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Property market simulator. Buy, manage and rent real places in your area.
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Are you ready to become a rich tycoon by managing cashflow of your property company?

Build your own real estate empire and become a business mogul!

Start running your real estates business and work hard to make your business grow. Improve your properties portfolio by trading shares of real estates.

Learn management, investing, trading in the best free board game. Become the billionaire you always dreamed of.


Landlord GO is an augmented reality real estate game that lets you buy on the market and trade property in real-time. Buy and sell through AR, our real estate game gathers data on properties in real-time to create a brand-new business experience. Download Landlord GO and immerse your business in a trading game property based simulator on real data from over 500 million global properties.


Take advantage of your idle activity and reinvest your earnings with a business vision. Build your real estate empire and compete with other players in the best tycoon business simulator game. Collect rent from other landlord players when they visit your property: the more rent, the higher the value. The more properties, the more your portfolio expands. The right investments will allow you to get a healthy cashflow and become more rich.


Unlike other board games, we draw real data of real buildings, real people and actual prices. Landlord GO is the perfect environment to practice and trading business on the property market. You can run your own real estate company, manage your portfolio, learn how to get rich in real estates and become a property manager. Strategic decisions have to be taken to grow.


The aim of the game is to become a business game property magnate or business manager who trades in famous investing real estate. Tons of money are waiting for you, all you have to do is download Landlord GO and start your investment journey. Earn money and make idle profits thanks to the wise cashflow decision. Make your reputation grow thanks to your business strategy and receive offers to run bigger investments. Compete against other players online, make strategic decisions and work your way up to appear in the rankings!


This board game is about real estates, our economy game brings joy but also teaches about investing and the real-estate world. If you like management and idle games, you will enjoy Landlord GO! An easy-to-play game, but challenging game. Start with a small properties portfolio and take important strategic decisions in order to grow your tycoon. Transform your small real estate business into the biggest investing company in the capitalist world!


- Fixed crashes


40 comentarios en "Landlord GO! Real Estate Game MOD"

  1. A User dice:

    It was fun… Till I can’t even browse properties efficiently because it keeps repopulating the list even though you aren’t moving, and every time it repopulates it returns to home. Scroll down, forced to top. Scroll down, forced to top. As games go it’s a great time waster but this is too annoying to keep playing. It took me 15 minutes to browse 4 properties, and the filters don’t even populate correctly. I have them on high to low value and the bottom one is over 100m and 2nd is 60m.

  2. Have had downloaded for about 2 weeks (plus or minus) and I can say this; at first I was kinda overwhelmed by being provided the most basic of basic “tutorial” followed up with a quick “now be free little gamer!” Okay okay, so no holding hands in this one I guess?! Lol! As I’ve been playing daily/multiple times daily the only thing I’ve had a problem with has been the 0-100% learning curve. A little reading has filled most gaps though. All in all good game to distract and keep you engaged.

  3. Elizabeth dice:

    I’m really loving this game. The real world monopoly concept is fascinating, and you don’t have to pay anything to play. I would suggest to the developers, however, to update the maps more regularly, preferably with Google maps. Done of the local buildings are a street over in my town, and a few places in major cities are permanently closed. Also, sometimes in zoom, the map doesn’t slide it only rotates. Not a big deal, but smoothing that out world be helpful. Thanks for the game!

  4. The James dice:

    Updated to 1 star. The crashing issue is worse. This app constantly has stability issues and crashes. They keep changing the ‘rewards’ from the ads so that they’re pretty much useless now. Getting “Traveler” cards does absolutely nothing when the agent can’t travel because the app crashes constantly. Very frustrating to have sunk this much time into a game expecting it to get better over time and it’s only gotten worse. Deleted it today.

  5. Been playing for about 3 days, so far, pretty good.. the only problem that I have is not being able to buy certain properties in towns that I want. I wish that there was a search bar and availability for other properties you want to buy wherever you wanna go. (Making it easier-unless there’s a certain hack/trick to it that I haven’t learned how to do yet) But Other than that, great game, and good concept!

