Tile Connect – Classic Match MODDED 2022


Tile Connect, a classic pair-match puzzle game with tile crush minigames!
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Connect tiles with a great number of pictures in pairs within the limited time. As you crush all the tiles on the board, you can win the level! Become a tile master 🏆 level by level! Play faster and faster to train your brain and exercise the link technology! Ready to fully enjoy the collection of various pictures on the tiles: Cute Animals 🐼, Fresh Fruits 🥑, Delicious Cakes 🎂, Beautiful Clothes 👗, Cool Vehicles 🚗, Lovely Toys 🧸, etc. You can definitely find your favorite blocks! 😊

Latest version of Tile Connect 📣

– Three minigames in the Playground Mode:
Woodblock – Place the pieces into board, fill in a vertical or horizontal line to clear them!
Zuma – Click two typical tiles to crush before the tile line goes to the terminal!
Find the Same – Find all the same tiles on the board to clear them within a limited time!
They are all ready for you now! New gameplay, new joy! 😀

– 10+ scenes of themes to be unlocked by levels and coins!
Space, Field, Sand, Wood floor, etc.
New background, new feelings! ❤

– More rewards to get by completing daily tasks! 📑
Challenge Mode: Emerging tiles when playing! Pass 5 levels to get a huge bonus!
Luck Draw: Spin the turnplate to get one random bonus every day!
Gold Pig: Store your coins every level till full!
Gold Coins: random bonus every day!

– Hundreds of new exciting levels are added every week! 🎉
Come to match and crush tiles in the slide puzzle game!

Key Features 💡

– Various pictures on the tiles: Thousands of pictures randomly appear level by level!
Crush them as many as you can!
Match fruit 🥑 pairs, link animal 🐼 pairs, connect number 🔢 pairs…

– Magnificent sign map: 20+ Constellations represent each chapter.
Imagine you are travelling in space in a spacecraft! 🌌

– Easy rule to play: Tap the tiles and connect them as fast as you can!
Just keep an eye on the timer! Get stars level by level! ⭐

– Powerful tools to choose: Use tools to pass more quickly! 🔨
Search: Help you find one pair!
Exchange: Help you change the matrix of the tiles!
Changing pictures: Help you change the whole category of tiles!

– Autosave and offline: Play at anytime and anywhere!
No matter if you are at study, at work or at home, Tile Connect helps you relax and exercise!

– Task focus and concentration enhance: Wonderful gameplay to train your brain!
A suitable game for the whole family to enjoy together!

How to play ❓

– Find two identical tiles without the block of other tiles!
Look carefully at what pictures it is. 😉

– Tap the tiles to connect with maximum three straight lines!
More than three will not be accepted. 🧐

– Use powerful tools as you want!
If you encounter difficulties, don’t give up, try the assistance. ❤

– Crush all the tiles within the limited time!
Keep an eye on the timer when connecting. ⏰

– Pass levels one by one to become a tile master!
Play with your friends together to see who is the best! 🥇

Now come to play this puzzle game, Tile connect!
Prove you are a tile master at connecting tiles!
Hope you have a wonderful time playing!
Connect and join us on: https://www.facebook.com/TileMasterApp


The time for a new update is NOW!
- Performance improvements
- Bug fixes


51 comentarios en "Tile Connect – Classic Match MODDED 2022"

  1. This would be a 4-5 star game if there weren’t so many ads. Finish a level, ad. Unpause the game, ad. Breathe, ad. And these ads aren’t the kind you can immediately skip. You have to wait 5-10 seconds (depending on the ad) to skip it, then you have another 5 seconds before you can close it. And the rounds have time limits, so if you fail every level, you have to watch an ad every three minutes, presuming you don’t pause. I am so disappoined. I don’t want to spend 6% minimum of the app on ads

  2. Paid for no ads. Still getting them and there are so, so many and so long. I keep playing because it’s challenging and the graphics are cute but it really bugs me about the ads. Update: the developers did help me figure out why I was getting so many ads. That’s helped and I have given the game an extra star. Still, if they’re going to charge for no ads, it should be clear what that actually means. You still get ads when you time out, sometimes 5 seconds into a new game. It’s pretty ridiculous.

