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Time to Conquer the Legend City!
This is A CITY that full of powerness
This is A WORLD that full of building and conquer
Legend City is the Latest modern rpg simulation strategy mobile game
Plus, as the owner of the city, you can recruit more agents, explore the overseas area, invest in jewelry, and more

▲Running City on the Sandbox Map▲
Zoom-in to manage your own city, using a large number of exquisite architectural models to make your city prosper.
▲Alliance System in the Grand Union▲
Join or create the most powerful alliance, unite your partner and fight together against other alliance for assets.
▲Recruiting & Upgrading the Strongest Agents▲
Arrange the best agents together, creating your unique and strongest army
▲Worldwide Trading System Make Your Rule Global▲
Overseas properties that are added with special events that are updated weekly. You’ll need to explore every day in order to become “President”!
▲The Most Realistic Life▲
Collect luxury vehicles, gold, and race cars, where you can experience all kinds of gameplay.
[Legend City GLOBAL GROUP]
Mission: Feedback in the official customer service Email:[email protected]
Mission: Join the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LegendCityLoM/
Mission: Visit the official Discord group: https://discord.gg/B4FJhhaZQ5


40 comentarios en "Legend City MODDED 2022"

  1. NEW ISSUE. 02 FEB 2023 There is a bug in the game so when you play an ad, it shuts down the game and you have to log in again. On top of that, you do not reveive the prize for watching the app. Fix the b7gs and I will add a star Would have given more stars; however, last week, the game either takes several times to load or doesn’t load at all. It gets stuck at the load screen at 99%. If this issue gets rectified, I will revise my review.

  2. Nick M dice:

    Absolutely garbage. The whole thing feels like and endless tutorial with the annoying bouncing hand guiding you the entire way. I want to play, not bend to the whim of the bouncing hand over the main missions. If I can’t complete it, I want to enjoy my game play without the stupid hand bouncing over and over and over again over the main mission. Give me an option to turn the damn thing off and I’d give the game a shot.

  3. Mildly entertaining. The game is OK but really not interactive at all. The girls are hot (also no nudity, that’s a lie) but it’s impossible to get more without paying for them. All the scenes with dates, battles (also no blood, that’s also a lie), races, etc are all the same. It’s got its own thing that makes it kinda fun but be prepared for it to get repetitive.

  4. Fun game, not sure why people have issues getting stuck, it’s probably because they are not building the right type of buildings for revenue. I needed the tutorial hand in the beginning to show me where everything was. It goes a way eventually and I found it helpful. I would like to be able to get more ways of obtaining diamonds. More of those need to be released in missions.

  5. This was a great game, until the latest upgrade. My profile was at a good high level. Now it takes 10-20 times just to start the app to get to the main screen. And when you login, it crashes. So, have to start over and do it again. And when you mentioned a bug. They tell you to use Facebook binding, but if you have Google binding, they don’t tell you how to switch. And start over with a new characte.I have spent a lot in this game and now I have lost all my stuff and it has been 3 days to login.

  6. This was hard enough to get through the very forced tutorial through the first few chapters of the game. The story was cheesy, the cutscenes didn’t seem to flow with the game play, and the city building felt forced. I would have liked to have been able to explore the game more but it felt so on rails that I was just pressing buttons.

  7. This review is updated 1/30/23 experienced over 12 months: Continuously freezes loading the game. You’ll spend more time trying to login then actually accomplishing anything during the campaign. I strongly suggest avoiding buying anything within the app. Login screen is somewhat better after a couple updates but it’s still difficult. Watching ads in game freezes, crashes app. Notifying developers still hasn’t resolved the issue or retrieved lost rewards. Older servers do not receive new players

  8. A not bad game, but definitely a money-grab, and too many maintenence shut-downs that take hours. The compensation for time lost is nothing compared to rewards lost by not being able to play. The “beauties” are ok but tend to look like bobbleheads after a while. Some talk but most don’t, which is very inconsistent. Conversational phrases in the game (text) are odd, like they’re poorly translated. One character threatens to “…rip your mouth apart” which makes no sense.

