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Get ready for a new, original and challenging Mahjong solitaire game. The goal in Mahjong Club is to match identical tiles to remove from the board. When all tiles are removed you have solved the majong puzzle! Can you complete all 5000+ levels? Install Now!

⭐ Over 5,000 free board setups
⭐ Beautiful landscapes as backgrounds
⭐ Auto Fit
⭐ Choose your own score system:
– no timer, no pressure
– mahjong combi points
– stars & time
– no score system
⭐ High scores & personal statistics
⭐ Turn sounds on or off
⭐ No Wifi, no problem! Play offline if you wish.
⭐ Join a club, play & chat together
⭐ Simple pick-up-and-play controls

This is how you play Mahjong Club:
► On the mahjong board, pairs of tiles are dealt at random. The maximum amount of tiles is 144.
► Your task is to find pairs and match them
► A matched pair will be removed from the majong board
► When all tiles are removed from the board you have completed the level
► When you have completed a level you will unlock the next level
► Use a booster when you are having a hard time to complete a majong puzzle
► Make sure you are online for the best experience. Offline is possible as well!

Can you beat all the levels in Mahjong Club? Play for free and relax!

Contact & more info:
Many more cool features will be added to Mahjong Club in the coming months. Feel free to tell us what you like to see in the game!

Terms of Service can be found here:
Privacy Policy can be found here:


Hey you! I'm sure you like some of the new content in this Mahjong update:

- Brand new Winter dashboard to get prepared for the holiday season

- New background music was added to the game

- Bugfixes to avoid losing progress and Daily Challenge trophies


44 comentarios en "Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game MODDED"

  1. I love the UI, its relaxing and flexible, as far as options are concerned. But! The ads are super annoying and the usual X to tap to remove the add after a period of time is usually the same color as the background so you can’t tap to get out, and the ads are too long to sit through. The $6 I paid to remove ads is well worth it, and now I have no frustrating interruptions.

  2. Initially I was addicted to this game. But I got to a point where it said there no more moves and there were. I tried restarting and replaying but it wouldn’t let me finish. This really ticked me off so now it gets a ‘1″. It is still freezing up and you have to reopen the game. It does it every few minutes. Very frustrating.

  3. Starting with the lower levels gives you a quick way to learn the game. Then going into the higher levels was easy. Always wanted to learn this game, but thought it looked too complicated.After using their tutorial method, I was quickly relieved that it would be much easier than I feared it would be. Thanks for finally making me try this game, I never would have learned it, otherwise and I love it. I believe it just might become my favorite game.

  4. I like the tiles, the music, and the backgrounds. Traveling around the world is fun and I have learned about different locations. Minor complaint in the daily challenge, the trophies do not light up when you are looking at the month even when completed, and my May trophy does not show completed even though I’ve done it. For the main game, no timers and automatic shuffle make it peaceful and relaxing. I play everyday. I recommend this game.

  5. Kat H dice:

    Stuffed to the brim with ads and not very challenging gameplay. Would have kept the app if it were not cramming an ad in my face every single time I finished a level (which was often pretty quickly, as the challenge level was not there.) Also, to the future blanket response from the dev: I am not purchasing an ad free version of the app and you need to pay your team out of your own pocket, not out of mine. Do better.

  6. Graphics are nice, music and FX are fine. Way too many ads – between every level once you finish the tutorial. I know why free games are like this, but I don’t care. I am sick of never having ad-free experiences. I’m not playing this game to learn about other games, but to have a mellow experience. This is not mellow.

  7. Josh Koho dice:

    A great way to play mahjong. whether your learning or a pro. also great music as well. another great point is the option to allow blocked tiles. offers variety. I also like how you don’t really need to watch ads to play. there’s one every now and then but it only lasts 30 seconds and it’d not while in mid game.

  8. So far very nice. Every 4 levels passed, you get a new board. First ones are OK then the backgrounds are lush. No timer. Music is soothing and ads aren’t annoying. For a modest amount you can remove them. If you exhaust your matches, the tiles shuffle automatically without a penalty and that appears unlimited. You can join a league and engage in tournaments Also you can request coins and help others. Thank you to the developers for a very pleasant play experience. Highly recommend.

