Farkle High Seas (dice game) MODDED


Sail between islands and trade goods in this unique pirate Farkle dice game.
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Farkle is a dice game of luck and skill. There are many variations and names (Farkel, Zonk, Zilch, 10000, Hot Dice, and Pirate Dice, among others). Played with six dice, the goal is to reach 10000 points before your opponent. Fun and relaxing, this unique take on a classic game has been loaded with tons of extra features.

Packed with Features!
● Easy to learn: Farkle takes just minutes to learn, but this game will keep you playing for hours!
● Fun for all ages: With easy to learn instructions anyone can play.
● Easy gameplay: Roll dice and group them for points. Bank those points, or re-roll the dice and try for more points. It takes guts to decide!
● Win treasure!: High Seas Farkle dice game pits you in pirate duels against a cast of characters on your boat. Each opponent has their own unique risk tolerance and strategy. Power your boat by winning duels.
● Pass and Play: Play a multiplayer game against someone next to you.
● Farkle Arcade: Hop in to the Farkle Arcade and try to reach 10000 points. Higher scores win you better prizes!
● Battle monsters: Dice games against pirates and monsters require unique strategy.

While not designed specifically as an ASMR game, some people have reported that the relaxing dice sounds give a similar experience to ASMR games. It is a satisfying way to chill, de-stress and relax while rolling dice.

Roll the dice, sail between islands, trade goods, earn gems, and collect dice sets as you play this classic dice game! It’s a pirate adventure!


Dice Merge mini-game added.


40 comentarios en "Farkle High Seas (dice game) MODDED"

  1. I love this game and play every day. I just got my first set of dice. However, lately its been really glitchy. Sometimes when it’s my turn to roll, I’ll automatically get a “farkle” without the dice ever rolling. Other times it freezes and I have to restart, which sucks because I lose out on my sails. Other, other times it’ll glitch in a weird way where the dice freak out and just continuously roll. I’d love some help with this issue because I love this game!

  2. FUN! I LOVE this farkle game!! It’s my favorite one & the only one I play but lately it’s had alot of problems. I’m not sure what the issue is but I’ve had to uninstall because it wouldn’t work. It just froze & when I uninstalled & reinstalled I lost all my sails & everything so I wax really bummed but willing to start over except it still wouldn’t work most of the time & sometimes the dice just continue rolling & never stop so I’m assuming it’s having issues! 😢 I MISS IT!!

  3. Getting a couple of game breaking bugs. One someone else has mentioned where I get automatically farkled before I can take my turn. Another where it seems to ignore the minimum to bank sometimes but not always.

  4. It’s not bad but it tends to cause you to lose a turn and gives you an automatic farkle without getting a chance to play or it sometimes freezes and cause you to go out and back in and does the same thing

  5. Game was mostly fun, but now it glitches where you press the “roll” button and it instantly farkles you without even rolling the dice. This has gotten to the point where it happens 4, 5, 6 times every single game. I’m done playing until they fix it. There’s no point.

  6. Whenever you encounter a pirate or sea creature in sailing mode the game becomes unstable and will not allow you to select dice or bank points. It then proceeds to auto play and force you to resign thereby losing the encounter every time.

  7. Like the game but I have one issue. When playing against Diego… If I get a farkle, and he gets one right after me, as soon as I hit the roll button, it gives me a farkle, with out ever rolling the dice. Happens every time like that! Kinda frustrating. Otherwise I’m enjoying it so far.

  8. Why is it that before I explored the sail feature I would win most games and lose some but after I started sailing around almost every single game I would roll automatic farkles like 40% of the time and the characters would beat me by several thousand points? It’s not really fun anymore 🙁 like I’m talking 15 games in a row they got like 3 free rolls in one turn and I got either a farkle in the first roll or the second.

