Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game MODDED 2022


Bored at home? Have a blast matching mahjong tiles & traveling the globe!
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Discover the relaxing game of mahjong classic and explore the world on your very own mahjong journey! Enjoy over 1700 fun layouts in exotic locations around the globe!

If you like classic mahjong games, puzzle games, dominoes games, sudoku games, classic puzzle games, and or a challenging chess game, then you are in the right place! Traditional mahjong is a big part of our exciting new majongs journey games. Solve challenging majhang layouts and discover the fun puzzle!

This new game is better than mexican majongs train, more exciting than microsoft majongs, and more colorful then hong kong majongs. Explore the world’s best cities like Paris, London & New York as you tackle challenging majhang levels. Power-ups and obstacles provide an unexpected twist to every mah-jong level. And don’t forget to collect your free mahjong rewards.


▶ Enjoy 1700+ fun levels in a fantastic classic majongs journey around the globe.
▶ Go on a treasure quest and solve puzzles over 250 rare souvenirs.
▶ Stunning graphics and original majongs (麻将) gameplay.
▶ Claim your rewards in the weekly american classic majhang tournaments and puzzle journey
▶ Collect beautiful classic majongs puzzle tiles for endless matching tile adventures.

More highlights:

▶ New goals, power-ups, free puzzle, and obstacles give mahjongg a whole new twist.
▶ Great fit if you love mahjong solitaire, tripeaks, jigsaw free puzzles, mayong, word search and other ‘smart games’.
▶ Playing with others does not require Facebook Login.
▶ Caring player support and best mah-jong community.

Can you beat level all levels? Play mahjong free online and train with puzzle


Bug fixes and improvements


44 comentarios en "Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game MODDED 2022"

  1. It states bugs fixed but within the last month, suddenly the game will just shut down in the middle of a hand. And it never seems to fail it’s when I’ve used the extra help (bomb, dog tiles, etc.) and when you start the game again, you’ve lost everything including a life. Please fox this issue! I’ve lost countless “helps” in the last month!

  2. The game would really benefit from some untraditional tile sets. I like mahjong, but only when the tiles are more interesting and easily identifiable. I also enjoy more options, such as having available tiles highlighted without having to use some kind of currency to do it. It is an accessibility feature that should just be a setting in the settings menu. I do appreciate that the app isn’t full of ads, and I know that there needs to be a way to make money from it. Just needs some work IMO.

  3. Hot Mess dice:

    Would be fun but there’s a door dash and that loads and freezes the game. I have to restart whenever it comes up. If I try to just hit x to close the ad the screen goes white indefinitely. I’ve left the app open for several minutes to see if another x of close button appears but it does not and the game as to be closed and restarted.

  4. This would have been a fun game. It has great graphics and theme. However, it’s extremely slow, it crashes, if you get a phone call or text you’ll lose your progress. Also the game makes you replay levels over and over again to collect items to move on to the next level. After about level 50 you can forget about trying to proycess through the game. It’s set up to make you spend money…. Uninstalled!!!

  5. No fun at all. Graphics are good, but that’s it. This game is deliberately set up so that the only way you can progress is to spend just to progress. And who wants constant ad interruptions when you want to move on to the next level, which is next to impossible. I’ve played enough games to know that the only way to progress, is to spend, or wait till game time reloads, if your retry chances run out. Easier to uninstall.

  6. 4 1/2 stars. Love the levels! But, having to replay each section of levels repeatedly because the “gifts” do not always contain a souvenir can be very irritating. We shouldnt have to replay levels over and over just to be snubbed on souvenirs repeatedly. Even if you “buy” a gift with your coins, you still may not get any souvenir required to move on to a new section.

  7. Graphics are nice, game play is easy. The only flaw is the algorithm they use to set up the tiles. Alot of levels above 150 are impossible to beat without help from booster tiles. And the whole idea of having to collect souvenir pieces to move on is ridiculous. If you beat a level that should be it. You shouldn’t have to play levels over and over just to collect souvenirs.

  8. Mary Bish dice:

    The game itself is fun. However, the game takes a while to load. The low score is that sometimes you are prompted to watch an ad to receive an additional bonus prize. But after watching an ad and attempting to close the window, if you don’t hit the “x” button exactly right (and even when you do), it opens an external window to the App Store. I suspect this is intentional by the developers. But when you attempt to return back to the game, it has lost your spot and reloads the game completely.

  9. I love this game, it helps keep me calm. If I’m having a stressful day I play a few rounds and feel better. My only complaint is I start a level, make three moves and then there are no more moves and I lose. I think like other games if you’re within the first five moves the game should automatically reshuffle for free. If I lose within the first 5 moves the game board wasn’t set up correctly. Other than this issue I have no other complaints.