  9. So far it’s plays ok, & you earn new backgrounds that are nice as you go along, however, I specifically got it because I thought it had choices of different tile sets, but I can’t find anything like that. I can’t see very well & it’s SUPER hard to play these kind of tiles. I’m looking for a game with actual pictures so I can more easily tell the difference between pics.I played numerous games, advanced through many game board backgrounds to see if they would offer different tiles but they didn’t

  10. Bit stingy. I think more coins should be awarded. It seems like a lot of work for very infrequent reward. Maybe awarding fewer coins but some for each game played, would be better. I have reached level 53. So was expecting a payout of 50 coins. But the reward system shows a completion of only 12 levels, which is incorrect. It’s stingy system with misleading goals and scant rewards. A shuffle in the daily challenge costs 250 coins. Getting them in the first place is almost impossible.

  11. Turning off sounds in settings doesn’t apply to ads. Wanted a game to play in quiet areas but altho you can turn off music and sounds in app settings, this doesn’t apply to the ads… they’re at full volume. Will have to completely mute phone to prevent noise from the ads.

  12. Was a dive. I was 0laying, ad came on, screen went blank, phone shut down. When I got it back up, the button to play the game (located in the middle of the screen) is gone and I am no longer able to play. In response to your answer:. I was logged in with Google and after uninstalling and reinstalling signed back in with Google. Was able to play but started me at level 1

  13. Val B dice:

    I have been playing this game for less than 2 weeks and will be uninstalling it today due to an explicit ad that came up while I was playing. This ad was not a provocative ad, it actually showed a man’s private parts. I have an 8 year old granddaughter who likes to play mahjong and thankfully I was the one playing and not her!! Please be aware this may happen to you.

  14. so far so good. I like the skip levels feature! Update– been playing all week and this is the best Mahjong game I have ever played! Seriously, the commercial breaks are minimal, the tiles come closer when you get down to the last few matches, the graphics are really good–clear and distinct. The sound effects are pleasant, the backgrounds are not distracting. I am enjoying this game a lot! AAA+++

  15. MJ PIER dice:

    Great game. Am enjoying the different levels, the layout, and daily challenge along with collecting points! Ads are a nuisance. So lose a star for that.After every game they pop up, so close the game and open it and voila they’re gone.😂

  16. I do love this game and the club I’m in, but the “all time” challenges added didn’t give me points based on what I had done so far. My November trophy disappeared after the last update and even with playing every game over for that month, the trophy still won’t light up but shows I completed all of the days. *Based on your replies from other reviews, I deleted and reinstalled the app and then it showed one day missing in Nov. I finished that day again and have the trophy now.

  17. A very good game but the amount of ads is too much! Between every deal is at least one ad which never ends til you shut down the game and start it again! Play one hand watch 1 to 2, 30-45 second ad, play 30 seconds then have to pause again!! Will have to delete for it is a chore to suffer thru all the ads!

  18. After you get to level 30 it defaults to not disabling the locked tiles, the button to disable them says it is free but only works twice before you have to use coins or watch an ad to use it which makes it NOT free. Please fix.

  19. fantastic, most enjoyable 😁 although it takes quite a bit of space on my tablet I’d thought about deleting it but I can’t because I enjoy playing it. I don’t have to play on my own I can join others if I want but I’m selfish and choose to play by myself. you get nice little perks now and again, your not forced to purchase anything. you travel around the world each level so I’m going to carry on I want to see how far you can go…

  20. I’m at level 1,197 and 35,365 pts and I’m getting bored with this app! In the beginning it was ok, but you need to achieve large amount of points just to change the tile designs. Everytime I gain more points, it shows I only have 55 ! I’m thru with this version!

  21. I have been enjoying this game but having got a new phone I am unable to save my progress to start playing on my new phone. Very disappointing to have won over 8500 levels, coins, wisdom and achievements to then discover I will lose it all by getting a new phone. I logged in with Facebook specifically so I could save my progress, to find out it carry over to another device

  22. Li Ohrns dice:

    Lots of ads between each game and each menu, and sometimes the puzzles are impossible as four of the same symbol tile will all be stacked, unable to be matched. Thr graphics are smooth and run good otherwise

  23. I love this game but I am having troubles with adds They don’t play for the short time till I can click the X The only way I can get it to play is to click on the add so the website opens then backspace and it may then play the add Sometimes it just moves for 1 second and I need to continue clicking the add till it plays through to be able to click on the X I would love to hear if anyone else is having this problem as its happening to me in a few games and I have great internet connection

  24. The game itself is pretty good. You can dismiss most ads early. The new tournament is ok, but having to play 10-44 games per level to get a prize is excessive.

