Tile Master® – Classic Match MODDED 2022


Collect blocks and triple match to challenge yourself in the Tile Master!
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Tile Master – Classic Triple Match & Puzzle Game is a challenging matching game.🧩 In the game, you need to blow your mind and match 3 numbers of blocks. When all tiles are matched, you can pass the current level!🏆 Our puzzle game includes large numbers of levels. Some levels might be hard. Challenge your mind and solve the puzzles, and then you will find them easy and exciting!

Learn more about Tile Master📣

– The new version of Tile Master with simple rules and addictive gameplay: Match pairs of identical fruits 🥑 or butterfly 🦋 tiles (choose three of same block), clear all the tiles, Win! Have a blast in Tile Master!

– Have no time limit. Choose tiles into the box. Three of the same tile will be eliminated! Enjoy your time and train your brain in this match-3 puzzle game! ⭐️

– Complete different levels, unlock maps one by one. Let’s travel around the exciting world with Tile Master!! 🤩

Game features🌟

– 30+ styles of cute tiles: Fruit 🥑, Cakes 🍰, Animals 🐱, … Each tile board is different and varies from one to the next! Change the styles day by day!

– 20+ skins and themes: Beaches 🏖 , Mountains 🗻, Sunset 🌄, … Unlock by chapters!

– Thousands of layouts and useful tips 💡, undo , and powerful boosters !

– Challenge interesting levels, collect more stars ⭐️, unlock more world maps 🗺 and enjoy your brain time! Start Tile Crush journey with Tile Master!

Ready to play

– Available to play on mobile and tablet devices!

– Casual and easy gameplay, open your mind!

– Connect all fruits and eliminate them! Enjoy this free puzzle board game! 😆

– Much harder level, unique tile sets. Challenge yourself! ✊

Try our free solitaire puzzle games and Play OFFLINE/FREE in any time, anywhere either Phone or tablet!


-Fixed Bug
-Fixed Crash


40 comentarios en "Tile Master® – Classic Match MODDED 2022"

  1. The game itself is fine and I love it, but the CONSTANT ads make it stressful and completely not worth it at all. Ads before a level, after a level, in the middle of a level, and half the time you can’t close the box and have to close the whole game and bring it back up. So many times the watch and ad to recall three tiles just restarts the level. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  2. This game would get 5 stars if the ads weren’t so ridiculous. You get an ad every time you briefly switch to another app, an ad every time you finish a level which in this case consistently has been 5 second ads but now I’m getting longer ones. A lot of the ads are well over 30 seconds because after 30 seconds some will let you click the double arrows but only if you want 5 to 10 seconds. And then after you click the arrow you have to wait another 5 to click the x it is infuriating.

  3. Give it a 3. The game is fun and easily enjoyable, then the ads set in. No really they do and the ads are intrusive and over the top. Developers say it’s to keep the games free that is fine I get it but, when the developers have more ads then gameplay it isn’t fun anymore. I have accidently clicked an ad during a round because while playing the ad popped up. Not fun having to struggle to click that ad off screen when it finished only to keep going to the Google playstore for said game.

  4. I like this game. I find it very relaxing. It does not continually ramp up in intensity until I cannot play. Although definitely challenging, most game boards are in fact solvable. After the early levels, it alternates quite tricky ones with fairly simple, which gives me a break. I have worked several hundred levels. I find myself drawn back again and again. Highly recommended.

  5. I love the game. My rate would be a 5 star but everytime a Wish ad comes on it gets stuck. I have to hit back space 50 times. Fix and a I will rate a 5. I used to like the game. But for the last week or so every single ad crashes. Plus it doesn’t give you award. So I’m just wasting time and data for nothing. I’m uninstalling. Sad cause I really liked the game.

  6. I like this game. It has tiles piled on top of each other so it is like the Mahjong games but instead of matching two tiles, you match three. It has scoring (1,2, or 3 stars) depending on how well you did on matching tiles. It has different backgrounds for each level in each chapter. You can restart if a level if you fail. There are buttons such as undo and rearrange but they cost “coins”. There are ads but I don’t mind ads if I do not have to keep buying “coins”.

