that you aren’t required to shuffle when there are no more moves. I’m a player that if you can’t clear the layout you failed and you do it over until you do. I’m trying to find a version that has no timer In most of the versions you have to get so many rewards to get a new layout. Give me just the game; the way it came out orginally on computers no cheats (hints), no rewards, except a cool picture when completed & no timers.

  14. The App is pretty good so far. The music doesn’t change much, but could be made a bit more enjoyable. The game is not bad to play. I look forward to see more games like this one having more adjustability, and accessibility, and with the ability to orient to my screen orientation. This APP does this also. Keep making games accessible, and enjoyable for all your players. THANKS. Why aren’t the cards/tiles larger, and made to use a WIDE-SCREEN-MODE FORMAT? POOR DESIGN NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

  15. Love it! Great graphics, different tile sets and backgrounds to choose from and I absolutely love the daily games! I especially like the way you can go back and do them – on the dailys – if you missed them. Fantastic! Thanks! Also, have had NO problems with it crashing or hanging up like I’ve had with other Mahjong games.

  16. The computer plays this game. All I do is provide the finger. There is no challenge if there is no way to lose. It’s beautiful, it plays smoothly, the music is soothing, but it does not stretch the mind. No strategy is necessary. Every last tile will match up no matter what you do. A monkey could win this game. I deeply regret having to uninstall it because I find it so visually appealing. What has happened to games you can lose? No, NOT realistic!

  17. I have played this app for several years and I never get bored with it! It helps with memory, and I love that you can change the tile pictures, the background, and what you see during game play (like your time). Plus they’re always adding more boards and it plays soothing background music (optional). I don’t imagine I’ll stop playing anytime soon. 😁

  18. Awesome game, can’t get enough. Already have 1,500 games under my belt. If you’re looking to pass the time, this is it . Keep up the good work!!! The above comment was from last year, this year is no exception. The game is still awesome. Play it every day. Love it! The only problem I have is that at times the boards get wiped out because I ac knowledge the privacy policy and when I do or not as this last instance, everything got wiped out! Lost all progress to the daily boards. Love the game.

  19. The almost-traditional symbols are sometimes too small to see details and, at first, it takes a lot of trial and error to recognize them. Also, if there are two choices for a match, it would be great if Undo was a simple backspace, but that isn’t an option. The array of available backgrounds is impressive but not important; simpler graphics could reduce app size. The music is hypnotic; with a few tweaks this game would become a favorite!

  20. You can make steady progress in this game. Shuffle is available, so a win is the usual outcome. If you need a greater challenge, you can add restrictions in the preferences. The Developers keep adding more rounds. So you will not run out. The board is quite small on my Note 9, so a game is somewhat of an vision / dexterity Test. A larger screen such as 11″ iPad is the ideal size for a relaxed session. A large selection of Board layouts and tile faces is included. Graphics are excellent.

  21. Fun and challenging. Several tile designs makes it better for my eyes. some levels take a few tries to solve but I like the challenge. I was bored with my previous Mahjong app. This has 3 stars possible the first 2 are awarded based on if you undo or need hints and the 3rd is if you beat the allotted time. the only thing I miss is the tiles don’t enlarge as you clear the board like my other app. Very nice feature that also helps the eyes after playing for a while, developers please consider it.

  22. Thea S dice:

    8 like that I can play mahjong in landscape/horizontal view. The music is pleasant but I wish they had more than the one tune which eventually got on my nerves and I turned it off. If you click the wrong button it turns into a different game and I jump through hoops to return to the game. Its worth a try.. ,m7y

  23. I doubt I’ll ever earn 3 stars by finishing a game under 5: 40 without using a hint, but that’s okay. As long as each board has at least one solution then I can eventually solve them all without using reshuffle and without worrying about a timer. It’s slow going, but engrossing. And the graphics are awesome!

  24. Had this on my tablet a long time ago… It’s been long enough that all the puzzles are new to me again… My favourite part about this game, even though it’s timed, the timer does not start UNTILL you make your first move! I don’t feel rushed, I can actually look at it before I start. Never have had any problems with the game.. It has ads now, not found of that, but I understand. Just happy they didn’t change the game!

  25. This is the best mahjong mobile app. There are so many tile types, level orientations, and difficulties. I love that you do have the ability to accidentally pair the right tiles in the wrong order and have tiles blocked. Every other mahjong game I tried, it was just a race against the clock, and the tiles were all stacked so you always won. This game here is more challenging, which it should be. Thank you for making a great game!

