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Addictive Mahjong Game.
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==============How To Play==============
Mahjong Master is a mahjong game based on a classic Chinese game.
The aim of the game is to remove all the playing tiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve the highest score. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43 different pictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matched with other tiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles, they both disappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the game is over.

– 1700 Game Levels.
– 12 backgrounds.
– 10 tile art.
– Shuffle
– Hint
– Undo
– Auto save
– Block shadow
– Auto zoom in


Bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Mahjong Master MODDED"

  1. Only con I can find is that the playing field is so large at the beginning it is hard to see some of the tiles clearly. My old eyes… Tiles are pretty and varied. I realized I needed to read rules after a few games. There are some special tiles with special rules. So far a fun game with minimal ads. I turned off the sound as that is just an irritant. Good fun and brain work.

  2. I like that you start with more tiles than other apps, which make you earn your way to more challenging boards. There are levels, however, and the puzzles at the lower levels are too easy to complete. I just got the app, so I’m hoping the degree of difficulty will increase.

  3. I normally don’t like to play timed games but this app is generous with its timing. I’m a bit slow on occasion and I can still make my goals. The diversity and number of boards offered is also generous and offers a wide variety in difficulty. I have had this app for several years and it is still among my favorites. I never get bored with this.

  4. Best one that I’ve played,yes,I’ve tried many of them! No ” in your face” pop up ads….at all, just the easy,simple ad that comes on when you fire up the game that you simply tap it off! I was able to shut the ‘magnify’ option off also. I’ve been playing this for a while to make sure it didn’t ‘change’ after a short while, like some games do, before leaving this rating.

  5. Awesome app! I play with the clock, and without if I just want to relax and take my time. Getting all 3 stars can be difficult at times, but that makes it more challenging and fun. Tons of games, themes, etc. I turn the music to silent as I listen to other things when I play. The best part is the ads. They just pop up occasionally, but not enough to where its irritating., and they don’t come up while you are playing..

  6. Game is great; beautiful graphics and various tile and background choices to keep it interesting. I wish I understood the point system though. I scored double the points on one screen with only a few seconds difference in time. My highest scores are not necessarily the fastest. I wish I knew how the scoring worked but there is no explanation in the game menu. Also screens have to be unlocked as you go but they don’t tell me what I need to unlock them. Love the game though!

  7. June Keil dice:

    Great game. My first time playing, found it very relaxing, keeps me occupied. I would’ve given it a 5 except some of the pieces that I missed as being a match was because to me they weren’t exactly the same, the picture was slightly off, plus, one would show #1 and its pair had a different #… That was a bit frustrating trying to find its rightful match.

  8. Absolutely love this app! As a Mahjong addict, I’ve tried most of the game apps available to me. This has been, by far, THE best one out there. I’ve not had any issues with loading, crashing, etc.. There are no annoying notifications and barely any ads! Choices to change your board background and tiles are great and available to you from the start! Plenty of games to play and I’ve saved the best for last..when you’ve played every game or whenever your heart desires, THERE’S A GAME RESET BUTTON!!

  9. I’d been playing this version for years when it disappeared from my phone (my fault). After I got a new phone, I couldn’t remember its name and asked friends for recommendations. I tried about four different versions, all of which had some kind of interface issue (major or minor) that distracted me from enjoying the game. While scrolling the Play Store I saw a screenshot of Mahjong Master and remembered it was the one! Now I’m back into playing this version and have no desire to compare others!

  10. Finally! A good true game of majong. I searched for a majong game that made you think. So many require you to move level to level in super easy and boring mode. They’re like a children’s matching game. I wanted a game like my old Gameboy version, that let you start on a more challenging level where you could make a mistake and actually lose. I like that i can turn off the cheat highlights that tell you where to go. The music, graphics and backgrounds are great. 💖

  11. Clothosx dice:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for building a game with ads that are not intrusive. I understand why ads are necessary but I am grateful for ads that are silent and do not show during actual game play. Plenty of games/levels here to keep it interesting, very few bugs or freezes. My only request: please include the Level number somewhere on the screen while playing? Hard to go back to levels you like without counting the levels in your head as you play.

  12. I’ve worked thru this game in its entirety three times. I completed the sets and earned all the points available…perfect scores. My suggestion still would be to lengthen the game with more screens so as to not be frustrated that it ended so soon. But apparently suggestions are not taken into consideration since no changes have been made since my last evaluation in 2019. Thank you.