  7. Loved the game for a while, but it becomes boring after a while. The tile patterns never change as the game continues, making it seem very repetitive. When the harder levels come, sometimes it takes 5 or more tries to actually comete it properly. Sometimes the game would pause for no reason, and then I had to watch another add to continue playing.

  8. Rebecca M dice:

    Fun game until you get to the “harder” levels. Difficulty should not be where you can’t do anything from the start. There is no logic to getting to the end answer when you won’t get there. I like difficult but not impossible. Plus after every puzzle there’s a 30 second video, or more, to have to watch. It makes me not interested in the game anymore. Sorry 3 stars because it’s fun at the beginning and as it starts getting difficult, but no fun when impossible outcomes.

  9. I had this game on my cellphone but took it off to use on my Chromebook. It is awesome! I can’t stop playing it! Graphics are great and the higher you go, the more it works your decision making skills. I love it! I just uninstalled because I’m sick of anad after every single level! couldn’t tak it anymore sorry. fun game but too many ads to deal with. I reloaded the game 11/2021. I got up to a very high level and then all of a sudden it would not show up on the screen! I don’t know what happened

  10. Sheila W dice:

    Love this game but it no longer works properly. Each time you try to earn help icons, instead of watching an ad, the screen goes black and freezes. Above problem was fixed and it was fun again! Until… the party icons and games were changed. Difficult to earn help icons now. Should have left it as it was. Guess I will have to find another game to play for hours.

  11. This “game” isn’t what it seems. It appears like some kind of modified mah Jong game but when you play it, it has no strategy or thinking skills involved. For example, if there are tiles that are completely surrounded by other tiles, you’d think you need to get rid of the ones on any side of them to access them. Except you don’t. You have full access to them despite they’re surrounded. It’s literally just tapping the screen to make 3 matching tiles disappear.

  12. I love this game. It’s ALMOST perfect. I would love to see an update with an endless option that you play like the ad. Where the screen scrolls and you have to match the times until you run out of time and they tikes hit the top. Also, the times mini game having an option where you can play against yourself, seeing how long it takes to pick up all the tiles and if you can get faster would be fun, but mainly the one mentioned above please!! Thank you.

  13. Karis C. dice:

    The game was very fun until you get to around the 5th country(?) of stages. You start to get ads after every round, reset and from pressing the home button. On top of that, the stages become purposefully harder to pass in the way the tiles are shuffled. It’s only possible to win about 1/30 resets of a stage. It’s sad because the game is fun, but I don’t want to pay on a game that’s making me lose, to pay for it. It’s just not enjoyable.

  14. So I’ve been playing for awhile, the ads usually only start when your going to a new level watch 1 ad after that you can play and then repeat You can also watch ads to get things, get coins, more items you may need during rounds to progress (you don’t always need the items) the ads aren’t even that bad there are games with ads that happen each time you press a button. It’s a simple match game and yeah it’s gonna have ads, the ads aren’t showing up every minute. All in all it’s a good game.

  15. The gameplay isn’t too bad, but what kills it for me are the number of ads you are forced to watch. You can’t do anything unless you watch a 35 second ad (30 secs for the initial ad and another 5 second splash screen before you can close it), even pausing the game forces you to watch a 10 second ad. I would be fine watching a 30 second ad every 2-3 games or every 20 minutes.

  16. It’s not too hard, not too easy… as long as you’re actually dealt a hand with plays! Many are impossible to start due to poor dealing. A big drawback, and it’s worth the loss of 4 stars, are the ads after nearly every hand, win, loss, after pauses (which it will do on its own sometimes), and to play bonus games. Ads should be for bonuses, perks, etc, not as a form of punishment for just playing. The ads may run longer than the levels last, too. The incessant ads ruin the experience.

  17. Holly P dice:

    Why such a major change with the update? I’ve played this game on and off for quite a while. Great little simple game! Want a booster? Watch an ad and earn a few coins…no problem in my opinion. Hadn’t played in a while. Opened up the app today, oh pretty, nice new graphics! Need a booster? Oh hey, look I have enough coins to buy one, let’s go to the store. BOOM!!!! Not available with game coins any more, you have to pay real money now! That’s a hard no from me! Bye!