  3. Loved the game, paid for it and then these last updates are annoying at best. I don’t need or want an avatar or shaking treasure chest. The stars slowed way down. I lost my background. All of the end of game additions just slow things down. The timer bar is a horrible replacement for the clock, at least give us both. I bought the game, I don’t need you continuing to solicit me to buy coins, especially when I have earned over 50,000. That’s as bad as ads. No opinion on the challenge game.

  4. It’s addictive. Just challenging enough so it’s not boring, but not too challenging so that it becomes stressful. Perfect for relaxing! Update on 1/18/2022 Way too many ads! The timer countdown is too annoying and takes the fun out of it for me knowing there is an ad at the end of every timer. And the timers are too short. Just having one ad at the end of each finished game would be plenty and reasonable. But the way this is set up is NOT relaxing. It’s annoying and disappointing.

  5. Never-ending barrage of extra long ads. The playtime ratio to the ads is absolutely the worst I have ever experienced. The game itself is ok, except for when it is in a crashing mode. My grandson found it and enjoys it, but he’s three and enjoys the chaos created by all of those invasive ads. This could have been an interesting way to spend a few minutes here and there. That’s a shame.

  6. A pretty good game. I got it because of its adds. I only gave 2 stars for a couple reasons. 1. Plenty of adds (not a good thing) 2. The adds lied to me. I would not be so harsh if you advertised it correctly. 3. My game keeps glitching and getting stuck on every level. I had to keep going out and back in and then there is an add and have to restart. Deleting this game when I’m only on level 5. 🙁

  7. I like playing this game but I have some major problems with it & if not fixed, I’ll definitely uninstall it! 1- It doesn’t give you the promised extra points/bonuses when you push the accept button to get double, after watching a 30 second ad. 2- After each game, you then have to watch another 30 second ad, which kills your momentum and interest! If you don’t fix these, I’ll find another one that doesn’t make me watch these long 30 second ads after each & every game!!

  8. This game is fine as a Time waster. There are a lot of ads. It has one huge flaw in that finishing quickly does not result in the highest score. If you finish before the first ad plays, your score will actually be lower than if you wait and finish quickly after the first ad plays. This is because the time resets after the ad, and anytime left is added to your score. This is unfair and frustrating. But if you don’t care about the score, it’s an average matching game.

  9. I love this to keep up with my ability to match quickly….however, for over 3 months now my scores stay the same on each level in the challenge section. No matter what I do. Every level scores the exact same. Kept a paper trail after the first 3x. Every single event…..for over 3 months. Impossible. So this game is either rigged or glitches. Sad because I do enjoy it. Can’t recommend. Looking at other similar apps

  10. At first, the game is relaxing, even with a timer. However, the challenge levels are terrible for people with anxiety. The levels are designed to randomly refill until you’re almost out of time, making 3-stars impossible – even after draining your specials. For those who like rage games, this is a great choice, but for the rest of us who like balanced, fair puzzle games, give Tile Connect a skip.

  11. Niko - dice:

    I’d give it 4 stars if not for the fact that it was nothing like the ad made it out to be[the ad acted like it was a sliding puzzle game not just connecting tiles]. it was still an alright game and I had fun with it for a bit, but it became less fun really quickly and I hate the level where it kept moving from the top to bottom. gave me a migraine. fun and mindless puzzle game great for wasting time but I got bored too quickly.

  12. If you pause about 2-3 seconds during the game, the hint icon begins intrusively bouncing. I couldn’t focus with it in the way. “Hey, click me click me!” No, I don’t want to, I’m trying to think!!!! In the end, I got angry and uninstalled the game!! Normally, I’d rate a game based off the gameplay, but all I remember is that icon, pulling me away all the time.

  13. This game is very addicting. Definitely gets challenging as you move up. Downside is that it often freezes up my tablet and I have to close out of the game and go back in. Lots of 30 second adds which is annoying, also I haven’t figured out how to replay a level if you don’t get a 3 star score. But overall it’s a good game. 3/18/21 Hate the new update, probably will uninstall and try something else. Why did you change it? Argh!