  9. So I’ve played this game for atleast a year and a half and gotten to a near max. Still only halfway to top contender. Only way to move forward is spending and spending and spending…it was fun while it lasted. Now it’s just blowing money as even giving a 100 bucks gets me nowhere. Definitely p2p at top levels. Even the christmas event is geared towards giving them money and NOT rewarding the players! After everything I’ve already spent, F this game! DO NOT COMMIT if you download

  10. Souptik C dice:

    It’s a PG-rated (25+) adult strategy game where one has to steadily climb through the ranks, while managing one’s professional image & personal life. It’s relaxing, stress-relieving & engaging. Most of the secretaries are hot. Lot of alliance quests & sea exploration chapters to level up reputation & revenue. Would advise you to wire/plug in while playing or play at a time when no one’s around, coz some of the audio in the game is embarrassing.

  11. This is a pretty typical gatcha game, with (much) less activity & content than is standard for the genre. What makes it unique is occasional live stream with a few influencers. If you’re a huge fan of Mia Malkova, NicoleT, etc you might find something special here. Otherwise, game design creates a situation wherein a single player (likely whoever spends the most, per the genre) controls everything from the last clan still standing after ~a month. It’s not a bad game, just not a good one either.

  12. I have been playing this game over 2 months now. Idea and implementation are good. I would say that game age limit is more like 16. If you don’t use money progress will be slow. Item what you can buy are expensive. And more you progress more money should be spent.

  13. J Smile dice:

    Game is okay, my problem is that every event revolves around spending, there are even some events where you need to spend on something not needed to be able spend. Lastly not being able to use your play points on this game.

  14. This game is very addicting. I agree, the only way to get the upper hand, is to spend lots of money. It’s fun at first, but I would advise to not even invest, You’ll be sorry You did…..

  15. You’re ads are pop-up spam. Got sick of getting interrupted during other games by your invasive spamming so I downloaded specifically to give you 1 star because I’m petty and your game is just a clone of a dozen others

  16. Fun and higher level players can’t burn you to the ground. They can steal some but not completely destroy you like in other games.

  17. This is a GREAT game! The only thing is a lot of it is money based. People can absolutely pay to win here and that’s usually what it boils down to “Who can spend the most money”. Furthermore the game is INCREDIBLY OVERPRICED. $29.99 for another secretary once you’ve obtained them all from the game alone. That’s WAY too much money to be spending on a game. Mia etc., cost $40!? Just to unlock her! That’s crazy imo. With that being the case though, this is the most fun I’ve had in a phone game.

  18. There are nightly events to keep you interested, daily challenges to build power and great people to get involved with

  19. After the annoying sexist ads, I had to take a look. The game is visually very low quality and is too crowded in the screen, there is always a lot happening, which can be very confusing when trying to play. The sound quality is very meh and sounds cheap, and the character avatars are badly photoshoped. The tutorial went on for longer than needed, which made the natural exploration of the game feel very clunky. Not worth my time.

  20. I wish I could rate less than 1 star. Too many events require purchases to participate.

  21. Don’t waste your time and money on this, started fine then you have to top up to get anywhere, not cheap to do, then you start to get somewhere & it freezes, meaning that you get penalised because you have missed deadlines to login or build something. Also instructions once you can get in are vague & so many sub-sections to each menu that you spend half your time trying to navigate a supposedly simple task.

  22. game is good it is better if i can get diamonds in game just by watching ads i can watch 30 ads for 300 diamonds

  23. Plagued with paid content and constant event information. The tutorial locks you into learning some basic information (Mostly centered on dating your secretary, which is the easiest part of the game anyway) then you are suddenly left on a city map where almost everything is locked and you have to follow a specific path to progress. The game has some pretty pictures but all interactions like combat and building buildings are basic and have no creativity at all. No real customization or choices.

  24. Thought it was good in the beginning. But couldn’t handle the mistreatment of women anymore. Whipping and raping them; getting them drunk to have sex with you. Mini game with huge Mafia enforcer trying to capture a tiny Asian maid. It’s so degrading to women, I don’t know why women even play it.