  18. I was enjoying the game, even as choked with ads as it is, but that changed completely when I hit 7-3. That layout is an almost linear stack, and since there’s no guarantee a board is winnable, it was going to be a looong string of lucky rolls. The “Shuffle” item does not work well, as the available tiles never changed after 25 shuffles. The “solution” turned out to be to use the “Hint” item, as it can pull tiles that are still buried, making illegal moves. Poor programming all around.

  19. Jess RRR dice:

    Unsolicited ads between levels. 🙁 Too long to have time to wait. You have too many ads during gameplay. Even better levels. I’m tired of ads, its one thing to have them to get coins but another thing for them to randomly pop up in between levels. Also, I think the games start off just so I’m forced to lose and to have to watch more ads to restart the level. I’m onto you guys. Make the app better please. You can have ads just not so excessive…

  20. Alicia m dice:

    I played the first 40 levels, but the game isn’t interesting or challenging. You have a field of stacked tiles to clear. You can hold 7 in your tray, and when 3 match, those disappear. So you have to logically clear tiles without accumulating too many that don’t match. The early levels are simple: there are always sets of 3 on the board to clear. Later levels sometimes take a little logic, but they’re not difficult. I easily won more hints than I needed.

  21. First of all, if you like ads you’ll love this game. I’ve never seen so many forced ads that you have to watch. The game starts out easy the 1st levels. As you progress into higher levels, it becomes impossible to to collect items you need. They force you to use the cheats that require either time or purchase. The ads are absolutely ridiculous. They didn’t offer a fraction of a star, so it received one. It’s fun to play. Very addictive. I will keep playing, but they should scale back ads.

  22. I used to love this game and didn’t mind the ads, since I knew when to expect them and could plan for them. Now there are ads forced on me between every single level and screen, and I can’t even quit the game when stuck in an ad. Thanks for breaking my addiction. I would have kept purchasing coins in the older version, probably forever. Now I’m over it. Its no longer fun but irritating. Just deleted it.

  23. This is a fun game that requires a little thinking ahead. My main complaint is similiar to anther game I play. I don’t mind watching ads and even choose to do so when you can gain points or coins. The problem is some of these ads will NOT go off. There is no arrow, no cancel button, no anything. You have to turn off your computer and start the game again. No Fun doin that!

  24. The most ads of any game ever! This game is unbelievable how many ads there are. I know it’s common for games to make you watch ads for resources, or even between levels but this one makes you watch ads during the level randomly! And often you finish the add and it will play another one a second after you get back to game play! Not worth it! And it’s the same 3 ads over and over and over again!

  25. Sabrina E dice:

    Not worth your time. I finally had to uninstall it. What should be a simple, fun game is not worth the number of ads you have to sit through and screen freezes. You don’t earn many points from game play, compared to the points it takes to get shuffles or hints required to complete a grid. Such a disappointment.

  26. Addicting! I love these kinds of puzzles. I like the strategy of it! Unfortunately, one issue that is becoming a regular problem is ; after spinning for a reward, it offers double reward or (2×), if you watch an additional ad .The game tries uploading an ad, but just keeps spinning and says, “Ad Loading”. After many tries… I try for single reward, and a new game starts! “Very frustrating! ” (And un-fair) 😧 ! I truly love this game; so can we fix the problem?? Pretty pleaze?? Thank You!!

  27. The actual game idea itself is enjoyable, but overall it’s an awful experience. ADS galore. Between every level there’s an ad and most times you retry a level it forces an ad. Everyone few levels, the way the tiles are shuffled force you into using hints/reshuffle tools earned through watching ads or purchased. I was testing to see if I was having bad luck with a level, but the game really does have levels you can’t get past without using the assist items. Uninstalled.

  28. The game itself is good. Great time passer but the ads are quite a bit excessive. I understand this is how developers make their money but there should really be a cap on how many ads are played a day. An ad after each and sometimes before a new game is too much and gets frustrating/annoying after the first 4! I probably won’t keep playing this for long due to that reason.

