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Get tides and currents near you, fast.
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Get tides and currents near you, fast.

Tides Near Me focuses on nearby tide stations and current tidal conditions. Quickly learn the time of the last and next tide and current, as well as when the sun and moon will rise or set. Fully automated tide tables, charts, and predictions.

There are no ads and no ongoing payments required for up-to-date tidal information on over 5,500 tidal stations in the US, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and India. We keep everything updated for you!


Bug fixes, performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Tides Near Me – No Ads 2022"

  1. Simple and easy to use. I’m a marine biologist and use this app regularly to check tides when I’m in the field. Works internationally and pulls from many tide stations. The only improvement I’d suggest is the option to view and choose tide stations on a map at a national / regional level. At present you can view a tide station (and its neighbors) on a map only after you’ve selected it from a list. But this is a minor quibble – overall it’s a great and useful app. Love the “near me” feature.

  2. James M dice:

    This is the paid ad-free version of the app. It’s a one-time purchase, which I liked. I’ve used the free version for years and love it. It has more options for tide stations and current stations (for ebb, slack and flood currents) then the other three tide apps I use. I have a fourth app which is a paid photographer’s app that is also great at telling tides and other things, but this app is right up there with the best of them. It’s the only one I’ve found that tells the current as well.

  3. Andy Cain dice:

    I have been using the free app for about 3 or 4 years. It worked great with no bugs or headaches. There was recently a 3 or 4 day glitch when the free nor paid app would work. The problem cleared. I purchased the paid app in appreciation of the developers. Simple interface and bright clear graphics that are perfect if you’re on the water. My only gripe: I wish it would stop asking me to use gooo-gull’s location service. The less I have to do with those prying criminals the better.

  4. Straightforward, easy to use app to see the tides in your area. Also gives current info on moon rise, sunset, etc. Well worth the couple dollars it costs. The only thing I didn’t like is that it asked me to rate it before I had a chance to actually use it.

  5. What’s going on??? I used this app for years on trips to Ireland. This fall I discovered Ireland was not being supported after I upgraded to the paid app. I opened the app on a whim yesterday and was excited to see my saved locations in Ireland showing data. HOWEVER, it’s completely inaccurate. Today shows low tide at 10:38am and high at 11:32am (OBVIOUSLY wrong). I just checked again, at 11:34am Irish time, and it shows high at 11:32a, low at 12:45p. ACTUAL high was 6:12a and low at 12:37p.

  6. Really needs to have a “present depth” option, high and low tide times are of limited use if you don’t have the depth at the time you want. Also the coefficient, ie the range between springs and neaps would be useful. Not a bad app for a seaside tourist but not much use for a yachtsman or fisherman.

  7. I just need a quick reference to the tides without a fuss. This app does this perfectly. It puts all local beaches on your screen and all beaches that have previously been looked at. Does the job perfectly.

  8. Peter Cox dice:

    Moved to the coast and love the great outdoors so keeping up with tide times is essential. This app gives me quick access to all the info I need. Very simple but informative. Bought the pro version to show my appreciation to the developer.

  9. Perfect simple app that does what it says on the tin. Straightforward intuitive interface. Completely worth the two quid odd for the ad free version. Well done devs. Keep up the good work!

  10. Very good App which is simple enough to make it very quick to see required results. I deduct one star because there does not seem to be any means to show tide heights in metric units which would be more useful to me.

  11. Easy way to track tides and tidal currents. If you use a boat in salt water, or hike along the shore, tides can be very important. I hike on Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands, and I kayak in Puget Sound, so it is very helpful to be able to know when the tides will be, and how strong. Some shoreline trails are easy at low tide, and impassible at high tide.

  12. D DaC dice:

    I’m a casual beach goer. With the sargassum, at high tide I want to be on a wider beach, so I don’t have to sit in the seaweed. This is the perfect app to tell me what I want to know. Also, I’m beginning to pay attention to the Indian River tides because I may want to boat there. Again, the perfect app. I paid $3 to eliminate ads.

  13. Great tide app! As local as it can be in my area. My only complaint is that the forecast is for just a week out. I know, I know. Paper tide charts, etc. I have them. But they’re not nearly as portable as this app. If I find out I have an afternoon off three weeks from now, I want to know right then if I’m inviting folks over for a fish fry or an oyster roast! Great app with an eye to detail, just wish the forecast was extended . There’s always the chance I just don’t know how to tweak the app.