  25. This was my review from almost a year ago not just 3 days ago. And my account is vanished. My progress. My achievements… Everything gone. So I see you did not improve your methods. Your development sucks! So let me get this straight…. I spend 1500+ in accumulated diamonds on new years glory up cards.,. And it gives me low grade 3 star agents… And 900 on pet cards and get gold and pet food.., that’s messed up

  26. Game is a cash sink, nearly every event requires you to spend a lot of money to be competitive. Servers are on US time not UCT so avoid like the plague if you are European based, unless you want to be awake until 4am

  27. Playing this game few months already, can be quite addicting but after certain update around 23Jan 2023 my game always crash and cannot be launched. Tried to install and it fixed only for 1 times. After that it broke again. I tried to install back after that but seems like there was error. Please fix . TY

  28. Finally fixed some issues and returned playability. Note for new users: not intended to play without in-game purchases.

  29. Rick Pope dice:

    Was having fun playing got a new phone and now I can’t get my account back wasted my money… If you can reach out and tell me how I can possibly get back my account it would be greatly appreciated

  30. Kitt dice:

    Newest update constantly crashes on my phone.

  31. Tim White dice:

    Things can happen, but how they are handled says a lot. Communication being the key. I was booted of the server, forced to reinstall and that caused me to need to start over after spending quite a bit getting to the point I did. I still have not received any email response and it’s weeks after I sent multiple messages. Not pleased at all! The game was enjoyable until this unfortunate incident.

  32. G Z dice:

    It is definitely a 5 star game (if you dont mind some language translations to english mistakes). However if you play on a Samsung s10 plus, don’t get it, the camera on the top right blocks the currency amount you have (diamonds/etc..) at lower levels its not super important, but if you’re going to play higher up, it is definitely a Major flaw.

  33. 0 stars. The issue with this game is that the developers are unresponsive. Our server has lost players and the game has become stagnant and boring. Many of our teams players have spent a lot of money. I have reached out in game, in the facebook page, on the discord page and sent an email asking for a server merger without any resolution. I would consider changing the ranking if someone in the company would assist. Every request myself and our previously leader has made has fallen on deaf ears.

  34. Simple game. It’s fun to destroy someone else’s city. There isn’t very much to the game. Build, level up, fight, repeat. You can skip most content by pressing the “Auto” button. Still a fun little time waster. Generous free diamonds and gold. You don’t really have to spend any money unless you want to. Game doesn’t make the level up system complex which is great.

  35. I cannot stress enough, if you haven’t done already, DO NOT JOIN THIS GAME! unless you are the top spender you will be treated as second rate in all aspects of the game, definitely pay to win, in game prizes aren’t given, spending is only met with a need for more spending and the developers are so unresponsive and lack basic understanding that the game can never possibly improve, to make matters worse it’s bugged to the eyeballs and rather than fix current issues, they add more buggy content.

  36. When I downloaded the game almost two or three years ago…it was fairly fun to play…now it sucks, seems that I can’t go any further without paying…THINKING ABOUT UNINSTALING IT…sorry that I had ever spent any money on it to begin with…now that it is such an obvious MONEY PIT FROM HELL!!! Now it is just repetitive…the same thing day in and day BORING 💤…it is amazing that it has a 4.5 rating…but I believe that is because before the tutorial is complete they’re wanting you to rate

  37. The game is really nice. You can be free to play but if you decide to invest a little you can jump start your development and enjoy the game even more. Many of the servers are new and people are just starting, so this is nice regarding progress and not being too far behind. Very sexy and quality artworks for both secretaries and agents. It is addictive to start collecting them all 🙂 Hope this review helps.

  38. Joe Clark dice:

    I have been playing this for a year. I had to reset my tablet and when I reinstalled all of my progress is gone. A year of time and hundreds of dollars and no help to reset my account and the game was binded to my Google account. I have not heard anything back on how to fix this issue and I refuse to start from the beginning again.

  39. It’s not even a game. It tells you exactly what to do and even if when it gives you an option it follows the predetermined story line. You just tap where it tells you to tap to get through the challenges. Really stupid.

  40. Decent game but needs an in-game tutorial the first time you encounter certain things. Been playing for weeks and just discovered where to use certain cards. By total accident. This could have really helped me early on. Also, it’s kinda too bad the relationships with secretaries and assistants never result in marriage or kids. Would be nice to have an “in-game legacy”.

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