  13. Taf Fishy dice:

    A good game with two issues. First is the music. It’s great music, but it has a harsh break where it repeats, causing me to loose a lot of calm and concentration. The second is that it has amazing tile sets and backgrounds, but does not have the ability to set it to random to easily enjoy the sets and backgrounds. The myths version of this game by the same maker has this random feature, and this one would be much more amazing if updated with that ability.

  14. Not the first mahjong app I downloaded but might be the last one I need. There’re a few ads, but they’re non-intrusive along the bottom or the occasional ad between rounds. Overall far far fewer ads than every other game. The graphics are also lovely and smooth and there aren’t unnecessary animations between moves or rounds. Probably the best game I’ve downloaded in a while. Also really liked the options to switch the tiles to other letters and symbols, since it’s easier on the eyes.

  15. I tried a lot of Mahjong games, and I believe that this one tops ALL of the others. It works well and the buttons to access changes to backgrounds, etc are very easily reached. You don’t have to go out of the game and reenter/restart to have the changes applied. Varied background options, and pause button works well and opens easily, lighten/darken so you can see tiles better. Reset and play them all over again. Yaa! Played this repeatedly, still enjoying!

  16. I love the challenge of the game to get so many points on each level but I would love to see more levels with each one becoming more challenging by increasing the number of tiles and maybe timing the player so the game keeps them challenged. If we have the ability to play increasingly difficult challenges on every level to make our goal that would also be a bonus. I just think the game could improve in that area. Also make the colors of tiles a little easier to tell apart for those with poor vision who have difficulty distinguishing tiles from one another. I’d use other tiles if I could tell what I was looking at with my glasses on since I’m too nearsighted to see the tiles without. The colors are hard to distinguish on some of them. I hope you give my ideas some thought and start making this game the champion of all mahjong games on Google Play because right now the other ones don’t compare and yours could improve.

  17. Really like this game. However, I would like two options. First to kill the timer. My husband likes it, but his eyesight is not good enough for speed, and he becomes frustrated when the timer runs out. Second, to be able to get an ad-free version. Having to wait for an ad to run, then fighting to get it to close is frustrating. Added: It’s been three years, I still want that timer gone. We hate it.

  18. This game has beautiful graphics for backgrounds and tile choices from the very first game, pleasant sounds and challenging levels of play. What’s not to love? Very relaxing game with a variety of skill levels. Even changing the tile selections can change and enhance the level of concentration required to complete levels. Two thumbs up… Come join the fun!

  19. Very good mohjong for a free app. Good traditional patterns and some more modern ones, the ads are very unobtrusive, mainly just between games and you can x right out of them. I would recommend it. The only issue for me is the larger puzzles are pretty small visually in the begining until you get your corners worked down then it enlarges as you go and easier to see.

  20. I like this game so far!! Almost every other Mahjong App isn’t near as challenging or they have way too many pop ups or they charge you for every little thing. I am only 2 levels into it, but I had to re-shuffle a couple of times. I like the challenge!! Plus it has beautiful graphics, Great job!!

  21. I’ve gotten up to round 12 in category 2 and so far I’m really enjoying it. There’s no ads cutting in every few seconds, (actually I haven’t had any ads the whole three days I’ve been playing it) the boards and tiles are big and easy to see and you can shuffle your tiles when there aren’t any matches, and they don’t limit the amount of shuffles you can get and no coins required. I will definitely be playing this game and getting rid of some of the others. Great job so far

  22. Uh, amazing game, and ads aren’t usually a problem, but now, there is really annoying ad music playing every time I open the game even though I closed the ad and there’s no way to MAKE IT STOP! It just starts back up every time I open the game and plays on loop forever. I’ve tried everything short of uninstall. Ruined everything.

  23. this app is mostly good, but they really need to stop moving the screen (zooming it in as you continue to make matches) can’t stand that. dislike it so much debating on deleting the app. also it never shows any levels nor shows all the puzzles in each level and it certainly should. this app also needs a pause button, otherwise you wind up doing the same one over and over as the game continually starts you over and can’t stand it. please revise this app

  24. My reaction was better until earlier this week when it started playing a song loudly every time I opened it (while I have the music turned all the way down in options because I listen to other things in the background when I play.) the game isn’t bad itself, I’m actually halfway through the second to last set of levels, but I don’t feel I can complete it when I can’t turn the song off.