  10. I love this game, but lately the ads are not working. One of two things happens. Either the ad won’t play at all which means I have to play levels over and over to collect enough items to move on, OR it plays and then does not give me anything afterwards. I have this issue with the ads for collection ticket items, coins, lives, and daily reward bonuses. Very frustrating! Otherwise, great game and I love the tasks and goals. If the ad issue is fixed, will rate 5 stars.

  11. Amy Lu dice:

    Fun concept, however you are required to ‘collect items’ that in turn give you tickets to advance to the next set of levels! I have beat these levels flawlessly numerous times! You have to pick a gift box, you get a 1/3 chance of picking the correct box. If you don’t find the items you need in box u must play the same levels over and over again until you find tickets! This is absolutely ridiculous, if I beat the levels I should get what I need to advance! Not by a chance system. Fix please!

  12. Rosulyn dice:

    This game, like many others, starts out fun. However, the farther you advance, the much more difficult it is to get the stars needed to obtain landmarks, and items needed to advance to the next section without spending money to buy “helps.” Not to mention, you have to play the boards over and over to get all the items needed to obtain the ticket, and if you choose the wrong package after you finally get through the game, you’re screwed and have to re play it. Not worth the frustration.

  13. This has been one of the best new games that I have tried. It’s pretty self explanatory about each new goal and I like the challenge of trying different looking tiles!! And I have made it past level 100 without spending any money! Which is great if you are broke and stuck at home during a pandemic!! Level 99 was the hardest for me to get through. The pattern is quite a challenge! Fun app!!

  14. This game is ok for the first few maps/cities then becomes annoying. I don’t mind the ads and I don’t mind that cheats don’t drop often (you can buy them), but it’s so aggravating that to advance you have to re-play levels over and over because the “souvenirs” you need to collect are random drops. I wouldn’t mind the super hard levels that you need to use cheats on or re-play to beat them if I could actually advance. I’ve been stuck on the same section for almost a week. Done with this game.

  15. The characters are super cute. The ads are a bit much at first. Buying a special booster package for a dollar or so, will never give you ads again, unless you choose to. I very much enjoy this game! I can just play relaxing, but sometimes challenging levels with no time restraint, and also a cute puppy booster to help out. I appreciate being able to advance on an interactive map. I have not had any issues with game play or start up.

  16. Tessa W dice:

    It’s an OK game. The gameplay is good, and so is the interface/graphics/sound. However, it seems like there should be a story that’s missing–not that it needs one, but that there was space left for it and they decided to skip it, so the “extras” in the game make no sense. The BIG problem is the ads. Pls rethink your ad placement. When i lose a puzzle, forcing an ad after every time just makes me close the game. I’d be tempted to watch ads for bonuses if I didn’t constantly already watch them.

  17. Don’t expect winnable layouts! You need to buy cheats to win the first few layouts of every stage. So, very challenging, but definitely designed to coax purchases from players. It’s impossible to win consistently without spending real (not virtual) cash. the purchase prices are small, and it offers very few ads interrupting your game in trade for asking for money. I like this game in spite of that, completely addictive. The worst is you run out of lives and have to wait for more. Recommended!

  18. Brent B dice:

    This game won’t even load without freezing or crashing. When it was working, the number of ads you have to watch is ridiculous. Want to redeem that bonus? You have to watch an ad. You also have to watch ads every two or three levels. And it’s the same annoying ads. It’s too bad because the actual game play was decent. Edit: The game loads now, however, the ads are still crazy. The X to close the ad sometimes takes you to the ad download page and starts to download.

  19. Staci M dice:

    It’s a fun game, I like Mahjong, but there are a few things that need to be fixed. 1. Stop putting ads at the end of each game, period. At the end you can watch one to get a chest, then have to watch another when you click next. 2. When I get phone calls in in the middle of a game, it reloads, taking away a life and all the “streak power ups” I worked hard to get. 3. Cut down how much gold we have to spend on power ups during play 90 is too much for a start price, then it jumps to 120?

  20. I enjoy playing Mahjong City Tours. The game is challenging and the “flying” from city to city makes it fun. The downside to the app is that when watching a video ad to get a bonus, or booster or extra coins you aren’t always credited for watching. This has happened to me MULTIPLE times and I ALWAYS watch the ad in completion. Overall it’s a good game. Wish they would fix the issue w the crediting of rewards after watching ads.