  14. Easy to use. The only problem is that I need the tide between Spooners Creek N C. and Bogue Inlet N.C. I am about 8 miles from each one. It would be nice if you could use the map to pin point your exact location. I emailed the developer but never heard back.

  15. App works great for tides. It’s simple and easy to use. but it would be great if there was an option for more information like wind speed/direction etc. All in all. Great app. Use it a lot

  16. I paid for it after using the free version for two years. The free version is no different, just has a small ad banner that isn’t even in the way. I paid for it out of appreciation for the quality of this app.

  17. I like this app as I said previously. Another feature I would like to see is currents by country. It needs a bit of work to be more intuitive to navigate. Addi^ng current speeds would be nice as well. Looking forward to your refinements. John App is getting better re being intuitive or I am getting more used to it. Did find current speeds in the weekly views. This will be really handy for helping me to kayak in the ocean safely. App developers have responded quickly to my questions. 🙂

  18. App used to work great. Now it just shows ‘connection error try again’ Contacted the developer and have been ignored. I had the paid version too. Zero stars. No way of getting a refund. Very disappointed.

  19. My husband has the FREE APP, and is easier to view; his shows the hourly tides in a horizontal manner. In addition, other functions are available in his APP.

  20. No graphics and very limited functionality. There are free apps that integrate weather, radar and other marine features. Plus there are limited display options. Disappointing purchase.

  21. Great app, easy to use, clear. Used it at least twice a week for a few years now. Worth paying the tiny fee and reinstalling to remove the ads.

  22. Works really well if you need to know tides in your local area or anywhere in the world for that matter. For diving you may still need some local knowledge for the slack tide times for the local area though but this gives you a great starting point.

  23. Nice quick way to get tide and current information. I’d give 5 stars if the current information included the direction of flood and ebb, even though it most cases it’s obvious!

  24. Perfect app for telling tides. Just the info you need. It always shows the nearby tides. Great for trip planning since you can get tides for anywhere.

  25. Back in the day, there was an app called Tide7 that also used UKHO data, but drew a graph of tides to make it easy to see the highest and lowest tides over the next week. I’d love to see that in “Tides Near Me”!

  26. I use this app weekly to see the state of the tides for birdwatching, a really useful app. The only change I would make is a monthly tides forecast rather than weekly.

  27. Great App.. Very reliable,have not had any problems.. Also shows Sun and Moon rise and set times.. Check out the map it shows if any beech’s are near were you are checking the tide time’s for..

  28. Pkch dice:

    No longer works. Bought it after using for a year, then it randomly stopped working (in Japan). Developers seem to have disappeared.

  29. Offers good range of tide, sunrise/set and moon times for the week ahead. Easy selection of location. Cheap to shed adverts.

  30. I really on this app every time I plan a boat trip. Never had any issues, with the last three phones I’ve had, with any problems. Has -never- failed me! Get it.

  31. Great app for checking the tides. Very easy to use interface and includes more points on the coast nearby than other apps.

  32. Mike Bell dice:

    Amazingly easy to use. Saves all that looking up tables, adjusting for difference, summertime or not etc.

  33. Fast and easy to use, I would say the only thing that is missing is how high the tide is every hours of the day, because the local website i use shiws every hours and it is really helpful, add this option and it deserves 5 stars

  34. I guess it works nice, but be sure to check whether the area you are looking for tidal info from is included in the app – Western Africa for instance is pretty much uncovered.

  35. Andy Hall dice:

    Fantastic app. Best short term tide timetable I’ve come across yet. Lots of local harbours, beaches and other sites.

  36. Basic and perfect for tide and current conditions within a set range near you. Simple and straightforward!

  37. Simple and easy to use. It would be perfect if it had a search function for places, rather than having to go through a directory

  38. When you need to know the safest time to swim in the sea, this app is so helpful.easy to access the info. It’s clear, large print, and has the most important information

  39. In my opinion it is so far an easy app to read and is accurate, I paid for the add free version so cannot comment regarding adverts.

  40. The app appears to only work in selected locations, nowhere in Africa other than RSA so useless for me. Possible I may be incorrect but my query email is unanswered.

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