  25. It’s a great game, love all the different levels. However, if you want to replay all levels there is no way to reset, yes I can replay a game over again but no way to see what previous score was until you played it again. You cannot compare previous score and current score before you play the game. And there is no way to see what my scores were in order for me to pick and choose which score I want to try and beat. Again great game, but you cannot yourself. Thank you.

  26. I love the challenge to pase myself faster and faster… and other times I can’t see what’s right in front of me… it’s quite addictive. I find it hard to stop, when I really need to do a task or errand, etc. The background is soothing and not distractful. I need a lot of spare time to play this game… not my “one quick game” kind of game.

  27. I chose this game first because it has rich graphics, not only in the vibrant colors, but also fine detail looks to each tile. I like the replay option on each game board. Thank you for the many options for wallpaper the tiles are played on. Green is restful for my eyes, no eye pain is a large plus. You have won my attention. That being said I must mention that the repeated request for my opinion was somewhat intrusive as I wanted to give a considered opinion after I gave your lovely product a good run. I did and Mahjong Master is easy to play and practice on. It is functional and beautiful. I wish every success with your designs and games. Thanks

  28. Really like the game, original compositions and tiles . Only one bug; at least for me, and that is when I try to hurry the matching, the tiles click, but they don’t come together; so I check them to be certain I have matching tiles. I loose time doing that, because I may have to click a tile 3 or 4 times.

  29. If you like mahjong you must have this app! This is the most fun, interesting and challenging mahjong game I’ve found. With so many different themes and variations within those themes you never get board. Some are more difficult than others which even further adds to the variety. I’ve actually completed them all and begun again. However, because there are soooo many it never feels recognized or a repeat. Have fun.

  30. addicting, but I now see where you can not reset the tiles back to starting fresh. I’ve played this for years and like to do a 2 out of 3 in winnings. Keeps it competitive for myself. Any way you can bring that option back. This is a game I play for helping get my mind off pain levels before going to bed. It as helped me so much please bring that option to reset. Thank you.

  31. This game is really nice for times when you are just sitting around waiting or passing time. There are no areas (that ive discovered) that require money to play, no forced ad watch for shuffles, and the ads that do pop up (only occasionally between levels) are instantly available to exit out of. Overall a really nice experience of gameplay.

  32. Debra dice:

    I have repeated the first game time over to improve my score. This game has some beautiful, but unknown tiles & it took me several minutes to realize that the pictures themselves don’t match, but the very tiny numbers on them do.😃 Love the game, have lost a couple of hours playing this, once or twice. LOL. My skills have improved noticably.

  33. I have played a lot of mahjong games, but this is my favorite. I am always downloading new ones to check out, but always return to this one. Too many will give you hints when you don’t want them, this one doesn’t do that. You get unlimited shuffles free as well as hints. Also the boards or games seem to be endless. And, although always a challenge, I consistently get 4 stars. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this game. It is free, but well worth $4.00 in my opinion.

  34. This is a great Mahjong app. There are numerous tile designs & backgrounds to choose from. Just by mixing them up you get compleyely different looks which can affect the way your eyes and brain conceptualize and find moves. There are so many different game layouts that playing the same game twice is difficult. Even if you tried the tiles don’t fall the same. So while the layout may appear similar the needed moves to win will be different. Change the tiles and it’s also a new game. Play on!

  35. Almost everything about the game is great. But I really hate the games being timed. If there is an option to turn the timer off, I didn’t see it. I would rather be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful tiles and background and sound, instead of racing against time becoming tense and aggravated for a couple of stars. No thanks.

  36. This is the best mahjong I have found. It is very relaxing. Just feels really smooth overall. The colors in the different backgrounds and tiles are amazing and beautiful to look at. The background music is nice and mellow. I have been playing this one for about 3 weeks since I got a new tablet and I’ve only had ONE ad in between one game and the next! Love!

  37. I played this year’s ago and found it to be the perfect accompaniment to play while listening to audiobooks. This is, hands down, the best mahjong game out there. Great graphics, challenging difficulty, and a reasonable amount of advertising. I took a break for awhile, but I’m back.

  38. Loved and enjoyed it. Only downfall, is the levels end. I’ve completed all levels and the only option is to reset. Time to delete game and find a new one. Thanks for the journey

  39. Love the game but your latest update means that when an ad comes up after ay and it has music, there is no way of stopping the music without completely rebooting the phone. Fix it please or I will have to uninstall…

  40. A. Grace dice:

    the game itself is great, but even when i have the sound off music plays in the ads. even after the ad is closed, the music will just keep playing until I close the app!

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