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The FEMA App is your personalized disaster resource, so you feel empowered and ready to take charge of any disaster life throws your way.

Learn how to prepare for common hazards quickly and easily. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, the FEMA App can help you learn basic preparedness strategies like how to create a family emergency communication plan, what to pack in your emergency kit, and what to do immediately after a disaster.

Knowing when and how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property during a disaster can make all the difference. With the FEMA App, you can receive real-time weather and emergency alerts from the National Weather Service for up to five locations nationwide. It can also help you find a nearby shelter if you need to evacuate to a safe space.

The FEMA App gives you the tools you need to recover after a disaster. Find out if your location is eligible for FEMA assistance, find Disaster Recovery Center locations, and get answers to your most pressing questions. Instantly connect with FEMA’s disaster resources so you find the help that you need when you need it most.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, we’d love to hear them. Contact us at [email protected].


- New Push Notifications setting to temporarily silence push notifications for alerts. Now you can choose to silence push notifications for 1 hour, 8 hours or 24 hours. During this time period you will still receive push notifications from us, but there will be no sound or vibration.
- Updated TalkBack controls on Alert Preferences.


40 comentarios en "FEMA MODDED 2022"

  1. Will be uninstalling this app. There used to be a nice section with a checklist of items you should have in your home to prep for a disaster in your car/ area. That is no longer available. You could also get weather alerts for multiple areas which is now gone. The article under Prepare are nice, but not worth it if I can’t have the basic checklist. Disappointed.

  2. S B dice:

    Good app. However the new version makes seeing alerts from “Other locations” more difficult. All of my locations are “Main locations”. I would really like to see all alerts for all locations on the main screen without heavy user interface mal-design needing multiple touches to see things.

  3. Have had this app for a couple years, but now as long as there is an active alert, they will repeat every 5-10 minutes, which gets quite annoying when you have 3 active alerts that are active for a 36 hour period, & no way to suspend notification of those alerts. It’s all or nothing, either they repeat every 5 to 10 minutes, or you turn off notifications completely & recieve none. Very frustrating. There are other apps available & WITHOUT the insistent NAGGING of an active alert. UNINSTALLING!!!

  4. I have used this app for a couple of years now and really like this app! Especially during times when dangerous weather is wreaking havoc! It has also came in handy for alerting friends and family in other parts of the country to evacuation orders and other dangers. *An improvement I would like to see (if possible) is the ability to change the notification sound – It currently uses whatever the phones default notification is. Not a real big deal, but would be nice.

  5. Was a great App, then started sending multiple alerts one after another. Now I get NO alerts at all. If I click on Alerts, click my city, it takes me to settings. I wrote you about it, you sent an email telling me to restart because you fixed a bug on the 4th. It is now the 14th. I’ve done as you said, even uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I still get no alerts and when I click my city, it still takes me to settings. I loved your App, it’s a shame it no longer functions correctly.

  6. Moto Ol dice:

    Good ad-free alerts app. Lets you specify the exact kinds of alerts you want for your area and others. It’s only drawback is that its county-wide. Some alerts are issued for only specific areas of counties. This app would be perfect if would allow you to set alerts to a precise location (not just county-wide) as some other apps do. Also it needs other notification options (such as a voice or different sound) for alerts so they don’t get lost with other notifications.

  7. The app has had its ups and downs, but it was working for a while. Now it has stopped sending notifications, which makes it useless unless you want to open the app and check each location to see if there have been any alerts. The point is to GET the alerts, not have to keep checking to see if there have been any. 12/18/18 Still was not getting a single alert… Uninstalled, downloaded again — working now!

  8. I would give it a zero, but that’s not an option. I just found out about this app, and being in the path of hurricane Dorian, thought it would be a good app to have. However, it doesn’t search/recognize my location when i try to enter it for alerts, making it pretty useless to me. Edited to add: after the 5th install, i was finally able to add a location, so i bumped up the stars.

  9. Works, but it keeps announcing the same alerts over and over, making it too much of a nuisance, so I disabled it. Improved UI changes, but still doesn’t allow changes to alert sounds. Also, the developer evidently does not read user comments, because they have not replied to any since 2019, a lot of which contain very good suggestions. Too bad.

  10. Update: I think the alert issue was fixed with the new update as the number as been cleared; I thought we had a flood watch but it disappeared when I updated the app, so maybe it expired. Thanks! — The new look is better, but the first time I opened it after updating, it said 62 alerts. I only have 3 locations saved. Is there a way to clear them? We have severe weather today and so now I’m up to 67, and some locations have duplicate alerts but different information in each…kinda confusing.

  11. The main reason I got this app was that it reminded you of things to do to keep your home safe (testing smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, updating emergency kits, etc) But their last update to the app DISCONTINUED that feature. Now it’s just a glorified weather event alert system. On top of that it sends me an alert for one event over and over, leaving me with 45 notifications for one thunderstorm. You removed the most useful feature and then made the rest annoying. Uninstalling this app!

  12. A tornado watch was issued by this app in the notification bar!!! No sounds at all!! A wind chime with a video stream would be more useful than this app is. Spoken warnings preceded by an audible alarm that alert you to locations/counties under a watch or warning (as it use to be), should be mandatory on all weather apps. Access to NOAA Radio/National Weather Service alerts and conditions for your current location should not be hard to find, as these are funded by taxes.

  13. A good app from the government? Shocker. In all seriousness it’s actually very useful. I like being able to keep updated on the town my family lives in as well as where I am now. I used to use the “Emergency” app from the Red Cross for this purpose. However this app is better because it shows less severe alerts. For example I live in a low lying area so it’s good to get flood notifications, even if it’s just a watch. Same with high surf warnings. The Red Cross app only shows high level alerts.

