Flutter Catalog MOD 2022


Opensource Flutter showcase app, with side-by-side source code view.
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An opensource app showcasing Flutter components, with side-by-side source code view.

Source code: https://github.com/X-Wei/flutter_catalog

Click on list items of home page to see demos of different Flutter components, the source code is just besides the previews ! 😉


- add quill example (rich text editing
- add code highlighter example
- add hidable example
- built with the shiny Flutter 3.0


40 comentarios en "Flutter Catalog MOD 2022"

  1. O men I love this, app it is so user-friendly, I really really love it, and I’m giving five 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ because it Worth it, just a little demand from you, is that please add more widgets ,”Free”. And one’s again thanks for the free catalog. Best of luck 🤞.

  2. Widgets – ImageFiltered crashes the app. Navigation – Routes – Page 2 – Page 3 – Go Home leads to black screen.

  3. It’s kind of like you don’t need to worry about front end / UI. Just focus on the backend.

  4. This is just pure awesomeness. It has literally everthing to build an awesome ui

  5. A good flutter resource for newbies like myself. It’s nice to see a showcase of some of the available widgets, even better is the fact it has state management and persistence examples which are not as easy to grasp as basic widgets. The side by side visual & code samples really helped in understanding the more complex logic.

  6. Great tutorial, lot of place to improvise but its good and one of the best apps I can say. And yes would like to contribute if I can, I was planing to have similar app created by me. But I see this a great app and go long way. In here you can also add the documention where Android development is compared to flutter for more understanding , which is similar to the one given on flutter site.

  7. this is an excellent app to get a great feel for flutter and all of its large catalog of widgets. The code preview is phenomenal as a way to quickly see how easily something can be done in most cases.

  8. This is extremely useful for me, as a beginner with Flutter, to get familiar with common widgets. The real kicker, though, is the code for each example. I’m really impressed and appreciative of this!

  9. This app is perfect for its intended purpose of quickly and clearly demonstrating the various types of Flutter widgets, etc. It could be even better with additional comments in the source code regarding the how/when/why you’d use each type of component. Overall I give this app double thumbs up. 👍👍

  10. Useful in cases where I want to visualise a particular widget and check the code. Good tool for studying as well. Looking forward to see more examples. Suggestions: Maps (display, add marker etc), RxDart, Json, Network calls.

  11. Great app! I’ve been learning flutter for about 1 month now and having this as a resource will help my workflow substantially! Thanks for compiling all of these common features into 1 location. Again thank you! P.S. I agree with the other reviews that it would be even better if there were more comments to help those of us out that are still begging with flutter.

  12. Awesome app ever 👌, I was just like a zero guy on flutter but Now I understand thanks for you all

  13. I am really glad to get this app. A big ovation to the developer for his idea of presenting the latest tech with complete source code along with the example. Really salute for his efforts and ideas for such a nice presentation, if is there any chance of contributing for this app. I am ready to join with you guys, and one more thing try to add Design pattern examples like Redux, MVV, MVC, MVP etc

  14. Just a small help, under the Appbar section can you add tabbars with sliver appbar, I’ve been trying that for long time and I’m not able to get it work properly. Can you do that!!!

  15. Great app.. Really helpful 👍.. There is only one small problem , that it crashes if clicked on ( Firestore voting app) and I hope it gets fixed soon.. , other things works smoothly and it’s great

  16. I had to rate this app!!! Just wow! I learned flutter & was working on my own app when i found this app and it is so damn helpful!! Kudos to the developers, this is a great great help for people who want to really want to go advanced in flutter. Thank you !

  17. This app is way too awesome, I know that hundreds of hour has been spent on this, but the outcome will help novice developers like me to improve the flutter knowledge. One thing you guys have missed is the Rest Api calling, other than that it’s awesome, keep it up, you guys deserve my 5 star

  18. I love the app but there’s just one major bug. If you click rapidly on Sign in as anonymous you’ll get a red screen with yellow text. Edit: Update fixed it. 5 Stars.

  19. No update for a very long time. Still, a wonderful app and a great source for learning Flutter.

  20. It’s well organized and helpful to view code samples and check how some methods/functions work. keep up the good work!

  21. Nice app, but does not run on emulated android studio devices downloaded using Google Play Store. I then downloaded the github source, needed to make changes to the gradle files to compile and run on emulator. It ran fine in this case.

  22. Fantastic tool to visualize what flutter can do and then code to show how to implement! A fantastic combination. Well Done!

  23. Thank you for creating this app. I like the way the user is able to interact with the different widgets. Also how the code is easy to reach with some examples inside of the app

  24. An amazing app show casing almost all the elements of flutter with clean preview of code. It’s like a perfect goto dictionary.

  25. Cool cool. Not perfectly animated like Android’s framework. But it way more improved than last year’s flutter.

  26. I can quickly explore design facets and know how to implement them. Good app for beginners and experienced flutter-ites.

  27. Lucas dice:

    After installing the app and spending not even 5 minutes on it I can say this is a very valuable tool. I really appreciate the effort that went into making this app and it will definitely be a good resource for me to go back to when working on any of my projects.

  28. Excellent presentation of Flutter wedgets usage and code. Thanks. Keep adding any new features or Wedgets.

  29. Excellent references for Flutter Developers in the Source Code tab. And its great to be able to see a few of those components in action before actually starting to write code.

  30. Very good examples and source code, with links to the docs and YouTube tutorials for each. Thank you!

  31. Thank U for creating this apk.This apk is very useful for beginners as well as a developers who wanna keep as a Flutter note book.I have never been rating 5 stars before. I like this apk very much. Sorry for my English

  32. this is a simple yet really useful showcases of widget. Hope there will be more complex examples next time. Good job!

  33. Really like the app because it has very useful code examples for a lot of concepts. Keep up the good work!

  34. Its amazing! Easy to use and source code is even provided in a github page, so you dont have to copy it from the phone.

  35. This is the best on the list! I suggest a fullscreen mode for the code when i rotate my phone to landscape.

  36. Good application to understand basics of flutter with visual example. My good wishes to the developer for helping people.

  37. Gumbo64 dice:

    Flutter is way easier to learn with examples. Feels much more accessible 🙂

  38. This will help to get the idea of using many more widgets, awesome ecamples, everything in a pack.

  39. i hope for more update on this app,, add like a video turorials or something like that,,, and add more examples with source code,, thanks.. still learning the app..

  40. clean and easy to use. does exactly what it says, no more and no less! covers a lot of the key things most people would be looking for

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