  25. Way too many ads, they show no ads at first to get you hooked, then after 10 levels or so they pummel you with an ad after every single board. I understand they need to make money but every board? I spend more time looking at ads than I do playing.

  26. This game is annoying because you have to watch an ad after every match and there’s always an ad box at the bottom of the screen. The game is overpriced so I am uninstalling.

  27. Don’t buy lightning bolts for events! I had over 2300 lightning bolts for events, then it started using them all the time. Now I have just a few. Contacted support with no response! Not happy with this game right now at all! I will not spend any money on this ever again! And, it was my favorite game!

  28. I’ve had fun playing this game and even going along with watching ads for different incentives. My only reason for the low rating is the objectives list is frozen. Wrote to support over a week ago and no reply.

  29. I’ve always loved this game so I was pleasantly surprised to find an app for it. One of the things I found was if I found the beginning puzzles too easy I could easily advance to more difficult ones.

  30. Loved this app enough to buy the no ads version for my moms account but after weeks of being able to use it on my Chromebook it now closes itself after loading on the main screen. Hopefully the next update will fix this issue.

  31. Loving this game a lot, simple yet complex and relaxing to play. Young and old alike will enjoy the daily challenge and skills tested daily.

  32. I guess you only respond to posts you want to respond to. I’ve tried 5 times now to download it so the daily puzzles are there to play and they aren’t. What’s the issue with it?

  33. I really enjoy this version of Mahjong. However I do not understand why at 5:00 pm I was on level 813, and when I returned after dinner, I was back at level 1. My guess is this is a different ‘game’ as the club I was in is no longer listed. None the less, the game is fun and the graphics are good.

  34. Rob Main dice:

    It’s OK but when you hit a wall the tiles just get reshuffled until you complete the game. There is no pleasure at all playing mahjong when it is literally impossible to lose.

  35. Fun game negative ads. The HomeScapes ads are so negative that I want to uninstall this game. I play a casual game for a little escape from the world for a few minutes every day but after 3 days or playing every ad is a negative HomeScapes ad. I’m pretty sure I won’t put up with this for much longer. It’s a fun mahjong solitaire but not worth the ads.

  36. I must say 💭 I’m disappointed 😞 I can buy coins. I must find a game that gives me more options. Not an app that requires me to reach a certain level before I can change tiles.

  37. I loved this game. But over time there is something crooked happening. Everytime I get close to winning my winnings are not being counted so I start falling behind. At 1st I thought maybe it was weak internet. But after weeks watching this closely, it only happens when I reach the top 10. Then no matter how long or hard I play it doesn’t count my wins! Who wants to play when they hold you back deliberately.

  38. Pretty decent till lvl 30. Basic mahjong game, but i dont particularly appreciate having to watch an ad, or pay 30 coins, to have the blocked peices be shadowed. I understand it increases the difficulty, and some people want that. I dont. So great game till lvl 30, not too many forced ads, smooth gameplay but yeah. Shadowed blocks plz

  39. Susan M dice:

    fun, Love the graphics, you can skip to the higher levels if you want, and there are options for backgrounds which are amazing

  40. Good for the brain as it makes you think. Ads are tolerable, they don’t actually worry me. Plus the game developers need to make money to pay for the game’s development. I find this version of Mahjong addictive and enjoyable! Well done to the developers & keep up the great work!

  41. Love mahjong but the ads are intrusive and noisy most of them can’t be muted and it’s hard to exit the ads. Very annoying. When I try to exit the game I have to try several times and usually wind up just by-passing which is annoying because it is still using my data. I am going to delete the game. I didn’t download it to begin with the game launcher on my phone did.

  42. Wayne M dice:

    App requires real money to play for any length of time. There are ads before and after EVERY game. You earn in game credit for each successful game but you have to pay $$ to collect it. It requires game credit to shuffle after an unsuccessful attempt. Eventually one runs out of credit, one can continue to play trying again and again and I suppose the game is about wasting time but not like this.

  43. Beautiful backgrounds. Smooth gameplay. I like that I can switch between auto shuffle or not. Sometimes I feel like more of a challenge.

  44. I have never heard of this game before – but now I like it and it plays very well – the ads were very annoying but after l paid to get rid of them l am now playing the game much better thanks very much

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