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Color by number, art coloring book, for adults, for girls
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Color by Number – Happy Paint, is a FREE coloring game,
in which you can color by number and draw pictures for free.
This coloring book does not take you too much but offers you a lot of fun!
Color by number and share images with your friend for FREE!
Color, relax, anti-stress & calm down!
This is a great drawing app and free coloring book for you.
Color by numbers & color art, enjoy this free coloring game!

❤This coloring book does not take up too much space and does not consume too much power on your phone. Color by number is your best choice to free coloring and paint for relaxation!
Paint a picture and relax for a while.
Start Coloring and Make it Colorful!
Learn some art and coloring for free!

* Color by number: Without any pen or paper, tap and color!
* Hundred pictures: Mandala, Unicorn, Animal, Fashion, etc.
* Easy to play: Just tap the color by number then amaze yourself.
* Daily New Pictures: New day new experience.
* Pictures with different themes and different levels of difficulty.
* Color by number & share your artwork with friends.
* Addictive: Tap! Color! Happy! Relaxing!

It’s a relaxing, anti-stress, and addictive fun game for people of any age.
Download and install Color by Number – Happy Paint, we will make you happy.
Start Coloring and Painting now!
Color by number & color art, a free coloring book for you!

Amazing and relaxing happy paint color by number coloring book for girls with lots of amazing happy paint coloring pages for color by number!

About our coloring game for girls:
※ Color by Number – Happy Paint Coloring Book is a great color by number coloring book for kids and adults with amazing and relaxing painting coloring pages for color by number!
※ Our Happy Paint Coloring Book is intended mainly for girls of all ages, but is suitable for all happy paint lovers from 0 to 100 years old!
※ Happy Paint Color by Number includes many beautiful coloring pages for color by number!
※ Every girl can find here the perfect paintings for color by number! You will see here cute happy paint coloring pages, mermaid coloring book, fairy coloring book, and many others!
※ Happy Paint Color by Number is very easy to use and all FREE!
※ In the coloring game for girls happy paint Color by Number, you can color by number with realistic colors! The most beautiful happy paint realistic color by number!
※ Happy Paint Color by Number is the perfect girl game and color by number coloring book for every girl who loves coloring games and happy paint games!

Color by Number – Happy Paint Coloring Book is very easy to play:
* Download this app from Google Play and open Happy Paint Color by Number
* Select one coloring page for color by number from all happy paint coloring book
* You need to follow the numbers in the coloring area and a special color palette suggests to you what color each number corresponds to
* Zoom in, zoom out for color by the number of small details on the happy paint coloring page
* When you have completely painted one number color, the palette will show

Features of Color by Number – Happy Paint Coloring Book:
* Tons of beautiful and relaxing happy paint coloring pages for color by number!
* All amazing happy paint things from beautiful dresses to cute animals!
* The most beautiful happy paint relaxing color by number coloring book!
* Color by Number – Happy Paint Coloring Book is very easy to use and completely FREE!
* Happy Paint Color by Number is the best color by number coloring book for any age.
* For adults, the app will help them relax and enjoy beautiful color by number coloring books.
* For kids and teens, the app will help them train the brain, and develop recognition of colors and numbers, concentration, and steadiness!

Beautiful art coloring pages are updated every day for you to enjoy!
Try this FREE art coloring book game NOW!!!

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40 comentarios en "Color by Number – Happy Paint MODDED 2022"

  1. Of all the paint by number games this one is one of my top favorite’s! The finished product in particular to the “special” pictures are not only my favorite and my family’s favorite’s, but they make the game. The only complaint is I can’t get all is my pictures to save to look back on later. If the many pictures I’ve finished only two are in my completed file. I may be doing it won’t however if like to know how to fix this problem, please.

  2. Images are beautiful and detailed. It isn’t the largest collection I’ve seen but what’s there is fabulous. The colors are mostly semi-photi-realistic and very pretty from a distance. The numbers aren’t clustered by type or proximity so it can be a challenge to find all in a group. There is also a bucket feature that you can watch ads to collect. The bucket will fill in all blocks in a number at once. Ads between images but not while coloring.

  3. I’ve been using several different painting site’s with some degree of satisfaction…only here have I been completely please with the pictures, the colors and the degree of challenge. The only change I would like to see is the opportunity to earn more hints rather than buckets of color. I highly recommend this paint site to anyone looking for a better variety of challenges, pictures and colors.

  4. Love this game! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there’s an issue with some of the pictures not loading. A video is supposed to play before the pic loads and it keeps stating that the video isn’t ready to load yet. Other than this little bug, this game is awesome! Relaxing music, cool pictures, easy color change. It’s great!!

