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Play Bingo in a faraway land where YOU are the hero! ✨

Compete against other real bingo players and experience a free online bingo game as you never have before. Win and trade collection items to complete fantasy decor in ever-changing themed rooms!

Villains have broken into the Sacred Library, where all the storybooks are kept. Fairy Godmother really needs your help! Without you, Bingo Storia will never be the same! 😨 Can you help her restore the books?

You will do much more than daubing numbers… Join us for a fun game suited for everyone! Blitz the competition and bash your family and friends in a friendly competition. Get ready to daub away in various rotating events you’ll LOVE!

What can you expect in Bingo Story, you ask?

Boost your game with daily rewards for all players.

Spin the Golden Wheel every day for a chance to win the jackpot. Electrify your bingo play with powerups. You’ll climb the leaderboard in no time!

One bingo card is a thing of the past—play 1, 2, 3 or even 4 card games. You pick your own adventure, here!

Get as many bingos as possible to win capsules full of special items. You’ll need them to craft fantasy decor in seasonal events.

Combine forces and join a club. Club members can gift extra puzzle pieces to each other, trade collection pieces and more. There will always be a friendly face to help you complete community goals along the way!

Play epic mini-games! Bingo Story is more than just Bingo—play mini-games to win tokens, powerups, club balls, and more!

Social butterflies, rejoice!
Playing Bingo is so much more fun with buddies. Make sure to check out our global chat room, it’s the hot spot for collection item trading! Plus, follow us on social media for daily, EXCLUSIVE rewards.

Facebook: Bingo Story Community

Twitter: @BingoStoryGame

Need help? Try our FAQ at: Bingo Story FAQ – Clipwire Games

Bingo Story offers optional in-app purchases for additional content and in-game currency. Success within this free Bingo game does not imply future success with real money gambling. Our mobile game does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within, and winning in Bingo Story does not imply future success with real money gambling or casino games.


In this release, play in a brand new season of Bingo Pass! Plus, collect berries in Baloo’s Berries, slippers in The Yellow Brick Road, books in Little Mermaid’s Research, and more! A ton of great prizes await!


40 comentarios en "Bingo Story – Bingo Games MOD"

  1. My favorite game. I’ve been playing about 3 years & spent thousands of $, embarrassingly enough, & used to spend hours playing. Sadly, after the last 3 updates it crashes so very often. I call balls, collect my daily free tokens & box, do the daily missions & then poof, back to home screen. I relog & finish what I was doing before I try to play a game. Crashes after paying 120 or 200 tokens, depending on event or story, during game & come back with no rewards. No help from support when emailed

  2. Seems like all this app does is freeze now, and all I do is lose tokens and bingos. It is very frustrating. So much so, I am thinking of deleting the app. I love how you tell everyone to contact you. Yet everyone is having the same issue with losing tokens and the game crashing. I think the ball is in your court now to fix the problems.

  3. I’ve played this game forever and it was my favorite. Now, it crashes constantly, no more free games, everything costs more. Can’t even watch the ads to get more spins, double money etc without it crashing. It literaly crashes after every game. So, so disappointing. Many updates and still not fixed. Super bummed and will look elsewhere for another game until they fix it.

  4. I’ve played this game for a long time and always spent money because it was worth it. It used to be so much fun, but now it’s garbage. You’ve taken away free games, lowered winnings, raised the prices, constant crashes, and seldom do you get tokens in the chests. You may be conning new players, but you’re losing so many long time and loyal players because of your greediness. Deleting and moving on.

  5. lil Ms dice:

    Constant crashes, support isn’t any help at all. When they actually reply, they’ll give you bread crumbs instead of replacing everything you’ve lost. I used to enjoy this game and now I hate it. They increased the cost of tokens to play while the rewards aren’t even worth what you used to play 1 game. Prime example: you spend 160 tokens to play a 4 card board, in return you win 4 tokens back. Don’t waste the time, energy, space on your phone or your money! Waste of time!