  14. this app is good. it needs adjustment though. i need to be able to turn off vibration and sound alerts. i was woken up at 730am because the app wanted me to know the roads were slick. this was really annoying because i turned off the winter weather alerts, knowing that this kind of thing would happen on a daily basis because i live in a snowy area. i want this app to alert me when there is an emergency, not an everyday weather happenstance.

  15. Hasn’t been updated in months. The first time I opened it, it crashed. I ran it again and with no clear instructions, found it difficult to use. Too complicated and and has unnecessary stuff for a simple weather alert app. I recommend the Red Cross app if you just want notifications and not a complete weather app.

  16. Great app. Keeps me informed as needed. My only change would be to make the notification sounds customizable. Doesn’t have to be each one individually- just one for the app itself would be nice. Something that i could set it up and would say, “Hey this is the fema app going off” and not just the system sound.

  17. C M dice:

    Sends out alerts as expected, but here’s the issue. If I’m in another app (Facebook, e.g.), it won’t override it, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the alert within the actual app, so if you miss it… too bad. Also tried to pull up the app while roaming, and got a “no wifi” connection error. Who the hell has wifi during an emergency??? DO BETTER.

  18. Constant, redundant alerts render this app completely useless. The developer seems to have never heard the story of the boy who cried wolf. After repeated alerts about winter weather (in winter–what a surprise!) and other meaningless notifications, the sensible options are to ignore the alerts, turn off all notifications, or uninstall. Too bad FEMA couldn’t be more judicious about issuing notifications and reserve that feature for truly important news.

  19. Kamil K dice:

    I keep getting the same “Wind Chill Advisory” alert every 10-20 minutes. I had to disable it because it was going for over 2 hours now. Update: Disabling the “Wind Chill Advisory” didn’t help. I’m still getting spammed by the same alert. I even restarted my phone. I guess I’ll disable a few categories. If this won’t help I’m uninstalling it. Update 2: I literally toggled of all alerts in the alert preferences and I still keep getting those notifications. Uninstalling.

  20. Robin D dice:

    Edit: The looping issue seems to have been fixed. For some reason it’s giving me alerts,but when I open them I receive a message saying that the alert has expired. Then within a short period of time I get the same alert… it’s like it’s stuck in a loop.

  21. Used to be helpful – now I literally get the same severe weather alert over and over again. More than a dozen so far today for 2″ of snow possible. This alert apparently covers all of western Washington and not a flake within 50 miles. Big time overkill.

  22. I have been using this app for a while. My main problem is the fact that the simple interface was taken away. It is now the usual “Art Corpo” design, flat and trendy. In my opinion, a survival app should be easy and to the point. The app has too many tabs, and may not be navigable to the non tech savvy person. My regards, Tudoria

  23. The main app itself was very vague. I feel like anything I needed to do, I ultimately was sent to another app or another site or another number.

  24. Why new permission without reason? Added finsky bind referer without statement of why or what for. Now added Advertising ID permission! Why does my government need to track me for advertising purposes?


  26. Sarge dice:

    Thank you FEMA for addressing the issues that have been causing issues with your app. It appears to be working better with the current updates.

  27. Update: thanks for fixing this. Works well now. – Alerts vanish into blank white screens.

  28. I believe there is a bug where the display fades to white, and it won’t leave that screen for whatever reason. I currently am under a tropical storm warning and would like to actually SEE the updates 🙁 I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and its still not working.

  29. Use to love the app but after updating it will not show alerts for the area’s selected get text there is alerts but don’t show them wife gets it on her phone. I use to

  30. Previous versions of this app would let you know about an alert and when it is updated. Lately not only does this app let you know about an alert but it reminds you about the very same alert every five minutes. I really do not wanna delete this app because it is useful, but the constant alert notifications force me to turn off notifications until the alert expires, which is counter to having the app on the first place.

  31. Scott R dice:

    The app would be better if it didn’t keep giving me old alerts over and over even after I read them. I end up turning the app off because in a potential storm situation, the last thing I want the app to do is drain my battery with repeat alerts!

  32. Can we fix the deletion of older Alerts? Great app but it could use some updates & fixes ASAP, considering pending storms. I’m assuming it only allows 5 locations? A recent response says ALL Alerts Set ON for each one, before a new location can be added? I wish Dev. of Apps would think things through. Possibly add more than 5 locations & simplify the process?

  33. Dawn Wood dice:

    The app does not go back when I hit the CLOSE button. I keep having to hit the BACK button on my phone.

  34. Evan Ward dice:

    Halfway decent, but a little broken. It has the nice feature of subscribing to exactly which disaster alerts you want, except it’s broken, and I am getting dozens of repeat notifications I am not subscribed to.

  35. Notifications on Android phone seem to appear twice and when I click on one of them, the application opens, momentarily the home screen appears but screen turns white and is empty without any information.

  36. App refuses to let me add multiple locations. The little Starburst circle just spins and nothing comes up. I installed it twice and it still won’t let me add multiple locations.

  37. Terrible update! Every time I get a notification, I click on it, it takes me to the app, then the screen goes completely white and will not do anything. Please fix this issue!

  38. It’s a good app, very informative. It would be great if the notifications stopped repeating once I’ve viewed it!! Can’t see how to fix that!!

  39. Since the latest update the app wont work. I’m currently in a tropical storm warning and would like the info. Before the newest update the app would constantly give notifications for the same warnings/watches

  40. Ever since the “modern redesign” update the app has been broken in countless ways. You still can’t select text in a alert to copy and paste it elsewhere The app randomly breaks and doesn’t show you any alerts while telling you to fix your internet even though it’s Fema’s problem Doesn’t reliably send notifications for alerts you’ve enabled notifications for. What point is there in an emergency warning app when you can’t trust it to warn you in an emergency?! I’d write more but it’s max 500 char

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