  5. This is by far the best color/painting app that I’ve used & believe me I’ve used quite a few. I really like the pictures & how it helps me relax. The only thing I’d really change are the ads but it’s not a gigantic deal because that’s how people are able to enjoy it freely. Thanks to the developer. I’m looking forward to many more pictures & much needed relaxation 👍🙂

  6. IMPRESSED! I’ve only completed one image, but so far this is one of the best paint/color by # apps I’ve used. I generally subscribe to the premium version of apps once I’ve decided that I really like it. OK, so I absolutely love the app! I just wish the premium/subscription amount wasn’t so high. I’m disabled & on a fixed income. I can’t afford the subscription. Great app though.

  7. This app definitely has potential as there are some nice pictures but there are some serious flaws that need fixed ASAP! 1st, not being able to pick up a painting where you left off is unexceptable. There are times when i need to close the app and having to start over from scratch will make me uninstall if not fixed. 2nd, the graphics need to be much clearer. Having teeny tiny spots that are not clear even when zoomed in completely again will make me uninstall if not fixed.

  8. I had to uninstall… the app is really great, the pictures are amazing however there are way too many ads. You open a picture, there’s an ad (which is understandableas most coloring apps have this) you finish a picture there’s an ad, which is ridiculous. You get a reward there’s an ad. And they are long ads! It takes me longer to watch an ad then to color a picture.

  9. I would give 5*, however there is an ad before and after every pic, and more than 90% of the ads take me to the Google Play Store to install the app that the ad was promoting. After about a dozen trips to the play store I have to get out of the app and clean my phone. Edit: I got back into the app; going to the play store after every ad caused my cell to freeze. Unistalled.

  10. This game is much like all the others out there, with one glaring problem: If I’m trying to scroll, there’s a 20% chance it will instead think I clicked to paint, and start a 30 second add that you CAN NOT BYPASS! There are a ton of other paint games that are just as good out there, but without this problem. Uninstalling.

  11. This is a nice collection of great pics. However, the coloring experience isn’t fun and relaxing when you are constantly bombarded with ads. To color a pic -watch an ad. Finish a pic -watch an ad. And, in the middle of coloring a pic -ads randomly pop up. I have 5 other coloring apps, and NONE OF THEM HAVE ADS POP UP IN THE MIDDLE OF A PIC. NONE. If they don’t have to do it, neither do you. This is frustrating, not fun. Change your overuse of ads, or I’ll uninstall and change my rating to 1.

  12. I love the selection of fantasy and character options, especially with the three-dimensional paint schemes! To me is so much more enjoyable to feel like you have completed a real life picture. It was a smooth experience the colors are grade the artwork is great good selection and it’s not overwhelming with ads. Great experience

  13. This app has so many pictures that I’ve been looking for and I love it but there are a few issues which I’m sure can be fixed, there’s a pretty significant delay between touching the screen and the color actually coming up. I love that it this app has a giveaway, NOBODY ELSE HAS THAT, VERY COOL!!!

  14. So broken. The Highlight doesn’t come up and even when you know it has the right color it doesn’t color. And every time you reload the game to try and get it to work you just have to watch an add it still doesn’t work. To make it worse It’s like a terrible find it game where colors are all over the place randomly and most of them are too small to find. The pictures are beautiful but the game is not playable in its current design

  15. WASTE OF MONEY! I subscribed for the weekly subscription, and after a couple minutes of no ads, they came back. The app isn’t letting me buy another weekly subscription because it says that I already own it. I would like to have what I paid for, no ads and my daily hints.

  16. Thanks for the long touch which is very helpful when dealing with arthritis, has a ton of nice pictures but you have to watch a ad which is usually 25-30 sec. to unlock he majority of them. Not with the time

  17. Every time I go to close the ad it keeps taking me to the ad. I get tired of closing the ad and having it take me to the ad several times. I refuse to pay for the ads to stop coming up. I should not have to close the ad 4 to 5 times!

  18. It was pretty good at first. Then it got better. A little challenging, but as it progresses, it less challenging & more relaxing. Cool. Keep it up like I usually say. Enough for now.

  19. I like that the colors you work on are clearly highlighted, and that it automatically highlights the next color when you’re finished a color. I only gave this a 3 because the page keeps disappearing when I’m partially through a picture. This picture is not saved and you gave to find it again and start over. Also, it would be a nice touch to put your finished, and started pictures into finished and started photo albums.

  20. I wanted an easier game. To many interruptions for hints, but needed for the difficulty. This is not relaxing.

  21. Wonderful app! Fun and easy to use! One of the very best coloring apps I have found! From start to finish, a fantastic app to use!

  22. Great app, I give happily 5 star, if developer removes floating pop up “paint bucket” to help you paint for an ad. Most of the time i tap on it accidentally and i don’t need color fill, it’s frustrating, not relaxing getting unwanted color fill. Instead make a permanent icon on the upper part, and if someone want help, he/she can tap on it and see an ad for. Also if possible I’d love to see swimsuit, or car-girl, bike-girl pics from time to time, not only women coloring pictures to relax.