  14. Gayle Tei dice:

    I was trying to achieve 3 stars for each level, but failed in about 2 levels, that I could tell. When I tried to go “home” to check my star collecting status, I realized that feature was not available. Why am I not able to see my progress within the game? And why is there not a feature that allows the player to replay a level if she/he so chooses? Is this deliberate on your part, or did you forget these features? Apart from those irritations I do find myself liking the game….

  15. It is an interesting and challenging game if you have normal vision. It can be fun. If you are color-blind, it is especially challenging. Numbers to be matched looks like they’re the same color.. The game is not color-blind friendly. The problem also presents itself when playing with chips in the same amount and the same design, with different colors. The colors appear grayish. For this reason, plus a headache from eye strain, the game needs to be uninstalled.

  16. I know everyone needs to make a living, but the ads are after every level. They are all 30 seconds long with another 5 seconds to get the x. I enjoyed the game itself, although it isn’t how they show it in their ad. I downloaded it to play a game, not watch commercials. I don’t mind an occasional 30 sec. ad, just not every level, either shorten them to 5 sec ads or every 5 levels or so. I deleted after level 11, because it annoyed me so much. If you don’t mind all the ads it’s a nice little game

  17. Love this game and the updates are improving play. A couple of things which I would like to see are different game titles/pictures. I have been playing for a long time and the same picture pieces are getting boring. I loved the xmas tiles. The number tiles don’t come up very often which would help with variety. Love the game!

  18. I may have to find a new addiction. Very frustrating–when ad rotates screen from portrait to landscape, i can count on having to either close out Tile Connect, or more likely having to restart tablet altogether. Worst offender is ad for Soresto. Screen flips to landscape, audio for ad plays but no video, only large LEARN MORE button. Wait for 30 second timer to run out, hit X to close screen and… nothing. No close. Possibly X will open Chrome to Amazon set to purchase Seresto. Arrrgh!,

  19. This game has a lot of different activities. You watch ads but are rewarded with coins and boosts. The music and graphics are both soothing and vibrant. They keep it interesting but you so have to be patient with the ads. Its how you earn stuff. You can purchase without out ads. I am actually considering it. I don’t play many games but this keeps the mind sharp and sharpens your attention to detail.

  20. Kuma Tora dice:

    i love this game to death and have had it since i first got this phone, but i have a major issue with the sliding mechanic making it much less fun… i feel like it should be entirely optional because it does get quite infuriating once it happens after every level. i’ve nearly stopped playing the main levels because of this and stuck to the minigames and challenge levels since it doesn’t happen nearly as frequently… thought updating it would fix it but to no avail..):

  21. TOO MANY ADS! — Not worth the aggravation!!! ..In the beginning, I enjoyed playing this game very much but as I advanced in the rounds (got up to Level 180) the ads became more frequent! For example, if I advanced a round..I’d have to watch an ad..if i wanted to use my helps..ads! Ads, Ads, ADS! –> I am uninstalling this game after leaving this comment!

  22. Actually, I have been enjoying playing this game, however, there are way to many ads and very lengthy at that. Also, on some of the levels, the timer is challenging but doable and in others, it only gives you approx. 5 seconds. I’m a senior and still a quick read but not quite that quick. Hope this can be resolved because I do play this app. allot and would love to continue.

  23. Motion Sickness! Really liked the concept of how the tiles get matched. Made my brain work different than most tile games. Scrolling banner ads at bottom. Meh. The ads go somewhere. What got me was all the extra motion that happened as levels got harder. Couldn’t even finish the 1st level with spinning hammer. Closed it & uninstalled it. Not for me…but maybe for you.

  24. Stars tell you how well you performed. You performed x % better than others. Is shown in text. I assume it is time based. It is not clear if you switch tiles or search for matching tiles that will impact how you performed better than others. Points can be used to switch tiles and find tiles. I have accumulated over 60K points and am on level 3,665. But do not use them. Tile graphics have improved. Brighter and more clear. They need to stop using small tiles as they are difficult to see.

