Mutant Creatures Morph for MCPE – Rarest 2022


pocket mod for mutants with very difficult mob sensation
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Simple morph but this time it’s very different eye of enderman where here the mob is usually simple but this time it will be very different. Here the mob will mutate into a large mutant herobrine to defeat it is also very difficult you have to open the cave often to survive morphing

NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on mcpe mod adds 9 mutants in the Basestone with various Minecraft mutant shadows with incredible powers. If you find addons to increase the difficulty of mobs and games with some minecraft sheep at your disposal then this is a good choice for mcpe mobs. This means that the world will be much more difficult with 2x the health of ordinary monsters because each mutant is much stronger than its predecessor.

None of the mods for minecraft of mutants from mobs are affected by the fall damage or knockback of the enchange swords. This is a very fast and hard mod that adds mob dynamics to Minecraft Mods. This allows the appearance of a rare but random mutated mutant creature mod creature to notice here will be very difficult so try the mode first.

the mob that enderman minecraft mutates into mutants namely mutant zombies, Skeleton mutant, enderman or zombies fighting with siren heads beware all of these are stronger than ender dragons for creeper strength the power is much stronger than usual.

This mod montante not only contains Mutant Creatures but there are several possible mods if you like. Don’t forget to share with your friends too, thank you

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This app is in no way associated with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, Minecraft Brand and Minecraft Assets are property of Mojang AB or their owners. All rights reserved. According to


New Mutant Creatures


4 comentarios en "Mutant Creatures Morph for MCPE – Rarest 2022"

  1. Pete Minecraft dice:

    I give it 4 stars because the ben ten watch has a few of his transformations, but it’s pretty dope, even though i expected to morph into a mutant mob😌, by the way who ever is reading this, please follow my *youtube* channel, you already see the name.

  2. Nompumelelo Mabuza dice:

    This app is really cool the only problem is that it does not have that much addon in it so if you could add some more that would be appreciated

  3. Vince jowen Descarten dice:

    This app is not good example if I download the Ben 10 it says it’s duplicate and it won’t letting me in this app 👉👈

  4. DREAM GAMER dice:

    4 bc u need more mods so yeah that’s it

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