  23. The pics are beautiful, but the color of dots don’t necessarily correspond with the color of the number on the pic. For instance, a red dot for a number could actually become a blend of greens on the numbered space. I love the blended colored outcome, yet I prefer that the colors of dots make sense in the numbered places.

  24. I really love this game, but its so annoying, it keeps on freezing and suddenly forced close.. And if i tap those specific color, sometimes its not working properly and the lags is insane.. pls do fix it.. I really like these game and its alot better if you guys will going to add more background music. Hope you guys will be able to fix it soon, ill be waiting for more updates but overall its so freaking nice game!

  25. -love the colors and pictures so far and the replay at the end, I love watching those -Fireworks at end are distracting when watching the re-color -Little sparks when you tap the screen happen even when you tap wrong spot which is kind of annoying -Ad break after everything… picture wouldn’t load so I pushed the back button and had to watch another ad.. glad they are able to be skipped tho -some pictures are loading and get to 100% and just stay loading and I can’t paint it

  26. The reason why I only gave this app one star is because half the time when you click on a picture you can’t even color it. It shows picture error and then I just did the update and it froze up my phone I had to reset my phone and then I tried again and it froze again so I just did the same thing and then I had to go into my settings and manually delete it off my phone. It was great graphics it was fun, but even after I watch the ads it still wouldn’t give me a picture before I updated the app.

  27. Has the features liked in colour by numbers: touch colouring areas, chances to win hints and regular paintboxes. Does heat the phone and uses a bit of cpu/memory. Bug fixes perhaps in an update? Takes time to launch ad videos at the start of the game.

  28. Anytime I want to color a picture it freezes and exits me out. I have unstalled and installed it and it still crashes! On top of that thd pictures will not load at all and it still kicks me out! I hope this can get fixed!!

  29. The pictures are good. I have enjoyed doing them. Unfortunately I will be uninstalling this app. The zoom needs a lot of work. The main thing I would like to see changed is your hint section. There is no place to gather hints. Just one hint at a time. This would be ok if you could, by eye, find all the spots that need to be filled. ( See previous comment on zoom). I end up with 3-4 spots I can’t find by eye. I don’t want to set thru 4 ads. 1 extra hint even every other hint would be 2 hints

  30. This app is cool I love the special type coloring ,,,I love the music,, but would be nice to have a selection of music so that when the mood strikes to color, you can change the music to your liking,, there is a flaw however, when I tap a color I have to tap a couple of times or more for it to registrar,,, then there is this paint icon floating about and getting in the way now and then, but apart from that great,,, please bring out some insects to color with special like Tarantulars, be cool.

  31. I have really enjoyed this game. It is my favorite color by number game. I have tried several times to purchase the yearly subscription but I am unable to do so. I have emailed them and I have received no response. 1 star until I am able to disable ads. Edit: I paid for subscription and have received no benefit. I have all ads. I demand a refund. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS FRAUDULENT APPLICATION!!!!

  32. Nice game but way too many long ads pulls batty down watching ads instead of painting. Biggest issue the pant can does not work , I’ve tried watching the ads but it won’t select a number just leaves the message to choose the number you want. Same happens if I use the paint cans I have earned – It still takes them off the total but does nothing.

  33. Lots of open space that cant be colored. Very slow response. Tried to color certain spaces and it would pull the screen to the left or had to color multiple times for it to take. The only good thing is the beautiful colors on the specials.

  34. Nice relaxing app. The pictures look colorful and bright. I just started this app. I hope I find it satisfactory to enjoy. I did find that a few of the color choices took alot of tapping to use that selection. I hope that will stop happening. That would take away the enjoyment of using this app.

  35. UPDATE 2: still can’t connect because I can’t get the app to load, haven’t been able to for 2 days. I managed to get it to load once and got to play for a bit but that’s it. I like to play this game a few times a day especially before bed but it’s been 3 nights now and I’m getting irritated

  36. Wonderful graphics and a variety of interesting pictures to color. Recommend highly! 👍

  37. It’s actually a nice coloring app, but there are way to many ads. 30 sec ads before, sometimes during and after. It’s annoying and the volume is really loud. If this were fixed I’d give it a 5 star. Deciding if I’m going to uninstall it.

  38. You where doing great, the only problem you had going is when you try to get more hints and you have to watch a ad you get a stand still Ad’s. You couldn’t get any. A now with the latest update it went back to same problems as before. Why can’t you make it so that even stand still Ad’s can open the photos and hints.

  39. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Love the star effect when you fill a spot, love the long-press option, love that you can always switch category just by sliding left or right as well as simply clicking the category name. Love it all. I definitely recommend you play this fanfreakintastic game, so click install right away, don’t wait a second. Just hop to it, and I hope you rate it 5 stars

  40. Are you kidding me? One clue for a 30 second ad? Unbelievable!! Also, you can’t zoom in far enough and you cannot read the numbers in the very small areas. I like the pictures a lot but these things make the coloring experience awful.

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