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5.0.6 (162)

Put the power of the Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK in your hands today!
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5.0.6 (162)
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The latest version of Barcode Scanner includes several feature and performance enhancements.
Need more precise aiming to select the right barcode?
Try the Target Decoding feature.

Have more challenging driver’s licenses and IDs?
Our world-class PDF417 decoder is better than ever.

We’ve added options for character encoding and more customizable zoom settings as well.

Download our Barcode Scanner SDK demonstration for your mobile Android device to see how the powerful Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK can add new interactivity to your Android apps and enable a host of marketing, industry, and enterprise automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) workflows.

Our API delivers outstanding value to developers through four pillars: simplicity, reliability, efficiency, and speed.

Simplicity – With the Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK, it is no longer necessary to develop separate applications nor manage multiple software and hardware solutions and deployments for mobile device barcode reading.

Reliability – The Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK is the most reliable barcode reading technology available for mobile applications and smartphone integration, regardless of platform, development framework, or barcode symbology.

Efficiency – As a tool developed with the logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and commercial services industries in mind, it is built with efficiency for the end-user, as well as simplicity for the application developer.

Speed – The Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK is tuned to provide fast and reliable barcode reading for smartphones and tablets. For damaged codes, challenging lighting conditions, or harsh environments, the SDK can leverage the power of the ruggedized, high-performance MX Series of Cognex mobile terminals.

The Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK supports all major barcode symbologies, including Aztec Code, Codabar, Code 11, Code 25 (Interleaved, Industrial and ITF-14), Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Data Matrix, DotCode, EAN, ISBN, GS1 Databar, MaxiCode, MSI Plessey, PDF417, Postal Code, QR Code (Micro and Standard), and UPC barcode types, as well as all GS1 specific sub types like GS1 QR Code, GS1 DataMatrix and GS1-128.

The Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK supports the most powerful cross-platform development frameworks, including: Xamarin, Cordova / PhoneGap, and Ionic.

You can add powerful parser plugins to the Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK at no additional cost when you purchase an SDK license or hardware accessory. Plugins include industry standard parsers such as AAMVA, GS1, IUID, Structured Carrier Messages, and more!

Put us to the test in your real-world conditions and use cases.

To learn more, contact us via email at [email protected] or visit


- Stability improvements


40 comentarios en "Barcode Scanner MODDED 2022"

  1. Scott C dice:

    BEST SCANNER EVER!!!!! Really, the absolute best scanner that has ever existed on the planet! It scans anything and everything (like the really hard databar GS1 codes), it can automatically copy to the clipboard or execute a search (my cell clipboard syncs to my windows 11 clipboard, so this is perfect), and it is crazy fast. I’ve been using other scanners (handheld and android-app based, and I always find something that does not work or a barcode that won’t scan. This app DOES IT ALL!

  2. Ken Horn dice:

    This is an excellent app with a lot of configurations for more advanced uses. I have installed (and the uninstalled) many, many barcode apps and this is probably the best. The ability to parse a GS1 barcode is a great feature. The only option I wish was in the app would be the ability for it to show hidden characters such as start/stop characters, group separators, etc.

  3. GET THIS NOW!! I’ve tried loads of bar and qr code scanners and this one is far and away the best. In a class of it’s own. It picks up and captures codes so frikkin fast… Sometimes with only half the length of the barcode bars in frame. And it can be set to read just about every type of bar and qr code that exist including micro qrs, postal bars for numerous countries … And much more.

  4. I’m only annoyed the rate now popped ap while testing codes. I work in IT and this barcode scanner is so consistent when testing warehouse prints for errors that it has become a major part of what I use my phone for at work. Not using the program for production just testing and verifying codes are clear and working strongly recommend if you have a similar use. Cheers.

  5. Outstanding. This is the only Android barcode scanner I’ve found that can read Maxicode, which is what UPS uses on their shipping labels. It also reads USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb), and it does so faster than the two IMb apps in the Play Store. Finally, it has much richer and more detailed settings than any barcode scanner I’ve used. Excellent app.