  21. I’ve been playing this game for at least a couple of years and it always worked great and I loved it and would have given it more than 5 stars if I could have. However, whatever you updated recently causes it now to take forever to load and when it finally does, it freezes up constantly or doesn’t even load all the elements to be able to play it. Don’t apologize and then tell me to contact cuatomer service through the app like you have everyone else who has complained. JUST FIX IT, PLEASE!!!

  22. Everything was going great until I got to level 69. It is practically impossible! Nearly all of the tiles are surrounded, finding matches is damn near impossible, and nothing gets freed before you run out. I used all through booster options at once and 8 in-level bombs, and still could not pass it! I was out of reshuffles and did not have enough coins to do so. So now, I’m stuck because that level should be much more possible. I only joined this game to get rewards from Swagbucks. I’m not paying for upgrades when a level should at least be passable with the amount of boosters I used.

  23. L Deezy dice:

    Mediocre. Once you get past the first few, the levels start becoming literally impossible to complete. Can only make so many moves before there’s “no more possible matches” and you either have to start over or purchase special power ups to finish the level. Also have to replay levels, watch ads, or purchase ticket items before you can progress any further in the game. Only plus is not many mandatory ads. Not worth it, though.

  24. At first, the game is fine, until about level 50, where it quickly becomes more difficult to play. At that point, most levels are almost unplayable, as they are too difficult. This would be fine if earning back hearts and getting items to help out was much easier, but this isn’t the case. The game is imbalanced. No casual game should be so difficult so quickly. At least level 75 should be where the game gets more difficult. There’s also too many ads and pop ups to make in-game purchases.

  25. Very addicting! Easy to play, gets more challenging as you progress. There are no ads that pop up and disrupt the game, however, the game offers free items that help you and in order to get them, you have to watch an AD, but its not mandatory. If you chorus not to watch the ad then you do not get the item. Love, love, love!!!

  26. Many problems with this app. First, an advertisement after every attempt of a level is quite frequent. Especially if the attempt only lasts 6 moves, which has happened at least 5 times. And in many of these ads, the “x” is so small that I save more time just closing and reopening the app all together because it’s impossible to tap without wasting 30 to be taken to the play store. Finally, this game interferes with all my other apps and stops them all. This is a pretty new phone too.

  27. psdm1988 dice:

    As much as I have enjoyed this game up to now, there are recent problems that are causing me to consider just deleting it. First, the free coin feature is not working as it once did. In times past you had the option of watching a second video each time and you would get extra. Now, you can’t. Second, I am stuck at Level1499. The cloverleaf on the left obscures that level.

  28. The game is mostly repetitive. It could use to introduce game pieces that do different things other then the bombs. It’s also quite frustrating getting most of the way through the round only to have “no moves left”. Or some rounds you can run out of lives within minutes and it’s inevitable because you have to choose the pair options you had. Would not recommend.

  29. Frustrating. I love the game, but it is SO quick to just kick me off the game. When I go to get back on it, it goes right back to the beginning screen and I lose all my progress on the level I’m on. Plus, anything u add like boosters are gone. Game gone. Booster gone. Grr…. But it’s fun to play…. When it lets me…. If anyone calls it kicks me off. Or if I scroll down to check time, it kicks me off. Mostly for no apparent reason tho. Don’t let your screen go black or it will start u over 2!!

  30. Many levels are based on pure chance of the shuffle. If you allow the ability to watch ads for flashlights, it should also be given for shuffles or even bombs; which sometimes is the only way to beat literally impossible levels. Also encountered an issue where it said I had no connection when I did so the ability to watch ads was lost, severely hindering the gameplay. This also resulted in the complete disappearance of my remaining 2 hours of infinite lives. I’m not happy. Tempted to uninstall.

  31. Pat dice:

    I was hooked on this game. I dealt with all the ads. I’m almost to level 800 and considering un-installing. 1) on the daily reward it gives you the option of doubling the reward by watching an ad however this link has never worked 2) the ads after virtually anything you do but worst of all 3) I can’t buy a swap for 90. I only have the option of getting 3 for 270. Rude. It’s getting more difficult to get a reward.

  32. I’ve been playing this game a long time. There’s no way to win without spending money for extra coins anymore- esp for the extra hard levels. I actually deleted it at one point i was so pissed.AND you can’t move up to the next tier or whatever without having to do all the levels a hundred times because you can’t get enough toys by getting 3 stars on the levels just once. It’s boring. It wasn’t like that before. If you get through all the levels with 3 stars you should be able to move on.