  25. Emily P dice:

    My major complaint with the new update is the difficulty of the standard puzzles has diminished. The challange offers some difficulty but not much. I also don’t that the timer is color based instead of showing minutes and seconds, but since the puzzles are all super easy now, the timer is practically irrelevant. The new graphics are a little easier on the eyes but sometimes the tiles are just too small to see on a phone screen.

  26. autumn dice:

    Great at first, you fly through to level 31 or so and you are inundated with ads! Terrible, loud, obnoxious, redundant, long playing stupid ads! You will get stuck at some point but you can buy your way out of it either by purchasing some other garbage app or listening to 5 ads at once!! It’s insane! Uninstalled.

  27. I like the game, but (why does there always have to be a ‘but’?) the option to watch an ad after a bomb explodes, or after running out of time, rarely works. The ad runs, I click the close button, and the game drops back to the same screen offering an ad to continue. If I click it again, a message says there are no ads to watch & I have to restart the level. I don’t mind a few ads, but the ad handling in this game needs sone urgent attention! 5 stars if you fix this problem !

  28. I like it, I particularly like the effects of the butterflies flying away once matched ( look forward to seeing some birds ?!) The cars/ trucks/ buses etc driving off again once matched. Some of the matches are harder than others, ie the poker pieces and sports gear, the socks matching and clothes seem easier. But each round is different and you don’t know what’s up next so keeps you playing. If you ran out of time, you buy more time with coins earned or watch an advert for more time. GREAT !

  29. The game would be enjoyable if it weren’t for the constant need for the game to throw all the tiles in a random direction. EVERY. PLAY. It would be enjoyable if it weren’t for many of the tile sets being way too colorful PER TILE so you can’t differentiate between them visually. The game would be enjoyable if it didn’t try so hard to make it impossible to use your brain and memory.

  30. This is a solid game. There is nothing really fancy about it and the premise of the game is quite simple and so I found it to be relaxing for the most part. You are not inundated with ads although there are times when you see an ad even if you decline the bonus prize. I was disappointed that there were only 2 types of background music though, and not a ton of unique board themes. I did not find it very challenging, at least up until where I left off, level 52. A solid basic game of tiles.

  31. Tad 980 dice:

    Great game but ALL the adverts make it impossible to play. Mid game you have to watch an ad. Close it down, the game is on countdown, another ad appears. Wait & close ad down and another appears! Too many times the game times out. I’ve just counted 7 ads in a row with no chance of getting back to the game so I’m out. Sad, because I like this otherwise. I do it to distress me but I end up being so frustrated with so many ads it’s just not worth it. Uninstalled.

  32. I saw an ad for the game and the game was different from the ad. Unless I didn’t get to that point yet? I still enjoyed the concept of the game, a bit different of a match game so it was fun. Then, after the first world of levels, there are ads between every level! A level takes up to three minutes, and then you have to watch ads. I don’t mind occasional ads or ads for rewards, bit this was kind mind numbing. Not worth it.

  33. Fun and addictive and relaxing. Until I started the actual challenge: At level 4 the clock just goes down in 2 seconds, then you have to start all over again. No way to win here. Maybe a bug, maybe intentional (so the player ends up watching ads until they fall asleep), but as long as this keeps happening, you wont get more stars, and I lost interest in the game!

  34. Dixie Rae dice:

    The game started out looking like it was going to be interesting. The puzzles were all different and graphically please ending after about 15 level it repeated this cheap looking vegetable level over and over a game. Then add started popping up and when you click them off they continue to take you all the way to installation. It’s a shame. It started out very well and went downhill quickly.

  35. The ad for this game is a lie. I saw a nice ad for the game and thought I’d check it out but it is so far off. Instead of playing a stressful game where you have to pair together items before they reach the top part of your screen (as they continuously move upwards), you’re left with a slow and boring game that is the complete opposite. Fix your ads and stop creating false expectations. 0/10

  36. Gumsan dice:

    I found the game challenging but it’s an opportunity by the devs to just show you loads of ads when either the bomb goes off or the time runs out. But I gave up the game when at one level, 135, after clearing a fair few and thinking I’m going to beat the clock it refilled and it did it FIVE more times before I decided that this was ridiculous so I quit before the end. It has refilled in a few previous levels but not to this extent. Enough was enough.

