Mansions of Madness MODDED 2022


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App for Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition board game from Fantasy Flight Games.
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*A companion app for the Mansions of Madness Second Edition board game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Mansions of Madness is a cooperative board game of investigation and horror inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. During each game, one to five players explore a location to unravel a mystery.

This companion app guides you through the haunted halls and misty alleyways of Arkham in stories of varied length and difficulty. In addition, investigators need to overcome various challenges, including fending off terrible creatures, befriending non-player characters, and solving puzzles.


- Minor Bug Fix


4 comentarios en "Mansions of Madness MODDED 2022"

  1. Rich Heimlich dice:

    An excellent companion to the game, but still lacking some features that would make it exceptional. For example, it should have icons for the investigators to allow players to click them to denote that their turns are complete (and then the app could un-select them to start each new round). It could also allow for the investigators and monsters to be shown on the map so that the AI could better help players navigate through where the monsters move, how far they move, who’s in range, which monsters trigger a horror check and much more. Perhaps the biggest concern is that you have to buy into a platform. DLC purchased for this app will not work anywhere else. I’d rather see an Asmodee login to the app that knows what DLC I own and allow me to use that on any platform.

  2. Mike Huff dice:

    I’ve noticed that when you kill the first Hunting Horror in the Cycles of Eternity scenario there is a sound effect for the defeated monster. As far as I know, that’s the only time you hear it, for any of the scenarios. I think it would be more immersive and rewarding if you heard this every time. Maybe add 2 more for variety and play them randomly when a monster is defeated. Just a thought

  3. Mike k dice:

    Like a few others pointed out.. first we need an undo button, like please.. I had to start scenarios over because of it!!Narration of all texts would have been neat.. Randomization of the tiles could have been better.. it says it does.. I have not seen it yet. I get the same outline everytime. Makes the scenario very predictable! And for the LOVE OF GOD, I own the second edition plus an expansion and yet, in total, i have 7 scenarios only, + the 3 you can purchase.. add more scenarios please!

  4. Akaoni_Black dice:

    This is a great game and great app. Even the same scenario changes with each playthrough as the layout, monsters, and events change, though the overlying narrative stays the same. The only 2 things keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that the narrator only narrates the opening and closing cutscenes, I wish they hired him to narrate all the events in game as well. And the bigger thing is user created content. If they added a way for users to generate scenarios that would be awesome!

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