  6. A great free barcode scanning application. I’ve been using it for years, definitely my favorite barcode scanner. Considering the fact the company who makes this app has been making commercial barcodes and scanning equipment since before smartphones existed, it’s not that surprising that it’s good.

  7. I’ve been using this app for about 1 month. So far I haven’t found any barcode it can’t read. I’ve been surprised at how much personal info is encoded in some shipping labels, as we remove our name and address from mail and shipping packaging before disposal.

  8. Worked immediately. It’s surprisingly fast too. The biggest issue I had was that it was almost to good. It was hard to scan the correct bar code on a page because this app kept scanning everything before I even got the camera in place. 5*

  9. Tried many such apps. Some showed only image of the code, some others did not show the product, it would say ‘ a product’. Only this app identified the product perfectly. The UI and UX is good.

  10. Terrance dice:

    Actually does exactly what I needed. Identifies type of barcode and displays correspondending text. Additional options too for even more barcodes. I have seen no ads to boot.

  11. Scans everything., really. Was the best I’ve used before it wa bought by Cognex. Nice to see they kept it on the store. Now all ig needs is a screen rotation lock.

  12. Minimal permissions. Others want contact info and wifi and other irrelevant things. It’s not a search, just a barcode reader. Simple.

  13. PROS: Fast, effective and efficient scanner. Gets the scans 99% of the time. Option to stop camera upon a successful scan, which saves battery. CONS: App doesn’t open URLs with default browser app (it always opens URLs in-app). Scanner Orientation (the red flashing line) always treat the phone as if it’s in landscape mode even though the phone and app are in portrait mode (i.e. the red line is vertical in portrait mode when the Scanner Orientation is set to Horizontal, and vice versa).

  14. Great! I use it every day for work. My only suggestion would be in the event of multiple bar codes, please have it read the one in the crosshairs. It’s slightly annoying having to cover up other codes and reposition and rescan just to get a specific code to scan. Other than that, it’s been better than the rest I’ve tried!

  15. Amazing app, I use it occasionally for inventory but it saves me a lot of time when I need to use it. I wish it had a warning that the max you can have at once is 100 saved results, then it overwrites the last one, but once you know that, you can save the results before that happens.

  16. This is the best out there!!! Anyone looking for a simple, efficient, and super fast scanner, please use this one and rate it. This has really saved me from all the manual work of inputting evey serial add of my equipment. I am truly thankful to the devs. The best!!! This is highly recommended, trust me. Super advance compared to all the crappy slow scanners out there.

  17. I use all the time for work. We are a printer company and I use this app to verify scalability of the Barcodes I print.

  18. Awesome. I wish it scans into a spreadsheet in the future instead of copy/paste function.

  19. Awesome app. Clean, no weird permissions, and no 3rd party data. Works perfectly!

  20. S. Eyles dice:

    Fastest barcode app I’ve ever used! I’ve been fascinated by barcodes since they first appeared, and have a bad habit of trying to scan almost any barcode I see, especially ‘different’ ones. This is the only app I’ve used which scans *everything* I’ve thrown at it, and super fast as well!

  21. N00Bxl dice:

    It scans codes quickly and accurately. However, I think there should be a setting to show the results as hexidecimal, as right now it only outputs text, which there is no way to convert back to accurate hex values. This means the only things it can decide are strings of text, and there is no way to download files from a qr code as it converts the qr code to text badly and loses any information that can’t become text no matter what settings you change. PLEASE ADD A HEXADECIMAL SETTING!

  22. Amazing app! Unlike most other barcode scanner apps, this one doesn’t just slap a UI on the ZXING library and call it a day. This app manages to scan inverted colour barcodes without issue! My only request is to have a development/debug mode which shows you technical details about the barcode (type, ECC level, symbol size, byte count, etc)

  23. Best do far. Can scan more than the rest I’ve tried. Some codes you have to enable scanning for, like MaxiCodes. Works fast, gives message right away, and gives options after scanned. This app works well and it’s simple to use. Very nice. Would like to see support for ShotCode, JAB and HCCB as I’ve yet to find an app that does. Overall, I really like how this app works and this is the one I’ll be keeping.

