Mahjong Tiny Tales MODDED 2022

Exercise your mind with fun Mahjong puzzles in exciting magical tales!
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“Once upon a time, there lived a noble king and his daughter, Tina the little witch. The kingdom was peaceful until the king became entranced by the powerful spell of an evil sorceress! The sorceress, seeking to rule the land, banished Tina into a dark dungeon.”
And so begins the adventure of Tina the little witch! Tap into your brain’s full potential as you match tiles, unlock clues, and complete tasks to help Tina liberate her father.

Exercise your mind with fun Mahjong puzzles in exciting magical tales! You will discover the ghost hunting Grandma, the puzzle-solving Dog, the super friendly Giant, and more!

– Unlock new worlds and discover new treasures in this free game.

– Match tiles to solve challenging puzzles.

– Play offline, or connect to Facebook and play alongside your family & friends.

– Train your memory skills with beautifully designed classic Mahjong puzzles.

In Mahjong Tiny Tales many fates lie in your hands, will you step up and defend them?


Expansion with a New Zone and New Levels!
Bug fixes, functionality and loading optimizations.


40 comentarios en "Mahjong Tiny Tales MODDED 2022"

  1. This is the best game, I cannot stop playing. The only thing I don’t care for is, on one of the special games, you must always go back to game one if you miss a level. Definitely a 10 in my book. 9/25/20 very disappointed, can’t seem to keep up with new game postings. Play 3 or 4 games and notify that will be a week or so before new levels. Seems you have to play several games before you win a level to continue. I was addicted but losing my interest because of the issues. Still my favorite game

  2. Cute and fun. I’m not impressed that they are offering free stars in the game if the player gives them a five-star review. But I could use the stars so I did the 5-star review but in truth I would probably give it four stars. It is a good game. Lots of mini goals along the way which make it more fun than just plain Mahjong. The only thing I find annoying is the little witch’s voice every round saying ’Let’s go’.

  3. When I open this game, I get a screen that pops up with the game , but there is no game tiles. It also freezes up so I can’t even close the game. I just have to delete the game off of my phone. I have list so many games due the this happening. I enjoy playing this game, but anymore it is very aggravating!

  4. Five star worthy EXCEPT – I open the game and select a level to play and the game freezes. I have to shut it down and restart and I lose that life every time. Very frustrating! When this is fixed, I’ll update my review.

  5. Not sure yet. A little boring or rather tedious. Sometimes the tiles are entirely too small and the time limits are unreasonable for younger players, which this game seems to be geared for according to some of the graphics like the little witch. I think youngsters understand the gist of the game but would get frustrated by the time limits.

  6. I don’t know but I do l know they can be oppressed if you pay close attention to the difference in tiles! Watch closely as it progresses they’ve tried to put a few tiles that can make you lose time. I pay attention to what is moving not a clock. Only thing that aggravates me is that better you get @game suddenly you have to worry about a clock or they start charging you! Irritating!

  7. Well unfortunately for u im deleting app. At the beginning i really enjoyed ur game it was fun. But now when u finish level u have a stupid amt of items still needed to go to next level so u can move up! Its ridiculous. Right now i have 3/15 and on 1 of the 3 items needed. You spend weeks replaying games you have already played! Basically its taking up room on my phone

  8. Really loved playing this game but now I’m not pleased with the game it keeps loading my game with a blank screen no tiles on it to match at all and it stays that way have tried to reload the game but stays blank no tiles on it really want the bugs fixed or going have to delete it can’t play it so why keep it very flusrated with this game not happy the way it freezes up please fix the bugs with your game!!!!😠😭☹️

  9. Libra dice:

    You have a great game and i’ve been playing it for awhile. Dont know whats going on on your end, but game keeps freezing up and closing itself. Would give 5 stars if able to play, but after several days of this uninstalling.

  10. Very nice game but i feel ripped off, when you need to shuffle because of no free tiles they should be free, if you do it because you are stuck then you can be asked to pay, i don’t pay 300 coins when i only have about 6 tiles left, it’s not as if you get a lot of coins for finishing levels

  11. I am having trouble getting on the game. Since yesterday says its having trouble loading are they going to start charging people to use this app. I’ve been playing for about 4 years now. And don’t think they should change for apps.. can someone please tell me whats going on if they are having trouble with loading or what. Thank you

  12. I love playing this game, it is very relaxing. Very addictive to.The game had to be restarted at level 80, it kept closing down. I hope the glitches can be fixed. When is this problem going to be fixed????