  6. Rob P dice:

    Pay to win. Watching ads is only helpful as you start. To be competitive or to make any real progress after the beginning, you’re forced to buy gold to assist in upgrades, speed up paperwork, etc. Great potential, disgustingly-greedy execution, as expected. (And it’s not cheap) Anybody who tells you differently is either stupid or they’re lying to you.

  7. the game has a good concept. I tend to lean towards strategy games and that tend to take a while to play. the things I do not like about this game is the ability to pay and turn off the adds and there is no point to level up a business when the gains are lowered back to starting levels over time of what a player makes off of the propertys whitch make the option not worth the time and money to invest in. at a point all of the cards I had saved all disappeared out of the inventory.

  8. As far as Tycoon/Idle Games go, this one has to be my new favorite. It’s a fun take on the genre, being able to buy “stakes” in my hometown businesses and landmarks is way more fun and engaging than the generic resteraunt or amusement park tycoon. The progression, like all tycoons, does slow down and get tedious after a while, but not unreasonably so. The two areas for improvement, as I see, are to update the map to more recent landmarks and add more potential usage for influence.

  9. Todd Kay dice:

    Honestly a fun little game. It doesn’t take a whole lot to manage either which makes it a neat little time killer. One of my favorite things about it is that there are quite a few properties to purchase even I very rural areas such as my home town. Even making money is relatively easy and picking up new shares is nice and simple. Overall, a fun little game for people who enjoy slow paced styled gameplay.

  10. really like the game. it has some bugs with traveling agent. like you can’t use your free travel card while he’s already traveling but it tries to do it and tries to charge you coins. sometimes the GPS is messed up but usually it’s just when your connection isn’t the best. I’m not a fan of the game auto swapping from 2D to 3D map. I prefer the 2D and if you zoom too much it auto swaps to 3D and has a stroke.

  11. Downloaded, app insists I update to newest version to continue but I’m on the most recent version. Reopened app, uninstalled/reinstalled.. still won’t let me access game because of a “new version” that doesn’t exist. UPDATE: Game works now, but is terrible. Started off with not enough money to buy any property w/o spending real money or watching ads. Locations in game are misplaced and often duplicates. Can tell they didn’t put any effort into mapping and property placement. Quick uninstall.

  12. This app is really fun – the real-world aspect of it adds a lot of interest, since you can buy places you know. It’s not a very time-consuming game, which makes it great even for busier people. I’ve had a few issues with crashing, especially when sending my agent from place to place, but that’s the only problem I’ve had – overall, the app is still really good.

  13. Just started playing today. So far so good. I enjoy the game play and the concept. Will see how it plays out over time. Have had a few freezes and glitches which resulted in not getting some of my coins, hence the 4 stars instead of 5, but we will see how customer support responds. Overall a decent game and not supper difficult for beginners to learn and join in.

  14. This game has been fun for a while but, the developers just killed all the fun. I’m worth almost a trillion dollars in it. Ranked 269 in America. You now have to spend almost 1000 coins for stupid stock influence to purchase a property. Just ridiculous!!!!! No longer fun and will be deleting if not fixed right away. What were you guys thinking?? I can understand wanting to improve a game but to make it impossible to play. Poor choice!!!

  15. I love the map option so you can see where places are. The other game felt a lot more boring but this one is entertaining and make me want to come back to it often. I also appreciate the agent feature so you are not forced into traveling to get more places if you cannot/don’t want to. One last thing to add is my suggestion that if you are going to spend money on this game buy the assistants.

  16. As I have played I has a really good feel to the game. I like the real world aspects. As far as any issues with the game. There are a few bugs. For instance I watched an ad to double my away time income collection and it did not actually double the income. Some times that ad feature doesn’t load. And when it does its hit and miss weather it double you income collection. But other than that I like it alot.

  17. The game is definitely worth downloading. It takes a little while to get going, but eventually, it starts to roll smoothly. The functionality of the app is great; I never had any issues. The game is free to play, and while you can watch AD’S to double profit/coins, the AD’S are never forced. The biggest downside of the game is the cost for upgrades; the amount of coins it costs gets a little over the top. The assistant (to make money over the 4-hour mark while off-line) is 5.99, that’s insane.