  6. Megan G dice:

    The game freezes constantly and it’s difficult to get power ups. Also now they changed the game where there is no free games anymore…i don’t know how long my blue coins will last. It’s a shame because this game was so so so much better when I first started playing a couple of years ago….I’m disappointed! 🙁

  7. There are no more “free” games. U must “earn” large amounts of needed tokens in order to play games or purchase “packages”. It used to feature free games & it took a fraction of as many tokens as required now. The game has lost alot of the fun & excitement from previous years. Constant updates do not fix gliches, they make them worse causing dramatic results on your chances of advancing in the game.

  8. ****update 1/5/23**** The issues with this game have only gotten worse to the point I am so DONE with trying to play it anymore. This used to be a great game that I really enjoyed but I’ve noticed over the past few months that is much slower, crashes at least once every time I play it and I’ve also had a problem with getting items after I’ve made a purchase. This game was great but unfortunately that is no longer the case.

  9. NEW PLAYERS BEWARE. THEY JUST WANT MONEY. This game used to be fun, but Clipwire got greedy. They took away all the best parts of the game and got rid of it. Those of us who have played for years see the difference. There used to be a free option to play that’s now gone. All their packages are expensive and not worth the price for the number of tokens you get. The game often crashes constantly. The tech support is just about useless, and they don’t fully refund you when the game crashes.

  10. I would have rated this game 5 stars cause I loved to play it! But as of lately every time time you play it crashes!! And then and then you don’t get your credits back! I contacted technical support and they gave me some back but not everything I lost! And I’m not gonna pay to get the ones back that I lost playing this game! Just because they can’t fix the bugs!

  11. This used to be a fun game then clipwire got greedy and increase the cost over 200% and took away the ability to play free games. It was the free games that invited me to play. I know that many people will need to quit cuz they can’t afford the extreme increase in cost. Also, the game crashes when you’re playing it and you lose all that you paid as well as lose any possible rewards you would have earned if it hadn’t crashed. Support isn’t refunding the losses, even partially, like used to.

  12. Sherry dice:

    Items and tokens lost andnever restored. Game has constant crashes and glitches. It is completely impossible for me to play the game. I used to love playing and was doing quite well but now it absolutely SUCKS! Contacted support countless times and get no response. They give you the bare minimum of items and tokens lost just to get you to shut up and not bother them. Even then crashes and glitches not being fixed. HORRIBLE! Would rate a 0 but that would even be too good.

  13. I like many other people was totally hooked on this game until Clip-wire decided to upgrade it to a pay and play. Yes you can still play for free but for you to get ahead you need to buy stuff with real money. They were great before you guys messed them up! Now I keep getting bumped off in the middle of playing a game. When I get back on I not only lost my tokens between 80-160 but I don’t get any of the credits I got before getting bumped. I went from 3000 tokens to 16. I’m done with the BS.

  14. Until recently, it used to be the best bingo game, in my opinion. But recently, it has been force closing sooo much!!! And if you have clicked into joining a bingo game which cost a ton of credits, it doesn’t credit you back what you lost by it force closing!! I’ve lost over 1,000 credits bc of this issue!!! It’s almost not even worth trying to play anymore.

  15. After the most recent 2 updates, all I’m experiencing is continuous crashes and loss of bingo tokens i never get compensated for. It’s become more of a waste of time and a huge unnecessary headache anymore, i used to enjoy playing just about all day, everyday… Now I’m only playing, maybe once a week for a few minutes each week… If i didn’t have the issues with this app, then I’d play more often again

  16. I like the game except it keeps freezing up and taking my tokens and power ups. I lost over 3,000 tokens in two days because the game kept freezing up. I contacted Support and and sent multple emails to Clipwire and it hasnt done any good. They have not replaced anything. When they do and fix the problems I will give a higher rating. I may leave and find another bingo game since they dont seem to care about their players. It could be a really fun game

  17. nice ball dice:

    Where is the better business bureau when you need it!! I wish there was a zero stars option. This game steals your money by not replacing items you lose when their game crashes. They are aware of the crashes but don’t do anything to fix the issue besides sending generic responses. ” we appreciate your feedback, Yada yada.”

  18. I would have gave this game 5 stars because I love it. It is more of a “pay to play” game but that sucks to pay for tokens just to lose them because the game keeps crashing. You’d get it hourly tokens as well but for a while I was only getting one token as the game must have had another issue. If they could get their issues figured out, this game would be well worth the time and effort. You can email support about your issues, they ask a million questions and don’t return everything lost.

