Mirror link car connector MODDED


Do you want to drive easy ? do you wanna full mirror link Mobile with your car
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Do you want to drive easily ? do you wanna full mirror link Mobile with your car screen

Now with Mirror Link Screen you can connect your phone to your car screen without using any cable this app help you to mirror your phone with home tv and car tv and all other device so you can drive safely !

We use screen mirroring option in your android devices !

A simple automation application wherein you can automate playing and pausing of music when your device connects to your car’s screen. Now no more fiddling with your device when getting into and out of your car. It’s all managed for you so you can concentrate on more important things like wearing a seat belt, adjusting the rear view mirrors, and set your hair.


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4 comentarios en "Mirror link car connector MODDED"

  1. David Plummer dice:

    Complete waste of memory. It’s just a shortcut to screen cast with ads. Stupidity. I literally feel stupid for downloading it.

  2. Scott dice:

    Complete GARBAGE, It won’t let you do ANYTHING! Asking people to give you 5 stars to use it “Fully” and even then it doesn’t connect to a damn thing. You guys are a scam! I’ve updated everything so don’t reply saying to update the app losers!

  3. Robert Edwards dice:

    Doesn’t connect to the car at all. Complete fraud as to what it does. Only thing it even tried to connect to was the TV’s at my house.

  4. Lovejeet Dhami dice:

    They want you to rate 5 star to unlock full features that do not even exist.👎. And it won’t link to any of my cars.

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