  26. Pros adds are not intrusive and reasonable. Graphics are nice. Gameplay never lags. Cons. Many of the boards take all the strategy away. You match patterns as that is all you can do. The tiles seem randomized so some boards you see 3 of one type and zero of another. Which also removes strategy. The undo is unintuitive and impossible to get to on my phone. The game requires panoramic mode to work. It also sometimes gets into enlarge shrink when you are just trying to play.

  27. I love this game. I enjoy all of the background, tile, music options etc. It’s nice having goals without the stress and having to collect coins or beat a level to move on. Very relaxing but keeps you sharp. This is the best Mahjong game out there. Worth paying for the extra boards. Great value for your money. Nice to spend a lot of time playing or just a few moments.

  28. Fun game. Would like an Undo option. Not five stars due to long ads. Found the Undo (had to look in help :). It’s a nice feature that lets you see your plays listed and pick where to go back to. I love the music, though after listening to it for an hour I could use a change.

  29. You lost a star. Why? After playing for awhile, as I’m about to complete all the boards, the game began to slow down, in fact, a message keeps coming up to 1) CLOSE APP, 2) WAIT or 3) SEND FEEDBACK. I usually tell it to WAIT, sometimes, I’m forced to close the app and reopen it. This has become a pain in the butt! Why can’t you fix it so I don’t have to UNINSTALL the app and start over? PLEASE, please fix this problem so no one else has to go through this. Your ratings may drop farther

  30. I love the simplicity of playing this board, the look, clarity, and the variety of the positions of the tiles, and the relaxing music. But it would be perfect if the “time star” never showed: it just reminds me of how slow I am getting in my old age. Overall, I love it.

  31. I haven’t played Mahjong in awhile partly because I got bored with the same look of the tiles and backgrounds across games. I really like the the backgrounds and some of the tilesets, but even more tile choices would be nice. I love that you can hit the next match before the previous one is gone and it doesn’t block you!

  32. I love this game! I’ve tried different Mahjong games & this is my favorite. I love that you can choose different backgrounds & boards. It has this very pleasant & soothing music. I also like that it’s timed but it doesn’t stop when the time is up so it allows you to finish the game. I’ve played some that weren’t like that & I hated it. It tells how long your game was. Some of them only give you a short time & cut you off. It has a daily board & plenty of other boards. Very addictive.

  33. I love being able to play without a ton of ads popping up and interrupting my flow. This is a fun game to allow me to take a break from something stressful and refocus my attention. The graphics are beautiful, consistent and slightly challenging at times, but the game is extremely responsive with very little lag.

  34. I have been playing this game for years and I’m completely addicted. It’s most definitely a 5 star game. So much enjoyment and I love a good challenge so I’m playing daily. I’ve completed so many boards and they send me 25 free extra board every month! It really is a good challenge and exercise for your brain. I have no issues with anything whatsoever at all. Thanks for the opportunity to tell you just how great y’all are.

  35. Love this game! Just installed on my phone as my MacBook is geriatric and won’t support the new update so now I can’t play at all lol. Upgraded to avoid ads and gave 4 stars as this version is hella better 📱 only thing I would change in an update is remove the verification after restarting a game (restart >Are You Sure?< get rid of this please, so annoying) Yes of course, that's why I hit the restart button

  36. Played under twenty boards so far. Moderate complexity. So far so good. Choice of tiles good. Choice of sounds would be an improvement. A temple gong or bell sound for a correct choice and mantra chanting for background music would enhance the ambience. If you ignore time this could be a calming mindfulness or meditation practice.

  37. Love the layouts and the choices of backgrounds. Wish the tiles were bigger. I have bad eyesight and can only play a couple of boards before the eye strain forces me to quit. Excellent game to pass some time.

  38. It took .e awhile to figure this game out and I’m still learning. I love the opportunity to concentrate and focus on the figures which are very closely drawn to look alike. I’m increasing my ability to differentiate the patterns.

  39. Challenge abounds on more board than I can keep up with even with regular play. I do like being able to go back several months to play boards I had previously missed playing on their calendar board. The idea for boards set to the calendar is brilliant.

  40. I like that there’s other backgrounds and tiles available to customize my personal experience. It also has a simple rating for how we complete each tile layout design and tracks our progress.

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