  19. This is a great, fun app!! The ONLY 2 things I don’t like: 1.) when you get a Bingo, the graphics are wonderful, but they cover the card(s), and there is just not enough time to wait to see if the next number called is on that card. Could you change the opacity on those? 2.) I get penalized when at the end of the number calling, the screen freezes—and I cannot click on the last number called on my cards! Then, I don’t get credit for “perfect daubing” even though I keep clicking on the squares!

  20. Doesn’t give you enough coins to play more than a couple of rounds. Have to wait DAYS to build up enough to play. Says “okay for free” on one of the boards, but you still have to use your coins to play, so that’s pointless and misleading. Also, every time it puts an ad on before a game, if you accidentally touch the video, or miss the ‘x’ by even a hair, it opens up the link and when you go back to the game, the entire game resets to the loading page you see upon opening the app. Irritating!

  21. I really like this game. My only complaint is when i try to wstch the ad/video for double points, power ups, etc; it doesnt allow me to. It gets pretty annoying especially when you get a lot of points/xp and it doesnt work to double them. Doesnt happen every single time but its pretty often. Edited: the game has been working great. I love the new things added, especially the winter bingo games

  22. This game is fun if you are willing to pay to play. Otherwise you are stuck playing low level games and won’t earn the good rewards, be able to continue the story, complete puzzles etc. Hopefully they fix the issues and I can enjoy playing again. Edited to respond to the “classic game” is still free. While this is true, it also means it is near impossible to complete the other challenges or help your club in a meaningful way

  23. I love this game. But lately it’s been very glitchy and not counting received powerups and collections. It’s very frustrating. Also, since this most recent update I can not do anything! It’s constantly saying there is connection issues. Doesn’t matter if I’m on mobile data or wifi, hasn’t worked in over 24 hours! Very disappointing.

  24. It is fun to play and I love Bingo, but I have had a lot of issues and have not been happy with how they look at the issues. I have not been able to finish any puzzle or challenge, as the system keeps freezing and then shuts me down and I lose all what I had earned. Also when I get to gold status I am only awarded bronze or tin level, just not acceptable.

  25. I really enjoyed this game when I first downloaded it, but as time went on it has gotten progressively worse. Game freezes and crashes have become more frequent regardless of the updates and bug fixes that they claim they are doing. The only thing that has gotten better are the graphics. Don’t even attempt to contact support concerning and issue. The only thing that will happen is you will be sent a (default) email that is generated for every complaint and no other correspondence

  26. Lace Dean dice:

    In order to play the game you have to dismiss the pop-up for in app purchases of power-ups several times. Game play is basic but they have this scale of add-ons but some how that inventory becomes full, not sure what that’s about. And you can’t daub the last one when the game ends. Also, using more the two cards requires you to switch between screens and means you end up missing numbers because you lose time in the switching of the screens.

  27. Great game would give 5 stars but there’s one issue that makes me angry. After the last number gets called the cards are turned off almost instantly. So even if you have the last number you can’t click on it. I’ve lost several bingo opportunities, perfect daubs, club balls, and just about every other thing because I couldn’t tap on the number even though I have it. It’s VERY frustrating! The cards need to stay active for 15 or 20 seconds longer after the last number is called.

  28. The game when it’s not freezing or crashing is fun. You need to spend money to be the top player. I don’t plan on spending anymore because I lost power ups, points and puzzle pieces do to a crash and glitch (2 separate occasions.) There were 2 days I didn’t have puzzle pieces at all. I emailed tech support and they just send out the same generic response over and over asking if I’m still having problems without actually addressing the issue. Would’ve rated higher otherwise.

  29. Don’t bother with this game. It is super laggy and you get ripped off every which way you turn. Bingos are few and far between, even if you “purchase.” Same numbers are called consistently (I tracked), and if you don’t have those numbers, which you probably won’t, you lose. If you choose 2 cards, they are almost duplicate all the time, and those numbers do not get called. Only saving grace is cute story line.