  18. It’s a fun background game. It’s pretty awesome that you can buy properties that are around you, your favorite coffee shop for example. The real world aspect is the best part! A tutorial of some sorts might have been good, I’m sure there are some features I’m missing. And the special coin situation that all games have – coins are useful but a bit too difficult to get and use. Other than that I’m having fun purchasing property! I’ll be interested when I start buying properties in other countries!

  19. The game is really enjoyable. It takes some skill to learn how to make a profit from buying and selling properties, but it is doable. The one major downside i found with the app is that there are a lot of missing locations, especially in my city. In Tacoma, WA, none of the reservoirs show up in the map, which really sucked because when that was the trend i went looking for them and not a single one was marked as such. This was an issue with other places too, but thats all i remember.

  20. Pretty fun game so far. I like the use of AR. Would like to seem some things implemented, such as being able to have a friend list so you can easily see other peoples portfolios. Also, if you can use stats increases as opposed to hiring an assistant. It would also be nice to speed up travel by more than 4 minutes. Other than those things, I am digging the game.

  21. Definitely one of the best AR Monopoly games there is. The money is slow to start, but you start to build up more with perseverance. The in-game premium currency is very generous, with an ample amount rewarded to you each level, and the opportunity to earn 10 coins for free every 8 hours. The premium currency is just that though, a premium. You aren’t required to use it to just play the basic game, only if you want to upgrade skills or hurry a timer.

  22. I think this game is an honestly decent game. Its low stress and has a sense of steady progression. You can strategize how you advance however you please. I just wish there was some more helpful info screens like if you could see how much you’ve made of a property or property type over a certain period. Maybe with graphs. I also wouldn’t mind seeing them add a bigger incentive to do some trades. The market just isn’t super satisfying. All in all still a good game that I enjoy playing.

  23. Paul S dice:

    Pretty good setup for buying stuff up around. I would suggest a partnership aspect where you can work woth others or something for the next step of the game. Once you’ve bought a dozen properties, it seems you’ve got the full experience and it just becomes a time game. A lot of the areas on the maps are off, duplicated or false. I would suggest a way for us to report an issue with a specific location.

  24. I definitely like the concept, it’s an all right game as it sits. When you try to double up by watching ads it crashes, and when I first started I got suitcases but the icon at the top is Frozen. It crashes when I’m actually mobile and playing the game. Keep working on it and I’m sure it will be a great game. I would fix the bugs before I started adding anything.

  25. The UI can use a bit of work, with some errors in text prompts and reward collection animations. However, the game is pretty fantastic! If you like live map and/or trading games, this is great. It’s easy to get started, as well as plenty of opportunity to grow and customize your experience. Simple point-based skill bar improvements make customizing easy for beginner players too. I’ve been playing for a few days and it even offers a decent allure for AFK gamers too.

  26. This is a fun idle game especially if you’re a collector. Its cool seeing all the properties you can collector. Upgrading does cost coins which you can buy or you get so many watching ads and upon leveling up. I could see the further in being a bit harder to upgrade, but since they do give free coins away I think it is worth it. There are perks though if you spend money on the assistant which allows you to collect more money while you are not playing. Overall I think its worth it for what it is!

  27. I like the idea, but having a game that requires a lot of waiting, while also limiting the time you can be “away” for is just plain greedy and bad design. Pick one or the other. We can’t all be on our phones every couple of hours, and no, I’m not paying that fee to get up to 12 hours. If I ever pay for ab app, it will be one that doesn’t also push adds. Again, greedy, either push adds or try to squeeze sales, never both.

  28. Neat concept. Can quickly jump in and out of the game. App could use some polishing, but I’ll keep playing for fun! Can get laggy/glitchy when not connected to wi-fi. Map pins for some properties are misspelled, some are pegged far from their actual location, and some are incorrectly categorized, for example: the icon for a local high school is a house, it’s category is ‘default’ and it’s inaccurately pinned into the middle of a subdivision that’s ~2 miles from the school’s real-world location.

