Preference Manager *ROOT(Addon for Gamers GLTool) MODDED


Create & edit the preference settings your apps
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This is an addon application of Gamers GLTool. It will provide an extra features along with default features of Gamer GLTool

Please install either free or paid version from below
Free version:
Pro version:

Note: This addon is only compatible with 1.0 or above version of Gamers GLTool.

Once installed you can access it from the navigation drawer of the Gamers GLTool


This addon is only compatible with Gamers GLTool 1.3 version


4 comentarios en "Preference Manager *ROOT(Addon for Gamers GLTool) MODDED"

  1. Fliberdijibit777 dice:

    My only complaint is you can’t geographically choose by preference at least easily, What host DNS you use. That and the requirements to root your phone for maximum functionality other than that perfect app any gamer worth their salt should definitely own the pro version I used it for years

  2. Eric G. Perry dice:

    I do not get what is WHAT AND if I own the PRO VERSION STILL??! The shift between 1.3 & 1.6 version with the add-ons confuses me, by the way it asks me if I want to download the paid version or the free version!? I want it to know, cause I don’t know, and I tried DOWNLOADING ALL OF EVERYTHING AVAILABLE, ADD-ONS, MANAGER, AND PREFERENCE CHOOSER, AND I CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WHAT, IN TERMS OF WHAT TO OPEN FIRST, LAST OR WHATEVER, OR WHAT OF THE APPS OR ADD-ONS IS AUTOMATED IN BACKGROUND? 👈🤓👉

  3. Alexandrea Fletcher dice:

    I love your work. This one isnt one you this is on LG Stylo 5.. Ive not found the need files to properly root my phone. I only trust xda in this area as i dont want my phone bricked. Had it since my birthday in march and still no root. And looked none for the stylo 4 from what i can see.. They just released the stylo 6. So highly doubt there willl be a legit root or want to flagship it anytime soon. 😔 i guess theres no way to make this feature avalible just based on dev. Opt and a VPN? Jw

  4. Sean Robles dice:

    This app is a lie its not even working the worst app ever i’ll put 1 stars for this junk so do not dowload this please this is a warning for all of you

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