  33. An amazing and addictive brain game that is easy to play, not hard at all to figure out how to play, and it can help with concentration skills! This game is for all ages and very fun to play, also! The ads are skippable, it has a wonderful game design, and it is a free game to play! If you have trouble finding tiles to match, you can watch an ad to get a flashlight to show tiles that are watchable. If you think there’s no moves left, you can do something to shuffle the tiles. This is very fun!!!

  34. The game starts out well (I rated it a five at the start of playing it, but it declines into a money pit requiring you to repeatedly make purchases to keep some coins to make moves in the game. Prime example; A shuffle helps you rearrange the remaining tiles once they can no longer be matched. The problem with this is it costs 90 coins to purchase a shuffle and you mormally make about 3 coins per game you are talking about 30 games to make that one purchase. You have to buy coins to play.

  35. Lydia S dice:

    I am editing my review: While the game is lots of fun, I’ve had to take 2 stars away … it’s full of glitches! Get to higher levels, it freezes up; has a mind of its own. Takes forever to load. Put it on pause, or get a text/call — restarts … if you’re close to beating a hard level, or just bought coins or used a booster (shuffle, bomb, etc.) You lose everything and have to start over. This is frustrating. Also, question for the developer: is this game available for laptop, or phone only

  36. Joosey J dice:

    I keep receiving error code 1-3 saying I not connected to the server. I emailed support, but nothing’s changed. I’ve missed out on my daily coins and could’ve had them much higher, now I have to start over. This is one of my favorite games and I can’t play! Checked to see if it needed to be updated, but it doesn’t. What’s going on?!? Would usually rate 5 stars, but due to the issue, I’m rating less. Once fixed, I will change to 5 stars!!!

  37. This has been my favorite game to play for two+ years. However, the last few weeks it either won’t load, glitches and freezes during the levels and will not give me the rewards. My game time is spent trying to get it to load. I cannot get a response from Jamcity for support. Looking at all the past reviews, I see Jamcity keeps replying with the same generic answer “contact support” but it’s obvious there’s no one really attempting to fix this issue. I’m sad to say I need to uninstall.

  38. After playing 110 levels, I can confidently say that I see why they have to pay people to play this game. It’s super laggy and unresponsive half the time, causing you to lose your points multiplier, and the game crashes without warning, usually during levels you’re using boosters on. Lives you receive from teammates and friends may not get added when you collect them and vanish into the nothing. The ads are absolutely ridiculous and there are far too many. Support responds, but is worthless.

  39. Beautiful game with nice, smooth gameplay. But I still uninstalled it… When I began, I got through the first several levels quickly. You need to collect all of the pieces in the collection to pass the checkpoint. I have all but the macarons. I have played the levels those pieces are available in for DAYS. I have more powerups than I’ll ever use. Unless you are ok playing the same 15 or so levels, I wouldn’t recommend until they update the frequency of the collection pieces. 🤷‍♀️

  40. J Hill dice:

    Awful. Soooooo many ads, a million invasive notifications. They progressively make the levels impossible to finish so you have to watch more ads. Then magically once you’ve watched a bunch of ads, the level is easy to clear all of a sudden. If you don’t watch enough ads in a certain section, you have to go back and replay levels until you’ve watched enough ads. The game should just be behind a paywall. The free version is abusive. Uninstalled.

  41. Super honesty time: I am addicted to this game because I love mahjong and I think the overall playing experience is fun. The problem is, I’ve spent quite a bit of money to progress due to the fact that you need to earn tickets by finding items (completely by chance) after beating levels. There’s only 20 levels per area, and you need 54-63 items to progress. I do not like to have to replay all the levels I just beat to collect MAYBE 1-2 items each. Please change this, it’s money grabbing.

  42. T. S. dice:

    Everything you do triggers an ad commercial. Collecting rewards, playing a level, spinning the daily wheel, etc. Constant pop-up windows in-game halt your game progress with offers for buying coins, energy, etc. You close one, then another pops up with another deal for something else. You do the daily spin, a window pops up for the deluxe spin that costs money. You try to close that, another window pops up asking if you’re sure you don’t want to buy a deluxe spin. It never ends.

  43. Been on this game for awhile. It started out fun. It got more challenging as you went up through the levels, but it wasn’t pay-to-win challenging. So naturally the developers tweaked it and tweaked it to get more and more money out of players. Their latest tweak has pretty much removed players’ ability to move up through the levels without paying.

  44. I was was many levels ahead, in Venice and Saturday I got dropped back to level 61! Now usually updates are a good thing, but not when you lose all your progress. Not when you can’t do the daily competitions because there are no blue bears on the levels you have been sent back to. Please developers, fix the bugs that came with this new update. I love playing this game.

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