  37. K Nisbet dice:

    Was loving it (and am regularly in the 92%+ category) but am now stuck on level 100. I am slower at seeing letters as shapes, new tiles get added, and the bomb goes off/I fail. I can choose previous games when i get to main menu, but it keeps returning to the level I can’t pass. Soon i will have to look for a similar game as this blocked level is too annoying/depressing, and i aren’t prepared to watch numerous videos to get enough hints to get me past it.

  38. Now it’s been a week now I can’t even get one game without hitting a tile and then it sends me on a freaking journey with chrome this app out of 20 different apps your app is the only one that does this so guess what happens now. What you don’t know , then let me tell you, your going on a journey to the unistall button. This was a great game until this happened. GOODBYE

  39. Mar dice:

    I LOVE this game! The music, the layout, everything is just perfect. My only critique is that there be an option for a relaxed mode. Racing against the clock sometimes flares up my anxiety and I think if there were an option to just play without the timer, it would be the best game out there. PLEASEEEE make this happen! 💛

  40. R Smith dice:

    You get to a point where you remove four(4) tiles and six(6) to eight(8) new tiles appear. Remove four(4) more and it happens again. There is no way to remove enough tiles before time ends. Horrible game. Who even designed a game this bad?

  41. Loved this game! It’s helped me pass time on multiple airplane flights. However, one of the recent updates added things that popup mid level. It breaks my focus, and when you’re on a hard level, you really need to keep your groove going! I hope there’s something to remove that in the future. In the meantime, I guess I’ll stay stuck on level 217.

  42. Latest update causes ads to pop up when you click on hidden tiles. The tile will then dissappear, resulting in unmatched tiles at the end of the game. This freezes the game. Even after a hard close of the game, and restarting the device, the game goes back to that round and you are unable to play.

  43. I’m confused. First I was asked to rate the Game?. I gave 4 stars. Now your asking why I gave 4 stars to rate the App?. The 4 stars is based on the game, not the app. The game cheats as all these app games. The main tower has an attitude problem if you rank higher then the intelligence of the domain’s tower. As for the App.; I rate it a 3 star. It shuts down, it gets stuck even though part of that had to do with the App updated through your domain tower but Google never updated the app.

  44. Like this game until they started putting pop up ads in the middle of doing a level. An ad between levels okay, I get. But DURING a level!? Nope. Deleting game.

  45. Freeze’s up when you watch adds keep having to start the same part of the game over and over. Can’t get past one unit of the game so I don’t Play it

  46. Has terrible issues. No matches at certain levels and it freezes then eventually restarts the same game with same issues

  47. At first it’s fun but at level 449 some tiles are missing and stops cannot press.tiles incomplete at level 467.

  48. Laura C dice:

    Last 2 tiles in the game are not the same and the app crashes when try to continue so cannot play anymore

  49. The game itself is ok, the problem is with the ads. There is a banner ad at the bottom of the screen that pops itself up without being tapped. I don’t so much mind the ads that give a reward but this one just opens itself up to whatever website. This is the only app I’ve ever used with a self-invoking banner ad. It should never, ever happen. And it is the sole reason I’m getting rid of the app. I don’t like apps that “cheat”.

  50. Horrible! I have emailed this developer MULTIPLE times for a refund for the year subscription I paid for and never received. I didn’t receive anything that they say you get, they just took the payment and have since ignored every email I’ve sent to them. I’ve now taken it to Google to handle.

  51. Rick E dice:

    I got this game because I love ads. Ads ads ads ads ads . I don’t really like to play the game itself. I just go through the levels so I can get fed at least 3 ads per. I love the ads. Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads please make it so every 2bd successful pairing plays more adssssssss. Then I’ll give it 6, maybe even 100 stars in a review. PLEASE – ADD MORE ADS.

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