FNF Character Test Playground MODDED 2022


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FNF Character Test Playground is test mod created by MadManToss for the FNF universe. Create your own Tune with a type of song from the voices of different characters.

Test Playground Remake also includes different tools, including pitch adjustment, flip character switch, a series of background music, and a customizable background RGB. Although the rhythm game is unplayable, the game features a total of eighteen background music from the original FNF game . Play and Enjoy


FNF Mod Test Playground Remake 1-4


4 comentarios en "FNF Character Test Playground MODDED 2022"

  1. NotHeckerflat CrapHeckerBeluga dice:

    Everytime i tap a character name it sending me back to play store. Also 1/10 rating because this thing is trash

  2. Ameer Lumuma dice:

    Man ar you joking at me there’s nothing in my screen it’s just black thing if I click character test 01 nothing happend it’s just a black screen and I see a android dude ar you joking at meಠ︵ಠ

  3. Jboy Jboy dice:

    EVERYTIMe when i press them they did not move so is TRASH GAME

  4. Ela Gajewska dice:

    Why people five star.Its a lie,not fun but cool facts kinda.By the way ruv is canadian not russian, dont get this game its wasting my time writing this review 5 star liers

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