Content Transfer MODDED 2022


Transfer photos, videos, music and more from your old device to a new device.
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With the cross-platform Verizon Content Transfer app, it’s easy to transfer your contacts and other content from your old phone to your new phone, without the need for wires, subscribed services or additional equipment. Enjoy the data backup available in the Verizon Cloud whenever you need it.

Verizon Content Transfer lets you:
• Copy your personal data from one phone to another easily.
• Choose to transfer data by simply scanning a QR code.
• Transfer photos and videos, as well as contacts, music, documents, call logs, messages, applications, and calendars.
• Track the progress of the transfer on the go.

Download the Verizon Content Transfer app now and start transferring all your stuff, so you can enjoy your new phone.


4 comentarios en "Content Transfer MODDED 2022"

  1. Bartholomew Roland dice:

    It took me five days, two visits to a Verizon store, and many failed transfers before I ultimately have up on transferring everything from my old to new phone. I’m the end, all I was able to transfer were my contacts and text messages – no pictures, videos, apps, documents, etc. Even the Verizon employees had a difficult time using the app and one told me “Sometimes it just doesn’t work. It’d be easier if you transferred between Samsung devices (and used their app).”

  2. David Ray dice:

    worked great. However, you need to load the app on to both phones in order to make it work. I didn’t see that written anywhere. At least for me once I started the app on both phones and when screen by screen on both phones it finally just started. Once it started it worked great. Clear definitive notifications on every screen.

  3. John Christiansen dice:

    Minimal, fast and easy. Got a new phone with the carrier after I damaged my old one while traveling. The shop used this app to transfer from my old broken phone; I used it again to transfer photos from a burner I had picked up on the road. The app transfers all items of a selected type (photos, videos, contacts, apps, etc). I would prefer the option to select individual transfer items from a list. It also couldn’t transfer several contacts it just said were “in the cloud,” but couldn’t say more.

  4. Nick W dice:

    My old phone was nearly a decade old, and the default Google way of transferring data during initial setup wouldn’t work. I used this instead, and it worked perfectly (well, mostly perfectly; pairing the phones was difficult since the QR scan wouldn’t work, but manually connecting them through a wifi network worked fine). All of my text messages and call history are there, including picture/media messages, and it was even able to copy my user-installed apps! Not the system-installed ones though.

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