Scandit Barcode Scanner Demo MODDED


Showcases Barcode Scanning Performance of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK
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The award-winning Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK transforms smartphones, tablets and wearable devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanning tools for consumers and employees. The Scandit Barcode Scanner Demo app showcases the barcode scanning performance of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. Use this demo app to see how fast and reliable the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK scans 1D, 2D and Composite codes. Alternatively, sign up for a free test SDK at to integrate the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into your own mobile app.


Bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "Scandit Barcode Scanner Demo MODDED"

  1. The best any code reader app. Period. It’s blazing fast and nothing else comes close to detecting any kinds of QR, DataMatrix, bar codes, etc in one go. It’s even a lot faster than using a handled barcode scanner thingy. Plus, there’s NO ADS! This should be a paid app. It’s just excellent.

  2. Vysair dice:

    A magic wand. I don’t know why Play Store is cluttered up with trash and the garbage float atop but this app is a true gold amongst gold. It’s alchemy! It can make any scanner pathetic. The app is blazingly fast, very responsive, comprehensive library or utility and enough option after scanning (google or continue scanning). It also has an ‘auto’ scan which is the Any Code option. All in all, this is the best app to get. Also, no ads! But given how excellent the app is, I’m willing to pay once.

  3. Ladripper dice:

    Great app, fast and has more capabilities than most. However, I’m really missing a “scan from gallery” feature, as some websites use qr codes or similar, and I can’t really open both and use my phone’s camera on itself. Otherwise would be pretty much perfect

  4. No doubt loved it. Best code scanner app I have come across. You can’t get any better app than this. You can use their in built scanning tools and also can create your own templates to scan codes with different code types too and can use the template going forward. You can suggest changes and developers may consider it their priority for ease of users. You can choose bar code type to increase recognition. This app is the best I know for most type of bar codes.

  5. I wish this app’s technology was incorporated into atleast 1 Android app, paid would be fine with me. I would like it to have a couple simple features, 1 tap copy to clipboard and 1 tap search on Internet.

  6. The fastest barcode & QR code …. etc scanner ever. It would be more helpful for the users if it would have the option to export data , thought it’s a demo version.

  7. Hands down, the best barcode scanner app in the Play Store. It works super fast for all different types of 1D and 2D codes and has all the features one would want.

  8. Absolutely perfekt. Although it’s a demo, the UI should be better. But the functionality is marvelous.

  9. This app is amazing. No ads, no payment, almost every kind of barcode, batch processing, it goes on. Definitely recommend.

  10. leii lew dice:

    it scans codes SOOO LIGHTENING FAST… as SOON AS its in the cameras view – BAAMMM – its scanned. poor little scanner they have in the center of the screen never even stood a chance. i mean its CRAZYASSFAST.! now the poor little box in the center is basically out of work. yanno what – i bet that hes the bosses son so he cant get fired. because hes legit useless now & they still keep him round. mind u he does work w/the clean, simple & inviting 2use look that i think they mightve been going for.

  11. FINALLY a scanner that is fast and doesn’t contain malware. God bless these developers. I’ve been trying to find a scanner that works.

  12. Outstanding scan performance and support for diverse symbologies. Would love to see a “copy to clipboard” feature in this app!

  13. Luke dice:

    Very inconsistent. Takes a million tries to scan IDs. I even tried my own and it took forever while other ID scanning apps pick up on the first try

  14. This app has a lot of useful features, unfortunately it lacks scan from images. Scanning from images would really make this app a superior qr code scanner

  15. I am Gopal, we tried with your app some QR code not scanning. Example :If there is cut or shade in one of QR box it’s not scanning. Same been scanning on other application, need your support to upgrade your version. As per QR code concept if any one box OK it to be scanned.

  16. Enabling camera2api causes app to crash every time I open the mode which has this on. I can’t disable it so I reinstall the app (android 11)

  17. LOVE THIS! This works GREAT👍. I can easily scan any (or most) bar codes with this. So easy to use.

  18. Good application, however, does not have the ability to create QR codes. Apart from this one detail, the app is entirely good to use and great👍

  19. user dice:

    Extremely easy to use and lightning fast. No ads, no upselling, nothing.

  20. I need this to scan the codes for iPhone parts. The app works wonderfully on iPhones but ain’t worth a dam on Android’s. Got it to work 2x and never again

  21. Useless app. Dont waste your phone storage and time on this.. not scanning a single barcode. Also wasting my time writing this review only for you people.. giving one star cuz this app just make my home screen busy with its icon..

  22. Fantastic app, works where others don’t

  23. Andrew S dice:

    Scans bar codes, QR codes, and dot matrix codes quickly and easily

  24. Very nice scanner for qr and barcodes. Ads are minimal and non-intrusive.

  25. 11alekon dice:

    I don’t understand how this app works so wonderfully. No ads, absolutely 0 ads. Scans everything even offline

  26. Best scanner. But unfortunately it cannot share or copy all result history.

  27. Even though I allowed camera perms, it did not scan anything, just showed green for IDs, it worked for QR and barcode though. I am on Samsung Galaxy A21

  28. amazing. best and fastest scanner i’ve ever seen. scan 2D Codes or normal QR Codes without any problem 🙂

  29. Best barcode reader ever. Literally there is no point trying any other reader

  30. Would be perfect if able to choice which mode to autostart by default when the app is launched.

  31. Great scanner, shows the power of a great Barcode scanner and actually covers already a lot of work

  32. ThioJoe recommended this app and it’s absolutely wonderful. The swiss army knife of scanners.

  33. Excellent, easy reader. Would actually pay for this.

  34. a great scanning program! super fast and easy to use!

  35. Best code scanner available for phones, it can scan almost all kind of codes

  36. A very good and a nice app. it makes scanning so easy.

  37. wow.. scannings are wonderfully fastest but UI response is very poor.

  38. Hecc Mann dice:

    Found this though Mrwhosetheboss, best scan app I’ve used

  39. History doesnt display. Running Android 10

  40. the new update removed flashlight functionality & pinch to zoom. beware

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