  9. I thought I found a game to play and have fun with but games are not fun when there is cheating going on…Farkle wake up and smell the coffee…is it really that serious…word of the day…NO CHEATING OK FARKLE…Thank you

  10. Much better than the other farkle games, there’s more than one game and the challenges are fun.

  11. This is a game I haven’t deleted and I’m notorious for deleting games. No commercials. Just play without interruption thank you

  12. Not as “involved” as other farkle apps, but a great little game if you just want to roll and play!

  13. Seductive! GO TEAM FARKLE!!! Gotta go. Diego needs a spanking. I mean a Farkle. Yeah, a Farkle. That’s it. Holy Farkle!!! I’m a Farkle junky. Farkle!!!! I’m Gone Farkling. Is that a word? My brain is Farkled. Farkle!!! Oh! I really like this Farkle!!! I mean, game

  14. I love this game it is so fun it helps I when frustrated it makes I think clear again

  15. Always fun. Great way to kill time while standing in line or whatever.

  16. The dice part is pretty good except the A.I. apparently has loaded dice. I am very close to uninstalling for this reason.

  17. I like it, it’s entertaining when you’re bored. I’ll try to make this simple. It’s a lot of fun

  18. Very little time on ads! Enjoyable!!

  19. Keeps glitching and freezing when battling ships which forces me to reset the app and lose all my progress. I play this game every single day and I love it so very much It just gets so irritating that I keep losing all my progress repeatedly day after day because of these glitches and I also think we need some more mini games of swords in there other rewards that we can win

  20. Like that there are more than one option. Relaxing can play for hours.

  21. I love Farkle in general, but this version makes it much more enjoyable.

  22. Addicted. I started playing it just to check it out and I’ve been playing it for about 2 hours now non stop already addicted!!!

  23. Fun easy game. Great way to kill time

  24. I’ve played many dice/farkle games and have never seen one so obviously rigged against the player. The AI descriptions are very encouraging; until you actually start playing. I’ve never seen so many perfect roll streaks by any AI before. Consistently racks up 4-5,000 points in a single turn in order to catch up. It’s almost predictable. When money is involved for these kinds of games, devs are always lying when they claim it’s completely random.

  25. The game is broke it is always loading videos and you can never play acade mode plus when your match is over the wins stay in the next game and you cannot see your dice Edit…. Please fix the video section of the game to watch and receive tokens. The game is no fun without the tokens.

  26. Seems to be a bit one-sided. I play alot of farkel. And this needs to be more fair in the winning department

  27. Very fun game it’s not complicated I can’t stop playing. The ads are 5 seconds.

  28. Enjoyable game of farkle, great graphics and gameplay with arcade mode as well.

  29. Jen Mayo dice:

    Great game, it has lots of options that are fun to play.

  30. Shane dice:

    Like most games, you get WAY ahead in the game and then all of a sudden you lose. Had the computer beat by 7600 to 1500 then all of sudden I started getting farkeled to the point of losing. “Nice platform.” No need to contact as you’ll give some BS website to visit to explain more when it’s all right here. Deleted

  31. Great time killer! Does need arcade section fixed.. More than once ive gotten 0 items for finishing even with a score over 6k. Also should offer dice more! I had options to sail and get dice alot when first downloaded.. Now not so much. But i love the game other than that!

  32. Fun. But don’t quite get the sail boat ,buying and selling stuff.

  33. I LOVE THIS GAME ! but for some reason every time I play the against the pirate it starts freezing up causing me to uninstall & redownload it then I have to start over. I have to completely avoid playing the pirate so I miss out on a lot of the games features.

  34. Being up 5000 points and having the AI get 4000 on a single turn because of back to back to back to back hot dice is absolute garbage. Then of course you go on to lose, because you’ll farkle on the first throw. SO OBVIOUSLY RIGGED AGAINST YOU.

  35. Fun and fast paced dice game

  36. Different kind of dice that’s very addictive !!!

  37. Able to play off line as well . Keeps me wanting more

  38. Kind of fun. Good time killer. Helps me to ignore the wife.

  39. This game is good pastime I enjoy enjoy it very muchaaa

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