  13. I truly love this game! Mahjong has always been an awesome game. I think you have out done yourself on this one. Very kool graphics and the puzzles are hard. The theme of this game is very cute and the little witch is adorable. Great game for kids for their reflexes and it gets the brain moving. Great job!

  14. This is a tactile, fun game which gets harder with each level. The graphics are fun and it has that little edge of wondering which one can you remove and which one can you not remove. It is very enjoyable for this elderly woman.

  15. Nice easy game! I LOVE Mahjong. In fact I have 2 other mahjong games on my tablet. This one is really nice. Most of the games that I’ve played have been pretty easy. But I found one that was very hard. One thing that is a little disappointing is the symbols for the different helps. I have no idea what they stand for.

  16. I love G5 games. This game is really fun, cute graphics. If you love mahjong then this game is for you. No annoying pop up ads and completely free, love it!

  17. The story is cute and engaging. The game play has been enjoyable and not too difficult. I expect as I progress in the game it may become more difficult.

  18. I’m taking back my original review of 5 stars I understand the game should get more challenging as I go along but having to reshuffle 4 times on one challenge is simply too much. All the fun has gone now. Uninstalling game.

  19. Having problems moving to next level. Kicks me back to the start of the level everyone. Tried reinstalling made no difference. Can’t even update.

  20. I really enjoy playing this game I think it’s very challenging I get mad at myself because I mess up when I see I’ve made a wrong move but I still luv this game thanks to whoever made this game possible to play I’m going to keep on pushing until I can do so much better in

  21. None Ya dice:

    Keeps freezing on me and then I have to close it out which causes me to lose a life. If this keeps happening. I’m uninstalling for good.

  22. Love the game but after finishing the lost boy I started on the cat board. When I leave the game it would send me back to the boy in the pyramid. I’m not doing it everytime I leave the game and come back.

  23. Had this game for months and loved it. But when started having glitches when i got extra lives and the game wouldnt load. I contacted the developers to tell them twice but got no reply. Just got ignored so unless you want a game that glitches and you get no reply DONT DOWNLOAD.

  24. Really like the game it’s challenging but not impossible. There lots of opportunities to earn coins and no ads. Highly recommend.

  25. Game kept freezing and no tiles showing up on the board. Would have been 5 stars but kept having to uninstall the game and install it to get it working. Too many bugs.

  26. Great game story is ok and the levels are not to hard and no annoying adds either makes a change to be able to play a game without being bombarded with adds

  27. Fun, but when you get to the six hundred level, you have to play odd games and wait for more levels to become available.

  28. Maybe it’s my phone, but I find the gameplay a bit slow. I’m glad there’s no unreasonably short time limits to complete each level.

  29. A lot of fun!! The vocals are somewhat immature. I have to mute game, which sucks cause I like the background music.

  30. Good graphics, play on my cell, very addicting. Sorry no spell good. Have had no issues working or loading, no adds & with not having pay to get rids adds. GOOD JOB TO THE DEVELOPER & OR TEAM WHO MADE THIS GAME. Lots of fun !!!!!.

  31. Always wondered how to play this. It’s brilliant!! I really enjoy working out how to get to the bottom for the green gems. Having to charge my battery more often because I’m playing so often.

  32. A different kind of mahjong game. A good game overall and occasionally rather frustrating but it just makes you keep coming back for more.

  33. Was very good but now it just keeps the clock running even when you are not playing so you loose all your earned points. I was on 360+ level & it now it is not working right. Please fix it!!!

  34. Very nice game. Not a grip of ads! Which makes it real worth playing! Really like this game! Its lots of fun! I play it more than any of my other games. Was easy to learn!

  35. Like this mahjong game for it’s graphiics, sound and soft tap action!!! Find it a bit slow in getting to the next level.

  36. I really like this game you get to finish a journey and not have to start a new one before the first one is finished. I also find it relaxing and the music is soothing also. I give it a 5 stars.

  37. Love this game….although frustrating at tge same time…..the timed games gets my blood pressure up! One of the better games out there UPDATE: 2nd time game has made me start at the beginning at around levl 22O. EVERYTHING GONE!

  38. Fun game, challenging but not to the point where you want to quit. No ads and you don’t have to pay to play. If my opinion changes, I’ll do an update. Play on

  39. So far this is one of the cutest mahjong games I’ve played since I started gaming. It’s challenging but not to challenging. REALLY a FUN GAME to play

  40. Great game of mahjong,nice little story with it not boring like other mahjong, on the levels against the clock you have a decent time limit I would say it’s good for people just learning how to play the game as well

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