Instant Boost (Addon for Gamers GLTool) FULL


Instantly boost any game performance while gaming
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Note: This addon is only compatible with 1.4 or above version of Gamers GLTool.
This is an addon application of Gamers GLTool. It will provide an extra features along with default features of Gamer GLTool

Please install either free or paid version from below
Free version:
Pro version:

Once installed you can access it from the navigation drawer of the Gamers GLTool


This addon is only compatible with 1.3 version of Gamers GLTool


4 comentarios en "Instant Boost (Addon for Gamers GLTool) FULL"

  1. Alexandrea Fletcher dice:

    In order for the addons to work ive found if you install the tool. And open it go to the top left = menu and click the addons from in and install. Also in your phone notification bar(wifi/BT/airplane mode etc) icons pull down until u see edit. Edit and add the button to that tab. Bring up tool pick a stable ping apply. I go to it in the app click quick boost>home>clickgame icon>if set graph mang. Apply settings& loads pull not bar click instant boost icon(swiped mine to #1 spot)

  2. Lethu Molefe-Mhlongo dice:

    This tool is amazing. Works perfectly on my samsung a3 core while playing pubg lite. My phone used to be laggy, my character wouldn’t turn direction, my joystick would jam in one position leaving me an easy target to kill. But thanks to this tool all of that has been resolved.

  3. Terry Herman dice:

    Good for low-end devices but useless on anything newer than two years old

  4. Ashwini gaming FF dice:

    In my samsung m11 mobile this application is crash after click on instant bost

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