  24. Totally awesome app. This is the only Barcode Scanner I will use for now. It works like No other Always have clear image and bright light even in low-light. I love that you can do a web search for the item you’re looking for. The best app ever. Work immediately once it scan the barcode really fast. Other apps cannot compare they are very slow have low light on camera cannot focus right and do not work. But thanks to the developers this app works wonderfully. The only barcode scanner I will use

  25. There are loads of barcode and QR code scanners available, and most of them have better ratings, but when you look, the positive ratings are all paid-for fake ones. This scanner seems really good and incredibly fast. After only using it for a few minutes, I’m very impressed. Strongly recommended!

  26. Edit to communicate with dev. I’m on a galaxy note 10+. After scanning any barcode and leaving it on the following screen causes the phone to make a constant clicking sound. The sound is the camera lense auto focusing constantly. If you close the prompt and view through the camera you can see it zooming and unzooming as of its trying to focus on something.

  27. Does not support postal barcodes. When a barcode contains a URL, this app opens it in its own browser, which does not work very well. There is not an option to open it in my default browser.

  28. After a few months I have decided that the speed of decoding the barcodes is not worth the very long load time. Any other barcode reader I have tested loads at least 10 times faster, so the time I gain from using the app is actually time lost waiting for the main window to show up.

  29. Jax Spade dice:

    I have used a number of different readers but this is the best one by far. This one reads a large number of barcodes AND it DISPLAYS NON-PRINT characters in advance settings. Something I really needed since program keystrokes into barcodes. This is a must have if you need to do any work with barcodes or barcode testing/troubleshooting. Did I forget to mention hella fast for image scanning reader.

  30. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The double tap to zoom was very unneeded. Must need is a touch to focus. Also now the animation after it catches a barcode or data matrix is very laggi. It was so fast before now is broken.

  31. Chris S-B dice:

    Absolute best scanner I’ve ever come across! Super fast scans and does a variety of protocols. The browser is fast, and it’s easy to switch to the native browser for links. Couldn’t ask for a better app!

  32. Works great so far and does not display any ads. I like that it display the code type along with the content. And I have just found in settings that it is able to scan code in already taken photos!

  33. S dice:

    I have used a lot of Cognex stuff (Vision Pro, DataMan readers,…) and it all works well with an intuitive interface. This app is no exception! Any app developer would be wise to look at integrating Cognex into their final product.

  34. It has scanned all the types of barcodes I’ve tried and it has delivered. Not only does it get you the code but it also tells you the type of barcode. Fast, simple and powerful. Highly recommended!

  35. I have searched for years and used several different bar code readers, but this one is, by far, the best! The read is quick and accurate. The app is clean, functional, and free, with no adds! I highly recommend it!

  36. I have used the app to scan over 200 plus staff card for attendance taking in one hour time span. I was shocked that most of the records disappeared and left the last 10 over entries in the history. Do you set a limit to records and automatically overwrite the old data?

  37. Actually I can’t re-open the app once I used it for the first time because it crashes at startup. I need to uninstall and reinstall it to be able to scan barcodes ONCE and then again I can’t reopen it. This is what happens on a Pixel 4a

  38. One of the best scanning apps i have seen so far. Lots of useful info and settings for advanced barcode users. Not just scan but gives info on what type of barcode. Has function for more difficult situations.

  39. Hands down the fastest and best barcode scanner available. I just don’t get how much quicker it is then the built-in one on my phone’s camera, or even the venerable ZXing Barcode Scanner that I have used for years! Great job.

  40. Very good code scanner, remarkably fast and totally ad-free, it has its own code scanning engine in contrast to other apps which almost all use the same crappy zxing library. This is something different (in a good way) for sure!

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