  30. I really like the game, but every time and I do mean EVERY time, I play the epic games and do the double your points at the end, the video will either freeze and have to restart the app orbit plays and freezes at then and I don’t get my points. There are several times I would have had over a million points but didn’t get anything bc I had to restart the app.

  31. I’m editing my review from 5 stars to 2. When I gave the five it was two years ago. At that time it never crashed and you didn’t have to spend so much and got more with your purchase. This game has gotten so bad with freezing, lagging and crashing its frustrating to play. Honestly if it wasn’t for my game family and friends I would have quit almost a year ago. You used to be able to play and win enough to keep you in play. Also it was easier to get power ups before covid hit it got greedy.

  32. I gave this game a year. I thought I will play…I will even buy tokens, and I will give it a year. Maybe they will start to give out more free tokens and make this game all worth it. But I am up to level 98 and I am still only earning 40 tokens a day. The puzzle pieces are so hard to get which makes completing puzzles extremely hard. And let’s not even talk about how extremely HARD it is to get items to build the things in the designs. I have never once finished anything in this game before they end each design category. When you do manage to win tokens to play it’s hardly ever more than 4 or 8 and to get items to build you have to use at least 64 tokens per game. It’s not worth your time and absolutely not worth the money I have spent to keep playing!

  33. Sam Dodd dice:

    Boring ads that no one would want to sign up for. More than 2 cards and it purposely semi-freezes on every tile you daub. Just to be clear. That is cheating! I also dont like the fact it disables your back button. Sure, there are just as easy ways to close the app, but that’s not the point. Ads are one thing, but controlling your devices most used key? No more.

  34. There is a lot to like about this game, but the ads without volume control need to go or I will be limited in times and places I can play this app. you have to jump to find the manual buttons on your phone and they are excessively loud compared to the apps volume. I wanted to give a better review, I’ve tried flagging the ads, but no one seems to be paying attention and I thought ads without volume controls weren’t allowed anywhere. I hope this changes soon so I can talk about the app itself.

  35. I really enjoy this Bingo game but there are way too many crashes, robbing of double points in tournaments, lame prizes, goal items (such as frames, ect) are impossible to win unless you want to pay lots of money buying power ups and tokens, and you have to be VERY observant when purchasing ANYTHING because you will pay for it and sometimes not get it and then getting the problem fixed is a nightmare (that is IF they fix it at all). Don’t waist your time.

  36. The layout of this is overwhelming and not very put together. I played for a little before I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s not like you’re playing anyone unless in a league or group otherwise it’s the computer. I also don’t like how this bingo game doesn’t allow you to transition between cards as smoothly as I have in other bingo games. The cards themselves also get confusing once the color schemes and extra are on it. It’s a nice idea with minimal flaws. Not for me but others may enjoy it.

  37. Although the game is very fun, I have a few problems with it. 1: I will make a purchase and it charges me twice but I only get the purchase one time. I have tried to email support about this issue but it never goes through. I would either like my 2nd purchase i was charged for or my money back. 2: the game freezes all the time. 3: need more time to complete the puzzles. I feel all puzzles should get 2 days on, but this is only a suggestion. 4: games constantly freezes. Problem needs to get fixed

  38. I liked it for a while. A few things I would change is, one, the ability to call more than 1 Club Ball at a time. It makes the process long and tedious. Another thing is having to wait long hours for the next puzzle. There were times that I would finish a puzzle with like 10+ hours to wait for the next puzzle. It made me not want to play and waste power ups for the Tournement.

  39. I am now deleting this game. After several months of enjoyable play, the last two updates causes the game to freeze, especially when I get a puzzle piece. This is the first bingo game i have stuck with in 5 years. Level of difficulty is not too extreme and you have lots of opportunity to win powerups and points. Im 66 years old and dont have a lot of money to put into games. I love Bingo Story and highly recommrnd it to anyone and especially friends and family!!

  40. The game is fun, BUT if you don’t spend money, it’s EXTREMELY hard to advance or earn prizes. Also, customer service takes 4-7 days to get back to you with a complaint, so be ready to wait! Other than that, the game has frequent side missions for teams and individuals, mini games, and graphics are nice. Edit: since the recent updates, there are WAY too many ads and sale pop ups. You can’t even enjoy the game anymore because of all that.

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