  29. I absolutely love playing the game, however ever there are some things that need some work. One being building location and description. Two, maybe some building animation when in 3D view. Three, the ability to create a business by the player when a specific level is reached. Four user submissions of corrections to location and description. Over all I love the concept of the game and will continue to. I recommend to anyone who like monopoly type games.

  30. Fun, not enthralling, but fun. You can travel places and purchase buildings if you’d like, or if you can’t afford it, you can just tap on the map and travel there, great concept for those who can’t afford to travel in real life. Overall, decent game, glad to see they basically dump the “coins” on you as you level up so you don’t need to purchase them. Much better than the “Gems” systems in most games (such as CoC).

  31. Its a fun game. Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but the skill system is very good, prices are regulated well and the amount of shares in a property is very good. I like how through auctions you can own objects from around the world. Makes everything more fun. Great game. The only thing I would say needs changed is getting coins could be faster.

  32. I’m pretty early in the game but so far seems pretty fun. I wish it went into slightly more detail in the intro BUT if you have half a brain, you can figure it out. It’s a little slow at first, but build your empire and it should really pick up. I love how you can send the agent out without having to actually travel to acquire new properties. Definitely doesn’t appear to be pay to win!

  33. Justin dice:

    Very cool concept and pretty good ease of use. Hope to see this app continue to improve. Currently the button colors for expenses and income are the same color so it’s easy to accidentally spend money. Also hoping the popups for spending money go away for people who don’t want to spend money on it. Payment plans such as free for basic, and a dollar etc per month for paid plans would be better so the free users don’t get bombarded with popups they don’t want, and continue to give the app data.

  34. This is an addictive game. It can be a challenge to gain dollars quickly which prevents you from progressing as quickly as desired, but it’s a fun game. There are some bugs that need to be ironed out ( sometimes, when you level, you do not gain the 15 gold the games states it sends and the in game window may crash when opening the game and attempting to double your money after watching an add) but being that the game is in Beta, that’s to be expected.

  35. This is a pretty decent game! It’s a good combo of idle and GPS. As an idle game, it’s just that…doesn’t have lots of mini-games (defeating the purpose of an idle game). As a gps game, it’s also implemented well…it will work through your position, or you can virtually move; a nice option. The in-game documentation ( Settings -> FAQ ) is quite good, it should answer any questions you have. I look forward to slowly buying specific properties around me, and saving up for when I go on trips.

  36. I have played a previous iteration of the game. It was fun before as well. I had stopped playing mainly because I didn’t travel around as much. A neat feature in this game is to have an online sales rep character be able to go to a different physical location (basically representing if you physically went there) as a kind of bookmark. This is a really neat idea during COVID that breathed life into this new version for me.

  37. I love this take on GPS gaming. I enjoy the format, it kind of has a secret agent theme to the map. However, I will say it is hard to get coins without paying real money, and your left with leveling up to acquire more for upgrades. Also it seems that the loading takes some time even when setting graphics on balanced or lower. Also so locations seem to be inaccurate in classification or ceased to exist. Overall it as a great game and can see how this can become even better as time goes on!

  38. Paragon dice:

    I like the realism. It’s a fun game and has fun strategies. If you like simulation games with a twist this is for you! Edit: It becomes monotonous after awhile. No goals, no challenges beyond a point and I’ve yet to have to be on for more than 5 minutes a day. Not a time hog so anyone can play it. Buy property, afk, double cash and repeat.

  39. This is a pretty good game, seems like part of it is still in development as there are some random event (briefcases) glitches as well as a glitch where you watch an ad to double your income doesn’t work occasionally but only if you hit collect before watching ad. Locations of the properties aren’t very accurate but most are near their real life locations. Overall it is a fun game with great features! I look forward to further developments. If my wife would let me spend money on it I would

  40. Tutorial is clear and the game’s pretty easy to play. Graphic are interesting and pleasing to the eyes. I did had a little glitch once when I started to play but it was an easy fix, closing and restarting the game. It’s realistically, so it’s not a fast pace game, it will take time to build your portfolio and revenue. But is a fun and easy game to learn a little bit more about investing and management.

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