  29. Just uninstalled. At first tiles laid out nice and easy then the layouts go more challenging then the layouts become unfun because you’re forced to collect tiles you don’t want, they fill up your tank & you’re forced to watch ad after ad to get to the finish. Loved it. Now hate it. Not even worth the effort to reinstall when you know where it’s going to go. C ya!

  30. Loved the game. Even bought out of ads. But like so many other games, the puzzles became so hard that it was not enjoyable. It was frustrating and costly. I will quit playing as i did with Candy Crush, garden Scapes, and so many others. Its a shame. I really enjoyed it. And no way to get past a level with out completing it. I played over 20 times. One level. I am done

  31. Very enjoyable to pass the time. I love the free spin as well as the quick match 3/3. I mostly play the VS., although I absolutely HATE the VS. game that gives your opponent the option to FREEZE you in mid play. I really DISLIKE that feature. I’m looking forward to the “coming soon” to add more chances to play. I love that you have options to get rewards needed to continue games and the ads aren’t too bad. Overall it’s definitely a great game.

  32. If you like 3-tile games or visual puzzle games, I definitely recommend giving this one a go. It’s is like many 3-tile games, but you can customize your tile set, background, and click animation for free. Even the hints and such are more obtainable for free players. As for the ads, they are tolerable, and I haven’t noticed any increase in ads as I level up (unlike the other Higgs game I reviewed). If they bother you, the cost to remove them is ~$4, which is pretty standard.

  33. C Kahna dice:

    Been playing for a while. Used to be a lot more fun and then they took away the daily goals and made it harder to get in game items and currency. I don’t mind watching ads as I know games have to make revenue somehow but they keep making changes to back you into a corner to spend money and it’s forcing me away from the game; the newest one is having to spend 300 coins instead of watch an ad to continue a round without losing progress. Too stressful for a puzzle game at this point.

  34. Delightful and a good time spender, until level 9-3. Suddenly, pieces aren’t moving when I click on them. I can get the first five or six and then I’m stuck. I went back and played other levels with tiles in that area of the screen in case it is my phone going bad, but they played just like normal. Five stars up to this point, now about to delete. Update- I used helps to get past the level, but I do appreciate how quickly I received a reply. Adjusted to five stars.

  35. I expect free apps to have ads; however, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an app with as many ads as this one- you literally can’t do anything without having to watch a 30 second ad. It’s definitely not entertaining enough to put up with all the ads- maybe the later rounds get more challenging, but with all the ads, it would take me a year to find out.

  36. It’s a good game but lot of ads, the reshuffle boost sometimes doesn’t even change anything. What a waste. Also you have to pay coins to get a ticket for online mode for each little game! That’s too much for such short little games. Makes it unplayable when the main mode is literally impossible without boosts at times.

  37. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! ITS TOTALLY ADDICTIVE! It can be a little challenging at some points but overall its my favorite! The only thing I might suggest would be to have a more zen type of music in the back ground. I had to mute the music right away as it was a little annoying and repetitive.

  38. It is a fun game. But the ads are way too much. An ad after every single level, on almost every reset, sometimes when just going to the homescreen? And after all of that, you now have an ad banner on the screen while playing? I get that you have to make money, but seeing how others are able to make money without so many damn ads, it seems like your driving force is pure greed. You don’t care about the customers, just get as much as you can and screw everyone else.

  39. Love this game but some ads pop up that won’t allow you to exit when done (ie, spades) so I have to restart my phone every time I get that ad to ( which is often) to continue playing. Very frustrating. If it continues I will install. And what are the coins for? They just keep adding up and I can’t do anything with them.

  40. Constantly crashing. Then when u go to reopen the game to play it won’t open. Then I go into my settings n have to clear the game out pretty much to reopen it. Then I lose everything n have to start from the beginning. N oh my god the adds are beyond ridiculous! Game could be addictive if u can play it long enough n don’t mind adds every minute. I think it’s funny on this game page it says fixed minor bugs. Um nope!

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